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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 51 – 54 Summaries

So another one of Su Qi Qi’s love rival has appeared. Lei Yu Yao, Lei Yu Feng’s younger sister. Will she be as ruthless and make things hard on Qi Qi like Hua Quan Zi? Or will her appearance just deepen the love they have for each other? Also I have found another link that has chapters free up 698, so anyone who has read that many chapters since the last link I shared, can continuing with this new link.

Chapter 51 – Lei Jia Bao

Su Qi Qi understand Lei Yu Feng fell into Mo Wen Xuan’s hands because he was trying to protect her mother, listening to those two speak she started to think of her mother that died in the fire……

Noticing Su Qi Qi’s sudden mood change, Mo Wen Chen who originally wanted to tease Lei Yu Feng became pale as he fixed his eyes on her.

Seeing this, Lei Yu Feng gently frown at Mo Wen Chen and raised his eyebrows. Does this mean Mo Wen Chen’s feelings towards Su Qi Qi are genuine? It’s not just for the Xuan Yuan sword any more.

Ignoring Lei Yu Feng’s glaze, Mo Wen Chen pretended to snooze, he also remembers his bet with Lei Yu Feng, he must get a hold of the Xuan Yuan sword so……

He just shook his head again, he told himself, he fell in love with Su Qi Qi it wasn’t because of the Xuan Yuan sword, he also felt that he has his own position in Qi Qi’s heart now, her heart isn’t tightly closed as it used to be. In fact, he could be partly the reason the way she is now.

The carriage weird atmosphere made Lei Yu Feng felt slightly uncomfortable.

Mo Wen Chen smiled and said in a sarcastic tone: “Your life can be worth the military seal in my hands.”

Mo Wen Chen’s words provoked angry out of Lei Yu Feng, this also caused Su Qi Qi to laugh out loud on the side. The atmosphere also somewhat eased, Qi Qi raised her head, her face is still pretty and delicate, in the white gown she appeared like a fresh and elegant lotus, an ethereal beauty.

Regarding the assassin attempt she knows it not the Emperor, deep inside she already has ideas who the culprit is. Although she has no proof, no evidence, however, there are not many people who wanted her dead. But she can not express it openly. She needs to borrow Lei Yu Feng’s mouth. After all, this women is Mo Wen Chen’s cousin.

(Clap clap to those who guess it right, Hua Quan Zi was the one who sent the assassins after Qi Qi)

In front of Mo Wen Chen, this woman is a different person, putting on a perfection front. She just won Mo Wen Chen’s heart, she doesn’t want everything to be overturned because of this. Besides she’s not the type of person to gossip about others. But she’s not the type of person to let people walk all over her. Everything Hua Quan Zi has done, she will find a way to repay her double.

Leng Yan is investigating this matter, the truth will soon reveal itself. With Mo Wen Chen’s sharp eyes, no one can escape his trace, even when the assassins are dead, he can still find the person behind it all.

Over the years, his men had never let him down. Lei Yu Feng also deeply stared in Su Qi Qi’s eyes, he was about to speak but said nothing. He also knew who the culprit is. However, at the moment, he has no proof, so he also won’t disclose it.

Su Qi Qi know that there was a time when Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan pity her, however everything is different now, in their hearts they only think she’s a burden. Especially after Mo Wen Chen has risk his life to save her, they will not be able to tolerate her.

The only thing she can now to qualify herself to stand besides him as his women is be strong and capable, strong enough to protect herself and not hinder Mo Wen Chen. Mo Wen Chen also needs such a woman like that.

Lei Jia Bao covers an area of large, it was even bigger than the city Mo Wen Chen managed, there were many people on the street, but the city made a person feel cold and deserted. Although people had smile on their faces, but they had a tough vibe. One could tell they had some foundation of martial arts.

The carriage drove past, people will automatically give way. Because it was Lei Yu Feng’s carriage, the current leader of Lei Jia Bao. As the Lei Jia Bao Lord, Lei Yu Feng was more merciful to their people. Lei Jia Bao did not belong to the jurisdiction of the court, because they are at the junction of Yan and Southern Xin Jiang.

While walking on the street, the crowds warmly greeted Lei Yu Feng. Group of beauty crowded around Lei Yu Feng. Mo Wen Chen shook his head and chuckled, he has been accustomed to this.

Suddenly a person gallop down the street at fast speed, regardless of passers-by screams. Mo Wen Chen pulls Su Qi Qi aside, while Lei Yu Feng helplessly shook his head: “This crazy girl, when will you grow up……”

Chapter 52 – Lei Yu Yao

Listen to Lei Yu Feng’s words, Mo Wen Chen didn’t notice the people on the horse was unexpectedly Lei’s family Little Miss, Lei Yu Yao. This girl is always so rash and reckless.

