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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 46 – 48 Summaries

Before I get into the summaries I would just like to mention the novel Summer just reviewed A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counsellor《错嫁良缘之一代军师》if you like Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort. I think you’ll also like this novel just as much, because Summer describes the female lead as “delicate yet can be gutsier than many grown up men.” and the male lead from initial irritation to later admiration.

I remember how some of us were saying during the discussion of this novel, it’ll be great if Qi Qi knew martial arts. Gu Yun (the female lead of AGOMC) is a retired SWAT officer, so I’m pretty sure she’ll be kick ass. For a full review head over to her blog and read the review she has written to decide for yourself. I have not read the novel yet, so if you have questions about this novel, please ask Summer ^^

Chapter 46 – Heart moved

“Mo Wen Chen……” Lei Yu Feng again unbelievably stared at Mo Wen Chen.

Waved his hand, Mo Wen Chen face didn’t reveal anything. Once he decides on something, no one can change his decision. He has no interest in the kingdom, if he did the person who will be sitting on the throne wouldn’t be Mo Wen Xuan.

And with Su Qi Qi’s sentence, it also let Mo Wen Xuan understand that his younger brother is giving a second chance at life. His heart-felt complex as his bodyguards escorted him away. He turned around once more to deeply glance at Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen once more before whipping his horse and galloping away.

Hundreds of jiang hu master also scattered away, again everything was calm again, only the sound of the wind could be heard.

Su Shi Shang listened to Su Qi Qi’s words, he also stood up: “Thank you.”

Staring at Su Shi Shang’s lonely figure disappearing into the distance, Su Qi Qi lowered her head and whispered: “Are… you even my biological father?” 

It was so low only Mo Wen Chen who had her embraced in his arms could hear it. He tighten his hold around her waist and tried to slow down his strong beating heart, he leaned slightly to Su Qi Qi’s ear and whispered: “You still have me.” 

Su Qi Qi didn’t look at him, but she also didn’t break free from his hold, she still let him hold her waist while the horse moved forward. Those three words did not stop replaying in her mind, it made her heart start to waver.

Even though Mo Wen Chen have once again disappointed her, however his words are still unclear, which arouse ripples in her heart. She knew she has fallen into infinity. For her heart to flutter for such a man is equal to jumping to into the abyss million battle, no way of retreating, no way of advancing, even for Su Qi Qi who had a clear mind.

Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan didn’t have any expression on their faces, for such a result left them unsatisfied, they have suffered a heavy casuality without any fruits. This time besides saving Lei Yu Feng’s life back. It was of course to finally end things with Mo Wen Xuan. Now that they left him off, no one can ignore the consequences and dangers lurking around the corner.

Originally Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan had some sympathy towards Su Qi Qi, however with the turn of events they resent her more, if not for her, this time they could wipe out Mo Wen Xuan for good.

And Su Qi Qi also understand, she is now the sinners of the whole blood guards.

Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen returned to the carriage, neither of them uttering a word. The atmosphere was dim. Although Mo Wen Chen admire Su Qi Qi, and he just desperately rescued her, however once he was alone with her, he didn’t know what to say.

“You still have me”, these words for him was his lifetime commitment and promise to Qi Qi.

Mo Wen Chen: “Are you injured anywhere?”

Su Qi Qi shook her head and lightly smiled: “No.” 

Mo Wen Chen stared at the scar on her neck that the Qing Shan Taoist. He gently caressing it with his rough fingers.

“What are you doing?” Su Qi Qi asked as she raised her hands to pull away his fingers. Her heart started to race.

Mo Wen Chen silently applied the medication on her neck, finally loosen his hands and walked away smiling: “You are Ben Wang’s official Wang Fei.”

It appears that their relationship has taken a step further, there’s no long any embarrassment and awkwardness between them.

Su Qi Qi looked at his back, before he walked out the door, he stop again to ask: “Lei Yu Feng is hurt badly, did you carry medicine with you?”

Su Qi Qi: “Yes, he also got hurt by trying to protect my mother, I will save him.”

Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen knocked on Lei Yu Feng’s door without any response. They both looked a bit worried as they pushed open the door to find Lei Yu Feng lying on the bed, his face was pale, his eye were tightly shut, his breathing was also somewhat rapid, with an entire body full of scars. Lei Yu Feng days in captivity has not been easy. Mo Wen Xuan tested more than 100 different poison on his body, while brutally torturing him.

Mo Wen Chen clenched his hands, he never thought that Mo Wen Xuan will torture Lei Yu Feng to this extent. Lei Yu Feng is his good friend, they are good brothers who have been through fire and water together for many years. Because of him, Lei Yu Feng has suffered. If he had to exchange his life in order to save Lei Yu Feng, he would not hesitate.

Su Qi Qi: “He was poisoned… we must detox him as soon as possible.”

Mo Wen Chen: “Whatever you need, just speak. You must…. save his life.”

Su Qi Qi nodded with a serious face: “Rest assured, I will heal him.”

She took out her medicine box and golden needles, began to detoxify Lei Yu Feng, fortunately Lei Yu Feng was physically healthy and had martial art, his body suffered more than 100 different type of poison, if placed in an ordinary person, they would have died long ago. Judging by the look on his veins, Lei Yu Feng forced sealed his heart pulse, if not the poison would have gotten into his heart and lungs and killed him in the process. Even if he didn’t die, he would lose his martial arts just like Mo Wen Chen.

Looking at Su Qi Qi sweating as she inserted the golden needles, Mo Wen Chen really admire her stubborn adherence character, her facial features is not outstanding, but in Mo Wen Chen’s eyes she was an inviolable noble water lotus, with her own unique beauty.

Looking at Su Qi Qi’s forehead fine beads, Mo Wen Chen did not hesitate to take out a handkerchief from his bosom, and gently wipe for her……

Chapter 47 – Close to

Su  Qi Qi smiled at Mo Wen Chen as she took the handkerchief off Mo Wen Chen’s hands and wiped the sweat off her face, just his gesture alone she still felt satisfied. It was a touch of warmth in her heart. She quietly slip the orchid handkerchief into her sleeves, wanting to wash it before returning it to him.

At the moment she really wanted to tell her mother, that she has found her own happiness. All those years where there has never been warmth from anyone besides her mother, she felt incredibility happy and content.

It took half an hour before Su Qi Qi completely forced out all the poison out of Lei Yu Feng’s body, when she was finished her face was slightly pale with exhaustion.

As the night set in, Mo Wen Chen and her quietly sat besides Lei Yu Feng’s bed to monitor him. Although the poison has been forced out, however there’s no doubt his internal organs have been damaged, at such a critical time, the slightest mistake could mean the death of him.

Leng Yan delivered dinner, and guarded the door outside, even though the war was over, but his heart still felt uneasy.

“Qi Qi, you go to rest.” His slender fingers brushed her long hair, somewhat confused Su Qi Qi immediately woke up and shook her head: “I will accompany you.” 

Mo Wen Chen knew, one this woman decided on something it is also very difficult to change her mind. This in fact was the same for him.

He didn’t know what to say so nodded his head gently, quietly sitting in the chair behind her.

Lei Yu Feng’s complexion gradually return normal, even though there’s a scar on his handsome face, it didn’t affect his appearance.

In order to past time Mo Wen Chen made small conversations with Qi Qi: “Did you study medicine yourself?”

He didn’t understand Su Qi Qi, she is like a mystery, the surprise she has given him seem endless.

Su Qi Qi faintly smiled as she reminisce: “Yes, since I was young in the residence, my… mother was not favored, so I can only reside in the back courtyard, there was no teachers who taught me how to read, even if I fancied to read, write, paint and learn qin I didn’t have the chance… So I only had my mother who taught me, she was a noble lady from a wealthy family. At that time I had nothing to do, all I wanted to do was learn, but the residence never sent any books for me, I can only find medical books to read. In order to learn more words, everyday I would find medical books. I became hooked on medicine, more than ten years, I have accumulated rich medical knowledge.”

