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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 34 Translation

Everyone had such great guesses on the reason, without further ado the secret shall be revealed in this chapter!

Chapter 34 – The old feud

Empress Dowager disdain stared at Su Qi Qi: “Go on, it would be best if you were smart about it.”

Su Qi Qi understood the meaning within those words, Empress Dowager don’t want the situation to reach to Mo Wen Chen’s ears.

How can she not know, yesterday Mo Wen Chen already as well aware of her  punishment, but he did not say a word, her heart that was sometimes hot and sometimes cold was already numb.

A man like Mo Wen Chen, did not dwell on love affairs.

As long as it doesn’t affect his important matter, even if Su Qi Qi is dead, for him, it also does not matter, right?

Step by step, she painstakingly walked back to the palace residence, on the way the maid in waiting and eunuch she encounter detour and went the other way, not wanting to get in trouble, towards Ding Bei Hou Wang Fei, everyone thought she was a joke.

The courtyard was also very quiet, at this time Mo Wen Chen was talking and drinking wine with the Emperor, these days, although he did not relax, but Mo Wen Xuan kept a close watchful eye on him.

On the surface the two of them appeared very calm, but secretly commune action time.

After all this is Mo Wen Xuan’s territory, and he was also the Emperor of the kingdom, Mo Wen Chen had no way of extorting any violent within the Capital city, so, also have to be like this.

Applying medicine to her own wound, Su Qi Qi nearly fainted several times from the pain, but persistently held on.

Tomorrow she cannot go see her mother looking like this, absolutely can not.

She grew up self-study medicine, at that time she also used golden needles to heal her own injuries, she wants to let herself appear full of color and energetic tomorrow.

As long as she stimulate several points on her body it will do, of course, the consequences of doing so is very bad, there’s a chance she may damage her body meridians and sending them into chaos.

However, she already doesn’t care too much.

What time did Mo Wen Chen come back? She did not know, she was in pain while sleeping on the bench, when she opened her eyes, she found herself lying in Mo Wen Chen’s arms, the two of them was very close on a bed.

This caused Su Qi Qi’s heart that was sometimes hot and sometimes cold once again uneasy.

This man’s heart, she can never make out.

Nor did she dare to guess.

He didn’t do anything for her, only silently comforted her.

After yesterday’s golden needle healing treatment, today Su Qi Qi indeed was really in high spirit, she did not feel tired, only feeling a bit of a pain, but she was able to endure it.

“Be careful.” Just before Su Qi Qi left, Mo Wen Chen gave her only two words.

These two words, was enough to support Su Qi Qi continue on.

The cold wind chilled one to the bone, Su Qi Qi couldn’t feel it.

Her heart is still warm.

Empress Dowager like yesterday litigation by Buddha, Su Qi Qi still kneeling on the grass, the needles above was still there, but this time her action is very light, doing it with great care, she also is afraid of the sufferings her flesh will go through, she was also afraid of the pain……

At noon, a maid slowly walked in with a women.

At the time Su Qi Qi unexpectedly didn’t dare to look up, she was afraid to see her mother’s painful expression, Su Qi Qi more afraid for her mother her sad tears expression of her sufferings because of her.

“Chen Qie pay respects to Empress Dowager……” Xiao Die was full of doubt, suddenly been summon by the Empress Dowager, of course she doesn’t know the reason behind this.

While kneeling down.

She glance at Su Qi Qi who was kneeling on the side, she was stupefied, completely froze in place there: “Qi Qi…… You this is……”

“Audacious.” The Empress Dowager gave a stern eye, she shouted angrily.

This shout caused Xiao Die to tremble, she continued to kneel down, not daring to say anything.

All her life she has been this careful and weak.

Sneered, the Empress Dowager eyes was filled with satisfaction: “Xia Xiao Die, it serves you right? Over the years, I quite miss the days in the past when we used played together.”

Just one word caused Xia Xiao Die momentarily be stunned, while at the same time Su Qi Qi also lifted her head to glance at her mother.

She also saw doubts in her mother’s eyes.

Her heart-felt fearful, she felt she must seeing things, just then Xia Xiao Die’s eyes were clearly puzzled.

She seems to have known the Empress Dowager.

But the Empress Dowager’s words……

Xia Xiao Die’s eyes also fell to the Empress Dowager’s eyes, she was not surprised, just coldly made a sound: “I didn’t think so many years, you still have that expression, you like this, you can also deceive Su Shi Shang, don’t think you can fool me……”

She said as she gnash her teeth in anger.

While she spoke she fiercely stepped forward on one of Xia Xiao Die’s foot, using a lot of strength.

Judging from this, she is really hate this woman.

“Ah……” Xia Xiao Die could not bear the pain, and lightly shouted, with her disposition, she can only swallow insult and humiliation silently, quickly used her hands to cover her lips, swallowed the bitter sounds.

“Oh, when you scheme out for me to married another man, you should have thought there will be a day like today, all these years, I went through all sorts of trouble to sit on this position, say… how should I thank you?” She spoke as she gnash her teeth in anger, gritting it side to side, causing a person’s scalp to numb, especially her ferocious face.

