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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 36 Summary / Chapter 37 Translation

I will be summarizing Chapter 36, while translating the entire chapter of 37. Qi Qi resents Mo Wen Chen for not saving her from the Empress Dowager, even after knowing the pain and suffering she’s been through. With the death of Qi Qi’s mother, we as readers can see how much Mo Wen Chen cares for his wife.

Chapter 36 – Humiliation

When she return Mo Wen Chen was not there, there were no traces of his personal bodyguard either.

Su Qi Qi looked at the so cold and cheerless palace, her heart became more restless, how did things turn out this way.

With Su Shi Shang’s methods wanting to fight Mo Wen Chen, it was a joke, but in Su Shi Shang’s hands he has a pawn, with that pawn she had no choice but to surrender.

Her heart was still in a mess as she tended her wounds, the needles left blue and purple thick dots all over her knee, the bleeding stop, however the pain was another matter.

If Mo Wen Chen appeared, things wouldn’t be so difficult for her. He knew about the days she was punished by the Empress Dowager at the temple, yet he was completely indifferent. With his power, to bring her away from the Empress Dowager grasp wouldn’t have been difficult, but he didn’t do so.

While leaning on the bed rails, Su Qi Qi slowly closed eyes as fatigue set in.

Outside the city in a deserted lane, Mo Wen Chen and Leng Yan stood there with a cold expression, the two didn’t speak. Within Mo Wen Chen’s cruel eyes there seems to be a helpless.

Leng Yan: “I did not think of Lei Bao Lord’s whereabouts are found.”

Mo Wen Chen clenched his fist, he didn’t say anything, he knew Lei Yu Feng was in Mo Wen Xuan’s hands.

He is not the former Mo Wen Chen, because in his heart he actually care. The current situation, he also knows, the person he cares has fell into the trap.

Mo Wen Chen: “Ben Wang will have a look how ruthless he can be, if he can’t, don’t blame Ben Wang for being ruthless myself.”

Originally he had no intentions of killing Mo Wen Xuan, however he is pushed to the cornered.

Leng Yan: “At the moment, Lei Bao Lord is in their hands, the Emperor…… wants you to exchange him with your military power.”

If he use his military power to exchange for Lei Yu Feng then he won’t have any strength to over turn the situation. If he knew things would turn out like this, he wouldn’t have order Lei Yu Feng to go to the Prime Minister residence.

Mo Wen Chen: “Never mind, Ben Wang will just give him the military, then it’ll be fine……”

Leng Yan thought his Wang Ye was going crazy: “Wang Ye…… why don’t your subordinates to deport people to steal Lei Yu Feng back?”

If Mo Wen Chen doesn’t have any military powers, the Emperor will act recklessly and care for nobody, at that time, Mo Wen Chen even will die very miserably.

Mo Wen Chen: “There’s no need.”

He originally wanted to go save Qi Qi, however the crisis with Lei Yu Feng occurred. He also knows that this is Wen Xuan’s doing, but he also know it’s already too late save Su Qi Qi.

“Let Ben Wang believe you once.” Mo Wen Chen murmured, looking at the sleeping Su Qi Qi, he felt tired.

This time coming to the Imperial City, he knew it will be dangerous, he has already prepared for that. But he is Mo Wen Chen, he will not back down without a fight.

Su Qi Qi was sleeping uneasy, frowning in her sleep as her body ached. Couple with her heart being numb, even though she repeatedly told herself not to hold any hope on Mo Wen Chen but her heart still ached.

Gently leaned over, Mo Wen Chen raised a hand to lightly uncreased Qi Qi’s upset wrinkly tight eyebrows, his finger was rough, but his action is very gentle.

He told himself, doesn’t matter what Su Qi Qi decides to do, he will not blame her, this time, it is his own fault.

Apparatus Palace

Across the screen, Su Shi Shang is entangled with the Empress Dowager, which caused a few maids to lower their head, they have been accustomed to this.

