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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 38 – 40 Summaries

Without Xia Xiao Die hindering Su Qi Qi, the battle between Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan is heading at full speed. Who will be the last one standing? In this dog blood world, only the survival of the fittest will stand on top.

Chapter 38 – Exchange

Su Qi Qi buried Xia Xiao Die’s body together with Mo Wen Chen. It has been three days since Su Qi Qi last uttered a word. She wore a white robe with a white hair ornament, even when they returned to the palace she still dressed like this.

She knew it was Mo Wen Xuan that forced her to death, while Su Shi Shang and the Empress Dowager was accomplices.

When Mo Wen Xuan back down from their marriage and replaced her with Su Meng Ru she never resent and hated him, however now he has caused her mother’s death, she hated him to the bones. From the bottom of her heart she hated the Emperor and wanted him dead. She must revenge her mother’s death.

The winter wind blew on her face, all of the maid in waiting and eunuch have scattered, Su Qi Qi was standing in the yard, far looked at the horizon as the chilly wind continued to blow.

A fur coat gently fell on Su Qi Qi’s shoulders, Mo Wen Chen patted her on the shoulder: “Take care of your body, regarding your revenge, Ben Wang will revenge for you.”

He tightly clench his fist, the veins on his hands all shown, as his black robes fluttering in the wind, he looked like a demon ready for revenge.

These few days Mo Wen Chen was caring and considerate, Su Qi Qi’s heart is clear, though she didn’t understand this man, also don’t know what he’s really thinking, but she will still resent him for not saving her that day.

If he went, it wouldn’t have led to the present events.

Seeing Su Qi Qi’s completely indifferent expression, Mo Wen Chen gently sigh, what he could say he already said them. All these years, he never needed to commitment himself to other, nor will ever explain to anyone, he also understand Su Qi Qi resents him, but he also helpless. And with his personality he wouldn’t express it.

The two of them did not speak, just silently and quietly looked afar.

Mo Wen Chen still needs to save Lei Yu Feng, because if he didn’t order Lei Yu Feng to protect Xiao Die he wouldn’t have fallen into Mo Wen Xuan’s hand. He must bring him back at all cost.

Seeing that Xia Xiao Die is dead, Su Qi Qi definitely won’t cooperate, so Mo Wen Xuan summon Mo Wen Chen back to the capital city. The two have fought opening and secretly without any clear winner.

On the way back to the capital city, yet again Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi have encountered assassins again. In front of a hillside, a dozen men blocked their way.

Mo Wen Chen face was icy cold as he took many breath, his eyes flash an intend to kill. Since arriving at the Imperial City Qi Qi has never seen him this uptight, they must have encounter an expert assassin otherwise Mo Wen Chen wouldn’t be like this.

Even if she resent him, but in time of danger she still couldn’t help but worry for him, her hands clenched tightly on her skirt as she secretly bit her lips.

Originally Leng Yan was not compassion towards anyone besides Mo Wen Chen, even though he knew Su Qi Qi was innocent, he was once completely indifferent towards her.

However, unexpectedly he also have developed a deep admiration for her, regardless of the countless times they were faced with danger she always remained calm and composure.

Seeing Mo Wen Chen lead his army and in act, Su Qi Qi’s heart tighten, Just Mo Wen Chen glazed alone caused shiver down a person’s spine.

Mo Wen Chen: “Where’s the person I asked for?” 

“I have brought him.” 

The other party leader gently waved, a few of the mens slowly carried a person up, the man’s face was full of blood, as if suffered heavy punishment.

Su Qi Qi seem to understand this was an exchange, her heart couldn’t stay calm as she realised the person badly beaten person was Lei Yu Feng. She finally seem to understand why Mo Wen Chen couldn’t come and save her that day.

Mo Wen Chen: “One hand you’ll hand over the person and I’ll hand over the product.”

The tens of thousand of troops stood behind Mo Wen Chen waiting for command. Lei Yu Feng appeared badly hurt, he did not utter a single word as the men threw him before Mo Wen Chen.

“Hold on.” Su Qi Qi suddenly stepped up, loudly shout.

Chapter 39 – Battle

With Su Qi Qi’s shout, Lei Yu Feng who was lying on the ground sent out two flying two darts towards Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi. His eyes bursts of ridicule and intended to kill. With no time to retreat and no martial arts skills she can only stand there letting the darts stab her. Her face didn’t show any fears, she wasn’t willing to die, because she has not revenge for her mother.

With the dart moving, Mo Wen Chen used his swords to fend off the darts at the same time, embracing Su Qi Qi in his arms, he rolled into the batches. He’s blood guards suddenly appeared, with a sword in his hand, he looked down at Su Qi Qi and said: “Today, let us husband and wife break out of this together.” 

This sentence, caused Su Qi Qi’s entire person to tremble, he finally knowledge her identity, the two words husband and wife echoed in her mind. She also embrace Mo Wen Chen’s waist, gently exhale a breath, she asked herself, is it too late? Maybe not.

“Uh.” Su Qi Qi lightly uttered, her face was full of determination, she believed Mo Wen Chen can safely lend them out of here.

