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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 41 – 44 Summaries

Chapter 41 – Powerful Confrontation

The carriage forward quietly, without the slightest panic, nor the slightest anxiety, the two of them looked indifferent, one napping, while the other was in a daze.

The way Mo Wen Chen looks at Su Qi Qi has changed, he glaze are more clear, gentle, more considerate and caring towards her. Although it wasn’t much, but in Su Qi Qi’s eyes it was great progress.

Although Mo Wen Chen pretended to be sleeping, but occasionally he will slightly open one of his eyes to glance her way, he felt that his love for her was getting more and more thick.

This woman, always put up a strong front, ever since they buried her mother, he never seen her shed another tear, also she never mention half a word about her mother again.

As the carriage continue to slowly move towards the direction of the Imperial palace, Su Qi Qi lean on the carriage and slowly fell asleep. While in a daze she felt someone close to her, as she gently open her eyes she saw Mo Wen Chen used his shirt to over her, he even used his fingers to lightly stroke the hair on her forehead.

Such casual movements, yet it warmed up Su Qi Qi’s heart. If he continue to treat her this way, she will take their relationship seriously. She sigh and shook her head, she needs to forget this man’s good. The relationship between is nothing more than subordinates, if she was no use to him, she would have already died, he wouldn’t have batted an eye upon her death. Thinking of this her heart ached.

Mo Wen Chen on the other hand was also confused, is really falling for this women? Or was it because of his bet with Lei Yu Feng to win her heart? He needed the cool air to awaken his heart so he took his horse and ride away. But this didn’t help, instead this mean he even more clear he fallen for her, being attentive towards Su Qi Qi, it came very naturally.

Both of our OTP are each thinking of the progress of their relationship, however they both decides to put those aside and save up their energy to rescue Lei Yu Feng.

Wearing yellow robes Mo Wen Xuan waited for Mo Wen Chen. What was his purpose of coming here? Of course it was to kill Mo Wen Chen: “Huang Di just killed my army of ten thousand men, do you care to explain?”

Mo Wen Chen: “Within the capital city, there are people who wants to assassinate your Huang Di, I don’t know whether Huang Xiong will give me explain as well.”

It seems like these two brothers can no longer fight secretly, everyone is put on the table. The only result here is there will only be one of them left standing.

Chapter 42 – Poison Arrow

Mo Wen Chen said without the care of others: “Give up I can, Huang Xiong should let Huang Di see the person I want to see.”

That attitude cause a person wanting to pierce a sword through him and kill him.

“Of course… you can….” Mo Wen Xuan said as he gnash his teeth in anger.

At the same time Su Qi Q sat in the carriage listening to their conversation. Yes Mo Wen Chen really going to hand over his military powers in exchange for Lei Yu Feng?

One is in black robes, while the other was in yellow. Both with different auras.

Leng Yan: “Wang Fei, you have to be careful, we’re surrounded by the Emperor’s people.”

What Leng Yan means is for her to protect herself, in a critical moment, they can only protect Mo Wen Chen.

Su Qi Qi: “I know.” 

The two imperial guards escorted Lei Yu Feng from afar, it appears Lei Yu Feng has received a heavy sentence, he has a bright smile on his face, while he greeted Mo Wen Chen.

Seeing Lei Yu Feng, Mo Wen Chen’s hand that was holding the rein tighten, with a murderous expression. Mo Wen Xuan who was aware of the danger lurking, slowly tighten his hand on his sword along with his soldiers.

Even though Mo Wen Xuan didn’t want to admit it, he knew his younger brother was stronger than him, which is why he brought more than 100 master in martial arts with him today.

While in the carriage, Su Qi Qi prepared herself with her only weapon, holding the golden needles in the tip of her fingers and secretly slip one in her mouth.

Lei Yu Feng: “Mo Wen Chen, I don’t need you to save me, tell your people to leave.”

“Shut up.” Mo Wen Xuan suddenly raised his hand to whip Lei Yu Feng in the face, a bloodstain left in the white jade like handsome face.

“Huang Xiong!!” Only two sent shivers down one’s shine.

“Huang Di, what are you waiting for? One hand, hand over the seal, and I’ll hand over the person.” 

Mo Wen Chen: “Okay.”