Su Shi Shang: “Xiao Min, if you marry me, my life will not be so lonely and empty.”

The Empress Dowager: “You are not so lonely now……”

That year, Su Shi Shang did not object, he listen to all that woman’s arrangement.

Su Shi Shang: “You’re also not empty! Ha ha ha.”

Outside the hall, Mo Wen Xuan’s face is frost, his fist tighten with a murderous look. He has endured this for a long time, but, he had no way to de story it. She is his mother. But in recent days, they appear to be more act recklessly and care for nobody. As Emperor this really caused him much embarrassment. He hated Su Shi Shang to the core. He wanted to borrow Su Shi Shang’s hand to eliminate Mo Wen Chen, and borrow Mo Wen Chen’s hand to kill Su Shi Shang.

Chapter 37 – Big Fire

“Reporting to the Emperor…… An accident has occurred at the Prime minister’s residence……”

Mo Wen Xuan did not immediately stand up, but looked at his teacher once, he just slowly walked out of the back of the screen, staring at the guards, he severely frowned: “What happened at the Prime Minister’s residence?”

Regarding Su Shi Shang’s family matter he didn’t want to care one bit.

He also hoped that Su Shi Shang’s entire family have died.

Although he wholeheartedly likes Su Meng Ru, and also like her beauty.

Now, he felt that it would have been better if married Su Qi Qi, at least she had more brain than Su Meng Ru. (Damn right, you let go of a shinning diamond.)

There are some things, that doesn’t require you to do yourself.

Although Su Meng Ru have some small scheme, small strategy, but it’s not good enough to be presented on a stage, and accomplish great things.

Towards Su Qi Qi, Mo Wen Xuan is becoming more and more interested.

As long as this time it was a success, he thought, perhaps he can do something about it.

The guards didn’t panic, knelt down: “There’s a big fire at the Prime Minister’s residence, the backyard are burned to ashes, Mrs. Su…… was consumed by the flames.”

“What??” Mo Wen Xuan’s expression can longer be natural, he fiercely stood up, gave a cry of rage, his face was instantly green: “Someone come, prepare the carriage, let’s go to the Prime Minister’s residence.”

“Mrs. Su is consumed by the flames!”

These seven words kept running through his mind, almost making him crazy, all he managed to arrange, is all going to be destroyed on one day.

He did not think, that weak woman will choose this way to end it all.

As a result, Su Qi Qi will not have a difficult choice.

At the same time, in the palace residence Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen also received the news.

At this time Su Qi Qi was a soulless doll, she weakly fell into Mo Wen Chen’s arms, her eyes dull, biting hard on her lower lip, the blood dripped down her mouth: “How could this be…… Mother…… How can you be so silly……” Su Qi Qi already said, there must be a way……

Looking at Su Qi Qi’s tear dropping continuously, Mo Wen Chen gently clasped her shaking hands, but he also didn’t say a word, he thought was at the end of his ropes.

He didn’t think Xia Xiao Die will die for the sake of her own daughter.

He didn’t have to ask anything to know in this case, Su Qi Qi is on his side.

Otherwise, her mother would not choose this way to help her.

Heart bleak, a parents’ love is universal and selfless and Su Qi Qi is also a qualified good daughter, she thought for her mother’s sake, always bent in for the sake of his mother, by all means.

The carriage ride in the street, very quickly.

At this time, Su Qi Qi suddenly did not dare to face reality, she suddenly caught Mo Wen Chen’s wrist: “Mo Wen Chen…… let’s turn back okay?”

As long as she does not go, she can not see her mother’s body, she will think she is still alive in her heart.

“Qi Qi.” It was the first time Mo Wen Chen has seen such a helpless Su Qi Qi, there was no doubt her eyes was filled with heartache, he always thought he was cold-blooded and ruthless, however now seeing Su Qi Qi, he felt his heart ached, he just realised it turns out he also has a heart, at least for the woman before him, his heart still soften.

