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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 31 – 33 Summaries

I have only summaries Chapter 31 – 33 because I plan to translate the entire chapter of 34 and 35, it’s an important chapter since it finally reveals old deeds and the reason why Xiao Die and Su Qi Qi has not been favored by the Prime Minister all these years. It also reveals Su Shi Shang and the Empress Dowager’s relationship. Can anyone guess? It obvious actually.

Chapter 31 – Things have changed

Su Qi Qi was waken by a burst of noise. Upon opening her eyes, she see’s Mo Wen Chen was long awake, he winked at her ignoring him she turns over and continued sleeping. He got up and walked to the edge of the bed, laying down next to her as he gently embraced her waist.

…… Su Qi Qi froze upon Mo Wen Chen’s actions, not daring to open her eyes. Even with her eyes closed she can still feel his burning eyes on her back. Mo Wen Chen smirk by her reaction.

Mixed with emotions, her heart-felt heavy. She didn’t dare to ask for Mo Wen Chen’s love.

Once the noise gradually decrease, Su Qi Qi suddenly open her eyes and quickly got up: “They’re… gone.”

Looking at Su Qi Qi so flurried action, Mo Wen Chen smile more, he also got up to leave the bed: “It seems that, things have changed.”

Su Qi Qi also understand and nodded, it must be some in turn event has occurred, she was worried about her mother: “I want to…… go check on my mother.”

Since leaving the Prime Minister residence, her heart has been uneasy.

“I’ll send someone over.” Mo Wen Chen understand it only natural for her to worry about her mother, but he was unhappy because it seems this is all she cared about. (Aww is someone jealous now? Does Qi Qi not care about you enough?)

Su Qi Qi didn’t say anything, she has now chosen to stand by Mo Wen Chen’s side regardless of the outcome. There was no turning back, she will not regret it. She just hopes her mother is alive and well.

Study Room

Mo Wen Xuan’s face was dark and gloomy, below kneeling was Su Shi Shang who was trembling, with his head low.

“You raised such a good daughter.” Mo Wen Xuan mercilessly thrown the memorial that was in his hands, a loud roar, together with the ink stone on the side knocking spilled the ink all over Su Shi Shang’s face.

Su Shi Shang was distress but did not dare to move, kneeling as he trembled with fear, not daring to breathe, at this moment he really wanted to chop Su Qi Qi into ten thousand pieces. Indeed he has raised a good daughter, she has back out on the promise she made yesterday.

Mo Wen Xuan recovered from his burst of anger, flicks his robe and expressionlessly turned away. To deal with Mo Wen Chen, he didn’t want to directly confront him, instead he wanted to borrow Su Shi Shan hands, regardless of whether the mission is a success or failure, he can retreat.

Su Shi Shang only dare to lift up his sleeves and wipe the ink wiping his face after Mo Wen Xuan disappeared.

The palace was quiet for a few days, Mo Wen Chen sent Lei Yu Feng to personally go to the Prime Minister’s residence to see if Xiao Die is all well.

Su Qi Qi didn’t leave the palace she reside, instead Su Meng Ru will occasionally come to visit and pretended to be very concerned about her elder sister, asking all sorts of questions. Obviously without getting anything out of her.

Since they were young, Su Qi Qi has never been hostile towards Meng Ru, however since their identity is different now, it seems like this was the only way they can treat each other.

This day, when Su Qi Qi was pulled away by Su Meng Ru to see the Empress Dowager, Mo Wen Chen left the palace alone. After getting get rid of the bodyguards Mo Wen Xuan sent to spy on him, he went into an end of a deep alleyway, where a small yard situated. Lei Yu Feng was in the middle of practising his sword skill

Mo Wen Chen: “Good sword.” 

Lei Yu Feng was a little dissatisfied with Mo Wen Chen’s actions, since arriving in the Imperial City, they have been very careful not to be detected: “What are you doing here?”

Mo Wen Chen: “Has Leng Yan prepared everything?” 

Lei Yu Feng nodded, his smiled harbour evil intentions: “Wen Chen, you don’t have enough charms, even a mere Su Qi Qi you could not woo.”

Mo Wen Chen: “What do you mean?”

Chapter 32 – Punished to knee

Lei Yu Feng: “If it wasn’t because Su Qi Qi wanted to free herself in the Wang residence, I don’t think she will not take the initiative to help you, if you are not using her life to threaten her, she also won’t take the initiative in preparing the antidote for you. This time, she is also indecisive to help either side, in my opinion, she must have this ability, it’s just that you don’t want the help. Moreover, with her wisdom she wouldn’t be so simple to deal with. With the way Su Shi Shang treats her, what else family consideration does she has to delay her decision?”

Su Qi Qi appearance is not breathtaking, with no talent or virtuous. Just look at Hua Qian Zi whose considered North West’s first beauty, even she is unable to melt Mo Wen Chen’s heart. Perhaps it’s Su Qi Qi cold personality that attract him towards her.