Xia Xiao Die has also used a lot of strength to calm herself down, there are things that she did not know, now also is unable to respond, back then she was also at the ends of her rope, that’s why she did what she did, but she didn’t think, now someone has come to settle old account.

However it has implicated Su Qi Qi, this made her heart feel uneasy, and also very sad.

“Empress Dowager…… That was Chen Qie’s fault.” Xia Xiao Die only knelt there, sincerely begging as she said: “I’m begging you let Qi Qi off, she is innocent, she has nothing to do with this thing……”

Pitifully pleading.

“Let her go?” Regarding Xia Xiao Die’s attitude, the Empress Dowager was satisfied but, she also knows, this woman didn’t have it good in the Prime Minister’s residence, but heart was uncomfortable thinking of everything in the past: “If I let her off, who will let my son off?”

Xia Xiao Die understood the meaning Empress Dowager’s words, her expression changed a bit, while on her knees she turn towards Su Qi Qi and said: “Qi Qi, you promised will not be enemies with the Empress Dowager and the Emperor…… Say it……”

The tears blurred her eyes.

Her hand was trembling, in fact she’s willing to sacrifice seeing Su Qi Qi like this, but now, she knows, has reached the point of no return.

Su Qi Qi teeth, she looked straight at her mother, she could not think of anything, how did things turn into such situation now, originally, Mo Wen Chen can protect her mother, but now, it has become her own mother pleading her.

In those years, what happened? After his mother behave in such a unanimous and why?

Her heart only had doubts, she simply can not understand the antecedents and consequences.

“Mother……” Su Qi Qi lightly called her once.

On the side of the Empress Dowager just looked on coldly, now that she has made her moves, so she will not easily back down.

She just wanted to see a play, seeing Xia Xiao Die in pain, she felt refreshed.

This is just the beginning.

Xia Xiao Die looked at Su Qi Qi’s eyes filled with unwilling and hesitation, her heart also somewhat sank, all these years, she only afraid Su Qi Qi have the slightest danger, so she always has been very careful, now, only to find everything is out of control.

“Qi Qi, mother has wronged you, mother has brought you trouble……” Xia Xiao Die clasped Su Qi Qi hand, refused to release, sad and desolate stared at Su Qi Qi: “Nothing can happen to you, Qi Qi…… Otherwise, I cannot die in peace……”

There were some words, she wanted to say, but because of the presence of others she had no way of expressing them.

She suddenly regret not clearly explaining everything……

It’s a pity what love can do a gentle person, it make a person do something they never imagined of doing. I don’t know who to pity more, do I pity the evil Empress Dowager for having her freedom and youth taken away from her and force to toughen up by the cruel Imperial Palace?

Or do I pity Xia Xiao Die for doing anything for love and betraying her good friend in the name of love. Yet in the end she is left in the corner and never got the love and affection from the man she loves?

I just pity Su Qi Qi being drag into this because she’s the daughter. My heart bleeds for her, despite all the things she say about not relying on others to save her, yet deep in her heart she hopes her husband will save her. *sobs*

13 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 34 Translation

  1. I am a little confused here. So Qi Qi’s mum betrayed her friend by switching places with her so she didn’t have to become the queen? But she ended up with a sicko anyway? Also, why the heck is this mama so cruel to Qi Qi? I don’t give no hoot about your rotten love story, your child is suffering. You best stop whining and stick up. If you were as weak as you make yourself out to be, you wouldn’t have messed with the queen. Ridiculous how mama just acts as though she is helpless. Oh please! Don’t kid yourself. You just lazy! And a horrible human being.
    /end rant.

    I know I was mean. I just don’t like this mama one bit. HMPH


    1. The next chapter explains the situation a little more, but I don’t think the author ever mention whether Xiao Die originally was supposed to enter the palace instead.

      It just explain how she drugged the Empress Dowager to be with Su Shi Shang instead.

      And in chapter 37 Xiao Die does something for Qi Qi, however I’m not sure whether you’ll find it honorable or naive and weak.


  2. ahh, its really sad, everything you said… when heart is torn, its hard to live the same way 😦 I just hope Mo Wen Chen will save her and then will really and deaply love her 🙂 and Thank you so much, I like this story 😉


  3. Wow… an update! I kept refreshing your blog, hoping for a new chapter. I want more…. the story is so good. I love how MWC shows his care & love for Qi Qi gradually. Such a tease!!! Thank you… thank you…


  4. thanks a lot!
    -flips all the tables- no, qi qi—! he does care for you—-! -sobs for qi qi- having to deal with her won wounds….where’s the person who’ll be truly loyal to her and love her—-?!-makes a face at wen chen and shales a fist at him- at least her mother was good to her…but, i don’t pity any of them! you reap what you sow…! everyone suffers in life! it’s when you harm others that are not involved, that you are no longer excused due to your experiences!


      1. it’s true, right? i don’t mind characters having revenge or justice…but when a character implicates others who are innocent, there’s no longer any excuse for that character…


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