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Final Chapter: Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 23.2


So this is the final part of the last chapter, our couple still solve their difference and realise their strong love for each other. Thank you for all the great memories you have given us Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run you will be greatly miss xox

Chapter 23.2 – Non love interference

The more Nuo Nuo thought about it the more angry she got, her teenage girl temper arises, she pushed Xiao Big Boss and shouted, “I am not your slave, what is anything I must discuss with you? I marry you, I’m not your pet, surely it doesn’t mean I have to report it with you when I want to go see my friends?”

Hearing these words, Xiao Big Boss in place can be at a loss what to do, his angry that was subside slowly rises, what is Nuo Nuo’s meaning of this? She going on a blind date show was his fault?

“You don’t need to report to me when you go to see your friends, but we are husband and wife, certain things you should know let me know, did I say it wrong?”

“Oh!” Nuo Nuo saw Xiao Big Boss glaring at her, she thought of certain things and her chest tightened considerably, and sneer, “If there is something I must inform you, what about you? Don’t you hide things from me? You’re being double standard!!”

Listening to this, Xiao Yi slightly squinted, “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean?” Nuo Nuo shook her head, “Didn’t you say in 《Huang Yan》, Huang Yan Nine Days is your junior brother? But what a good coincidence, yesterday when I was online playing games I met Huang Yan Nine Days, she said she is Ying Yu, how do you explain yourself! Who is the one with the guilty conscience here? Isn’t it crystal clear?”

Xiao Yi was speechless, his clenched fists loosen, loosen then tighten for a long time before he finally calmed down, “Nuo Nuo, did you participate in the TV dating show to retaliate against me? Eating Ying Yu’s vinegar?”

Nuo Nuo turn her face away, the suppressed grievances in her heart finally all came out, “What eating vinegar? I just think, if our marriage represents I must report everything to Xiao Zong, if getting married means I will lose my freedom, then I also do not want to tie the knot!!”


Silent, silence, still complete silence.

One simple word, what extent can it hurt a person? Only now did Xiao Yi come to understand. For a long time, a heavily closing door sound came behind Nuo Nuo, Xiao Big Boss turn and left.

Nuo Nuo understand this thing is really getting more and more troublesome.

Problem No.2: Under her own extreme anger she has hurt Xiao Big Boss.

The following afternoon, Nuo Nuo arrived at the coffee hall Ying Yu and her agreed to meet.

Originally she thought that she had arrived very early, but she didn’t think Ying Yu was earlier than her. In fact, Nuo Nuo encountering Ying Yu in the game, really was a coincidence. That day the small white rabbit was bored to death, so she went online to play games as usual, the results not long after she saw the world was in a succession of spamming.

The topic regardless of many times said, was a long the lines of nothing less than the idle game player “Huang Yan Nine Days” appearing, holding a thigh, asking for a challenge, playful cracking jokes…… Although Huang Yan Nine Days did not response to these comments, but Nuo Nuo has this psychological thought “the other person is Xiao Big Boss classmate, she should also say hello since they have encountered each other”, trembling with fear she whispered to the other person:

“Are you Xiao Yi’s classmate?”

Sending out the information, Nuo Nuo felt very silly, just as she was typing out her second sentence, wanting to inform the other person she’s Xiao Big Boss fiancée, a reply came through: “Oh, I’m his senior sister Ying Yu.”

Just word alone directly flung Nuo Nuo to the ninth celestial sphere. Ying Yu…… Saying so, Xiao Big Boss has been lying to her…… Being mindful of this, some images will unconsciously to mind, such as game forum said Phoenix Nine Days and Huang Yan Nine Day was a couple, some said that two had married very early on, also some said very early on the two were playing games together everyday, one fought the monsters while the other did the mass healing, completely was a happy immortal couple.

Nuo Nuo felt her heart stop beating, just when she open the system wanting to quit the game, she saw Ying Yu’s second messages:

“Are you Nuo Nuo? How about we meet each other?”


So, that’s why there’s this is Coffee hall scene. Nuo Nuo thought about the many possibilities when Ying Yu and her met, such as the other person asking about Xiao Big Boss status, for example, knowing the degree of their development, such as other person telling her about their friendship, convincing her to quit…… such dog blood and tangle likely scenarios Nuo Nuo have thought of it, but she didn’t expect Ying Yu to be so directly open.

The small white rabbit sat down, Ying Yu smiled and took out a delicate gift box, she pushed it before Nuo Nuo with a smile, “This a gift for you.”

