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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 49 Translation / Chapter 50 Summary

I have decided to translate the whole chapter of 49 and summarizes chapter 50, in chapter 49 Mo Wen Chen’s actions proves that when it’s only his and her life in danger, he does not hesitate to save her. Her position in his heart isn’t an insignificant as she thinks.

Chapter 49 – Fending the poison dart

Leng Yan guarded Su Qi Qi while he fought back against the enemy’s attacks, each of his moves were filled with intent to kill, his sword was precise.

The only thing was these twenty assassins used strange movements, for a moment he couldn’t find the flaw, not waiting for the enemy to attack his fatal point, he wasn’t able to hit his enemies fatal point either.

And Su Qi Qi didn’t have the slightest martial art skills, so Leng Yan could only guard her.

At a moment like this Leng Yan never thought of giving up Su Qi Qi, he knew, as long as Mo Wen Chen doesn’t give up, he can not give up either.

They can only desperately try to fend off their enemies.

Mo Wen Chen’s eyes emitted a murderous surge, this is not the first time he has join the war, he stood there looking at Leng Yan trying hard to sustain, his complexion is frosty cold.

He observed this technique.

While Su Qi Qi also tried to calm herself down.

She quietly and carefully watched the way each person’s moves, their action, and the pace of their foot.

She didn’t know anything about the five elements trigram [1], so this time she can only watch on mistily.

 [1] Five elements fiveelements

She could tell just from the most basic starting point of reinforce each other, it appear these people were binding their strengths together.

It was clear their eyes was full of rage, at this moment Su Qi Qi is terrify, seriously terrified.

A sword slant and pierce through the back of Leng Yen’s heart, Su Qi Qi saw everything clearly, the person lifted his sword forward while respectively the two others lifted their swords and aided his movements, as long as Leng Yan attack, the three will personally attack him.

Piercing the man’s left side waist. Su Qi Qi suddenly grasped.

A face of stern, the murderous look in their eyes also gradually rises, her chest injury has not been treated, at this time there wasn’t much she could do.

Without hesitation, at this moment Leng Yan was already tight in a corner, regardless of anything he fling out his sword.

The sword approach the middle.

At the same time, Mo Wen Chen also moved, his sword shadow was like a snake, after the sweep, every move they made, a person have fallen.

They didn’t aim for the fatal points nor the arms, instead they aim for the waist or thigh.

For a moment, Leng Yan’s attack also stopped.

Su Qi Qi swept one eye, Mo Wen Chen’s sword has cut down eight people.

When the eight men got up again, strangely they were array in chaos.

And needed time to rearrange their formation.

While Su Qi Qi also note that these people didn’t understand this array principle, they just walking stiffly in a pace, they were all in array with the same action.

With eight men down, for a moment they were unable to restructure their strategies.

Leng Yan also took advantage of this opportunity, and went on a killing spree.

Mo Wen Chen who was surrounding the outside collaborate from within with forces from outside, his sword moved, the blood flower bloom……

No matter how many people there was Mo Wen Chen killed past them without blinking an eye, strain in the red color of blood he appeared like a God, a frightening god.

Su Qi Qi in Leng Yan’s arms, also watched as each assassin drop dead, in her eyes she only saw blood-red, everywhere is red……

She has forgotten to close her eyes, as if she had been able to accept this scenery.

There was no fear, there was no overbearing, only calmness.

Until the last person fell down, only then did Mo Wen Chen sheathed his sword, his face and body was full of blood, like a terrifying devil, in his eyes there was scared king vibe.

Loosening his grip on Su Qi Qi, Leng Yan face was cold as always.

Without the slightest change in his expression.

The moment they landed on the ground, Su Qi Qi felt physically weak, she nearly fell down, fortunately Leng Yan quickly held her up.

Taking one step forward, Mo Wen Chen looked at Su Qi Qi’s blood-red face and the red patch on her white robe, he severely frowned, picked her up and observe the room.

Leng Yan look forward, carefully checked the whole room again, and closed the windows and then retreated to the side: “Everything is normal.”

Mo Wen Chen nodded, and lifted Su Qi Qi into his arms, regardless of her struggles with great care he placed her on the bed: “Don’t move, I’ll treat your wound.”

There was no doubt.

But their face was expressionless.

Suddenly her tiny face was red up to her ears, this time Su Qi Qi didn’t care too much, she vigorously shook her head: “No, Mo Wen Chen, I can do it myself.”

She also cannot accept such close contact.

Moreover, her wounds was on her chest ah.

“Shut up.” With a cold face, Mo Wen Chen overbearingly said, as he pressed Su Qi Qi down.

