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Epilogue: Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》


October’s autumn, autumn has finally came to an end, and coincides with the National Day, many commuters have packed to travel, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss stay at home, refusing to move.

Some time ago because of the wedding preparation, Nuo Nuo moved houses, also taking into account of being busy with the matters at the company, she was tired in a complete mess. So finally when she moved house and the wedding was also finished, a young couple even been pushed back their honeymoon, during the national day they stayed at home together playing games.

Naturally Xiao Big Boss didn’t mind, whether they go out to travel or playing games at home, as long as he has the small white rabbit accompany it was good, but at home, its more convenient to do some things that he loves to do, so he heard not going to the bar to play he can also listen to the music.

But the only disadvantage was: Some time ago because of too many things, Nuo Nuo’s exhaustion caused by backache fatigue and was in bad condition. (the reason, everyone knows!) And the thing that made Nuo Nuo’s most dissatisfied was that their marriage room had too much space, it didn’t even have a little liveliness.


For months before their marriage, the Xiao couples were reluctant for their daughter-in-law moved out once they married, so they filled the small white rabbit’s head with traditional thinking, “An old person in-house where the treasure lies”. During that time, Xiao mama love talk about again and again in Nuo Nuo’s ear, the couple of finish work too late, once they returned home they still had to buy food and cook; finally when the couple have a weekend off, they unable to go out to relax, instead they will be at home cleaning and washing clothes; after they have a child there will be no one to take care of them. It’s a must that one of them resign their job to stay at home with children and more realistic problem.

Nuo Nuo also think so, coupled with her mother also told the small white rabbit after she’s married not to be not-self willed, she needs to learn how to treat her mother and father-in-law with filial respect, for a moment, Nuo Nuo was actually a slightly shaken bird. Their newly wed room although was very beautiful very beautiful, in front there was a small garden for entertainment, but Xiao Big Boss always very busy, so ~ ~ ~ in a house, so far ~ ~ ~ in fact, was often the small white rabbit alone. If Xiao papa and Xiao mama’s lives close it wouldn’t be the same, there would be someone home all the time, not to mention the bustling away from the urban area and her maternal home near. And others say that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law a little like Xiao mama and Nuo Nuo, also does not exist.

As Xiao mama is only interested in academic, as long as you don’t associate medicine with her, she doesn’t care.

However, on a certain day at night the small white rabbit while the gray wolf was satiate, she only slightly mentioned the idea to move back, she was immediately rejected.

Xiao Big Boss hug his wife, firmly, “I do not want to, I do not agree, in addition to this, any other I can agree to.”

Nuo Nuo was embarrassed, she was direct choke speechless. Xiao Big Boss is… Too overbearing!

In fact, it’s not Xiao Big Boss too strong, it’s that he’s too too jealous: Because, in the Xiao family not only is there Xiao mama and Xiao papa. The dangerous part is there’s Xiao Jun.

Xiao Jun has return from college summer break, his once pursuit became his sister-in-law, who could stand it. Although the small white rabbit never regarded Xiao Jun this little brat child as a real suitors, Xiao Big Boss was even too lazy to flicker his fingers on his love rival brother, but the previous day Xiao Jun returned, Nuo Nuo was euphemism to express the development status of herself and Xiao Big Boss.

He thought Xiao Jun will be fried [1], throw a temper, and even than ignore Nuo Nuo, they did not expect the results the other person would quietly abnormal return, eat well, did whatever. The small white rabbit was greatly relieved, she thought Xiao Jun has finally grown up, the results not even two days later, the belly black son invited Nuo Nuo out for tea, take the opportunity to inverted grievances, pretend to play a poor innocent sorrow self why was he born under an unlucky star, why was he younger than Nuo Nuo……

So after several times, Xiao Big Boss was vigilant in finding, his wife often disappeared for half a day with no particular reason, under the coercion it was actually all going out with Xiao Jun


The dating locations began from the shopping malls, to the amusement park, then tea room has been extended to the outskirts of the fantasy island and the ancient town, recently, Xiao Jun brainwashed Nuo Nuo, vigorously invited her to go to Beijing to participate in what the author will!