Nuo Nuo sucks her tongue, upon opening the box she saw, uh ~ ~ a very exquisite pair of pearl earrings, what’s the meaning of this? Ying Yu asked her to come out because she wanted to gift her this pair of earrings?

Upon seeing this, Ying Yu laugh clear and light, “Before returning from abroad I heard from Fei Long that Xiao junior brother has found himself a small white rabbit, I thought, the small white rabbit is very white, very gentle and kind, so a pair of pearl earrings should suit you very well.”

Nuo Nuo blinked, she closed the box not understanding Ying Yu’s meaning, she daydream, “Ying Yu senior you asked me out to drink Coffee is…… is…”

Seeing Nuo Nuo stammered, Ying Yu pondered and pull a long face, “Of course not, I know you must have many questions to ask me, so ask away!”

The small white rabbit seeing Ying Yu so generous, she admits she somewhat felt shy, for a moment she felt self-conscious not knowing what to say. Okay, she admitted that she indeed ate a little of Ying Yu’s vinegar, who told her to be so beautiful, have a good figure, the most importantly a match rival in business with Xiao Big Boss.


Although she has insisted that a family is built by two people, and together with Xiao Big Boss, but the possibility of really helping Xiao Big Boss in business matters was zero, so that’s why Xiao Big Boss didn’t want to tell her anything, right? Sigh sigh, the small white rabbit droop her ears, her heart was heavy: Actually she knew better than anyone, the quarrel, it was her own inferiority than jealousy.

And instead of saying she was jealous of Ying Yu, rather it was envy.

Just as Nuo Nuo was being depressed, she felt a hot hand, Ying Yu incredibly took her hand, comforted and patted, “Nuo Nuo, has anyone said to you ‘those closely involved cannot see clearly’?”

Nuo Nuo blinked, “What do you mean?”

Ying Yu sipped her coffee and said, “Xiao junior has always been an enigma, everything is hidden in his heart, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care and doesn’t love. Just like you, there were some things regarding his business he didn’t tell you, it’s not that he feel like you can’t help him, but he didn’t feel the need to let you also worry.”

Ying Yu paused, her fingers playfully outline the edge of her cup, “Xiao junior this person everything is good about him, but he too much of a male chauvinism, in his heart, this is as unalterable principles between male and female. So he would rather spend more time to talk to you about what floorboard you guys should install in the newly weds room, what chandelier you guys should install, however he is also reluctant to mention a word about work. He just doesn’t want to burden you!”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo’s eyes were red with a hot heart, her nose had acid, she clenched her fingers as she whispered, “But even so, he also should not deceive me about Huang Yan Nine Day is his male friend——”

Hearing this, Ying Yu snigger and laugh out loud, she playfully flashing her eyes, “If, today drinking tea with you wasn’t me, and it was your ex-boyfriend, or a man who used to like you, when you return how would you explain it with Xiao junior?”

Nuo Nuo frowned, “Your meaning is……”

Ying Yu nodded, “Love is selfish, it’s unable to tolerate the slightest bit of sand, he was just afraid you’ll misunderstand.” Then, Ying Yu stretch her arms, she blinked an eye, “Okay, the gift has also been given, a certain person wanted me to explain everything which I have done, I’m leaving now.”

Then, Nuo Nuo exclaimed, “Those words just then——”

“Well,” Ying Yu nodded, “originally I asked you to come out it was just to give you the gift, it just so happens someone came to find me, as if the game rumour has exploded, begging me for a favor.” After saying this Ying Yu’s mouth curved and eventually turned away. The small white rabbit was in a moment of trance before she suddenly stood up.

“Ying Yu Jie, one last question.”

Ying Yu turned around and saw Nuo Nuo’s dark shinning eyes, “Why?”

“Clearly the two of you appreciate and understand each other, so, why weren’t you two together?” Hearing these words, Ying Yu seems to be in a daze, she only smiled, “Xiao junior has always been waiting for his own small white rabbit.”

Her words half said, Ying Yu waved to leave. Nuo Nuo stood, crystal clear. Ying Yu was never Xiao Big Boss’ small white rabbit, Xiao Yi was also never the ash grey wolf Ying Yu’s was looking for.

At this moment, Nuo Nuo suddenly want to hurry home to see her own Xiao ash grey wolf.


“Non love not faze” program

Even if there are one thousand, ten thousand unwillingness, Nuo Nuo still stood on the bright stage. Whoever started the trouble should end it, Nuo Nuo had no way of refusing Su Su, the only option was for her to participate in TV dating program until it had a clear end, but before she had the chance to say anything to informed of the team mother the fact that she will soon get married, Nuo Nuo was stunned and terrified by who the début the male guest was.

