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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 45 Translation

This chapter is where Su Qi Qi serve her ties with her father. It’s sad that she lost her mother and now she will lose the only person who has any family relation to her. Even though Su Shi Shang has never been a father figure for Qi Qi.

Chapter 45 – From now on, you and I don’t have any relationship.

The sword on Lei Yu Feng’s hand reverse, carrying Su Shi Shang he went straight to Mo Wen Chen.

He wanted to speak a few words with Mo Wen Chen, they absolutely can not use the military seal to exchange, even if means giving up his own life they cannot, they need to keep Mo Wen Chen’s military seal, or else they will die very miserably.

After all, Mo Wen Chen is the thorn in Mo Wen Xuan’s flesh.

Since Mo Wen Chen has abandoned Su Qi Qi, then Mo Wen Xuan has no capital against Mo Wen Chen, today his only road left was death.

The Qing Shan Taoist unbelievably stared at the powerful unfeeling Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye, perhaps the legend is right, this person is really cold.

Even his own Wang Fei he can give up.

Obviously he is willing to lead the army in exchange for Lei Yu Feng.

However regarding his own wife, how can he be so cruel to disregard her life.

The hope to see a large number of gold disappeared in an instant, without a trace. His heart only had resentment, that hate towards Mo Wen Chen, was gradually transferred to Su Qi Qi’s body.

Yes, he felt the woman in his hands was too useless.

Thinking of this, the sword in his hands tighten, using some strength he will put to death Su Qi Qi……

“Don’t……” Mo Wen Chen shout, he already gave up Su Qi Qi, but to personally watch her death, he still didn’t have the heart to.

He owes this woman too much……

Su Qi Qi also fiercely open her eyes, her eyes was cool as a quiet lake, with no trace of waves.

Feeling the pain on her neck, she did not move, her hands that’s holding the golden needle tightened, fiercely stab into the Qing Shan Taoist’s wrist, this cause the sword in his hands to shake.

The sword left her neck.

But she has no martial art skill, and her strength is incomparable to the Qing Shan Taoist, he hum a chilly sounds before forced the sword back up again, at the same time, his entire person emit a fierce vibe, till Su Qi Qi felt the numbness cold.

Here Mo Wen Chen, Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng all watched anxiously, regarding Su Qi Qi’s resistance, everyone was also surprised.

They know that this woman is not simple, but they did not expect, she still would still give dying kicks.

The sword again cross Su Qi Qi’s neck, she did not hesitate to pierce the golden needles into the Qing Shan Taoist’s wrist acupuncture points, as long as the position was accurate, his arm will be useless. But Su Qi Qi was simply no match for the Qing Shan Taoist skills, he only slightly bend down, and avoided her fatal blow.

It was too easy.

Watching everything on the side, Mo Wen Xuan admired Su Qi Qi even more, if this time she can she can survive, he must think of a way to marry her as his Imperial Consort.

He suddenly felt that changing his Consort is a mistake.

The brave invincible Mo Wen Chen plus Su Qi Qi, could be a tiger with wings added.

And the advantages of Su Qi Qi is that she quite know her limitations.

She always know how to protect herself, without others being worried about her.

The Qing Shan Taoist’s eye has a concentrated strong force, he did not expect such a feeble little girl can cause him much embarrassment, he hazily gave a murderous look as he turn sideways and point the sword in front of Su Qi Qi’s face.

Mo Wen Chen who has originally turn a blink eye on things suddenly jumped off his horse, wanting to save Su Qi Qi.

“Wen Chen, don’t.”

“Wang Ye, you must not.”

Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan at the same time directly flew into the air to pull Mo Wen Chen down.

They are surrounded by enemies, even if Mo Wen Chen is God, they’re also afraid he won’t come back alive.

Mo Wen Chen’s movement, Su Qi Qi oblique one eye, her heart is still in pain, although that man’s face is anxious, she still told herself not to care.

Everything is an illusion.

Otherwise, what did those words he said represents, revenge? She had to wait for him to revenge her death?