Again if he knew a little bit later, his estimate is that his wife would have spirited away to the unknown. Xiao Big Boss hate to his tooth itch, it appears from the start the little black belly son was premeditated, in front of others he pretended to live in peace with his sister-in-law…… Being mindful of this, Xiao Yi’s silver fangs bite, in such a situation, how could he allow the small white rabbit moved back to the tigers and leopards of the Xiao house?

One day, because the small white rabbit want to move back issue was in a rage with Xiao Big Boss, was in a entangled escapades, when the doorbell rang, Nuo Nuo was curious, it was national day wouldn’t everyone be travelling? Who could that be? The results once she open the door to look, she was dumbfounded——

Fei Long boss, senior Mo, wretched uncle…… And the planning department professional brothers, even SK from the Technology Department have come. Nuo Nuo overlooked, she estimated any professional brothers that had slightly better relation with Xiao Big Boss have come, because almost all of them were the planning department colleagues, they were familiar with the nature of little Nuo Nuo, seeing her the door open, they follow in as if it was their own house.

“Gee, Nuo Nuo, you and Xiao Ge indeed was at home.”

“Nuo Nuo, your small garden outside is beautiful, there is a swing, Xiao Ge deliberately got it for you?”

“They have a row of small villa’s, from door to door there’s all sorts of vegetables, we can play the live version of stealing food!”

The small white rabbit was embarrassed, while closing the door she asked, “Why did you guys come?”

Hearing this Fei Long boss’ answer was clouds pale and a light blowing breeze, “I heard that you couple didn’t even go on a honeymoon, instead hide at home to play, we came to see what you were playing.”

“Yes, yes” The planning department’s junior Qing Chuan nodded, his saliva flow and a face of ambiguous, “Xiao Ge is really happy and full of strength, how come I can’t meet such an obedient wife, no need to spend money and only obediently stay at home……”


Being in the planning department for a long time, Nuo Nuo didn’t have to move her toes to know where they wanted the topic to lead, in the planning department’s brother’s mind, “at home + holiday + a man and a women being alone together” such a formula would absolutely draw many wretched answers.

Fortunately, before the small white rabbit was molested, Xiao Big Boss has just came out of the study room god-like, as soon as all the people saw the boss, sure enough they suddenly behaved a lot more, all shouted in unison, “Boss.”

Xiao Big Boss took off his gold-rimmed glasses, and looked up, “Why did you all come?”

Fei Long boss and wretched uncle look at each other, replied, “Of course to see the new house, well, the decoration is pretty good.”

Wretched uncles also busy nodded, flattering side laughs, “Is not a holiday, to buy you a gift, ha ha.”

The junior brother stood obediently report, “Yes, we come to have a look at the newly wed room and the bride.”

“I heard this mural painting is painted by Nuo Nuo’s friend? This picture is really beautiful, introduced me to the painter, male or female?”

“Depend, you don’t even have girlfriend to touch, would it be any use to introduce you to the wall artist?”

“You don’t understand? Qing Chuan have ulterior motives [2] ah!”

“Aye aye! You need to watch it ah, the bride is here, what fur no fur.”


All the professional brothers been consistently playfully teasing, that they completely forgot the real purpose of coming to Xiao’s family, in fact, the holiday is long, everyone was extremely bored with their sweet married life that they agreed to meet up, incidentally to loiter a meal.


Nuo Nuo was extremely depressed, clearly they just ask Xiao Big Boss and her were like two peas, everyone will only ridicule, compared to Xiao Big Boss she lacked courage.

The group of people playing into the night, the small white rabbit was extremely considerate, she know this group of nerds’ temper, they cannot seat still lay not seated, instead she simply brought Hot pot back, she bought a large amount of hot-pot ingredients from the super market. And like this the group of people sat around the hall, small fire stew with red pot. While pleasantly chat, ate food and drank beer on the side.

When the meat and drink were half consume, some have been slightly snoring. The professional brothers began to rave.


