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Final Chapter: Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 23.1


Chapter 23 – Non love interference

On the “Non love interference” stage, Nuo Nuo crafty stood in the female guest position, nervously looking at the camera, every time the camera sweep pass her side, Nuo Nuo would close her eyes silently deceive herself and others: You can’t see me, can not see me……

Because of her close friend Su Su and her assistant variety of coaxing, and the faint threat “for the sake of the baby” they piteously begging her. Finally, the small white rabbit was used as a substitute in the TV dating program. At first, when Su Su suggested that Nuo Nuo to be a female guest in “Non love interference”, Nuo Nuo refuse to submit even unto death.

If she is still single, helping a close friend wasn’t anything, after all, saving the field is the same as saving the fire, but acting. However, the main point is the “but”, she will soon get married, she is a married woman, if Xiao Big Boss saw her in this TV dating show……

Amitabha, the small white rabbit didn’t dare to think. But Su Su was full of tears, she promised, saying this program of hers have low ratings, ultra low, besides aunts who were bored, IT elites like Xiao Big Boss would absolutely not watch, and their TV station’s make up artist was a magician, they can absolutely make Nuo Nuo appear not like a human or a ghost…… Uh, not right, it is entirely possible to have Nuo Nuo stylied even her birth mother would not able to recognize her.

In desperation, Nuo Nuo finally agreed. The make-up effect was really good, at least her eyes was 1/3 larger than usual, with a hairpin clipping up all her bangs, wearing a chestnut colored pear wig, with a low-cut little black dress, and even Nuo Nuo didn’t recognize herself.

Su Su looked elated, and self-assertion to take a pseudonym for Nuo Nuo: Yan Nuo. The small white rabbit was indecisive, from the start of the live broadcast she only looked forward to the program finishing, she followed Su Su’s orders: No matter who the male guest appearance is, when the first lights up, don’t speak or move, the host and photographers have been previously taken care of, she just has to pretend a passer-by, it should still be simple.

“You won’t cause any trouble, right?”

“Yeah, listening to your tone, what kind of trouble do you want me to find in the end ah?” The small white rabbit was rather abstractedly, listening to the mother’s group there riot.

Originally, the TV dating program “Non love interference” besides absorbing the general dating show concept, they let the male guests go all the way, through self introduction, appearance, answer and so on a series of levels, then invite the 12 female guests to choose whether to put out the red light before him. In order to stimulate the fun, the producers made a “mother” group, let these Mo Mo’s help female guests to examine every male guest’s identities.

The current situation is, at present there’s a male guest named Yu Chen who has passed through each level, except for Nuo Nuo and another older female guest, on the stage there has actually been ten lights lit for him. The “Non love interference” TV dating program, indeed was unprecedented in history.

Under normal circumstances, after passing three rounds and slaying six generals, if the male guest have four lights still lit it was considered good, now has ten lights are lit, clearly it is miracle among of miracles. The small white rabbit looked at this man, look slightly remembered his self introduction: 26 years of age, study aboard with a master degree, now he follow in his father’s footsteps, is the general manager of XX large supermarket chains. Looking at his appearance style again, it was refined and courteous, a good set of features, no wonder so many female guests long for with envy, reluctant to turn out their lights.


But now to the last step, when it  the female guest will soon selected the male guest, Yu Chen sudden flick his big sleeves and ha ha laugh loudly, “Don’t choose me, there’s not one of you that I’m interest in, this group of worship! Gold! Diggers!”

His remark caused an uproar on the stage. Accused, denounced, of course, the most vicious comments also belongs to the misanthropic mother group, and all the female guests because of the live broadcast, they could only put a smile on their face and remain lady like.

A certain mother still rubbed her hands and continued to chatter non-stop, “What lao tzu [1] not lao tzu, how are others gold diggers, this person!”

Hearing this, Yu Chen lifted his eyebrows and smiles more open and clear, “This is also not a gold digger? All you women present, which one of you ain’t here to find a husband is not for the money? Seeing that I look noble and dignified, and have a rich father, you all wish you could pounce on me and eat me alive, ha ha ha!”

“I am not afraid to tell you the truth, I deceived all of you! My parents are just ordinary people, at the moment their also at home worrying about how to get money for their retirement pensions!”

“You this group of female gold diggers are hypocrites, selfish, shameless…… just like my wench ex-girlfriend!! Run to where the rich men are.”

The head of the mother’s group could not stand it, she stood up about to say something, however she was stopped by Yu Chen, “you don’t have to point, what are you pointing at? The most abhorrent are you old ladies, why are the house prices so high now? It’s because you damn old woman! Mother-in-law. Married your daughters married your daughter, you’re marrying the house, if they want to marry your daughter then they must buy a house, if it wasn’t because of you why would we have so many people as mortgage slaves? Would there be so many people living so not cheerful and unhappily? Would there be——”


His words not complete, suddenly bang a sound. The stage that was an uproar was suddenly quiet. Yu Chen touched touch the pain on his face, looking at the ground as he walked, unexpectedly…… A high-heeled shoes?!

