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Mini Recap: Sound of the Desert 《风中奇缘》Episode 1

Watch Episode 1 here and full detail recaps of the episode please visit dramatictealeaves


So the drama starts off with Xin Yue (Liu Shi Shi) recalling how she saved her adoptive father with lamb’s blood and how he captured her. Within the years of living with him, he taught her how to read, write and act like a normal human being.


Xin Yue asks her wolf brother how long has she worn the clothes on her body? Maybe its time for a change, she comes up with the idea to steal from the travellers, which is where she meets Mo Xun (Hu Ge). Upon being discovered, Xin Yue decides to bolt, with Mo Xun aiming an arrow at her.


Their about to shot her wolf brother, she says it has nothing to do with him. She just wants to steal a pair of clothing and some salt. Mo Xun’s mens believes she has other motivates, while Mo Xun gifts her a blue robe. And advises her that being wolf isn’t appropriate for her, she should be around humans.


Her encounter with Wei Wu Ji (swoon, I’m on his ship) has arrived, he has lost his direction in the desert and is attacked by bandits. Xin Yue sees this and goes aid them, by calling her other wolf brothers. To thank her for saving them, they gift her some earring, which she rejects. She says if they have female alter she’ll prefer that instead.


She leads them out of the desert and since she doesn’t know how to ride a horse, she has no choice but to share a horse with Wei Wu Ji. When they take a break from their journey Wei Wu Ji gives her jiang chao yao and alcohol, the alcohol reminds her of her dead adoptive father.


After she bid farewell with Wei Wu Ji, she decides it time she experience life and heads to the capital city that her adoptive father has talk so much about.

Xin Yue was about to encounter Wei Wu Ji at the same restaurant when he is summoned by the Emperor. She doesn’t know how to use chopstick, so she ends up poking them (LOL super cute). She has used up all the money Wei Wu Ji has given her, and ends up on the street (forest).


She meets Hong Gu, the one that drugs her and tries to make her a dancer in her dance house. After she wakes up she meets another girl that’s been’s sold by her step mother, her name is Ding Ling.


Hong Gu asks why she’s not frightened, screaming or crying? Xin Yue replies there’s no point in doing those things because the result will be the same, she rather chose a more comfortable road for herself. She starts to learn dance routines with the other girls.


Someone by the name Mr. Wu comes looking for Xin Yue after the beggars handed in her belongings. Turns out the Master who’s looking for her is Mo Xun, and he has taken the beggars grandson in as a servant, Xiao Feng.


Her stomach grumbles and Mo Xun chuckles, asks what she wants to eat. She says as long as there’s plenty of meat. Xin Yue asks whether he has a lot of siblings since Xiao Feng addresses him as Jiu (Nine) Ye. Mo Xun replies that his adoptive father wants the household to be more lively so ordered servants to address him that way.


While Xin Yue stays at Mo Xun’s place, Wei Wu Ji has been trying to find out new about Xin Yue.


She finally encounter Wei Wu Ji again and finds out his name.

So the first episode have followed the novel quite closely. So far so good ^^

I have attached the ending song that Della Ding’s sang at the end of this episode.

12 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Sound of the Desert 《风中奇缘》Episode 1

  1. When first time knowing Eddie would take General Wei role, I doubted for while. Since I don’t really watch Eddie’s dramas or movies. But after watching 1 and 2 episodes, I prefer Eddie to Huge (I hate Mo Xuan coward character).
    Shi shi really incredible even in “beggar”style clothes XD XD XD


    1. They broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday, each night with 2 episodes each. I will stop the mini recaps at episode 2. However I have linked dramatictealeaves blog, she will be updating the summaries on the days they come out, her summaries are more details so please head over to her blog to read the summarise ^^


  2. Hi Sutekii, I like the ending song. I think the song describe about Jiu Ye’s love for Xin Yue. Although he love her very much but then he let her go for her happiness and keep helping her until the end *sob sob*


  3. Just watched ep1! I wish there were more scenes with the ‘wolf,’ he’s just so ADORABLE. I thought it was funny when Xin Yue called her wolf pack to surround the bandits because the dogs didn’t look all that threatening at all. They all looked so cute and fluffy! *W*


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