Mo Wen Chen still can not understand Su Qi Qi. Sometimes she is gentle, and sometimes she is desolate, a thousand miles away.

Lei Yu Feng: “If you can get Su Qi Qi to fall in love with you, I as Lei Jia Bao’s will send you the Xuan Yuan sword, if not…… You will give me your cherished tail-burnt qin.”

Listen to Lei Yu Feng say this, Mo Wen Chen did not immediately answer. He knew Lei Yu Feng was crazy about that qin and he also wanted to get his hands on the Xuan Yuan sword.

Although Su Qi Qi character is very cold, and too proud, but Mo Wen Chen knows what it meant when she longing stare at him. If he wants Su Qi Qi to fall in love with him, it won’t be difficult, as long as he use a little effort. While Lei Yu Feng thinks likewise.

Su Qi Qi went to see the Empress Dowager with Su Meng Ru. The Empress Dowager didn’t appear that old, she has maintain herself quite well. The only thing was on top of her kindly face there was a bit of coldness.

The Empress Dowager was someone who worship Buddha and recite script, and practise abstinence all year around. She had her closed eyes as she fiddling with beads in her hands, the two sisters kneel behind her exchange look, not daring to utter a word: “Empress you’re in control of the harem big and small issues, do not delay your time here, quickly leave.”

It is obvious order for guests to leave. Su Meng Ru has entered the Palace for half a year, she knows the Empress Dowager did not favor her, her intentions today of bringing Su Qi Qi was to test the waters, whether the Empress Dowager have the exact opinion regarding the Su family, or merely her as a person. Judging from her attitude it appears that the Su Family has offended this old lady.

“Are you Su Shi Shang’s eldest daughter?” Not letting Su Qi Qi stood up, the Empress Dowager coldly ask.

Her cold and stern eyes made Su Qi Qi stupefied, while replying she tried to calm herself down: “Yes.”

The Empress Dowager: “How is your mother?” 

Su Qi Qi didn’t know how the Empress Dowager knew her mother, but it seems that the Empress Dowager really hates her mother: “Very good.” 

The Empress Dowager sneered: “Yes…… good, very good, as long as she’s good, I feel relieved, but, if there is a chance tell her, the thing she wants, she never can obtain. Since you are her daughter, you should atone for her sins, before dark, you’re not allowed to leave, you shall be punished by kneeling here.” 

Only Su Qi Qi is left alone to kneel on the grass, her legs felt some numbness as her mind was filled with all kind of thoughts. Her mother who’s so timid, how did she offend the Empress Dowager? Everything was too confusing and complicated.

Seeing it getting dark and Su Qi Qi has not return, Mo Wen Chen sent someone to fetch Su Qi Qi from the Empress Palace, however he is inform that Su Qi Qi is with the Empress Dowager. For the time being he is unable to ask the Empress Dowager for Su Qi Qi, so he can only wait outside the courtyard feeling anxious and worried. Since growing up in the Imperial Palace, he knew how viscous the Empress Dowager can be.

Once it was black, Su Qi Qi slowly up, since she knelt for too long her legs were completely numb, upon taking the first step, her whole body fell to the ground.

Suddenly the door opened, the Empress Dowager and left one word before letting her go: “Okay, continue tomorrow.” 

“Thank you Empress Dowager”  Su Qi Qi kowtow and then limped away. Her heart ached, looking up at the sky, she wonder what she did wrong? Why is this life of hers filled with misfortune? Regarding this matter, she will not tell anyone, because she is afraid her mother will worry.


Chapter 33 – Flogging

Mo Wen Chen didn’t ask much, he just ordered the maids to bring warm water into a bath tub and let Su Qi Qi comfortably relax and soak her body in the bubbles, taking advantage of no moonlight, he left the palace courtyard.

These few days Mo Wen Xuan have made any new movements, this cause Mo Wen Chen to be more distress.

Although the decree came allowing Su Qi Qi to see her mother, but she had to return the next morning to continue kneeling at the Empress Dowager’s Palace. As soon as she kneel down, the top of her knee started to hurt and blood stain her robes, the grass has hidden needles, she did not utter a word of pain, just grit her teeth and suffered the pain in silence.

The Empress Dowager smile gently on the side while chanting Buddha scripts. Since it was winter and the Empress Dowager order all the brazier to be taken away from the room. Su Qi Qi was shaking while biting down on her lips until it started bleeding.

Secretly watching on the side Mo Wen Chen’s face was livid, full of fierce and terror, with a murderous look. He is unable to take action, a single wrong step can be the difference between a victory or defeat, so he can only swallow insult and humiliation silently.

Everywhere was silent, after chanting the Empress Dowager left, the cold wind blew on Su Qi Qi’s body, the pain on her knee increased as little blood continuously oozed out.

Mo Wen Chen felt helpless as he clenched his fist: Hold on for a few more days, Ben Wang will save you.