The horse gallop pass two people before doing a turn and Lei Yu Yao neatly jumped down and carelessly hugged Lei Yu Feng: “Big brother, you finally come back, these days you haven’t been around the old man didn’t even allowed me out…… Almost suffocated me……” She said this as she patted his shoulders.

Mo Wen Chen gave a slight cough and her face brighten up and tried to pounce in his arms as she said: “Mo Wen Chen Ge also came! This is great!” 

Mo Wen Chen cleverly avoided her as he still held onto Su Qi Qi. Lei Yu Yao then noticed Su Qi Qi’s existence. Su Qi Qi also took this opportunity to obverse Lei Yu Yao. Like Lei Yu Feng, she was full of vigor and vitality, her big eyes stare at Su Qi Qi, all her hair was comb up, woven into dozens of small plait, showing her smooth forehead.

Lei Yu Yao: “This is must be sister-in-law.”

Su Qi Qi: “Mei Mei, how are you?” 

Lei Yu Yao stared at Su Qi Qi for a moment before saying: “Same as the rumors, your appearance is not breathtaking.”

When she finished speaking Lei Yu Feng and Mo Wen Chen expression changed. Indeed, Su Qi Qi’s appearance is not breath-taking, however to be so blunt about it, it was just…

Because of Lei Yu Yao’s words, Su Qi Qi moved away from Mo Wen Chen a few steps.

Lei Yu Feng: “Lei Yu Yao!”

Hearing this Su Qi Qi had an indifferent smile, to her Lei Yu Yao’s comment didn’t affect her, if Lei Yu Yao said she look like a fairy, she will be more disgusted.

Lei Yu Yao ignored the faces she was given: “Sister-in-law, how are you?” 

Lei Yu Feng expression didn’t improved, he always knew that Su Qi Qi’s appearance brought Mo Wen Chen shame. Not because she wasn’t beautiful enough, but because her beauty wasn’t enough to satisfied the Emperor. Lei Yu Feng hurriedly rush his younger sister away.

Before leaving, Lei Yu Yao deeply stared at Su Qi Qi, her eyes full of provocation. Seeing Lei Yu Yao like this Lei Yu Feng had a worried look.

Su Qi Qi requested to have a separate room from Mo Wen Chen, he knew she needed time. He needed time to accept her, so obviously she require time to accept him.

By diverting to Lei Jia Bao, Su Qi Qi was able to quickly heal Lei Yu Feng’s injuries. Whatever rare medicinal herbs she needed she was able to obtain. Everyday Lei Yu Yao harasses Mo Wen Chen once, but she always directly ignored Qi Qi’s existence.

The plum blossom are in full bloom, Su Qi Qi dressed in white, her long hair flowed in the wind. She didn’t have any jewelry on her, which made her appear fresh, elegant and refined. Although Su Meng Ru was beautiful but she couldn’t win Mo Wen Chen’s heart like the way Su Qi Qi did.

Su Qi Qi has also deeply fallen in love with Mo Wen Chen. He has won the bet.

Mo Wen Chen: “So when will you take out the Xuan Yuan sword?” 

Lei Yu Feng looked back and smiled, although he didn’t care about the Xuan Yuan sword, but to lose like this he wasn’t satisfied. From his point of view Su Qi Qi is someone who guards her heart too strongly, to let someone in and love them is a very difficult thing: “She loves you, but she is hiding from you, so I also have not lost.”

Chapter 53 – Just year I will accompany you.

Indeed, in recent days Su Qi Qi always seem to be avoiding him. Because of what Lei Yu Yao said the other day her heart has become restless. Plus on their wedding night, the way he treated her seriously hurt her self-esteem. She felt like snow, as soon as the sun appears she will melt and then disappear without a trace.

Mo Wen Chen: “Rest assured, in order to obtain the Xuan Yuan sword, I will certainly do it.”

Lei Yu Feng rolled his eyes: “Or I should find some way to prevent her from falling in love with you?”

Mo Wen Chen said with a fierce face: “How dare you?”

Lei Yu Feng smirked: “This is called a fair competition, I can’t watch you win the Xuan Yuan sword.”

Moreover, Lei Yu Feng also wanted to get his hands on the burnt-tail qin.

Mo Wen Chen: “Good.”

He is never afraid of a challenge. The more difficult challenge, the more he is interested.

Lei Yu Feng: “Since you have decided to leave, I will not stop you, so before you go, I’ll organise a banquet, bid farewell to you.”

At this moment Lei Yu Yao has pushed the door and came in. She came forward to embrace Lei Yu Feng: “Big brother, big brother, I want to go to the break cliff to play.” 

