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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 35 Translation

Chapter 35 – No way to retreat.

Su Qi Qi let Xia Xiao Die tightly hold her hand, she did not know how to answer her mother, involuntarily her tears fell down.

“Promise me, as long as you live well.” Xia Xiao Die could see Su Qi Qi’s hesitation, she also understood something, originally, today she was summoned by the Empress Dowager to receive her death token.

“Mother, you can rest assured, I will not let anything happen to you.” It was a long time before Su Qi Qi took a deep breath, suddenly she look up at the Empress Dowager who sat height up there: “Tell me, what should I do?”

She finally made up her mind.

The Empress Dowager clapped her hands again, the door is pushed open.

Unexpectedly it was Su Shi Shang.

Su Qi Qi eye’s flashed a trace of frosty awn, looking at Su Shi Shang unbelievably and beyond comprehension, she already knew, she fell into the trap of Su Meng Ru three days earlier.

But she never thought, all of this is actually personally layout by her biological father.

Let his own daughter to be punished here, let his wife came here as a decoy, he really can do this……

“Daddy……” Su Qi Qi called: “How can you treat my mother this way?”

Her voice was strong, her eyes with a bit of coolly and frost condensation, causing a person not daring to stare openly.

Originally Su Shi Shang wanted to laugh loudly, the last time, he set his daughter straight, this time, he thought to teach her, but he didn’t think once he entered the room he would felt some emboldened deficiency.

Is this really his daughter?

Where has the daughter that resign herself to adversity, always only daring to whisper softly, and swallow insult and humiliation?

The Empress Dowager glances at Su Shi Shang, lightly humph a sound, the ornaments on her hair also because of this action was shaking, her face filled with resentment.

The three of them together again, but everything has changed.

“Your mother…… Well, you are a really good mother and daughter.” Seeing the Empress Dowager’s face, Su Shi Shang was busy putting on a righteous face, muttered: “Xia Xiao Die, don’t use your hypocritical appearances to deceive me, everything that happen those years, I know about them.”

His eyes flash a cold light, it seems that year Xia Xiao Die really did something heinously bad.

At this time Xia Xiao Die was stuck dumb silence, those words, she couldn’t speak them out!

Su Qi Qi once again looked at her mother, with a face anxiety: “Mother, what happened those years?”

“What’s happen?” The Empress Dowager suddenly came forward, using one hand to push Su Qi Qi away, she slap Xia Xiao Die in the face: “In the past, your mother put a drug in my food, and let people sent me to the deceased Emperor’s bed, then plan out a scene let Shi Shang see it…… You shamelessly climbed up Shi Shang’s bed……”

Her voice was full of hatred, all of this, she could not forget, it always have been carved in the bottom of her heart.

At that time she treated Xia Xiao Die as her own good sisters, always trusting her.

In the end, but because a man the two of them fell out and then become enemies with each other, but herself also been plotted against, and then became a laughing-stock, all these years, her days in within the palace has not been easy, if she didn’t have a son, she simply wouldn’t be able to survive until today, let alone become the superior Empress.

She hates Xia Xiao Die, even though she didn’t get the favor of Su Shi Shang.

“No…. Impossible.” Su Qi Qi dare not believe, she vigorously shook her head, just because this action, the needle on top of the grass all stab into her flesh, she didn’t care about the pain, she can not believe, she can not believe her mother would be that kind of person.

As long as she can remember, her mother is a gentle and virtuous as timid as a mouse.

How such a person could do that kind of thing?

And for Su Shi Shang this man, was it worth it?

“Qi Qi.” Seeing Su Qi Qi’s knee bleeding, Xia Xiao Die also panic: “you don’t move…… Don’t move…… Everything is mother’s fault, the debt will always return……”

Here, her eyes was firm as she looked up, it was the first time she used such a bold expression to look at Su Shi Shang, she also stare at the Empress Dowager: “One should answer for what she does, what do you exactly want? I won’t have a word of complaint, please don’t make things difficult for my daughter.”

Su Qi Qi was stupefied looking at Xia Xiao Die, is this really her mother?

Su Shi Shang glanced at Su Qi Qi, he didn’t say anything, indeed, Su Qi Qi is his own daughter, but because Xia Xiao Die, he does not like this daughter.

But in front of the power and wealth, he would sacrifice his daughter, instead of sacrificing himself.

At this time, his face flashed a smile, his smile is somewhat treacherous, a bit more of a cold vibe.

