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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 25 – 30 Summaries

And our OTP has entered the tigers den (Imperial Palace). I went into a little more depth on Chapter 28 summaries because of the assassin attempt was too exciting to miss, however I didn’t have the time or energy to translate the chapter word for word. And for those who are reading the Chinese text of this novel. So I just did a long summary on the chapter. I have found a new link with more free chapters (up to 630). Anyways let’s get the summaries started!

Chapter 25 – Hua Sha (Flower Slaughter) Gang

Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi has been attacked by bandits, with more than 10 arrows flying towards them at full speed. Outside there were more than 10 bandits surrounding the carriage intending to take their lives.

Luckily this time they are well prepared and secretly deployed the blood guards. Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng has surrounded them with their archers and soldiers. If the bandits knew these two men were coming on the trip, they would have never taken on this task. Lei Yu Feng alone could take down 10 bandits himself.

“Coming is easy, however leaving will be hard.” 

Mo Wen Chen: “Leave your head here to save your mens from dying.”

This is the first time Su Qi Qi felt very composure and safe. She had no fears.

Mo Wen Chen ask whether it was Mo Wen Xuan who hired them to kill him, they inform him no, and explains 1 year ago Mo Wen Chen deployed 5 thousands soldiers to kill their mens so they are here for revenge.

A bloody fight has begun, even Mo Wen Chen jumps into the fight himself, everywhere he goes blood spatters, his movements are fast and spot on, within a short period he has killed many that got in his way.

Su Qi Qi watches this from the carriage when she is suddenly captured by someone.

Chapter 26 – Where there is life, there is hope.

Turns out the person who captured Su Qi Qi was the leader of Hua Sha Gang, Hua Chi. Even in the hands of the enemy Su Qi Qi remains calm with a face of indifferent. Su Qi Qi knows Mo Wen Chen will not sacrifice his brothers/mens for a women like her, which is why she has not utter a word asking him to save her.

Hua Chi: “Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye, your Imperial Consort is in my hands.” 

Mo Wen Chen: “What do you want?” 

Hua Chi: “Exchange it with your life.” 

Su Qi Qi sneered at his comment, which amazed Hua Chi, this women with her life in his hands never once panicked, or scream for help, instead she remained calm and indifferent. Any ordinary women would have reacts quite the opposite of what Su Qi Qi was showing. No wonder she’s Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye’s Imperial Consort.

Mo Wen Chen wanted to say something but hearing Su Qi Qi sneer, his heart sank and ached, this women is too smart for her own good, she knows she should decide her own fate, never relying on others.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Mo Wen Chen laughed loudly. “Why don’t you help me end her with one thrust of your sword?” 

It’s not that Mo Wen Chen doesn’t want to save her, however he has lost too many mens the night before, he wants to retain some strength for when they enter the Imperial Palace so he can only forebear.

Hua Chi: “Mo Wen Chen, don’t want your own Imperial Consort’s life?”

Su Qi Qi: “I’ll do it myself.” 

Su Qi Qi thought that after saving Mo Wen Chen’s life, his attitude towards her would change but now she knows that’s never going to happen, her identity will always be a humiliation for him. Her life means nothing to him, less than a soldier.

Hua Chi has roamed around for many years, encounter many people and women but he never met someone as unique as Su Qi Qi. So bold and not afraid of death.

Without looking at Mo Wen Chen, she pulled out a golden needle from her sleeves, as long as she push the needle onto her spine acupuncture point she will immediately die. Originally her golden needles were used to save people, however it will end her life. How ridiculous.

The sword in Mo Wen Chen’s hand tighten as he stared at the golden needle in Su Qi Qi’s hands. Before anyone could react Su Qi Qi did the unthinkable, she has turn things around and instead have the golden needle on Hua Chi’s spine acupuncture point: “Leader Hua Chi, order your mens to retreat.”  

Hua Chi: “Over my dead body!” 

The golden needle in Su Qi Qi’s slightly dug into Hua Chi’s skin, with a slight of blood could be seen.

Hua Sha Gang’s second and third in charge both shouted out to their leaders. No one is afraid of death, they just don’t want their leader to encounter a misfortune and sacrifice his life in vain.