A cold smile, she gently opening her mouth, her eyes was cold, with a face of indifference, without blinking an eye the Qing Shan Taoist’s long sword thus towards her face, with a flash something came out of her mouth, very swiftly.

The sword in his hand suddenly was motionless, his entire person couldn’t move.

He unbelievably stared at Su Qi Qi, his eyes filled with fear.

Then his body like a plank of wood fell back down, stirring up the dust beneath him.

In a flash light moment, Mo Wen Chen used his strength to push Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan off him and walked on the jiang hu master’s head, making his way to Su Qi Qi.

Not waiting for the Qing Shan Taoist to figure out why one of their Taoist has fallen, Mo Wen Chen has Su Qi Qi in his arms, jump and leap out, same as when he came appearing like a great hawk with its wings spread and flew back to his horse.

One hand holding the reins, while he used his other hands strength to pull Su Qi Qi up, not looking at her.

Staring straight at Mo Wen Xuan on the opposite side: “Huang Xiong, next we should talk how I should dispose your Prime Minister.”

He said it very clearly.

All with a poker face.

Being in Mo Wen Chen’s arms, Su Qi Qi can feel the warm breath to his chest, she also can feel his instability heartbeat, so powerful.

Life and death just bearish, bearish that caused Su Qi Qi’s heart to feel chaotic, and herself confused.

This man, since the beginning she didn’t quite understand at all.

Yes, if she couldn’t save herself, if she didn’t have a needle in her mouth to stab the Qing Shan Taoist to death, Mo Wen Chen wouldn’t have come out to save her, this point Su Qi Qi knew more clearly than anyone else.

And this is the type of women Mo Wen Chen also like this.

With this sudden turn of events, hundreds jiang hu master were left in shock.

No one saw what Su Qi Qi did, but the Qing Shan Taoist suddenly collapsed, until Mo Wen Chen rescued Su Qi Qi out, they finally saw the shining golden needle on the Qing Shan Taoist’s neck. He fell to the ground bleeding to death.

In the wind, it even flickered.

But no ones saw Su Qi Qi’s movements, sending this Jiang Hu master to his death.

This feeling sent shivers down everyone’s shine.

Even Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng are in a cold sweat.

Their Wang Fei, always give them the biggest surprise.

Now, the situation has been decided.

This time Mo Wen Xuan lost the bait along with the fish.

Mo Wen Xuan’s face was somewhat blue as he stared at Su Qi Qi, his yes filled with hatred, this woman once again broke his great things.

He resent not being able to say this word out.

The blood guard escorted when Su Shi Shang suddenly kneel down, kneel before Su Qi Qi.

Su Shi Shang with a face of panic: “Qi Qi, base on our father and daughter’s sake, please let daddy have this old life.”

This one kneel caused an uproar for those again.

A father to kneel before his daughter.

Even Mo Wen Xuan couldn’t continue watching on, even he felt his face was really lost.

Su Qi Qi who was in Mo Wen Chen’s bosom was stunned for a moment, she didn’t know what to say, but she slightly glance at Mo Wen Chen once, her heart with an overwhelming force, bitter-sweet.

Indeed, he is her own father, even if there was no affection, he also raised her for so many years.

Seeing the expression in Su Qi Q’s eyes, Mo Wen Chen nodded, he owed this woman, besides this time he didn’t want to make things difficult for Su Qi Qi, after all, the people of the world are looking.

“Command your army to retreat to a thousands of miles away.” Su Qi Qi said each word clearly, her heart understand, this once Mo Wen Chen is giving her his victory fruit, he could have completely killed every one of his enemies clean, then sits on the world.

However, he did not.

He gave this all to Su Qi Qi, to let her to repay the father daughter relationship.

“From now on, you and I won’t have any more relationship.”