Lei Yu Feng: “Mo Wen Chen, if you use the military seal to exchange me, we will be apart, the relationship between us will be broken.”

Lei Yu Feng who failed to protect Su Qi Qi, felt like a burden to Mo Wen Chen and hated himself very much.

Suddenly three arrow flew out the branches and hit the two guards behind Mo Wen Xuan. This sudden change caused his heart to tighten, he suddenly realise this military seal also came with poison arrows. As soon as the seal leaves Mo Wen Chen’s hand poison arrows will fly out, thus killing him.

Chapter 43 – Who is more ruthless

“Mo Wen Chen, you have a death wish.” Mo Wen Xuan avoided the flying arrow, roll-over and returned to his horse again,

Leng Yan with the blood guard has started to move.

While at the same time the three arrow flew out the branch, Mo Wen Chen also threw a dozen darts in his hands, all aiming towards Lei Yu Feng’s direction, however it didn’t hit the two big bodyguards besides him, instead it hit the ropes that tied Lei Yu Feng. As soon as he was free, Lei Yu Feng crushes the two bodyguard’s throat. Then jumped and leap on Mo Wen Chen’s horseback.

With the sudden change of events, Su Qi Qi wasn’t slightest surprised. However her fingers slightly grip the golden needles, she knew Mo Wen Chen wouldn’t easily compromise.

The war has begun.

Both sides of men are battling it out. While Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan sit on their horseback staring at each other in the distance. They are both blood related brothers, yet because of power, they are trying to kill each other. Originally he just wanted to rescue Lei Yu Feng and return to the land he has been given to govern. But someone doesn’t want peace so he can only fight until the end.

With Lei Yu Feng one whistle forces came from the sky, fortunately this force came to aid Mo Wen Chen instead of wiping him out.

This sudden change, caused Mo Wen Xuan’s face immediately livid. He held into the reins fiercely, the horse grows a loud hissing, as if frightened.

The imperial guards behind him moved, and form a circle, with Mo Wen Xuan well-preserved inside the circle, he was ready for battle.

Originally, Mo Wen Xuan thought he was winning, at least he have Lei Yu Feng as a pawn, however now the situation has turned around.

“Protect the Emperor.” The dust smoke in the distance, a thousand riding team madness came, the general in front shouted.

Looking carefully, the commanding general was unexpectedly Su Shi Shang.

“Not good, ready to retreat.” Mo Wen Chen gently frown, danger was coming.

If there wasn’t Su Shi Shang reinforcement, today Mo Wen Xuan would have been annihilated with the mens he brought. At a critical moment, Su Shi Shang have come to save the Emperor. In Mo Wen Chen’s eyes he never felt that Su Shi Shang was general material.

With reinforcement Mo Wen Xuan was full of confidence.

Mo Wen Chen: “Su Shi Shang, came just in time.” 

Dealing with one Su Shi Shang was easy as blinking an eye.

Watching the eagle flying towards Lei Yu Feng, Su Shi Shang was dumbfounded. Although he has been on the battlefield many times, but he has never met a master, to win them he didn’t know if he have the ability.

Su Shi Shang pulled his horse to do a u-turn, ready to escape.

“Want to escape…… “ Lei Yu Feng with a shout, the whole people such as general straight down A great hawk spreads its wings.

One of the taoist suddenly had an idea to capture Su Qi Qi, but he didn’t know Mo Wen Chen didn’t care about Su Qi Qi’s death. While Lei Yu Feng was escaping he quickly jumped into the carriage and held a knife to Su Qi Qi’s throat.

Chapter 44 – Difficult Choice


Lei Yu Feng and the Qing Shan Taoist cried out together.

Lei Yu Feng has captured Su Shi Shang, while the Qing Shan Taoist capture Su Qi Qi, they were standing on both sides, threatening each other.

Seeing their general captured, all cavalry guard stopped moving, standing there motionless.

They only respected military order, disregarding the Emperor.

Seeing Su Qi Qi in the hands of the Taoist, Mo Wen Chen expression turned cold, with an overflowing murderous aura.

Mo Wen Xuan watching this scene on the side felt desperate, he knew the position Su Qi Qi held in Mo Wen Chen’s heart, if possible he would have commanded his mens to capture Su Qi Qi as long time ago. It appears his entire army along with himself will be wiped out, with no clear hope.