S.K took first in the lead, holding a beer bottle slightly squinting, “Say Xiao Ge, didn’t you think you’re a little too comfortable these days? Having small drink, eating small dishes, holding a beauty, calcium oxide, aren’t you afraid of using all of your luck in this life, and becoming a beggar in your next life ah?”

They are mostly Xiao Yi’s fellow classmates, cracking jokes were the norm, so listening to these words, Xiao Big Boss also didn’t mind, he smiled and gave Mo Zi Yuan a wine refill:

“When fate comes, even if you want to stop it, no matter how hard you try you can not escape it.”

Fei Long boss has low tolerance for alcohol, at this time when he seem to be drunk hearing these words he laughed out loud, “Come on, you can see him happy now, but can you eat Hot pot every day?”

Shi junior brother seems to thought of something, so he also interrupted:l, “Yes ah, I just went to the kitchen to wash my hands, why is that I see… it seems the kitchen did not have the fire turned up? And your pots and pans, are not complete?”



The small white rabbit was silent again, finally she pull a laugh that look worse than an ugly cry.

In fact, this is the real reason why Nuo Nuo wanted to move back to the Xiao’s home. Yes, here at the new house, they didn’t cook. Regarding the problem of feeding the young couple, generally the solution was to eat outside, if they encounter sleeping in and getting up late, and don’t want to go out for lunch, then they will have 2 minute noodles. During this time, from the Fried Eggs noodles, and then to Dan Dan noodles, instant noodles, Mrs. Xiao’s special paste pot noodles, they eaten until they almost wanted to vomit.

Apparently, the professional brothers echoed each other was to deliberately embarrass Xiao Yi. Now the company from top to bottom, who do not know the couple are kitchen crazy, during lunch at work, but also entrust canteen aunty’s dinner book. Cleverly everyone pretend not to understand, however secretly they were taunting Xiao Big Boss: Don’t think just cause you married a young and beautiful wife you can show off, your little Nuo Nuo is an idiot rabbit who can’t even cook!

Nuo Nuo did not speak, Xiao Big Boss answer naturally, “Over the time we were waiting for the kitchen ware to be completed, then we can start cooking.”

He just finished speaking, Zi Yuan Ge who have been silent suddenly overcast a infer sneer, his tone was comparable to a fairy tale witch, Mo Zi Yuan laugh until the three layer after three layer of the goose was completely clean off: “Say so, today we have prepared gift to give Xiao Yi.”

Xiao Big Boss frowned, “You also bought a gift?” This group of bastard to scrounge was willing to buy a gift? Did the sky want to drop red rain?

Not waiting for Mo Zi Yuan’s commanded, Qing Chuan had scuttled away to the door, coming over instantly holding large paper box, Nuo Nuo stare at this she wanted to vomit blood: Ten piece set of kitchen tools .

Because the paper box is translucent, the small white rabbit can clearly see, which in addition to the pots and pans, casters ah, it have everything that one expects to find even a shovel. Nuo Nuo cried, all the seniors came to eat or to force her to learn to cook?

On the side Xiao Yi sees this, appearing very normal, “Thank you.”

Fei Long boss bared his teeth, laughed very oddly, “What’s the hurry? Is this set is given by Qing Chuan and those couple of brats, can Zi Yuan beauty and I give you such ordinary things?”

Nuo Nuo exclaimed, “There’s still more?!”

Hearing this, Mo Zi Yuan hang up his lips as he quietly took out an apron from his pocket, shaking it out, the top impressively write: “I love my wife”. Its meaning has been clear in mind, this set of pots and pans equipment was not gifted to little Nuo Nuo, it was gifted to you, Xiao Big Boss.

Nuo Nuo was dumbfounded staring at the apron, on one side she was own brilliantly fantasizing about her husband wearing the apron, then, she couldn’t help but spurt. Here, Xiao Big Boss’ face is as black as coal.

Due to the alcohol Fei long boss’ courage increased, so he is still in high spirit: “What you think? The above four words look good? I wrote it!”

“Yes,” S.K chimed in, “Xiao Ge, I’m telling you, this equipment is good, once you put on the apron, your cooking attributes automatically +5, loving your wife attribute +5, your washing the attribute +8, little Nuo Nuo, see how well our professional brothers treat you?”