The way she acted made Mo Wen Chen frown, he detest this woman, it wasn’t for the sake of Lei Yu Feng he would have turn hostile towards her.

Lei Yu Feng: “Break cliff? Did I hear that right?”

This girl is really more and more outrageous. Lei Yu Yao nodded: “Yes, I want to go to the break cliff.” 

Lei Yu Feng: “You can’t.”

Lei Yu Yao pulled his arm swinging it from side to side: “I want to go!”

With her skill, break cliff is not a dangerous place. This place snow all year round, the roads are rugged, if they want to get there it’ll be very difficult.

Lei Yu Feng with a helpless face turn to Mo Wen Chen with pleading eyes, however Mo Wen Chen pretended he didn’t hear anything, and drank his tea as he looked out the window and gazed at Su Qi Qi’s back. Looking at her lonely figure his heart ached.

When he looked back, he saw Lei Yu Feng miserably lying there, looking helpless: “Wen Chen, why don’t we go to break cliff to play tomorrow?”

In Lei Jia Bao no one dare to offend him, yet he had no way of fending off his baby sister.

Look up and laughing, Mo Wen Chen had a face and ridicule Lei Yu Feng, he also wanted to take Su Qi Qi to improve her mood, and enhance their feelings: “Okay.”

When Su Qi Qi heard they were going to the break cliff, she unexpectedly just nodded.

“What have been worrying you lately?” Mo Wen Chen finally stopped in front Qi Qi, disgruntled asked.

Su Qi Qi smiled as she shake her head: “What worry would I have? It almost new year, it just reminds me of…. my mother.” 

Mo Wen Chen froze for a moment, he knew that in order for Su Qi Qi to express this, it proves she trusts him, he took one step forwards and held her shoulders and said very gently: “This year I will accompany you.”

Nodding her head, Qi Qi was obviously touched by his words: “Okay.”

“Tomorrow we’re going to the break cliff, try to have more fun.” Mo Wen Chen added as his hands tighten on her shoulders.

In the distant Lei Yu Yao watched this as she pouted and stomped her feet, she hate seeing them alone and affectionate. She scolding words about Su Qi Qi, which Lei Yu Feng heard and pulled her arm very hard, very seriously warned her: “Yu Yao, whatever you want to do big brother will not stop you, but you are not allowed to hurt Wang Fei.” 

Lei Yu Yao looked slightly afraid of her brother, her eyes were moist, biting her lips as she swung his hand away: “Big Brother, you obviously know that I like Wen Chen Ge, but he had to marry that ugly woman.”

Hearing that Lei Yu Feng raised his hand to muffle her mouth: “You wicked girl, what are you saying?”

Of course he knew that his sister liked Mo Wen Chen. But a man like that, how could he have the heart to let his sister to marry him. Even if Mo Wen Chen is willing, he Lei Yu Feng is not willing to.

Lei Yu Yao tears fell: “I’ll say what I want to say….”

She knew Mo Wen Chen’s character, even if she was Lei Yu Feng’s sister, she knew her chances with him were slim. She didn’t dare to be impudicious in front of him, she likes this man. But seeing Mo Wen Chen affectionately glaze at Su Qi Qi, and Su Qi Qi’s happily smile, she couldn’t control her tears nor her temper.

Lei Yu Feng shook his head as he watched his sister run away, he can only lightly sigh, then meet Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi on the side.

“What’s wrong??” Su Qi Qi politely asked as they just saw Lei Yu Yao ran pass.

Lei Yu Feng embarrassedly smiled and shook his head: “Nothing, she has just been too spoiled by me.” 

After saying that everyone returned to their room, as Lei Yu Feng ordered the servants to prepare the horses and chariots.

In recent days Su Qi Qi always felt her heart empty, although Mo Wen Chen’s did calm her insecurities, however that empty feeling didn’t go away. Her mind always emerge images of her mother’s smiling face, so tender and gentle. As the gusting wind blew into her face, she suddenly miss Mo Wen Chen’s embrace. The rest of her life, she seems to only rely on this man. She is just an ordinary woman, also need to have a peace of mind and assure of her position.

Chapter 54 – Misfortune

On the way to break cliff, Mo Wen Chen, Su Qi Qi, Lei Yu Feng and Lei Yu Yao rode the same carriage.

Today Lei Yu Yao was unusually quiet, without uttering a single word. Lei Yu Feng and Mo Wen Chen didn’t know what to talk about, while Su Qi Qi was accustomed to being quiet. The atmosphere was slightly awkward.

Break cliff, the origin of the name, no one knows who craved the stone name. However, Lei Jia Bao and the southern people are very interested in this site, there always continuous amount of visitors, all wanting to view the risky cliffs.