“You’re completely mistaken.” The small white rabbit limping on her feet with one less high-heeled shoe, taking a deep breath before speaking into the microphone: “Not everyone is a gold digger, your ex-girlfriend is your ex-girlfriend, do not represent all women. Women nowdays asked their partners for a car and a house, besides some false accusations, what more is there, do you know? Do you understand?”

“You don’t understand, that why your girlfriend left you, and run away with another man. I’ll tell you now, women only want their partner to have money, it’s because we have no sense of security. If the man is unreliable at least there’s still money, perhaps one day our man will betray us, but at least the money will not betray us, so the girls will give up on themselves to choose the money without choosing the man.”

Nuo Nuo paused and added: “The cause of such situation, can not be said it’s all a man’s fault, but the majority responsibility isn’t because of men? If it was like our mother’s generation, everyone together, marriage is a lifetime thing, there’s not betrayal, no divorce, we’re even willing to marry the poor. In fact, woman don’t love money as much as you think, she just wants to find something/someone to rely on, they just want their own husband to have the ability and potential, not like you bemoan your own fate. I can guarantee, your ex-girlfriend left you, being poor is only a very small part of the reason, arch-criminal is she is fed up with your this timid like attitude, you don’t believe in yourself, so you can only blame everyone and everything but not yourself, you only will defy social, you didn’t try to earn money to support your family, let alone in a girlfriend, even if you have ten girlfriends they’re all be gone as well!!”

Having said that the small white rabbit finally took a big breath, ending a long and minute statement, the remaining more than self blame men Yu Chen silly sitting there. While the stage was still quiet, in half a second later burst of warm applause.

Under the stage, Su Su and her assistant look terrified, for a long time the assistant was stunned before she pushed her glasses as she stuttered: “Su Su Jie, if your friend has desire to sing, she would amaze the world with her first song!”

CD network: “Blind date field has turned into a battlefield, female guests have a verbal duel resentment male.”

True Love network: “Civilian female’s annotations of the true meaning of love, television show suspected of putting on a publicity stunt.”

SC TV station: “Yan Ruo effect of thought-provoking.”

Professor Cheng’s quotations: “Regardless of whether the show was a publicity stunt or not Yan Ruo’s comments are worthy of our praise. Now the marriage is becoming more and more materialistic, Yan Ruo’s speech pin point present mens and women’s most pain in their hearts. Present competition and pressure, men should indeed less be contrite and reform oneself, be more thoughtful and reflective.”

CCTV-5 channel: it is recently reported that Miss Yan Ruo will join the《Non love interference》TV dating program again, and many second rich have said to make an appearance, a group president have indicated—— woman to marry like Yan Ruo are frankly naive.


Confronting such continuous crowds of scandal, tabloid gossip, Nuo Nuo tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear, regretting what she have done.

The game is over.

At the beginning, she shouldn’t have been soft-hearted, agreeing to go on a TV dating program; she shouldn’t have act on impulse and insisted on speaking out. Now, finished, all over——

While the small white rabbit knocked her head on the table she howled, “What am I going to do now ah!!”

Since in taking part in the TV dating show, it really has been….. trouble-prone:

When the program finished, the small white rabbit came up with one foot jumping and bouncing down thinking it’s all over, but Su Su with a serious expression pulled her sleeves, and gritted her teeth: “Nuo Nuo, you can’t go!”

Turns out that this TV show had a stunt. Before Su Su goes on her leave, naturally want a beautiful answer to her boss, and comfortably nurture her fetus. In order to improve the ratings, one could say Su Su expend many setbacks, the original plan was to:

Look for an actor to play a hatred husband, during the TV dating show create a scene, denounced his girlfriend with a wealthy man, and when he scolding, the beautiful girlfriend will come out and put on a tearful play, expressing her own suffering and unbearable, so this will become the topic of the day, leading to the audience discusses about hot topic such as  gold digger, mistress, mother-in-law, newly weds room and etc.

Su Su assistant said, “Originally the actress was the one who turn out her light just like you, we were planning to let Yu Chen repeatedly scold for a while, and then she would have rushed up to snap and hit him, saying the same things you said, then tearfully asked him: “You know me left with other man, then have you ever thought about whether you had any problems? If I love money, why I talk to you this Phoenix man initially in college, they were many second rich who sought after me, and it’s not that you didn’t know……”

The assistant paused behind Su Su pretended to be sorry as she sigh: “But other actress didn’t debut, Nuo Nuo you acted out all the scenes, we all thought then this scene will be hit,” the assistant said as her eyes suddenly lit up, holding Nuo Nuo’s hands in excitement:

“Wow! Who knew you were so formidable, publicly expressing your feelings, those words you just said now were ten thousand times better than the arrangement lines we given the heroine, you see the actor? A false thing almost became true, shedding tears!!”