Kneeling there for one day, Su Qi Qi’s knee was bleeding, her body shivered, she felt like she couldn’t survive pass today, she doesn’t even know why she’s kneeling here, but she didn’t want to die not knowing why. The gratitude and grudges are from the generation before why is she bearing the karma? However she is willing to suffer in place of her mother. Her mother definitely would never harm anyone, there must be a misunderstanding.

The only way Su Qi Qi could keep herself awake was digging her nails into the palms of her hands. Just as she wanted to get up and leave, suddenly out of nowhere the open is open, she is vigorously kick from behind causing her to kneel back down on the grass.

“Ah……” This time, Su Qi Qi loudly scream, couldn’t endure the pain any more, originally, those needles only puncture her skin, however this time she knelt down so hard, almost the entire length of needle stab into her flesh, the pain tore into her heart and lungs.


Empress Dowager: “Audacious, within the temple area, how can you shout and wrangle, I haven’t told you to leave, how can you stand up?”

Su Qi Qi can only endured the pain, and lower her head, she bit down hard on her lower lips, not daring to shout a loud, she knew, as long as she made the slightest sound, the Empress dowager will just increase her torture.

Empress Dowager: “Did you know when your mother and I were young ladies we were very good friends, tomorrow I will summon her into the palace that way she can also see her precious daughter.”

Su Qi Qi: “No. Empress Dowager, please don’t……”

If her mother saw this scene, she’ll probably cry with grievances. She is suffering enough, she can’t also let her mother bear the mother  bear the pain too.

The Empress Dowager sent a vicious kick towards Su Qi Qi: “Regarding my business, it’s not up to you to make gestures, someone come, drag her out to receive some flogging.”

Before Su Qi Qi knew it she was dragged out leaving a trail of blood stain.

Su Qi Qi: “Empress Dowager, whatever you want Chen Qie to do, I will do it, please don’t make things difficult for my mother……” 

Two big men approached Su Qi Qi and rudely tied her up, regardless of her shouts the whip came down hard.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The courtyard was filled with Su Qi Qi’s painful cries. After receiving four whips her clothing was torn and her flesh open as blood soaked her clothes. The scars left on Su Qi Qi’s body was deep.

The Empress Dowager waved her hands and ordered the mens to stop, she just wants Su Qi Qi to suffer, she didn’t want her life.

Su Qi Qi: “Empress Dowager….. I beg you…… let my mother off.”

The Empress Dowager didn’t expect Su Qi Qi to be so stubborn, at a time like this she still thought of her mother. Such perseverance made her fearful of her.

At that moment, a lady in waiting came in from outside, and whispered into the Empress Dowager’s ears: “Good, let him wait in the hall.”

I really pity Qi Qi, she always encountering so much hardship in her life, the torture seems endless. Has the cold-blooded Prince finally came to safe her? Can anyone guess why the Empress Dowager have some much hatred for Qi Qi and her mother?


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  1. she is so strong, I really admire her…and I would guess it’s because of love? If they were friends, something must happened, so I think the man both loved loved her mother and not the empress, but, who knows, I’m just too much of romantic.. and thank you again suteki!

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  2. Thanks so much for the update. I really really like the story. Can’t guess what happened bet. ED & Qi Qi’s mom. I know its only huge misunderstanding. I’m so anxious to read the next chapter. Wonder what Mo Wen Chen will do to save his wife.

    Thanks again!!!!


  3. Thanks for the updates! You’re really fast. Poor Qi Qi. She really loves her mother. I really admire Qi Qi. I just wished she isn’t tortured anymore in the next chapters T-T Why are the strong heroines always tortured huhu


  4. Hi sutekii.

    I’ve been a silent lurker over here for a while now. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing such wonderful translations and mangas and manhwas. I’ve been reading some which you’ve summarized over here.

    Btw, I hope you don’t mind pointing typo error –
    The Empress Dowager didn’t except Qi Qi to be so stubborn,
    *the ‘except’ to be changed to ‘expect’

    Looking forward for more stuffs in the future! 🙂


  5. thank you—!
    oh, wen chen hugging qi qi is still cute, ahaha! hmph, so wen chen’s jealous, you didn’t treat qi qi well, anyway! as expected, qi qi is loyal—! what?! wen chen, you dare to make love a game? wen chen, you…! you don’t deserve qi qi, divorce her! let qi qi live happily—!
    -cries for qi qi- qi qi—, you don’t deserve this! kill that empress dowager,and shi shang! argh!


  6. my guess is that her mother and the empress loved the same man (probably the emperor.) The empress connived to win the emperor but he never loved her. She may have arranged the marriage to the prime minister as well–who never loved her. So her anger continues because of that even though the emperor is dead. Something like that. The man might have been someone else but the point is that the empress lost and won’t forgive it. The only other idea is that the empress was blocked in some other matter she considered important.


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