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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 23 Translation

I originally only wanted to translate chapter 24 because it was my favorite chapter so far, but I decided to also translate chapter 23 because it explains how and why Qi Qi took the arrow in place of Mo Wen Chen.

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Chapter 23 – Fending the arrow.

Looking at the dead Wang residence backyard, He Yi Tian whose face was not covered by the veil, flashed a sneer: “One million liang [1] of gold, Mo Wen Chen, your head is really worth this price.”

[1] 两 Liǎng: a unit of weight (50 grams)

However, even if it was one million liang of gold, also at this time, he, He Yi Tian would dare to take a deal such as this while Mo Wen Chen has no arm strength to fight back.

How fearful Mo Wen Chen can be? No one knows, however, rumors can make a person feel timorous.

This important person in eastern mainland who is the Yan kingdom’s pride, he is not a legend.

Cautiously without making any noise he landed in the courtyard, because the courtyard was dark, he was somewhat disoriented, plus he used one day to observed the map of the Wang residence.

At this time, he movements was most discreet.

Gently pushing the door open, He Yi Tian’s eyes even flash a light of excitement, as long as he can take Mo Wen Chen’s head, then Ying Ren Lou Jiang will become the assassin world’s leader and legend.

This is his lifetime pursuit.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” He didn’t think upon opening the door, a light would suddenly lit the room that was originally dark and silent.

However, the lights did not contrast who it was, in the room there was only two people, the one sitting in the chair was Mo Wen Chen, while the one standing beside him was Leng Yan.

The person who opened his mouth to speak was Mo Wen Chen, who always had a cold expression with a bit of a mocking smile.

He Yi Tian was seasonal in the battlefield, for this sudden change, he was just a bit frightened, however he immediately regain his composure, carrying a sword, he gently bao quan: “Surely this is the Yan’s kingdom proud Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye, nice to meet you.”

“Same.” Mo Wen Chen was not angry, he just calm looking at He Yi Tian and casually asked: “How much money were you offered?”

This word, caused He Yi Tian’s face to turn red, he did not think Mo Wen Chen will ask such a question, suddenly he was rather furious, this cripple unexpectedly was also like this, he straighten out his waist: “Forgive me if I offend you.”

He lifts the sword and thrust forward.

At the same time Leng Yan also brings out his sword, and engaged in a hand-in-hand fight with He Yi Tian.

Leng Yan has always followed by  Mo Wen Chen’s side, his existence very little people knew, however at this time, his sword was like a viper, tightly wrapped surrounding He Yi Tian.

The momentum decreased a lot when he came.

His eyes became a bit more clear, turns out that this one million liang of gold is not so easy to obtain.

Ying Ren Lou (Shadow blade) prestige is not easily achieved.

Because within the intelligence this person Leng Yan did not exist.

The two did not avoid one another, their sword is steep wanting kill each other.

Mo Wen Chen, who sat in the chair was leisurely sipping his tea, he didn’t appear nervous at all.

Instead he seems to be enjoying a sword dance.

But his dark eyes are filled with too much hostility and murderous, this murderous did not go unnoticed.

Su Qi Qi who was sleeping next door turned over, ready to go back to sleep, however she sat up, because she heard the sound of swords intersecting.

Being stunned she immediately got up, hid the antidote that was on the table under the bed, and listened carefully to determine she haven’t heard wrong.

Her mesmerizing eyes slightly narrowed, Su Qi Qi know it must be someone coming to stop Mo Wen Chen from taking the medicine, she did not think the news would leak, she have been very cautious.

At a time like they cannot afford to make any mistakes.

At this time, unexpectedly Su Qi Qi was somewhat anxious, she didn’t have her usual calmness, she regretted not giving the antidote to Mo Wen Chen tonight.

If Mo Wen Chen has drunk the antidote, all problems can be smoothly done or easily solved.

With that in mind, Su Qi Qi’s heart was anxious, she slowly pushed open the door and headed towards the direction of Mo Wen Chen’s room.

Seeing Leng Yan and another person in black fighting, Su Qi Qi really is a bit frightened, and upon seeing Mo Wen Chen’s idle face from the opposite side, her heart eased just a little.

As soon as Su Qi Qi came in, the three people in the room were alerted.

Slowly passing by the two fighting, she made her way to Mo Wen Chen.

However Leng Yan and He Yi Tian didn’t have time to attend to her, they used all their energy and focus on reacting, advancing and defending.

It seems the two are neck and neck.

And Mo Wen Chen seeing Su Qi Qi’s complexion turn green, his eyes had an outburst a touch of chilliness, in the bottom of his heart he was scolding what this stupid woman is coming here for.