All that have happened, he didn’t want to ask, now, he also did not want his woman to bear such pain.

“Mo Wen Chen, nothing will happen to my mother, right? It’s merely just a fire……” Su Qi Qi stared straight at Mo Wen Chen, her eyes as clear as water, her tears falls down like a broken line of beads.


He tightly wrap his arm around her: “Qi Qi, whatever happens, we’ll face it together…… Okay??”

Mo Wen Chen has never been so gentle, tenderly looked at Su Qi Qi, while raising his hand to sweep away the hair on her forehead, and drying her tears with his sleeve.

A finger across her cheek, cold like water.

At this time of Su Qi Qi needed a broad shoulders for her to depend on, and Mo Wen Chen can do that.

Su Qi Qi’s dead heart that was gray also feel a bit warm, she knew Xia Xiao Die choice was in order for her to live better.

Without Xia Xiao Die to hinder her, Su Qi Qi will not have any more worries.

Since she was young she’s been protecting her mother, in the end her mother protect Qi Qi with her life.

She used her fingers to take out he jade from her neck, Su Qi Qi tightly held it within her palms, more tears spill out, her mother once said, she must protect this jade pendant!

Although she did not understand, why Xia Xiao Die care so much about this pendant, but her mother’s words, she will keep in her heart.

In this life, only her mother was the only person who doted her, spoiled her, now, the only person who will dote and spoil is not here any more……

How does she face this?

The carriage stopped in front of the Prime Minister’s residence.

Su Qi Qi lingered not wanting to get off, the fire was still burning, the entire residence was in a lazy fire, the servants and maids are busy trying to stop the fire. It was unclear when Su Shi Shang came back, however he was loudly shouting.

He wants to rush into the fire to save Xia Xiao Die, she was his only pawn left, but he doesn’t have the courage. (fdgrfgh$%^!!!)

From what time did he started to grow tired of this woman? Once he was affectionately in love with her.

The second wife and concubines stood aside, their face didn’t have any facial expression, some people want to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, but they didn’t express it openly, all these year, although Xia Xiao Die was not favored, but she always occupy the highest position of the Lady of this residence..

Very early on the Second Mrs. could not tolerate her.

Now, it finally can be quiet.

His wrist move, Mo Wen Chen gently sat straight up, gently nudged Su Qi Qi who was still in sorrow: “Qi Qi, we have arrived, let’s personally bury your mother together.”

This time, Xia Xiao Die also because of Mo Wen Chen that she will make this choice.

Listening to Mo Wen Chen’s words, Su Qi Qi’s tears gushed out even more, the fire has been burning for a whole hour, she knew, even if she personally came she also wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Yet she still came.

The firelight lit Su Qi Qi face, full of grief everywhere.

Once she got off the carriage, she pushed Mo Wen Chen away and ran straight into the fire.

Causing everyone around her to gasp.

“Qi Qi.” Mo Wen Chen loudly shouted and ran after her inside.

He did not think Su Qi Qi will do this, when he realised Su Qi Qi have disappeared in fire, her shadow was nowhere in sight.

Even Su Shi Shang also stood outside.

A surge of smoke, the flames sprang up towards the sky, while coughing Su Qi Qi fling caution to the winds rushed in, grew up here so she was familiar with this yard.

With her eyes closed she knew where her mother’s small courtyard was, and also where her former courtyard was.

The small fire started from the courtyard has already burned beyond recognition.

Regardless the flame burning her body, she endured the hot ignition, she wanted to see her mother.

The roof beam has fallen down, within the open space a burned black coke corpses was lying there, Su Qi Qi’s long hair had been burned up, as she beat the flames aside she stepped forward to hold the body on the ground.

At this moment, she had no more tears to shed.

Mo Wen Chen who chased after her didn’t pull Su Qi Qi to leave, instead he followed her every step of the way.