Standing on the central stage with lights flashing, in a suit and leather shoes, Xiao Big Boss shows he has taste. Nuo Nuo was dumbstruck as she saw Xiao Big Boss passing round after round, he successfully made it to the “team mother’s interrogation” segments, but she was slightly worried about him, even if there’s hardship she could not express.

This segment is absolutely every male guest’s nightmare. After the male guests get on the stage, the host will arrange them to go centre stage from a small lift, and starts throwing difficult questions. If the answer does not satisfy the group of tiger aunts, they will press the “down” word button, the male guests will then disappear from the stage and miss the opportunity to have a dialogue with female contestants standing mercilessly in the background.

At this moment, Xiao Big Boss is suffering the tiger aunties emotional abused.

“You young man claiming to be a group of big boss, I think you’re very charming, talented (property) and polite, and how come have no girlfriend? You don’t have any unmentionable disease, right?”

Then, under the stage the whole room roaring with laughter.

Xiao Yi was like the pale clouds and light blowing breeze with his enticing lips gave an insipidly miss-ish answer, “I don’t have some unmentionable disease, my fiancée should be clear of this, why don’t we ask her to come up on stage to answer your question?”

Hearing these words, Nuo Nuo who was standing among the female guest her back stiffen, but she still couldn’t help feeling her legs weaken.


Here the host heard Xiao Big Boss’ words, also his bull eyes and stared at his ease the situation, “What Xiao Zong said was referring to his ex-girlfriend, she——”

His words are not completed when Xiao Yi interrupted, he shook his head, “No, it’s my current girlfriend.”

“You!” someone from the Mother group could not sit still, “Young people today are too irresponsible, why do you have a girlfriend and still joined the hit show?”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi’s eyes flashed brightly and uttered a single sentence, “Because …… I’m here to catch that person.”

Every phrase was a gem.

For a moment, the whole stage was silent.

Once the sentence was finished on stage and off stage was thrown into a chaos, the female guests on the stage caused a small commotion. Nuo Nuo seems to have not hear it, nor did she see the sights of all the commotion, she only one thought—— escape!

The small white rabbit consciously look around, and then she quietly, quietly started to retreat, but before she could take a further step, she heard the sound of Xiao Big Boss’ voice from behind her,

“Nuo Nuo, do you think you can escape?”

For a time, the entire stage was quiet.

As she was just getting ready to sneak out, Nuo Nuo stood still, petrified.

Xiao Big Boss’ head slightly turned back, his shiny eyes are full of hostility and strode towards Nuo Nuo. Nuo Nuo seeing this… used her quick wits, and moved out of the red light and said, “We are equal blind date candidates now, I already stepped out of your red light, you can’t take me away!”

“Oh?” Xiao Yi raised his eyebrow slightly, he stepped back with his eyes narrowing dangerously into a line. On the side, Nuo Nuo swallowed her saliva, she knew Xiao Big Boss, it shows that he is angry, really…… Angry.

Nuo Nuo gritted her teeth, just as she was preparing what to say next, she felt her body suddenly lifted, and heard the stage in an uproar— she herself was directly being carried away by Xiao Big Boss.

Nuo Nuo wails didn’t work, there is no way to resist, everything’s haze, all she could do is just listen to the host shouting, “Dir….director comes quickly, somebody been’s kidnapped……”

Retreating to the back stage, Xiao Big Boss did not let go of the small white rabbit, instead he caught a certain person and severely kissed her. Nuo Nuo knew that her sin was great, waiting for Xiao Big Boss to punishment her enough, she just winked her red eyes and said,



At the same time the two was startled, both wanting to speak.

Nuo Nuo: “You go first.”

Xiao Big Boss shook his head, in Nuo Nuo’s forehead imprinted and said, “We’ll say it together.”

The two stared at each other and finally cried together, “I’m sorry.”

Then, Nuo Nuo burst into laughter, was the first to explain, “I shouldn’t have a small temper, and I shouldn’t say things to hurt you. Because of my inferiority I become arrogant. From now on I won’t worry about personal gains and losses.” Paused, the small white rabbit rolled his eyes and think of what she said:

“And also today it’s not because I’m angry that I participated in the TV dating show, originally I wanted to explain to the audience I will soon be married, not——”

Her words incomplete, Xiao Big Boss has blocked Nuo Nuo’s mouth, he eyes closed and nodded, “I know.”

“You know what?”