As the plot thicken, it never seems to amazes me how amazing our female lead is. Without a doubt Qi Qi has become my favorite female heroine of all time. Regardless of the situation and danger, she’s always one step ahead and well prepared. Thanked god Mo Wen Chen kinda redeemed himself. If Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan didn’t hold him down I’m sure he would have put himself in danger to rescue her. I’m guessing he really had to harden his heart and turn off his emotions to abandon Su Qi Qi.


27 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 45 Translation

  1. Qi Qi you are amazing~ who needs a man to save them! A woman has got to be prepared! XD

    Thank you for another amazing translated chapter~


  2. Call me cold blooded, but she should have them kill her father! Mmph! What a piece of sh*t! He’s only gonna continue to cause her harm! I hope he gets a terrible death in the end. No one deserves it more than him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes his definitely the most hated character in the novel. =/ it’s petty he didn’t give Qi Qi any love just cause of Xiao Die. The first generation’s problem shouldn’t hinder the child.


  3. Well, at least he gave her the consolation price. Hell to the N.O., that don’t fly boy. Step up your game Mo Wen Chen. Meanwhile, the emperor is having second thoughts. Too late, get in line honey. Maybe you’ll get your turn in the next four lifetimes if you’re lucky. Qi Qi is too good for the likes of you. As for the current hubby, he is yet to convince me he deserves her. I don’t think anyone does but he should atleast strive to reach closer. The bar is set very high and this self-proclaimed godmother of Qi Qi’s (aka moi) will not have any old man woo her away. You better prove your self before you make any moves. Hands off her waist!
    Onto to the serious things now. The description of costumes, setting, etc. presents Mo Wen Chen in an evil but charming light whereas I picture the emperor buzzing like a bumble bee in his yellow robe on the opposing side. (Seriously, who wears yellow to battle? Change your stylist boy). Not entirely sure where the author is trying to go with Mo Wen Chen’s character but I see it as a warning sign not to trust the man. Too many red flags! Poor Qi Qi is going to have a tough time living with him. The man attracts trouble like flies to candy.


    1. Aww Qi Qi lost her parents but gain a godmother! I don’t think any man deserve such an amazing as Qi Qi.

      LOL @ Mo Wen Xuan as the buzzing bumble bee, well I guess the author described him in yellow because Emperor’s usually wear the color yellow/gold.

      Mo Wen Chen also attracts wicked evil womens like flies to candy as well. >.>

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now that is quite the hint. I am not looking forward to vamps turning an already tough relationship sour. Then again, jealousy may do our OTP some good but sure won’t be good for my heart.


  4. Another interesting chapter! Thank you! Like you… she is also becoming one of my favorite characters. I love that she can defend herself, her extraordinary knowledge in medicine really helped.

    Looking forward for more chapters to come. I just loveeeeee our Qi Qi. Thanks again!


  5. ahhh, so many things happened! Emperor want marry her? such a bad man!!! and she is really greatest main girl I ever seen… and Thank you suteki!!! sending greetings from UK 😉


  6. This was the chapter I was really waiting for, when finally this shortsighted Emperor admits his mistake of not realizing the worth of Qi Qi. His loss is Mo Wen Chen’s gain.

    Thank you for this chapter translation. Made my day. What a brave, amazing and independent woman is our Qi Qi.


    1. I’m pretty sure everyone of us was waiting for the day he regrets his decision to replace her. Karma has bitten him back good as he realised he has added wings to a tiger he’s been wary of.


  7. Is there a second male lead to the story or is it OTP all the way? Someone should give Mo Wen Chen a run for his money since Qi Qi is so awesome!


  8. thank you very much!
    her breaking off their relationshio is not sad at all for me. sure, he raised her, but, it’s better to not have a father who has never treated his daughter well and is dragging her down. he had also been the cause of her mother’s death.
    oh no…when qi qi told herself not to care, and that everything was an illusion, i sobbed loudly. my heart is breaking into pieces…not about wen chen, but that qi qi is hurt! i care the most about qi qi, ahaha!oh, qi qi was totally awesome—-! wen chen has redeemed himself a tiny, tiny, ti—-ny bit!


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