The small white rabbit perspired, plaintively howl: “Why didn’t you tell me such an important thing earlier?”

Su Su: “At that time things were too urgent, I didn’t have time to tell you, moreover didn’t I repeatedly exhort you to stand there and not move then it’ll be okay? Who knows you so excited, even taking out your high-heeled shoes to hit the guy.”

Hearing this the assistant held her chin and thought: “If we end up doing the interview, called… “Crystal high-heeled shoes”? Yes yes! Let’s call it this, the meaning is who could be Nuo Nuo, no, being hit with Yan Nuo’s high heels, who will have the honor to become Miss Yan Ruo’s prince charming, ha ha!”

Su Su listened to these words and nodded, “Also with Yan Nuo’s poison tongue, just a little work on her disposition and temperament straightforward.”

Two people speak a word, completely transparent Nuo Nuo, managed to seize the gap, the small white rabbit to shout stop said: “the next? Crystal high-heeled shoes? What do you mean?” Not to say that only after this all right?

Su Su and assistant to see one eye, this just cough: “Nuo Nuo ah, I managed to come up with such a controversial topic, if you do but give up half way is really too bad, and the leading actress of the show also were you robbed……”

Su Su words to a half, so the poor on the small white rabbit, Nuo Nuo head drop a drop of cold sweat, sucks the tongue, “Means, I must take full responsibility, then go?”

Su Su Wenyan henceforth: “Nuo Nuo is so smart, baa ha ha ~ with our friendship, this small busy, no problem, right? Is it! Is it!!”

Nuo Nuo: (= _=) “

Trouble: “If a word” famous, the small white rabbit must take full responsibility.

Although the program of the very strong stage make up, wear a subversion of rabbit style low-cut dresses, but do not know the truth of their own things? Nuo Nuo knows that, if he did not speak on the stage, the lens is just in passing, Xiao Big Boss is broken will not notice the nose wrinkled too strenuous program, but now she is not only a name, also be each big website reprinted, then the result… It’s hard to say.

Even if you don’t recognize your voice appearance, Xiao Big Boss is absolutely hear out. “The language of effect” caused a great sensation when, married to miss this fear God, how to explain it hesitated and husband occasion, Xiao Yi has pressed the door.

One night, Nuo Nuo still working overtime Xiao Big Boss dinner, the results into the office, just listen to the computer came to speak in excitement emotion at sound: “women want each other money, is because we have no sense of security. The man not only rely on the money, the man perhaps someday you’ll betray, but at least the money will not betray us, so the girls……”

The small white rabbit feet a soft, almost fell down to the ground. Stammer together to the desk, someone Sherbet poker face has a dark, cold voice, “Nuo Nuo, what is this?”

The small white rabbit to swallow slobber, shaking his head: “It’s not what you think, I’m just going to help Su Su, they suddenly lost one……”

Her words not completed, Xiao Big Boss has decisively stopped Nuo Nuo from continuing, “the program is on a Thursday afternoon broadcast, I remember that day afternoon you say to the new premises with fish.”

Nuo Nuo was dumbfounded, suddenly there were throat choking Xiao Yi, “you don’t get me wrong, that was a little surprised I went to Su Su, the result just TV –“

“Still excuses?” Xiao Big Boss sharp staring Nuo Nuo, can’t stop: “just something not to new premises, just something to the TV station TV station, just please, just your name changed, you did not intentionally deceiving me is what?!”

“…………” Nuo Nuo Xiao Big Boss for so long, he never really lose his temper, he now for a show to his yelling, the small white rabbit has a grievance: “I don’t really want to deceive you, originally a TV dating are false.”

Look at the small white rabbit red eye, Xiao Yi probably reflected over oneself just too excited, frown soft three lane: “no matter what, do you have anything to me.”

Make a pointed comment.

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo heart thump thump jump straight, body subconscious ground trembling. All the talk over with you? That’s real sweet, why to change yourself, didn’t you?

Should Yu investment, the site was attacked…… Which one do you tell me? Even later, Nuo Nuo deliberately asked Xiao Big Boss should Yu things, Xiao Big Boss can just touch on lightly, said that the previous world.

Too selfish, too overbearing!

Nuo Nuo more think more angry, little girl temper up, pushed the Xiao Big Boss shouted, “I am not your slave, what things to discuss with you? I marry you, not your pet, am I to see friends report it with you?”

Xiao Big Boss listened to this words, in place can be at a loss what to do, just put down the anger is rising slowly, Nuo Nuo, what do you mean? She went on a blind date is wrong?

“You go to see friends do not need to report to me, but we are husband and wife, I have a thing you know, I was wrong?”

[1] 老子 Lao-tzu is a Chinese philosopher who is noted in the Spring and Autumn Period. But in this context Yu Chen is using Lao-tzu as “I”.


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