They arrived at the base of the hill and made their way up on foot. It was winter so the road was full of very thick snow, and harsh winds. Mo Wen Chen held onto Qi Qi’s hand and lead her up.

Lei Yu Feng said legend has it there’s a beautiful immortal fairy that appears once in one thousand years on the break cliffs. If she meets the fate person she’s destined with, they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Mo Wen Chen teasingly asked: “Then today did you come to wait for the fairy?”

Su Qi Qi could not help but laugh laughing, Lei Yu Feng was quite amusing when Mo Wen Chen isn’t in danger.

“Of course, if there’s really a fairy, I’d rather jump down the cliff with her” Lei Yu Feng nodded, said with a face of serious.

The four of them laughed together causing the atmosphere to be very harmonious.

Curiosity got the better of Su Qi Qi, she couldn’t help but walked towards the cliff and have a look herself: “Is there really a fairy here?” 

Lei Yu Yao also quickly moved forward, her fighting skill is on par with her brother so they didn’t need anyone to protect her. Wearing a blue cloak, she had a valiant and heroic vibe. Lei Yu Yao couldn’t help but laugh hearing Su Qi Qi’s question: “There are actually people who believe this.”

She took every opportunity to humiliate Qi Qi.

“Perhaps.” Lei Yu Feng also looked downward, and took a few steps to the front giving his sister a serious look.

Staring at Su Qi Qi in her white cloak, her her long hair blew in the wind, Mo Wen Chen felt she looked like an immortal. From the start he didn’t say anything, only silently holding onto Qi Qi’s hand, fearing she’ll accidentally fall.

Lei Yu Yao said as she ran to her left hand side, she was always rash and haste: “You guys came here just to see the mist? There’s more fun things to do. I heard there’s a pavilion over there, you can see the whole break cliff scenery.”

Lei Yu Feng: “This girl.”

“We’ve come out to play, it doesn’t matter.” Mo Wen Chen said as he smiled, Su Qi Qi stared silently at him, she rarely sees him smile. Such charisma, he seem so perfect.

Seeing this, Lei Yu Feng gently pushed Mo Wen Chen: “Hey, are you using the handsome tactic?” 

The results Mo Wen Chen served in a punch in the fact, hurting his bare teeth.

Because of the snow Lei Yu Yao carefully boarded the pavilion. The pavilion was connected with the other end of the step, it was off the ground more than a dozen meters high, just hanging in the air. It was surrounded by a protective fence. It was not too crowded so Mo Wen Chen didn’t personally support Qi Qi any more, instead he was standing on the other side admiring the scenery while laughing with Lei Yu Feng.

Su Qi Qi was out of breath as she lean against the post, her complexion is ruddy, she kept wiping the sweat from her forehead using the handkerchief Mo Wen Chen gave her the other day. Although she have washed it, but she didn’t even know why she has not returned it to him.

Lei Yu Yao was prancing, she seems to be very excited. Suddenly she jumped in front of Qi Qi, it appeared she slipped and knocked Qi Qi who was leaning against the rails. This sudden accident stunned everyone, including Qi Qi herself.

One moment she saw Lei Yu Yao’s body sprang to her, the next she was falling over the railings. Before her was a vast of white snow.

“Su Qi Qi!” Mo Wen Chen who was standing on the opposite side of the rail, upon seeing the accident occur, he fiercely pushed everyone and without thinking shouted her name and jumped after her.

Seeing Su Qi Qi fall Lei Yu Yao held on to the railings and sneered. But upon seeing Mo Wen Chen also jump, her smiling face froze in place.

Lei Yu Feng also shouted: “Mo Wen Chen!” 

Omg Mo Wen Chen loves Su Qi Qi enough to jump after her when she fell down the cliff *squeals* even though they are both in danger, I actually feel happy for her! And damn Lei Yu Yao that evil girl!!


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  1. Tsk, I actually like Lei Yu Yao’s character. Charming, bright and strong. Too bad she’s so antagonistic towards Su Qi Qi, they could be good friends. But girl, it’s not good to be happy when someone is in danger just because she is a love rival, that justifies one’s character, either you’re good or bad. Fighting is okay too, just fight openly.


  2. I like these few chapters because the pacing slowed down a bit (until the last part) and we got to see more of the subtle interactions between the SQQ and MWC. Poor girl! I agree with you, Amy. The author needs to give SQQ a break from all that abuse. I’m waiting for the TLC.


  3. Another cliffhanger!! huhuhu
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    I want MWC’s love rival too. He is definitely in love now with her.
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  4. thanks!
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  5. It was obvious from the start that this cousin had more motive than anyone else to harm QiQi.Ironically each time there is an attempt to harm QiQi it pulls her and Wen Chen closer.
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