Hua Chi: “Don’t come over, kill Mo Wen Chen!” 

Su Qi Qi whispered into Hua Chi’s ear: “As long as the green hills last, there’ll always be wood to burn. (Where there is life, there is hope.)”

At a time like this Su Qi Qi only had thoughts of saving her own life, she doesn’t have the slightest hope Mo Wen Chen will come and save her. Yet she doesn’t want to kill Hua Chi.

Hua Chi is rather stunned by this woman’s action, she is delicate and pretty with average feature, but at this moment he was enlightened by her: “Order our brothers to retreat!” 

Until majority of the Hua Sha Gang retreated Su Qi Qi held Hua Chi hostage. Before he left, he turned around left this sentence for her: “Imperial Consort until the next time we meet.” 

After everything returns to normal, the atmosphere in the carriage was awkward, Su Qi Qi did not look at Mo Wen Chen nor did she utter a word.

Mo Wen Chen: “What did you say to him?” 

Su Qi Qi did not want to conceal anything so she was quite honest: “As long as the green hills last, there’ll always be wood to burn.” 

Mo Wen Chen very naturally used his fingers to gently sweep across her hair: “Really?” her silky satin hair glided along his rough fingers: “Until the next time you meet, it appears he really admires you.”  

Chapter 27 – Lure

Su Qi Qi knows she cannot offend this man: “Not necessary.” 

Mo Wen Chen said as he let go her Su Qi Qi’s long hair: “Ben Wang also really admire you.” 

Su Qi Qi stares at this extraordinary man, did she hear wrong? Or is she misinterpreting his intentions? While she’s just an ordinary woman, what man doesn’t love beauty? She is far from that.

They finally enter the Imperial Palace, they’re going deep into the mountains, knowing well that there are tigers there (明知山有虎,偏向虎山行). Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng are hidden outside the palace with the blood guard army. They paid their respect to the Emperor, Mo Wen Xuan maybe cruel and ruthless, however before his citizens and subject he puts on a very benevolence benevolent front. They all exchange polite words and Su Qi Qi ask about her mother.

Su Meng Ru: “Of course Dai Niang is good, but…”

Su Qi Qi: “How is my mother?”

Su Meng Ru: “Jie Jie don’t worry, there’s Mei Mei here Dai Niang will not suffer, however Dai Niang misses you too much. A few days she developed a serious illness, or else His Majesty would have order you and Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye to return and reunite.”

Su Qi Qi: “How is my mother now?”

Su Meng Ru: “Tomorrow Mei Mei will accompany you come to visit mother. Jie Jie there’s no need to be impatient. Tomorrow Jie Jie will be able to see Dai Niang.”

That night the Emperor held a banquet to welcome Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi. There were several Imperial Concubines present.

Chen Gui Fei [1] : “Your Highness is well versed in singing and dancing, recognized second as thoroughly accomplished in lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, no one will dare to claim being first. Presumably Wang Fei [2] doesn’t posses any, right?” 

[1] 贵妃 Guì Fēi is the highest-ranking imperial concubine.

[2] 王妃 Wang Fei: Princess Consort. In the past summaries I have used Imperial Consort instead of Princess Consort, but since other Imperial Concubine has been into the story.. to avoid the confusion I will address Su Qi Qi has Wang Fei instead.

Su Qi Qi: “Sorry to disappoint Gui Fei, Chen Qie is not a master in lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, however I do know a little one or two.”

The laughter die in the room, Mo Wen Chen weep a deadly glare towards Chen Gui Fei which sent shivers down her spine.


Chapter 28 – The dark night assassination

Su Meng Ru: “Wang Fei really knows how to joke.”

All those years in the Prime Minister, Meng Ru has never taken notice of her useless and timid elder sister, she always thought she was the best in everything and superior to her sister. Who doesn’t know Fen Wen’s qin skills are unbeatable, for her elder sister Su Qi Qi to beat this man goes to prove she has underestimated Su Qi Qi’s talent.

Mo Wen Chen has very satisfied with Su Qi Qi’s performance tonight. He stare at the Empress and varies Consort and Concubines sitting with Su Qi Qi, although she may not be as beautiful and knows how to present herself as they do. But she is bold and crafty, courageous and knowledgeable. With this taken into account those women were pale in comparison even the exquisite beauty, Su Meng Ru.