“No matter what we are husband and wife, one day as a couple hundred days grace.” Su Shi Shang tried to put on a pair of flat appearance, although he has reached middle-aged, but also his features had an upright extraordinary aura, you could tell when he was young he was also an elegant, beautiful youth.

No wonder it cause two women to dispute over him.

This kind of Su Shi Shang was frightening in Su Qi Qi’s eyes.

She always see things completely, at this time, she knew it had something to do with Mo Wen Chen.

Just at this moment, she had the retreat?

Mo Wen Chen did not appear, she pushed her mother to the point of no return.

While in her heart she pray Mo Wen Chen can save herself out of here, she also told herself to hold on, she Su Qi Qi must rely on herself, anyone but herself.

Because Mo Wen Chen has let her down so many times.

If this time she also holds hope, she will be fooling herself.

Vigilancingly stared at Su Shi Shang, Su Qi Qi’s face was also calm: “Daddy, just speak, as long as you don’t make things hard on my mother, I can do whatever you ask of me.”

All these days, didn’t they just want her to say this sentence?

“Qi Qi… I…” Xia Xiao Die also understand everything, filled with guilt she stared at her daughter, she unexpectedly have implicated her daughter……

Su Qi Qi also continued knelt down and didn’t move, because as long as she moved, the pain on her knee will penetrate to her bone, so she did not dare fiddle, her forehead was already full of sweat, she used strength gnash her teeth, and shake her head: “Mommy, everything will be fine, daddy just want me to…… Do things easy as lifting a finger…… It’s not difficult.”

Hearing Su Qi Qi’s words, Su Shi Shang and the Empress Dowager looked at each other, with a satisfied smile.

They were very satisfied with Su Qi Qi’s performance, dealing with smart people was delightful.

At this time Su Qi Qi don’t know why, even if she really did what they do wanted her to, the Empress Dowager also may not let her and her mother off, just for protecting them from the present situation, she can only agree.

This is the only way she could think of protecting her own mother.

“Great.” Su Shi Shang stepped forward, helped Su Qi Qi up: “My good daughter.”

The pain caused her to hum a sound, Su Qi Qi did not show anything, under Su Shi Shang’s strength she slowly stood up, she look towards the Empress Dowager: “Empress Dowager, then I do not know how Empress Dowager will handle all the things that happen those years…… ?”

The Empress Dowager smile, this time it was filled with a benevolent and kind countenance look, she look at Su Shi Shang, and shook her head: “Forget it, forget it, it’s all in the past, you just need to apologize to me!”

Regarding the Empress Dowager’s sudden transformation, Su Xiao Die and Su Qi Qi were stunned for a moment, woman are really fickle.

Su Shi Shang sent Xia Xiao Die back to Prime Minister residence, Su Qi Qi alone went back to the palace she reside, today she felt very tired, very tired, finally, even though she didn’t wait for that person.

But she felt despair, more sad.

So why didn’t Mo Wen Chen come and save Su Qi Qi? Did he have other reasons for abandoning this Wang Fe?

And how will Qi Qi decide her moves this time? She is pushed to the edge with no way of retreating. Will she finally betray this man, who’s not worthy of her devotion or will things take a turn for the better?

12 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 35 Translation

  1. Oh god…I hope things take a turn for the better and that she doesn’t betray Mo Wen Chen…he doesn’t really deserve her devotion, but at the same time, they are the OTP and despite how horrible he is sometimes, I want them to be happy together.
    Looking forward to read his oh-so-good-reason for abandoning her…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for your quick update. I’m sure she won’t betray MWC. Our prince is not present in this chapter. hehe miss him. Can’t wait to read more of their interactions…. He is not 101% yet in love with Si Qi Qi but I know he will be in the future… that I can’t wait!!!


  3. thank you—-!
    no—-! -bangs fist on the table- qi qi’s all alone! wen chen,he…you’re a disappointment! Well, he was stuck with the emperor…even when she wants to protect her mother…anyway, her mother should really die! how can you do that to another woman?! whether she devotes herself or not, her mother will still suffer, that’s why, she should bring her mother to live with her—!


      1. it’s true…well, what goes around, comes around, right? xiao die has certainly learned this. wen chen’s ‘retty high-ranking though, as thd brother of the emperor…


  4. I think Mo Chen Wen didn’t come because it wouldn’t help ultimately and might be a reason for both of them to die. the entire situation is part of the plot to kill him and his wife is just fodder for it. She will die if he dies anyway so his staying alive keeps both of them alive. Not only his brother but his own mother and his father-in-law are plotting against him. He is truly alone–he hasn’t got an army big enough–he can only maneuver well to survive. If he shows too much care for her she may die sooner.


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