Unexpectedly Mo Wen Chen lifted his hand and ordered his men to halt, not to act rashly and blindly. Su Qi Qi suddenly raised her head, she didn’t know what this man was thinking, she didn’t dare to have any hopes for him to save her, yet he has ordered no one to move. What was the meaning of this?

Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng was equally shocked by Mo Wen Chen’s reaction.

Along with this wind and thunder shocked. Lei Yu Feng gently frown, he suddenly remembered something…… his bet with Mo Wen Chen.

Just for the Xuan Yuan sword, Mo Wen Chen wanted to win Su Qi Qi’s heart? Even if he did win her heart, in the process he will lose too much.

Mo Wen Chen: “Huang Xiong, command your mens to let go of her…. Ben Wang will promise your Prime Minister will not die.” 

Mo Wen Xuan who thought all hope was lost, finally felt like he had a way out. Even though he thought Su Shi Shang pretty damn well deserve to die, especially considering his relationship with his mother. But if Su Shi Shang staying alive is the only way he can save himself then he will take it.

Su Qi Qi also quietly watched, she doesn’t know what Mo Wen Chen is thinking nor what he was doing. Does he really care for her? Then she convinced herself that he was only feeling guilty that her mother died because of her. This gradually calm her confused heart down.

Mo Wen Xuan: “Okay… let her go.”

He has underestimated this woman’s position in Mo Wen Chen’s heart. If he knew early on, in the palace he could have used her to put Mo Wen Chen to death. He wouldn’t have needed to capture Lei Yu Feng and landed himself in this current situation.

The Qing Shan Taoist glanced at Su Shi Shang, and then stares at Mo Wen Xuan once, finally smirked: “Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye, if you want me to let go of her I can, but I don’t want to exchange it for that general.” 

This caused Su Shi Shang’s face change from green to a burst of white, he stared at his daughter, Su Qi Qi is his own blood daughter yet he was never able to get close. He had also loved Xia Xiao Die, but it seems that suddenly one day, she was thousands of miles out of his reach.

At this point, he and his daughter have both become a hostage, and his own life nobody seems to care. He doesn’t know whether he should ask his daughter for help.

Mo Wen Chen seem unfazed.

The sword against Su Qi Qi’s neck slightly increase its strength the Qing Shan Taoist said: “Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye, if you want Wang Fei to be intact, in exchange her for the military seal in her hands.”

Mo Wen Chen face flash a painful expression, he appear to be a dilemma. Su Qi Qi could see everything clearly, her heart-felt a faint pain as she knew her position in Mo Wen Chen’s heart can not compare to the military seal.

Mo Wen Chen stared straight at Su Qi Qi without saying a word. Then he closed his eyes and thought deeply before opening his eyes, leaving only a cold and ruthless expression: “Qi Qi…… Sorry, Ben Wang will revenge this blood feud for you.”

Suddenly it was quiet, Su Qi Qi didn’t open her eyes, she also didn’t shed a tear, again he has taken her up towards the clouds and pushed her to the bottom of the cliff, completely full of injuries.

Time again and time, Mo Wen Chen just proves to Su Qi Qi, she cannot place her hopes on him. Between power and beauty Mo Wen Chen has made his choice, it sad to think Mo Wen Chen was ready to give up the military seal to save Lei Yu Feng, yet to save Su Qi Qi he hesitated. But then again Mo Wen Chen only known Qi Qi for a short period of time, while on the other hand Lei Yu Feng has been through numerous battles with him. How will our heroine save herself this time?


20 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 41 – 44 Summaries

  1. I like the strange sense of realism in human relationships in this otherwise fantasy world. I like that Qi Qi isn’t a damsel in distress waiting to be saved by her prince. I like Mo Wen Chen isn’t “the prince”. Qi Qi is her own woman and as sad as it is that she isn’t Wen Chen’s priority, I like that she holds on to her pride despite of it. The idealist definition of love does not and may never apply to our OTP. But the obviousness of its absence (by it I mean romantic love) makes this dynamic all the more interesting. I would say most people in committed relationships emulate this emotion to a greater or lesser degree. At the end of the day, we are all selfish. This OTP may only be an exaggerated reflection of ourselves. Can we really put our significant other above ALL else in life, at ALL TIMES? For me, the answer is no. I think it may be the same for other people.