When the banquet was finished, Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi retired back to their assigned palace. Su Qi Qi gets into bed without taking off her clothes and listen to the movements outside.

Mo Wen Chen knows tonight will not be quiet, as there are many hidden dangers lurking. With the slightest noise, his eyes will suddenly open, pull off his quilt covers along with his sword in his hands without making a sound and awaiting the possible intruders.

He rolled back into the bed, embracing Su Qi Qi who’s asleep in his arms. Arousing awake Su Qi Qi, upon opening her eyes she wasn’t startled instead her heart was filled with warmth leaning against her man’s chest breathing in his masculine cologne.

At this moment, Mo Wen Chen did not abandoned her which made her very satisfied and safe. Mo Wen Chen admire this women in his arms, under such circumstances she always maintain her composure and decisively analysis the situation before them. He gradually start having an inexplicable affection towards her.

Moments later a dozen of men in black soundlessly jump from the window into the room, with a knife in their hands they headed towards the bed and thrust their knife down without hesitation.

At the same time, Mo Wen Chen also moved his sword, as a snake, before they could even scream there have been three people lying on the cold ground. Such a scene Su Qi Qi also did not panic, only tried to adapt herself to the scene.

Less than half a pillar joss stick time, the courtyard was in flames. Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen looked at each other and chuckled. Upon opening the door a dozen of archers alignment with the men in black inside surrounded them.

“Get down.” Mo Wen Chen thrown Su Qi Qi under the bed while grabbing a dead assassins body as shield to block the arrows.

“Stop.” Mo Wen Xuan came dressed in robes, his timing was just right, if his plan was successful then he will collect the fruits to his harvest, if unsuccessful he will avert the suspicions. Killing two birds with one stone.

To his disappointment Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi was alive and well.

Mo Wen Xuan: “A bunch of useless things, didn’t see my Huang Di still inside, even dare to send arrows, someone come, behead them all.” 

Within second the courtyard was clean without a trace of anything ever occurring. Mo Wen Chen didn’t say anything Mo Wen Xuan always handle things leak proof. Su Qi Qi on the other hand really admire Mo Wen Xuan, he was surely vicious enough. Worthy of his Emperor position.

Mo Wen Xuan: “Huang Di and sister-in-law are not frightened, right?” 

Mo Wen Chen: “Thanks for Huang Xiong’s worries, there’s no obstruction.” 

The courtyard restore it’s clamness, Su Qi Qi stole a glance at Mo Wen Chen who was sleeping on the chair. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have to go through this.

Mo Wen Chen: “You…… Are you okay?”

Su Qi Qi shook her head: “Nothing, let’s go to sleep.”

Mo Wen Chen: “The bed should be safe now.” 

Su Qi Qi realise the reason why Mo Wen Chen slept on the bed with her was because of the assassins. Imperceptibly, she realise she’s no longer able extricate herself from his world.

Mo Wen Chen did not accompanied Su Qi Qi back to the Prime Minister’s residence, he had to accompanied Mo Wen Xuan on the Royal Hunting Trip.

Very early on everyone at the Prime Minister’s residence was kneeling waiting on the arrival of the Empress and Wang Fei. Everyone has came far and wide to witness the beauty of the two daughters that had the honor to marry into the royal family.

Chapter 29 – What should we do

At first glance Su Qi Qi could spot out her mother within the crowd. Her heart ached, while on the other hand Su Meng Ru enjoyed this worship.

One could tell who Su Shi Chang favoured more, looking at Su Meng Ru his face is content. While looking at Su Qi Qi his expression change significantly. If it wasn’t because his eldest daughter, the Emperor would never throw such a big temper.

All these years, her father never taken on the responsibility of a father figure. She does not hate him, nor does she miss him.

Su Qi Qi’s mother, Xiao Die was full of joy: “Su Qi Qi, you finally come back, mother thought that in this life I can’t see you any more.”