She thought of her childhood days with her mother, she was the one who taught everything she knew, everything about her was given by Xia Xiao Die, although she didn’t possess her mother’s beautiful appearance, but she has gain endless knowledge from her.

Of course, regarding Su Qi Qi’s appearance Mo Wen Chen also didn’t care. He has fallen for who she is.

*Cough cough……*

While the two were talking, Lei Yu Feng on the bed cough and interrupted the warm atmosphere.

Su Qi Qi came forward to listen to Lei Yu Feng’s pulse, she gently frown: “We have to return to the city as soon as possible, the medicine supply I have brought with me isn’t enough, his body is very weak, he can only last one month with his condition.”

Mo Wen Chen nodded, he looked at the moon outside: “We will detour to Lei Hia Bao instead, it’s faster.” 

Suddenly the sounds of weapons clashing came from outside. Mo Wen Chen who was originally calm, stood up with his sword and push the door to help. There weren’t many assassins, only ten of them each with a long sword in their hands.

Leng Yan was surrounded by them, which meant he can only defence the attacks. Seeing the very dangerous situation, without the slightest hesitation Mo Wen Chen joined the war. With his sharp eye observation after a few rounds he found ways of destroying their formation.

In the room, Su Qi Qi did not move, she stood quietly besides Lei Yu Feng inserting the golden needles into him to reduce his pain, while listening to the movements outside.

Suddenly there was a flash, she also not looked up, a figure has since flew through the window, the sword in his hands aiming straight for her heart. She suddenly came to understand, this time the assassin came for her. She was their main target. She did not scream or panic, she quickly tried to dodge the deadly sword, but her actions are too slow so a trail of blood was left on her white robes.

Lei Yu Feng who was originally asleep suddenly opened his eyes, with the golden needles intact in his body, he took a sword from underneath his pillow and directly thus his sword. The assassin main purpose was Su Qi Qi so he didn’t take notice of Lei Yu Feng.

Lei Yu Feng who exhausted his last strength drop his sword, while the assassin changed his target and wanted to kill Lei Yu Feng instead.

Feeling anxious she could only throw a few pieces of the golden needles towards the assassin, because there was some distance Su Qi Qi wasn’t able to grasp his acupuncture points.

Because of this attack, the assassin froze in place, he also heard of Su Qi Qi’s golden needles skills, at this time he fear he might be poisoned so he rapidly retreated as few steps.

Su Qi Qi quickly rushed over to Lei Yu Feng’s bed and used her body to protect him from the incoming dangers. Lei Yu Feng laid there stiffly, he had never thought Su Qi Qi will use her life to save him.

Just really too dangerous. If it wasn’t for her fame outside, the assassin would have easily taken her life.

Chapter 48 – Manipulate

The assassin check his body again and found the golden needles wasn’t poison. He lifted his sword up again ready to attack: “Today I’ll be sure to send you to hell.” 

Su Qi Qi continue to guard Lei Yu Feng’s bed, the wound on her kept on bleeding, and because of the pain she tightly wrinkled her eyebrows, but she remained motionless: “Why do you want to kill me?”

She didn’t ask who wanted to kill her, instead she asked why. This question made Lei Yu Feng have admiration, this woman is not simple

The assassin smiled: “I have taken a person’s money, of course I have help them eliminate their misfortunes.”

Su Qi Qi pulled her the corners of her mouth into a smile, unexpectedly someone has paid assassins to kill her. She knows it’s not Mo Wen Xuan or her father. There’s only one person who would use such underhand means. She rolled her eyes and stared straight back at the assassin: “How much money is my life worth?” 

Assassin: “Not much… but the Wang Ye behind you is very valuable…”

Mo Wen Chen and Leng Yan entered the room to be confronted with the situation. They both have easily fought off their enemies outside. Mo Wen Chen see Su Qi Qi standing there with a sword in her hands while guarding Lei Yu Feng who was sitting on the bed.