    Thank you for the translation. This has quickly become my favorite story on this blog. Hoping to read more soon.

    Seeing as two of the other stories just ended any thoughts on taking up another project? You may choose to continue with this story alone, which is fine as well. Just curious. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your commentary, because that’s how I feel about our OTP. I love the fact their so raw.

      Regarding picking up another project, I probably won’t be until I finished this one. BBPSAC has well over 830 ish chapter and continuing so I won’t have time for another. Plus I really need a break from translating full on. AND ‘sound of the desert’ is airing tomorrow so time for me to watch some drama ^^

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I totally agree. It’s realistic and makes both our characters that much more interesting. Honestly, faced with knowing all your soldiers and supporters are believing you and putting their lives on the line for you, it would be cruel and irresponsibility and frankly quite immature for Mo Wen Chen to sacrifice those lives for one person, no matter how precious the person. Because really, if he hands over the seal, we all know that Mo Wen Chen’s soldiers and himself and family will all die.

      I love that Qi Qi understands that. There’s a part of her that’ll always want to be her husband’s priority, but she’s calm enough and smart enough to know that he’s almost always between a rock and a hard place. As much as she’s hurt by it, I love that she’s brave enough that he doesn’t have to make that choice and she saves herself instead. It makes for a very intriguing pair on the romance side of this story.

      I think no matter how much they grow to love each other later on, I think their dynamic will always be the same; they’re strong, honorable people who will always choose the right thing over what they want. That’s just who they are. It’s more likely they’d team up to find a third option than sacrificing for each other. Their relationship, I think, will always be built more on respect and companionship/understanding rather than “love” in the sense of passionate, first-sight love.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Definitely true, “love” thats built on respect and companionship/understanding rather than firey love at first-sight last longer. Because its slow burning and slowly releasing it’s “heat”. While passionate love at first-sight will most likely die very quickly, most of the time you get burnt pretty burnly in the end from the hot heat.


  2. Indeed a cliffhanger!!! I like that MWC is still weighing his feelings for Qi Qi. He is more committed to LYF than her. This is a very long novel so I want his feelings for her to develop deeper that later on… he won’t be able to breath without her. lol

    Thanks for your quick update. Please don’t let us keep hanging for days. Hope to read the next chapter soon.


    1. “he won’t be able to breath without her.” – lol let’s hope he does feel that way about her.

      Have no fear I had finished translating chapter 45 last night so you’ll get to read it very soon ^^


  3. ~sigh~ this is why I had doubts about Mo Wen Chen’s love towards QiQi. People who control the lives of many people can’t always prioritize their family first. Qi Qi’s situation is much worse than a doctor’s dilemma between going to their child’s first school play & doing emergency surgery.

    Right now, I only want to know how QiQi will solve this, I don’t care who will be her husband in the end, just like Qi Qi I want to have low expectations for the guy so that I won’t be utterly miserable hehe,


    1. It is very hard for people who has power, you gotta remember Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi hardly know each other, they only started to interact more when they set out for the capital city.

      It kinda of reminds me of how the Emperor marrying off their daughters to the outskirts to have peace with other tribes. If one person is sacrificed, then the entire country is saved from thousands of lives being killed. I think this is the same situation Mo Wen Chen is in it. If he sacrificed Qi Qi, then none of his men nor him will face a miserable death. He has ten thousand troops under his command.


  4. thank you—!
    yes, progress—-?! but, qi qi should still find a better guy! let lei yu feng feel guilty,he deserves it! not his fault,though! at the end of the chapter, i was going ‘stop it guys, stop it—” i feel so sad for qi qi…! her expectations were betrayed again! find a better guy, qi qi!


      1. it’s true! i prefer more lots where she shows her awesomeness, or her helping wen chen! much more satisfying, ahaha!


  5. I don’t think it is so simple. He was willing to save his friend but he had a plan. He wasn’t really willing to trade the seal because if he trades the seal he is dead. His brother will eventually kill him if he has no military protection. He has no plan now so he has to figure something out. Also she is safer if other people do not know how much he cares for her–and at this point even he doesn’t know how much. But I don’t think he means to leave her in their hands forever. It is a feint. And really what does she want? Does she want him to act from love only and then both of them die together?


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