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Mini Recap: Sound of the Desert 《风中奇缘》Episode 2

Watch Episode 2 here and full detail recaps of the episode please visit dramatictealeaves


Hong Gu tells Xin Yue about Wei Wu Ji’s background, he is the nephew of the present Empress and General. When she first arrived in the capital the person she hope to encounter was him, but now that she knows his identity she decides not to meet him. She also informs Mo Xun that she has decided to learn how to manage the dance business.


Xin Yue returns Ding Ling’s freedom, after she leaves Hong Gu ask how is Xin Yue certain Ding Ling will return? Xin Yue it’s only a 50/50 chance they have just take the gamble. And Hong Gu force her to pierce her ears.


She doesn’t eat with Mo Xun and he ends up finding her instead asking whether her ears hurt. Mo Xun tells her when he was younger his mother also pierced his ear. Xin Yue feels very happy, because she has someone to take care of her.


She’s afraid she’ll forget her moments of happiness so she decides from now on she’ll write them all down on the autumn leaves. She plays Bai To Ying on the rooftop when she suddenly hear a jade flute join in her melody, turns out to be Mo Xun.


Xin Yue choreograph a dance routine about how Princess Zhao Yang  meet General Wan Qian in order to capture the royalties attention. It dance becomes a hit among the commoners. A mysterious Lady Qin wanting to join the dance, Xin Yue rejects her because she can see this girl has other motivates.


Ding Ling finally returns, she tells them she have burnt the document they gave her before, she wants to return to the dance house. Ding Ling ask if she’s happy now that she return just as they have wanted. Xin Yue replies it not her fault that her step mother and siblings treat her this way. While Hong Gu reveals when she was six years old her parents sold her in order to for her brother to marry a wife. And tell her, she can leave the dance house any time she wants since she has her freedom now.


Mo Xun checks on Xin Yue’s ear and tells its fine they don’t need medication on them any more, but Xin Yue refuses asking him to apply medication on them once more. (The girl just wants more alone time with him haha)


So Lady Qin’s name is Qin Xiang, Hong Gu finally lets them stay after being humiliated by Feng Gu from the other dance house. She says she will take responsibility for the three siblings. Qin Xiang ask for the chance.

For me Fala Chen and Liu Shi Shi always reminds me of each other. Who agrees with me? And also would like to say I’ll stop the recaps from here since dramatictealeaves is doing full detail summaries of the episode daily. Please head over to her blog and read them there. ^^

4 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Sound of the Desert 《风中奇缘》Episode 2

    1. You’re welcome, I think it’s an advantage for those who have read the novel before hand. It’s a lot easier to understand what’s going on and what to expect.


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