“Damn woman, you dare to trick me” The assassin has been embedded into the chair, glaring at Su Qi Qi. Although Su Qi Qi was dealing with this situation in hand, but she always been listening to the movements outside, when she heard it was quite outside she knew the assassins should have been solved.

When she asked the assassin how many money he was offered. She knew he was greedy, and wanted to earn the extra money to go back and kill his client. Using this opportunity to kick him down and using the chair to lock him down. The assassin knew he has been cheated so he mercilessly thus his sword, fortunately this last step was unsuccessful because Mo Wen Chen has thrown his sword directly into the assassin’s heart and killed him.

“Qi Qi, are you okay?” Mo Wen Chen asked as he made his way to Su Qi Qi and observed her injuries.

Lei Yu Feng: “Why don’t you ask me if I’m okay?……”

Seeing Mo Wen Chen worried about her, her heart-felt warmth, she didn’t feel the pain on her chest. She shook her head as she replied: “I’m still alive.”

Lei Yu Feng: “This fellow who really take love more seriously than friendship!”

He even had the mood to joke around Su Qi Qi felt rest assured: “Mo Wen Chen, you take care of Lord Lei Bao, I’ll take care of my wound.”

Mo Wen Chen replied and lifted his eyes only to see Lei Yu Feng’s teasing eyes: “Okay.”

Su Qi Qi turned away to leave, outside she met with Leng Yan who guarded the door, regarding Leng Yen’s cold and dullness she already accustomed to. She wants to slowly change other people’s ideas of her, she wants to let everyone knew, she will not become Mo Wen Chen’s burden, instead she will become his right-hand assistant. She wings on his body to let him fly.

Leng Yan stared at this Wang Fei, although she is calm and full of wisdom, but without any martial art skill, she will just drag Mo Wen Chen down with her.

When Su Qi Qi open the door, she sense there was danger lurking. Within seconds countless darts were flying towards her.

*Ding dang……*

Suddenly twenty several assassins all armed with sword, charged forward. Mo Wen Chen flew out with his sword and looked at the assassins surrounding Leng Yan and Qi Qi, with his black robes he was unexpectedly calm, his eyes was murderous!

So who is the culprit that’s sending out assassins to kill our Qi Qi? If it’s not the Emperor or her useless father… then who? I’m translating the entire chapter of 49, which is why I have stop the summaries at chapter 48… no cliff hanger intended. XD


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  1. (OAO) darts?!?! Man these guys cannot take a break! Lei Yu Feng is awesome! Half dead and still able to try and help Qi Qi. I do hope Qi Qi gets to learn at least some basic martial arts if she keeps getting in these kinds of messes.

    Another awesome series of translations Sutekii 😀 Thank you~


  2. I reckon it’s the dude who lost the qin battle to Qi Qi last time. Girl has fallen hard, there is no going back now. Can’t say the same for Wang Ye, his silly bet is still bothering me. And with so many chapters to go, who knows what future misunderstanding he will bring upon himself. By the way, the teasing between friends was unexpected but very welcome. I had so much fun, like a comic relief in a horror movie, it was a much needed breath of fresh air.


    1. It’s not Fen Wen, I don’t know whether I should reveal who is it or let you found out yourself when the person is reveal in the later chapters.

      Yes there is a need of some comic relief with the plot being so action pack and intense all the time.


    1. As I said to storiesndreams, I don’t know whether I should reveal who this person is… should I wait for you guy to found out on your own..? I want to see what my readers want.


  3. That was quick! Awesome!

    My guess is either HQZ or Su Me Rang. These women are full hatred & jealousy for her.

    So cute & funny when LYF felt jealous. Lol I love their interaction… their friendship. Now… I’m eager to read what magic Qi Qi will do to totally heal LYF , to show to his people that she won’t be a liability for them but a golden asset.

    Lastly, I also liked MWC romantic words.

    Thanks so much my dear!

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    1. Should I reveal who this person is… should I wait for you guy to found out on your own..? I want to see what my readers want.