“Wang Ye, hand over everything, to save yourself from an ugly death.” The fake Lei Yu Feng standing there with a powerful army behind him.

It seems that this person isn’t ordinary which made Mo Wen Chen a little excited, it’s been a long time since he met his match. Especially in the battlefield.

The people in front of it is immense momentum, like a general style.

Mo Wen Chen: “Thanks for reminding me, Ben Wang has never like being threatened.” 

The fake Lei Yu Feng wasn’t surprised, he certainly knew a few words wouldn’t shake the powerful god like Mo Wen Chen. He nodded and lightly smiled as he raised his hand. Behind him the army moved, archers was form and all aimed their arrows at Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi.

Mo Wen Chen’s cold and blood guards moved forwards with shields in their hands and they fended of the on coming arrows. While moving forwards and taking down their enemies.

At the same time, Mo Wen Chen also moved, no one saw how he came with his swords on the fake Lei Yu Feng’s neck. The fake Lei Yu Feng only narrowly avoided Mo Wen Chen’s sword.

Mo Wen Chen: “Where is Lord Lei Bao?”

Chapter 40 – Interrogate

Even with the sword on his neck, the fake Lei Yu Feng refused to surrender: “I don’t know.”

He’s not stupid once he reveals everything he will be killed off.

Mo Wen Chen cruely smiled: “Are you asking for a death wish?”

He looked at Su Qi Qi: “Qi Qi, you should have a way to let him remember where Yu Feng is.” 

Looking at his smiling face, she knew what Mo Wen Chen’s her to do. Since studying medicine she knew acupuncture points can save a person but also torture a person. Holding the golden needle in her index finger she turns to the fake Lei Yu Feng and asked: “You’re really not going to speak?” 

He has heard of how this women used her golden needles to cause the Hua Shang gang to suffer. This women can not be taken lightly. He turned his face away: “If you want to kill me just slice off my throat, I absolutely will not bat an eye.”

Su Qi Qiu was not angry by his words, however she didn’t smile, remaining very calm and indifferent as she stabbed into the fake Lei Yu Feng’s acupuncture neck point. This point was fatal.

The fake Yu Feng smirks as he didn’t feel any pain: “So the rumors are true….”

Before he could finish his words he suddenly froze and felt merciless pain: “Ah…..” 

This torture, no one was able to endure it for half an hour, even someone as tough as the fake Lei Yu Feng found it intolerable and was screaming for mercy.

Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen stood expressionless and completely indifferent on the side as they watched him suffer.

Fake Lei Yu Feng: “I’ll speak…. Wang Fei…. please have mercy…. let me… die….”

Even if he wanted to die, they wouldn’t let him off that easily.

Su Qi Qi didn’t move: “Where is Lord Lei Bao?” 

Fake Lei Yu Feng: “I’ll speak, I’ll definitely tell you.”

Su Qi Qi: “If you want to die, you can. Just tell us where Lei Yu Feng is.” 

Fake Lei Yu Feng: “…. In the Emperor’s hands.”

Su Qi Qi turn to loo at Mo Wen Chen, he didn’t open his eyes, without hesitation he raise his hands and immediately executed the fake Lei Yu Feng thus ending his pain.

Su Qi Qi knew Mo Wen Chen was ruthless, however to actually witness it she felt a chill down her spine, her body trembled.

All the soldiers  that were brought by the fake Lei Yu Feng was also executed by the cold and blood guards.

Su Qi Qi turn slightly pale, as she watched the pile of corpses on the floor, she tried to recompose herself as she go onto the carriage. The carriage continue heading towards the Imperial City, Su Qi Qi know that this time Mo Wen Chen will not openly fight Mo Wen Xuan since Lei Yu Feng is in his hands. Instead he will wait for Mo Wen Xuan to take his bait.


17 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 38 – 40 Summaries

  1. These summaries made me happy. I realize I do like bloody murder after all. Hehehe. I tried to deny it but you know what, the gore is where the fun is at. Go kill em girl! I am amused by the sheer number of men who fall head first for Qi Qi. A true seductress without ever intending to be one, now that takes talent. Also, Wang Ye is finally stepping up from his perpetual supporting character role so thank heavens for that.

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  2. I’m glad that our main couple are getting closer….. and closer. It’s getting exciting how both of them will face their enemies. They do complement each other and thats perfect for their revenge & victory. I’m looking forward for all other characters that would fall in love with Qi Qi. I would love to read how MWC would get really super jealous to his love rivals. hehe.

    Thanks very much…. sutekii. Greatly appreciates your hard work!


  3. thanks a lot—-!
    what you can say?! wen chen, you can tell qi qi the reason why you didn’t go to save her. your reason is understandable! qi qi would understand.
    -a while later- yay, qi qi found out! i told you she unerstands! but wen chen still should have told her! anyway, the scene of her and wen chen working together was pretty awesome!


  4. The tragedy in QiQI’s life is bringing her and Wen Chen closer.They each have been betrayed by family
    Thank you for translating this novel.Thank you for keeping me so close to the battle scenes


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