Xiao Big Boss scratched Nuo Nuo’s nose, with spoiled written all over his face, “Oh, if we didn’t act out a play to let the ratings soared again, do you think that Su Su unfeeling woman would be so easily let you go?”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo suddenly saw the light, on one hand she was moved by Xiao Big Boss’ helping her out with her predicament, while on the other hand she pouted her lips enraged, “You deceive me!”

Xiao Yi raised his eyebrows, “So it still should be me who should say sorry, I am to blame, whatever words I always covered it tightly in my heart, which lead you to have wild thoughts. I can assure you, from now on no matter what’s in my heart I will tell you.”

The small white rabbit blush, she lowered her head shyly agreeing.

In the future. I will try to know more about you, until just with a look we can understand each other’s ideas. At that time, we may have grey-haired, also need to help from each other to walk. At that time, we can watch the sunset together or, watch the number of stars, it is enough.

This life where there’s you, that’s enough.


Sweetness overload, I love how the novel ended as I’m in a pink bubble of happiness, in this lifetime only Nuo Nuo will be Xiao Yi’s small white rabbit, only in this lifetime Xiao Yi will be Nuo Nuo’s ash grey wolf ❤ I hope you enjoyed the final chapter my dear readers! *shed a few tears* farewell my baby! My first ever translation!


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  1. ah it’s ending .Thanks suteki 🙂 so Huang Yan Nine Days is Ying Yu seem big boss scare Nuo Nuo upset so he says he is male hehe. Anyway thanks a lot for all the translations from first till the end 🙂 plus lemonsalt and decembi too 🙂


  2. As a silent reader, I’m so thankful for all the translations! The ending was soo cute ❤ Thank youu!! I also read Love Can Do Miracles too and loved it as well 😀


      1. Well if you like it please translate it!! I’m always considering learning chinese so I can read all this awesome novels!


      2. Hahaha I probably won’t be picking another project for a long time. I just want to read for awhile. Plus Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort summaries and selected chapter translation will keep me busy for the remaining of this year and probably next year as well ^^


      3. 🙂 I understand! I was trying to help someone translate a drama episode and it took forever!! I couldn’t do it xD well I’ll look forward to them!!!


      4. Yeah if I really like it then I will, it takes passion. I’m not much of a social media person. I honestly don’t understand twitter and tumblr. The only thing I have is facebook which was made during my university years.


  3. Ahhh, with a heavy heart, I would sadly say goodbye to these 2 novels. Mega good job sutekii! Go ahead and take your precious vacation, take it until your heart’s content, just say hi once you’ve back hmm?

    Yeah, back to work now, sadly… Haha, takig more time to be idle sounds really really convenient but I already miss my colleagues and my job anyway, plus the bills to pay so I got to get back if not later then sooner.

    The Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort is interesting too though it’s length is just too much I guess, looking at those numerous numbers of chapters makes me tired already. You’re so tough to read and summarize it, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it myself, ever.


    1. Yes I’m quite sad to let Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi. =/ I will definitely be around to say hi since there’s still epilogues, side stories for both novels. Plus summaries and selected chapter translation for BBPSAC. Actually each chapter of BBPSAC is equal to half of BBBDR so it’s not so bad and the story development always keeps me on my toes.


    1. This is one of the best happy modern novels – right balance of fluffiness, humour, a little angst but not too much. Both the female and male leads are good. Nuo Nuo is quite a determined little rabbit, not helpless and weak. Xiao Big Boss the mensao guy (actually this is the first time I encountered the word mensao) who is outwardly calm and collected but very passionate underneath. If this story was a drink it would be dark chocolate with marshmellows 🙂


      1. Thank you lemonsalt! You help contribute to finishing this as well so you gotta be proud too! And spot on regarding your commentary. We all love the dark chocolate with marshmallows very much ^^


  4. Congrats on completing not just one but TWO translations! Awww, so envious, I wonder when I can join the golden ranks of having a completed translation hahaha.

    Looking forward to your future projects ❤


    1. You are welcome. I’m happy you enjoyed the novel. As for continuing to translate it will depend if I find a novel I really like, since translating does take a lot of commitment.


  5. Reading this novel to the end has given me immense pleasure. I sure will miss Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi. I love their dramatic, but cute ending and I wish they’ll live happily ever after. 🙂 Suteki, I appreciate your hard work. I love and enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for the completed translation.


  6. LOL!!! I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s nice to see an aggressive and somewhat black belly female character for a change, even though the male character is also black bellied XDD Sometimes I felt she went a bit overboard, but then being a schemer ain’t bad at all.

    I love the members of the planning department!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this book ^_^


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