      I think she already has proven she well deserve the Wang Fei position as well as Mo Wen Chen’s attention.


      1. I definitely think she’s proven herself, but I think Leng Yan is too quick to judge. She’s clearly proven with her medical skills and her awesome decision-making that she’s more than an asset to Mo Wen Chen, but Leng Yan seems to be unable to see past her choice of letting her dad live and her “kidnap” in the battle. I think that’s the only time she’s caused any potential trouble (which she later got herself out of)…she’s always been able to save herself, PLUS save Mo Wen Chen with her skills. Has he ever considered the fact that no other woman, even one with martial arts skills, would be that loyal?! She almost always chooses to support her husband despite constantly being put into sticky situations because of her family. In the beginning, she owed her husband nothing, considering how much he put her through…yet she wholeheartedly helped him.
        Leng Yan doesn’t give her half as much credit as he needs to.


      2. Definitely agree, I think Leng Yan is too loyal to Mo Wen Chen, which is why he is bias against Su Qi Qi.

        They kept forgetting she’s only a women, if any other women is put in her position, would they be able to reaction like the way she did? That’s a definite NO!


  4. Ah! What a cliffhanger. It must be either her sister or that cruel lady in her husband’s manor whose name I forgot. Higher chance it’s the latter.


      1. Hmm, let’s keep it a secret for now. You know, it’s part of the pleasure of reading. Secrets and surprises. ^^


  5. Wow! This girl doesn’t get a break. Every chapter is non-stop action that get resolved quickly. Are all 800+ chapters like this? I still want to learn more about MWC before I ship her with him.


    1. Judging by the author’s writing style I think it’ll be action pack all the way. I’m not sure if all 800+ chapters are like this since I’ve only read up to 100+ =/


  6. Thank you for the speedy updates! i am so hooked into the story !! I can’t wait to see more of Su Qi Qi character and her interactions with Mo Wen Chen! Hopefully both of them will be honest and open about their feelings- to themselves and with each other.


    1. You’re welcome, its nice a feeling when I know there are people that are into the novel just as much as I am. I love Su Qi Qi the most, Mo Wen Chen on the hand I’m slowly warming up to.


  7. thanks a lot!
    no—–! qi qi has fallen for him! don’t qi qi, don’t!
    oh, i read a generation of military counsellors! gu yun(female lead) is incredible and i adore the story plots a lot more! they allow gu yun to show her awesomeness excellently! wahaha! great story, really!
    what?! hmph, i am thinking it’s that person! protect qi qi—! also, yu feng and leng yan! if not for qi qi, wen chen would have dies from the poison! have yoy guys forgotten that?! huh—-! a doctor is worth more than warriors, ok! grr…!!


  8. Reading up to here, I lost some respect for Qi Qi and Wen Chen. Being merciful towards your enemies is being cruel to yourself. The Emperor has used merciless plots to deal with Wen Chen countless times already. If he wasn’t lucky/skillful to the extent that is he, Wen Chen would’ve died a million times over. And for Qi Qi, her father is ruthless and heartless. She logic is that she’s paying back for him bringing her up all these years, but did he really? Sure, she lived a comfortable life growing up because of his position but did he ever show care towards her? When she and her mom were being tortured by the Empress Dowager, he thrived through it and used them as pawns. I say bullsh*t for being softhearted towards that type of father.


    1. Nope. Trust me, you aren’t the only one. This kind of development irritates me. And, right now, I’m just disappointed for these leads we have. Maybe it would’ve been different if author just focused on character and plot development first, because right now, this story failed miserably with romance and the two lead’s chemistry. It’s not working out for me. XD :T Idk, that’s just my opinion. Or maybee… just maybe, giving the benefit of the doubt, since most of these are just summaries, I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the characters…? Idk. Idk really.


  9. Is she stupid?! For a woman who is said to be smart, somehow, I really find her stupid… or just downright masochistic. Idk. Or maybe because this is just a summary so I really can’t appreciate her, or her ‘husband’ for that matter…? Everything is just a push-pull thing, and no consistent development.


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