Su Qi Qi raised her hands to wipe the tears from her mother’s eyes, her heart ached: “Mother, hasn’t Qi Qi came back to see you? Don’t cry…”

Xiao Die: “I heard from Er Niang [3] that Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye is cruel and heartless……”


[3] 二娘 Er Niáng the way of addressing your father’s second wife if you’re a child from another consort/concubine.

Su Qi Qi: “Mother, don’t listen to Er Niang’s words, my life in the Wang residence is very good, towards me Wang Ye is also very considerate, you look at me, didn’t I come back in one piece?”

Xiao Die: “Are you happy? … apart from being a little thin you seem well.” 

Su Qi Qi took out a jade bracelet from her bosom: “Mother, before leaving the Palace, Wang Ye handed this to me, he told me to give you this gift, since his unable to meet you in person.”

When Mo Wen Chen gave her the bracelet he also added a word, regardless of what Su Shi Shang ask her to do, she must agree unconditionally. With Su Qi Qi’s wisdom, of course she understood his intentions.

Seeing her mother hesitating to speak, she knew her father must be left some words for her: “Niang…… did father ask you to convey something to me?”

Xiao Die: “How did you know?”

Su Qi Qi: “Of course daughter knows, mother if you have anything to say just say them.”

Xiao Die just wanted her daughter to live a happy life, all the hardship she will take it on herself: “Forget it, it’s nothing.” 

Su Qi Qi: “Mother, tell me what Father said, whatever you say your daughter will act according.” 

Xiao Die: “Qi Qi, your father…… Just wanted to let you know…… Help him to do something.”

Su Qi Qi ran out and heads to her Father’s room: “Mother…… if you don’t say it, I’ll find Father myself.”

Xiao Die catches up to her: “Qi Qi.” 

Su Qi Qi: “Daddy.” 

Su Shi Shang was sitting in the main hall with Su Meng Ru and her mother: “Qi Qi.” 

Su Qi Qi: “Daddy, I heard from Mother that you were looking for me.”

Su Shi Shang and Su Qi Qi goes to the side hall to discuss: “How come your mother didn’t tell you? Then, daddy will tell you instead… I heard Wang Ye banished you to the Laundry Department, is it true?… It’s all your daddy’s fault, I don’t have enough powers, you have suffered.” 

Chapter 30 – Conspiracy

Regarding her Father’s question Su Qi Qi simply nodded, it was indeed the truth.

Su Shi Shang: “If so, Qi Qi, you want to get out of there? … of course since you’re married, daddy have not thought of a plan yet.”

Su Qi Qi: “Your daughter knows.”

Su Shi Shang: “Qi Qi, I heard you personally found the antidote to Wang Ye’s poison.”

Su Qi Qi: “It was just luck, daddy knows that your daughter has no position in the Wang residence, I can only listen to Mo Wen Chen.” 

Su Shi Shang: “Do you want to return to your mother’s side?” 

Su Qi Qi: “I want to.” 

Su Shi Shang knows his eldest daughter’s weakness, all her life she has been trying to protect her mother, regardless of the situation she’s willing to do anything to protect her: “Okay, then listen to daddy.”

Su Qi Qi only nodded.

Su Shi Shang took out a letter from his bosom and handed to Su Qi Qi: “You just need to hide this letter under Mo Wen Chen’s pillow. That’s all.”

Su Qi Qi didn’t think the Emperor will use such low-level tricks, but on second thought it maybe her father’s idea instead.

Before she turned to leave, Su Shi Shang said one sentence: “If you want your mother to be live and well, you better not play any tricks.”

Towards his eldest daughter he had no fear. He never highly regarded this daughter of his, he was timid and useless just like her Mother. Su Qi Qi’s shoulders stiffen, slowly turning back to reply: “Daddy you can be assured.”

While leaving the side hall Su Qi Qi seem composure but her heart was in a dreadful mess, she had no way of advancing or retreating. She was uncertain of her and her mother’s future.

Before departing the Prime Minister’s residence Su Qi Qi held her mother and cried, she felt useless as she’s unable to protect her.

How will our Qi Qi take her next step? Will she betray Mo Wen Chen and act according to her Father’s wishes. Or will she instead act recklessly and stand by her husband thus putting her own mother in danger? What the fate of both of these women who has no favored position in their husband’s heart?

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