Hearing this Leng Yan surprisingly smiled.

At this time, Mo Wen Chen’s face was not frightening cold, instead he was somewhat embarrassment, somewhat wooden, and a little stiff……

He even felt like he lost his mind, seeing Su Qi Qi’s white robes continue to leak out blood, he felt unceasingly distressed, he already told himself, this woman is his, besides him, no one is allowed to hurt her.

Having the guts to hurt his woman, there’s only one consequence—— death.

Leng Yan retreated and began to clean up the bodies on the ground, and sent someone to investigation who dare assassination Su Qi Qi again and again.

Although their aim was Su Qi Qi, but it also violated Mo Wen Chen.

The matter cannot be tolerated.

Looking at Mo Wen Chen, Su Qi Qi really stayed quiet, she only looked helplessly at Mo Wen Chen, while raised his hand to bandage her shoulder, her heart was somewhat confused.

Seeing Su Qi Qi quiet, Mo Wen Chen clumsily tied up the belt on her waist.

Then, he also felt that something was wrong, he turned around to find Su Qi Qi’s medicine chest.

Her medicine chest was on the other side of the table, he went over and grab it.

While Leng Yan was in the process of clearing the corpse, someone with one arm missing has quietly hid Su Qi Qi’s room without him noticing.

Taking the medicine chest, Mo Wen Chen returned to the bedside.

A black figure is standing at the door, using his other usable arm sent out countless darts flying out, under the candlelight, the dart flew across their bodies flashing green light, causing a person to feel numb.

Su Qi Qi also fiercely open her eyes, but looking at the numerous darts flying towards her, she only resign to closing her eyes again, she knew she simply wouldn’t get away with it……

It seems, this group of assassin needed to kill her at all cost.

“You have a death wish.” Mo Wen Chen said with a sweep, he threw the medicine chest out, only a few dozen dart instantly nailed in the medicine chest, while in the bleak of the moment, his entire person has rushed to the bed, using his hand to carry, he embraced Su Qi Qi in his bosom, and turned his back to block the unstoppable flying darts……

“Ah……” The assassin who was standing by the door scream, he has died under Leng Yan’s sword.

Just at this time Mo Wen Chen’s entire body was also full of darts!

The candlelight shining green.

“Wang Ye!”

“Mo Wen Chen.”

Leng Yan step over the corpse, shouting.

Su Qi Qi was trembling as she grabbed Mo Wen Chen’s arms, yelling, her lips were trembling.

She never thought, one day in order to save her life Mo Wen Chen will disregard his own life.

“The darts are stained with poison.”

Mo Wen Chen smiled, even are knowing the darts had poison on them: “It’s okay, I won’t die, aren’t you…. an immortal doctor.”

The last sentence, partial like he was joking around.

Once he said his last words, his entire person fell forward, Su Qi Qi used her entire body’s strength to carry him to the bed.

Once they reached the bed, she immediately rolled out of the bed, she has ripped open her untreated wounds, Su Qi Qi’s face was anxiously pale, she was muttering: “Leng Yan, quick…. place Wang Ye carefully.”

In a moment Mo Wen Chen fell, Leng Yan caught his body from behind.

Chapter 50 – Forgive and forget

Not waiting for Su Qi Qi to say anything, Leng Yan placed Mo Wen Chen on the bed, his dull face was very cold. Not uttering a single word.

Pulling out the poison darts and placing them on the medical cabinet, Su Qi Qi quickly found her golden needles and tear open Mo Wen Chen’s robes. First she used the acupuncture technique to seal his heart meridian to prevent the toxic from reaching his vital organs.

Leng Yan stood on the side watching Su Qi Qi busy at work. A dozens of the golden needles inserted into each point on Mo Wen Chen’s body. The candlelight jumps, the golden needles also shook. Only a few seconds of time, Su Qi Qi’s forehead was covered with sweat, dripping down.

Her eyes also did not dare to blink, she just stared at Mo Wen Chen’s back that was covered in poison darts. Since she already sealed the arteries, the next step was to pull out these poison darts. On Mo Wen Chen’s back, there were more than 20 darts, although there weren’t deep, it was still shocking.

Su Qi Qi’s hands shook, it wasn’t the first time she has performed acupuncture on Mo Wen Chen, however this time she was afraid, she’s afraid Mo Wen Chen wouldn’t wake up again. Because of this fear, her heart was in more of a chaos. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, she tried to calm herself down, picked up a golden needle to prick into her two wrists to stimulate her alertness.

