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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 24 Translation

I’m so excited to share this chapter with all of you! This chapter brings out Qi Qi’s ferocious, she is stronger and has more endurance than a general on a battlefield. And it’s also because of this chapter why I fell in love with the novel and with her as a character. I’m sure most of my readers know that I love my female leads to be strong, smart, out witted and independent. I hope you will enjoy this chapter as much as I did translating it.

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Chapter 24 – Scraping the bone

How to detoxify, Su Qi Qi was the most clear about it, she did not think, Mo Wen Chen will say so.

Today this man seems somewhat strange.

Lei Yu Feng was also puzzled staring at Mo Wen Chen.

Gritting her teeth, Su Qi Qi helplessly sigh, and then looked at Lei Yu Feng: “Let me use your sword, preferably a dagger.”

Stupefied, Lei Yu Feng saw Mo Wen Chen nod, and gave Su Qi Qi a dagger.

At the same time Su Qi Qi took out several bottles from her sleeves, one by one she placed them on the table in front of her, and then took the dagger. She was very calm, there wasn’t a slight of hesitation, her face was slightly green, she seemed a bit of fearful, and took out a handkerchief from her sleeves to place it in her mouth.

“You……” Lei Yu Feng eventually couldn’t contain his composure.

Mo Wen Chen raised his hands to interrupt Lei Yu Feng, stopping him from making an unnecessary fuss.

At the same time, anyone can guess why Su Qi Qi made these actions.

With a bleak smile, Su Qi Qi place the dagger in the flame of a candle burning it until there was a slight redness, and then held onto the arrow that was embedded into her arms, after giving a grunt, slightly using some force she pulled out the black arrow as well as cutting out part of her flesh.

The room exudes a kind of barbecue flavor. This caused Su Qi Qi’s stomach to tumble. At the same time, she glanced at Mo Wen Chen once.

Mo Wen Chen didn’t know what this one simple glance is filled with, it seems to be saying, you asked for it.

On the side Mo Wen Chen’s eyes did not blink, he just stared at Su Qi Qi’s sweaty brows. Looking at her delicate and pretty face, her temperament is very ethereal, it was in fact very gutsy beautiful. But compared with Su Meng Ru, it varied greatly.

Lei Yu Feng has closed his eyes, he can not bear to look.

The arrow has been pulled out, but Su Qi Qi did not stop her actions, her hands were trembling with cold sweats on her forehead dripping down. Her eyes were still clear. Because of the pain she had awaken. Then the trembling dagger moved to her wound, little by little she cut off the skin and flesh that had already turned black.

One can see how Su Qi Qi was biting onto the handkerchief, if it wasn’t because of the handkerchief, at present her lips and tongue would have been chewed off.

The poison diffusion is very rapidly, Su Qi Qi’s hand trembled non stop.

Then seeing the dagger heated slightly red again, she took a deep breath as she scratch the wound until the bone was exposed.

It was no difference with ancient healing. She needs to cut off a layer of meat deep to the bone, this is the only way she can save her own life

She is a doctor so she clearly knew what she was doing. This kind of poison, she understands herself, but she had no medicine at hand, by the time she produce an antidote she would had already died from systemic fester. That way of dying wasn’t something Su Qi Qi wanted, she rather be in pain.

Su Qi Qi’s perseverance and determination made Lei Yu Feng’s heart deeply admire her.

Of course, on the side Mo Wen Chen’s mood also changed. Such a woman, even veteran honor warriors may not be able to bear the pain. Mo Wen Chen even didn’t know himself, but from that day on, he also increasingly glazed at Su Qi Qi.

Throwing away the dagger in her hands, Su Qi Qi was distress pain, shaking as she stood up, while she tied up her black arrow carrion.

Lei Yu Feng felt his hand was full of sweat, yes it was sweat.

“Let me.” It was the first time Lei Yu Feng was at loss what to do.

“Thank you, these… are all burnt off.” While Su Qi Qi applied her own medicine, she looked gratefully at Lei Yu Feng.

Since she was young, she was used to be being independent, it was the first time someone offered to help her.

“Good.” Lei Yu Feng felt his throat was a little dry.

After cleaning it all up, Mo Wen Chen let out a sigh of relief, “Go and take a rest.”

Su Qi Qi nodded, she pulled out a faint smile, but still maintained a touch of pride. Su Qi Qi did not sleep all night, she tossed about in bed and endured the pain in her arm, the pain even penetrate into her marrow. Just before dawn, she got up and took the antidote to Mo Wen Chen’s room.

Besides Mo Wen Chen, Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng has also been waiting there.

Today, there must not be any more trouble.

Although outside the whole residence have been cleaned up, no one knew what happened last night.

But, Mo Wen Chen knew that his whole blood guard army was wiped out…

His heart ached, this strength was cultivated by him for many years.

Because Su Qi Qi’s left hand was not convenient, she can only let Lei Yu Feng replace her in inserting the golden needles.

All ninety-nine golden needles was inserted into Mo Wen Chen’s body acupuncture points, Leng Yan brought up the antidote to Mo Wen Chen’s lips.

He face was calm as usual, without the slightest excitement.

He is always keep a poker face.

After drinking the antidote, Lei Yu Feng has to pull off all ninety-nine golden needles.

Of course, it was under Su Qi Qi’s guidance.