“You guys are too cruel! Xiao Ge already has to cook, he also has to wash the dishes?”

“Go, small fart child what do you understand? If Little Nuo Nuo has to wash the dishes then her physical energy attributes will decline, how will she fight with Xiao Ge in the evening ah?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. How do you guys play?”

Nuo Nuo:“………”

That night, after the dinner, she was drunkenly ramage by Xiao Big Boss.



Late at night, after a day of waiting on the planning department’s pure menfolk, she had a bath, lying in bed soon snoozing off into dreamland, Nuo Nuo felt some claws stretched over, the small white rabbit Pia, the paws shrink, and continuing to move forward, so soon, Nuo Nuo fell into the claws of the enemy.

When she opened her eyes she saw Xiao Big Boss helping her undress, the small white rabbit pouted: “Being on holiday is more tiring than going to work, I ask for a rest tonight!”


Who knew after Xiao Big Boss heard this, instead of his usual behaviour of continuing to unbutton her clothes, he only hugged Nuo Nuo and asked, “… Do you feel that the apron suits me?”

Nuo Nuo was surprised, then realised what Xiao Big Boss said and laughed, “Why do you suddenly think of that?”

Xiao Big Boss pondered then said, “Nuo Nuo, tomorrow let’s go to your home.”

“Ah, why?” Didn’t they plan to enjoy being in their two person world? This is why the little white rabbit tolerated eating instant noodles and did not return to her mother’s home?

Xiao Yi paused, then said clearly, ” Go home to learn how to cook from your mother.”

Nuo Nuo was shocked, “You learn or I learn?”

Xiao Yi said, “I learn.”

These two words had too huge a killing effect, in that moment, Nuo Nuo could not digest the meaning of these words.

Nuo Nuo said, “Why do you suddenly think of that…”

Ah… alright, Nuo Nuo admitted that she was lazy, she knew that learning how to cook was inevitable after getting married, but she had delayed it and did not do anything. But, she really did not expect that Xiao Big Boss will be so obedient, and raise it on his own.

“So after work every day, you will come home and cook?”


“Xiao Big Boss you —“

Even before the words were finished, the lips were already heavily pressed on. What else needs to be said? He had long realised that the little white rabbit was not really a little white rabbit, long realised that someone wanted to transform him into a poor ash wolf, but on the road scheming to marriage, he had slowly, lowly, sunk himself in with no way of escape.

Xiao Big Boss had said earlier, fate has arrived, no matter what you cannot escape. What belongs to you, even if you want to hide, you can’t hide away from it.

Perhaps, it is destiny, he was destined to be transformed by little white rabbit into poor ash wolf? Then… I will accept destiny. Actually poor ash wolf is also happy, because there is a cute and dear little red wolf kissing him.

Ah, very good, very satisfactory.

Plan Poor Ash Wolf, complete success.


Disclaimer: Start of ** to the end ** passage has been translated by decembi. No point in double translating, since translating does take a lot of time. ^^

[1] 炸毛 Zhà Mo: Mean angry temper, generally refers to a person with a little stimulation their mood would easy fluctuate very strongly

[2] 醉翁之意不在酒 Zuì Wēng Zhī Yì Bú Zài Jiǔ: The intention of the drunkard lies not on the wine, but on other purposes


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  1. Ahhh, that was sugar sweet. The picture was so cute suteki! I am still reluctant to let this novel go, how many epilogues are there left again?


    1. Well so far there’s only 2 side stories. With all that’s going on with 9lou and babymama that provided the free novels I’m unable to get my hands on the other parts. So until I find new sources that will be it

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  5. HAHA, love a happy ending. So cute. Thank you for all your hard work. I’ve been married a long time. I can not even imagine my husband in the kitchen cooking. Of course, you will not catch me riding a lawn mower either. Four wheeler maybe. : )


  6. Hi, thank you very much for your awesome translation. I’ve been reading Black Bellied Boss to find inspiration to write a Romantic comedy part for my novel.

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