He knew now that whatever he says Su Qi Qi would not listen, it’s better to let her go, as long as his by her side, preventing any accidents from happening to her it was good enough.

Looking at Su Qi Qi tightly holding the body of Xia Xiao Die, Mo Wen Chen gently turned his face to the side, the fire burning, some hideous, wanted to swallow up all around their body, the hot breath, Mo Wen Chen was unmoved, he just looked across the fire from afar.

The fire in his eyes, was unexpectedly bloodthirsty cold.

When I read this sentence “Su Shi Shang came back, however he was loudly shouting. He wants to rush into the fire to save Xia Xiao Die, she was his only pawn left, but he doesn’t have the courage.” I just wanted to slap that guy silly. What a heartless and weak men.

What a sweet gesture Mo Wen Chen did, he just silently protected and comforted her through this terrible time.


21 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 36 Summary / Chapter 37 Translation

  1. Just to be honest of my thoughts, I don’t really feel for Xia Xiao Die. It was she who started all this mess in the first place. The empress dowager was even her own friend, it would have been better if they are just rival in love and mortal enemy at that. But no, she betrayed her friend and stole the guy when those two were perfectly in love with each other. Had she not been Qi Qi’s mother in the first place, she would just perfectly be a bitch who deserved being treated coldly. Hmp, I will choose my best friend over a guy any time of the day. It’s good thing that she sacrificed her self for her daughter as it is the least that she can do.

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    1. In one of the earlier chapters Xia Xiao Die mention, if only she explain the situation clearly to her daughter. With that little thought in the back of my mind. I do have a little pity for her. However if she merely just betray her good best in the name of love, I don’t think her actions will be justified. But then again love makes you delusional.


    1. I can’t remember, since I’ve slowed down a lot. I’m actually only reading 10 chapters ahead of everyone so the development is still clear in my head and easier for me to type up the summaries. I’ll have to skip through the chapters, if you want to know ^^”


  2. And now I feel bad for mama. You didn’t have to die silly.
    I still don’t appreciate her choices but atleast she left behind a legacy.
    Our hero FINALLY showed a hint of emotion. I won’t be expecting honey and sap here so I’ll take what I can get. Let me just say, CUTE!
    Btw, have you finished the novel yet? My head is spinning in circles trying to figure out if there is a chance of a semi-happy ending if not a completely fairytale one. I really want our homegirl have fun for once. Their lifestory sometimes gets too heavy to handle.
    Anyway, looks like I am now aboard this ship. Took me a while but I am there now. Let us set sail!

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    1. Well I can’t really finish the novel as the author is still writing more chapters. So far there’s 828 Chapters. But I can tell you around the 120ish mark (If I remember correctly, since I have stop continuing reading in order to re-read chapters to type up summaries), there’s a big change of events. And characters that appear earlier in the chapters will have a more significant role. So regardless the novel will be action pack and never a dull moment.

      Our female lead is so amazing, there will be plenty more guys that will fall in love with her, hopefully this will set Mo Wen Chen straight.

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  3. This chapter just made me so irritated, I don’t think Su Shi Shang was truly in love with the empress, in fact, it even says that he had let Xiao Die go with her scheme at that time, acting as though he didn’t know, and also that he actually loved her before getting tired of her. Which really just makes me think that he was probably more in love with Xiao Die than he was with the empress, which also means he played both of them. While the ladies fought and broke a true friendship over him, in all technicality, he got both women in the end. That poor excuse for a human being is the root of the problem, and he probably led both girls on, which is why it ended the way it did. I in no way believe what Xiao Die was right, in fact it was downright horrible, but both the empress and that flipping perverted piece of excretion also committed terrible wrongs.