This time it was different, the ninety-nine needles ends all stained with black blood, into the copper pot, the water in the copper pot also turned into a black.

“All right.” Su Qi Qi very lightly spoke those two words, on the side Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan let out a breath of relief.

It has finally come to an end.

It was only Su Qi Qi’s complexion that was slightly gloomy.

After Mo Wen Chen has been detoxify, then from now what path should she decide to follow?

Does she continue to live next door, or does she return to the laundry department?

Because of the effect of the antidote, Mo Wen Chen slowly fell asleep.

Staring at Mo Wen Chen sleeping there, Lei Yu Feng tugged Su Qi Qi’s clothes who was sitting on the bed, “Imperial Consort, you should also go and rest, there’s us here.”

“Okay.” Su Qi Qi also did not say anything else, she pick up the golden needles and turned away to leave.

Mo Wen Chen could stand up and walk, but he did not recover his martial arts.

And Su Qi Qi continued living in the courtyard, she have not been sent back to the laundry department.

Because of this, even if Hua Qian Zi wanted to do something, she also didn’t have the opportunity, she can only take it out on the maids and servants daily.

For a moment the Wang residence atmosphere was dignified.

And regarding these trifle matters, Mo Wen Chem simply did not inquire.

He must recuperate for half a month, to restore his former strength.

And half a month later, he’s supposed to go to the Imperial City with Su Qi Qi, and according to the Imperial decree go see Su Qi Qi’s parents.

What a preposterous Imperial decree, Mo Wen Xuan was also concerned about his family matters.

It seems like, between them they can no longer mutually get along like before, this time, Mo Wen Xuan has gone too far.

Before they went to the Imperial City, regardless of Mo Wen Chen’s facial expression Lei Yu Feng insisted on coming along.

He cannot let anything happen to Mo Wen Chen again.

This time if it wasn’t for Su Qi Qi, Mo Wen Chen would have already became the kingdom of Yan’s hero.

A dead hero.

Su Qi Qi couldn’t pinpoint how she felt, being able to see her own mother she was pleased, but thinking of all the unknown dangers before them, she was inexplicably worried.

Although she know that the risk before them has nothing to do with her.

If worse comes to worse, she’ll just be confronted with a man stabbed to death before her.

At this moment Mo Wen Chen is closing his eyes to attain his mental composure.

Just the thought of the possibility that Mo Wen Chen may die, the bottom of Su Qi Qi’s heart was not willing to, she shook her head and looked out of the window, with the cold wind blowing, it let her clear her head a bit.

She knew towards Mo Wen Chen she should not have to too much thought, this kind of man, if any woman fall in love with him, is only asking for trouble, and much less for someone like her with such ordinary appearance.

Because it was the twelfth lunar month weather, there was more ice on the road.

Suddenly the carriage stopped, due to inertia, Su Qi Qi entire body was thrown into Mo Wen Chen’s arms……

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  1. Okay, that last line has got me excited. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Btw, will you be summarizing the chapters that follow or have you chosen to continue translating whole chapters?

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  2. 😀 we like the same thing! I so hate when there is some incapable and uncool girl, who cant do anything on her own…. And this one, wow, she is really something else! so cool! and that end! omg!!! 😀 really like it, thank you suteki! I knew that you are my angel! 😉


  3. The last sentence was just sooo ‘romance novel’. Honestly, such things only happen in romance novels. Trip a little and a guy would rescue you from front, back and center. How envious…

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    1. Yeah Mo Wen Chen couldn’t regain his martial arts skill, however he’s still able to hold the sword and fight. So I’m guessing Qi Qi is referring to his Wu Gong (internal energy for martial arts) that couldn’t be restored.


  4. Thank you so much. This is an interesting story and I love a strong female character. Your summaries and translation are excellent. However you choose to continue I will look forward to reading your post.


    1. You are welcome ^^, strong female characters are so attractive, but lets not get mixed up with stubborn ones, those tend to get annoying. Hope you’re enjoying the development.


  5. Wow! What an amazing Su Qi Qi! I so love this female lead. Why does she thinks herself low in the looks department? Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng described her looks not that bad.

    “Mo Wen Chen even didn’t know himself, but from that day on, he also increasingly glazed at Su Qi Qi.” – was this the moment where Mo Wen Chen perhaps already has fallen for her, but was just not that aware of it?

    Suteki, thanks. I hope you continue with the summaries. Translations are the best, but I’m really, really happy already with summaries. Have a nice weekend!


    1. I’m not sure why she thinks she looks average. Maybe it’s because she has never been favored by her father, which gives her low-self esteem. The attention is always focus on her younger sister, Su Meng Ru. So you can’t really blame her for thinking the way she does.

      You’re quite spot on with your observation I think he is falling for her, yet he’s still uncertain of his feelings, of course she is a humiliation the Emperor has bestow to him. (She’s the unwanted item Mo Wen Xuan didn’t want, no one likes hand me downs.)


  6. thanks a lot!
    when i read the ‘barbeque’ part, was going ‘wa—-h’ from being too horrified, then i reacted like that agan when i read the ‘bone was exposed’ part! my admiration for qi qi has risen exponentially, once again! lol, yu feng closing his eyes! someone should stop hua qian zi—! though i know her status is really too high…but those poor maids and servants! ‘dead hero’ lol! that last sentence though, author, no—-!


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