At this time Su Qi Qi can only act accordingly to her own thoughts, she also didn’t know why she came here herself.

Standing besides Mo Wen Chen, Su Qi Qi also didn’t utter a word, she just felt standing here she would feel more at peace, she also calming just watched the two fighting.

Suddenly outside there came an array siren blasts.

He Yi Tian who was in the middle of the fight hands slowed down and his shoulder was stabbed by Leng Yan’s sword .

Just as Leng Yan was about to follow-up a victory with hot pursuit, He Yi Tian made a fainted attack, retreating several steps back, his arms bent, facing the direction of Mo Wen Chen, a soundless and stir-less arrows flew past aiming directly at Mo Wen Chen’s throat.

Nobody in the world can stand against He Yi Tian’s wind runner arrow, it is a sinister technique, at this time, he is also had no extra time to delayed.

He can only go with this plan.

“Mo Wen Chen……” Su Qi Qi was startled, she suddenly overturned the side chairs, pushing Mo Wen Chen together with her.

That little black arrow is deeply embedded in Su Qi Qi’s left wrist.

If she hadn’t stood there, Mo Wen Chen will also be still like sitting there, the arrow definitely would have pierce his throat.

“You stupid woman.” Mo Wen Chen angrily shouted, even if his body can not move, he can still stand, embracing Su Qi Qi in his arms: “Who told you to fend off that arrow.”

Within that loud shout, one could see he was so infuriated.

While He Yi Tian was sending out that arrow, Lei Yu Feng already broke into room, the five hundred shadow blade mens outside all suffered a tragic death in their hands.

The array siren blast was to inform He Yi Tian the whole army was wiped out.

With no further hesitation, He Yi Tian jumped out of the window, and without trying to prevent He Yi Tian from escaping Leng Yan went to see whether Mo Wen Chen suffered any injuries.

Even if Leng Yan really wanted to obstruct, also not necessarily he can stop He Yi Tian.

“Wen Chen, how are you?” At the very first moment Lei Yu Feng stood before Mo Wen Chen and nervously asked.

Although he know there’s Leng Yan present, but he still felt somewhat uneasy.

“Where is the blood guard’s captain?” Not looking at Lei Yu Feng, Mo Wen Chen asked as his sank a little.

“Killed in battle.” Lei Yu Feng slightly lowered his head, they underestimated the strength of their enemy.

Hearing the words killed in battle, Mo Wen Chen is stupefied, his eyes was darker a few shades.

And Su Qi Qi who was in his arms, her complexion was pale, but her eyes were very clear: “The arrow had poison.”

She doesn’t know what it meant with Mo Wen Chen being so angry, but being able to embrace her in his arms, it seems that he doesn’t resent her as much as he used to.

Leng Yan went out to clean up the mess, and Lei Yu Feng looked at Su Qi Qi: “What suppose we do?”

Struggling to stand up, she didn’t give Mo Wen Chen another glance.

At the same time Mo Wen Chen to also didn’t say anything further, letting Lei Yu Feng carry him up to the chair.

Su Qi Qi lifted her sleeves up, staring at the wound, her facial expression was also a bit terrible, but immediately her expression returned chilly: “It doesn’t matter, I understand medicine.”

Mo Wen Chen’s complexion that was dark suddenly came clear.

“In this case, Ben Wang would like to have a look how you’ll detoxify this.” Mo Wen Chen’s words seems to be very casual, at this moment who would have the mood to go to back sleep.

“This……” Su Qi Qi was stupefied.

Without thinking this brave woman has fended off the arrow for her husband. Has Mo Wen Chen’s cold heart finally melted and let this extraordinary woman into his heart and life?

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18 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 23 Translation

  1. Oh my word! This story has got me all excited about a genre I never thought I would like. Here’s to Qi Qi and her unapologetic badassery. If only our hero reacted more. Maybe it’s just the first chapters but dude needs to make his presence known. Thus far, he seems like the side-piece to our QUEEN. Not that I mind. Girl has the character to carry this story on her shoulders. She don’t need the man but he sure would be nice.


    1. I would say Qi Qi is the lead to both female and male part of this novel, since she’s so kickass in the way she handles the situations she’s confronted in. As the story developments you’ll just grow to love her more and more.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I agree she is the essence of this story.All things are tied to her. Her will to survive and to help those close to her is foremost in her character. She is fierce.


  2. thank you—-!
    oh, that was a fierce fight! qi qi so cool, passing by the two people fighting and standing by wen chen’s side! i enjoy seeing wen chen worried for her, lol! poisoned arrow, eh? go qi qi—-!


      1. really, really awesome! i have such a great admiration for her! Definitely not a weakling, which is immensely satisfying!


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