Seeing Su Qi Qi’s actions, Leng Yan face remain cold. If Mo Wen Chen really can’t regain his consciousness, he will kill Su Qi Qi, and then he will bury her together with his master.

Su Qi Qi took out a knife, placed it under the candle flames, her hands were trembling. Wiping the sweat again she said: “Is there wine?”

She clenched the dagger as she was about to cut open the flesh with the darts. She suddenly stoop up to take a deep breath, feeling tense and nervous. She has started to care about this man. So much that it became a psychological burden for her at this very moment.

Leng Yan handed over a bottle to her, he did not speak a word. He was very calm, cool and quite frightening.

Lei Yu Feng who was in the room next door was passed out, fortunately, this time the assassin’s goal wasn’t him, or else it would have been more ominous than propitious.

Su Qi Qi takes the bottle and drinks a big gulp. She needed to boost her courage. Then with shaking hands she spill wine on Mo Wen Chen’s back, his skin was the color of ancient carcass, but now has faintly glowing green. These darts toxicity unexpectedly was so strong. Luckily Su Qi Qi had medical knowledge, if they waited until a doctor arrive Mo Wen Chen would have perished.

Biting down on her lips, Su Qi Qi stop her trembling hands, using the knife she quickly dug the darts out, one by one the darts fallen on the basin on the side. Once she placed the knife down, Mo Wen Chen unexpectedly lightly hummed grunt, but he still did not wake up.

Leng Yan who watched Su Qi Qi take the darts out, sterilized the wound, then bandage the wound, his heart finally calm down, besides the tension he didn’t have any more worries. He seems to believe, as long as there is Su Qi Qi, and then any wound can be healed. Moreover, now Su Qi Qi cares about his Wang Ye, she will go to all lengths.

A quarter of an hour later, Su Qi Qi’s chest wound is still oozing with blood, she was still dripping in sweat from her forehead, even though it was winter, her entire robes was soaked with sweat. She tried to calm herself down, trying to deceive herself that the person lying in the bed was a total stranger. She just needs to heal him.

Since all the darts have been pulled out the next step was make the antidote, such third rated poison wasn’t difficult for Qi Qi to treat. She was no longer fearful, staring at Mo Wen Chen’s face her heart-felt warm because this man has used his life to save her. Even though he has tried hard to conceal his feeling, she knew he was clearly concerned about her. She couldn’t help but curved her lips into a smile as she open the medicine chest.

Leng Yan on the side also smiled, this time coming to the Imperial City despite the hardship, Wang Ye and Wang Fei’s heart as become one, stronger than ever before. In fact, he really admire Su Qi Qi, she is feeble and weak, however she continuously turn a dangerous situation around. Not everyone can walk away cleanly from this, it requires courage and brains. Their Wang Fei is extremely intelligent.

Even if Mo Wen Chen didn’t have any intention for the throne, this trip to the capital has been dangerous. Leng Yan just hopes with this lesson, momentarily Mo Wen Xuan also would not dare to act rashly and blindly.

Until Mo Wen Chen has taken the antidote Su Qi Qi left him in Leng Yan’s care as she treated her chest wound. She quietly sat under the candlelight staring at Mo Wen Chen’s face, this alone she felt a sense of happiness.

They made their way to Lei Jia Bao, the road was not as rough and bumpy, Su Qi Qi took care of Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng, while enjoying the scenery outside the carriage. Although it was winter, Lei Jia Bao’s air seems to be warmer.

Despite Lei Yu Feng was badly hurt, Su Qi Qi medicine was also very effective, he can walk now. Even though he smiled as they chatted and walked she saw the coldness and distance in his eyes. When they first met, this man saved her, but he never mentioned it again. (So it was Lei Yu Feng who was the mysterious man in black that saved Su Qi Qi from the evil Hua Quan Zi in the forest.) But since she saved his life this time, they were even.

Lei Yu Feng: “Mo Wen Chen, if one day I need to kill Mo Wen Xuan, will you blame me?”

Mo Wen Chen glanced at him: “You can’t kill him.”

Lei Yu Feng: “Not necessarily.”

Su Qi Qi only looked outside, she didn’t want to get involved in the topic between them. In her view, only when Mo Wen Xuan dies, that’s when everything will be completely quiet down. Coupled with the death of her own mother, this makes Su Qi Qi hate Su Shi Shang and Mo Wen Xuan.

Mo Wen Chen shook his head: “If you can kill him, why would you still be lying here?”

Lei Yu Feng: “You… if wasn’t for that dog Emperor framing me, how can I fall into their hands.”

Regarding this matter Lei Yu Feng only felt disgrace and shame.


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