    And Mo Wen Chen….. he’s a really sweet guy, but because of how much he HASN’T done, I can’t help but feel that he completely doesn’t deserve Qi Qi (though in that regard, I don’t think anyone really deserves her. She’s just pure talent and brains and makes your heart ache for her in everything she does.) And even until now, I still don’t see anything that really makes me root for him. she’s done so much for him, but he hasn’t REALLY done anything for her . It wouldn’t really make sense for me if she were to fall in love with him any time soon (though clearly there’s already feelings there), because in her point of view, he is bipolar and doesn’t extend help when she’s in actually in need of it.
    Anyway, my rants get super long-winded when I hold it in for too long haha.
    Thanks for the translations Suteki!!! :))

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    1. I so agree with you, Su Shi Shang loves both of these women and wanted both of them. Regardless of what Xia Xiao Die did, I believe it took two hands to clap. So mentioned by the author he did once loved her.

      I don’t think Mo Wen Chen deserves her either, because its been proven time again and again, when she’s in danger she can only rely on her quick wit to save herself. If he were to choose comrade/jiang shang or her. He will struggle but in the end I think he’s the type who would choose the country instead.

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  4. I don’t feel any grief towards Xiao Die. I felt it was karma working here. You reap what you sow. I don’t like stealing another girl’s guy, betraying your friend, letting the innocent (child) suffer. One’s morality/character should never be sacrificed for love. Seeing your crush going with your friend is painful. I know it T-T & feels awkward but since I truly love them & want them to be happy, I congratulated them & wished them the best.

    I’m glad Mo Wen Chen was by her side this time & he knows the right thing to do. Glad he has an affectionate heart. I’m still skeptical about him coz in politics there is always that situation where a moral dilemma arises in choosing between the country & the beauty. Can he protect both or at least make a way where Qi Qi will be happy in the end?


    1. Perfectly worded, “You reap what you sow.” It’s interesting you bring that topic up about the country or the beauty. Ultimately I think he will choose the jiang shang over her. No matter how hard he struggles between his feelings for her and his duties, I think the power is what he thrived for. Maybe he thinks having power can protect her, but it’ll be what causes him to lose her. Just my opinion.


  5. Such an interesting chapter!! I liked that Mo Wen Xuan regretted marrying Su Me Rang instead of our heroine. My heart goes to Qi Qi. She is truly a brave woman to run into the fire. She lost her mom but she gained MWC love. Loved how he expressed his affection for her. Also now.. I wonder what symbolizes that jade necklace her mom gave her. Can’t wait for more….

    Thanks so much! You made my day!


    1. Aww I’m glad I have made your day ^^

      I was hoping the jade necklace could lead to clues to why Xia Xiao Die betrayed her good friend. But I’m sure not if the author is going down this road. Deep inside I just hope Qi Qi’s mother isn’t as horrible as she is made out to be.


  6. thank you very much—!
    oh, woah,this is going to be another prety long comment, ahaha!
    oh, lei yu feng was captured, huh, no wonder…!ok, i forgive wen chen a bit! i believed he wanted to save qi qi! now, go to her and explain why you didn’t save her! tell her the truth! i really don’t understand or like it when people hide the truth from their loved ones. i mean, come on, they have a right to know?! if you love them, trust thema nd tell them the truth!
    at least you know it’s your fault, wen chen! but actually, not really. jsut kill the emperor, the empress dowager and shi shang—!
    oh. wen xuan knew about what his mother was doing with shi shang, huh? revolting! …amd unfortunate. well—- i think wen chen is more suitable for qi qi. the lesser of two evils, lol. qi qi should just get a better guy—!
    well, like i said, xiao die’s redeeming point is that she’s a good mother. i understand her reasoning…you [bad word] shi shang! die—!
    wen chen’s show of support in following qi qin into the fire is awesome! loved that one!


    1. Shi Shang never has been a great father to SQQ. The last generation fued shouldn’t implicate the next generation. She is still his daughter, part of his blood running through her veins


      1. it’s true. what’s between you and your wife shouldn’t be affecting your treatment of your child. after all, the child does not bear the parents’ sins…

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