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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 55 Translation

For once Mo Wen Chen without any hesitation jump down and save his wife. I really like this chapter because it highlights how far our OTP has come from their initial meeting. Su Qi Qi finally cried out for help and Mo Wen Chen finally went after her. I think without either of them realising it, but they are changing each other for the better.

Chapter 55 – I’ve never been

Seeing Mo Wen Chen jumped after Su Qi Q, and then seeing Lei Yu Feng also jumped down, Lei Yu Yao couldn’t calm herself down, the people on the pavilion started to gather around.

The ten meters high distance, it’ll be moments before Su Qi Qi fell to the ground.

When she saw Lei Yu Yao’s smiling face, she finally know why her heart uneasy.

But when she saw Mo Wen Chen jumped down, the kind of light finally disappeared without a trace.

Since Lei Yu Yao push her off the pavilion, she didn’t even have enough time to scream out loud, buried in the wind, she let her body freely fall.

She can only resign herself to her own fate.

Although she is afraid of death, but she knew she could not change her destiny.

Mo Wen Chen’s black robe with bursts of wind, slowed down the falling speed, his face is full of anxiety, just staring straight at Su Qi Qi’s indifferent face.

This kind of indifference, he has seen it more than once, once again his heart ached.

His heart really ached and felt the pain.

The two of them facing a telekinesis, they realised they were so far away from each other.

Jumping down Lei Yu Feng descended, his hand pulled the corner of Mo Wen Chen’s cloak: “Mo Wen Chen, do you have a death wish? For this woman, you don’t even want your life?”

He said this after the jump, attempted to pull Mo Wen Chen back to the pavilion.

But at that moment, Mo Wen Chen fiercely tear the cloak strap from his chest, leaving Lei Yu Feng only with his tore cloak above, until he looked down again, they were distance apart.

The snowflake floated in the sky, scattering ripples it was a very beautiful sight.

It was rather windy, blowing into their ear, unable to hear any other sound.

Mo Wen Chen swung his body in the air, to make himself fall faster, while reaching out his hand, trying to stop Su Qi Qi’s body from rapidly falling.

At this time, he also not clear, he was taking a gamble, for Su Qi Qi he will not hesitate to jump down.

Now that he have jump down, there’s not save reason why he wouldn’t save her.

Regardless, he will bring Su Qi Qi back to the city intact.

Su Qi Qi’s lips pulled into a smile, her calm eyes flash a light, reflecting the snow, it appeared very beautiful, her delicate and pretty face wasn’t indifferent, instead there was a kind of self-confidence.

Looking at Mo Wen Chen outstretched out a hand, Su Qi Qi gently lifts her hand, wanting to pull his hand.

“Mo Wen Chen, save me.” Finally Su Qi Qi said aloud a sentence, with the wind it reached Mo Wen Chen’s ear, she is afraid of death, really afraid.

Especially when she knows the death is certain.

Although these days, Mo Wen Chen have been treating her very gentle and considerate, but there had been too many times when he has abandoned which made her not daring to have hope nor expectations.

Perhaps this once Mo Wen Chen will change Su Qi Qi.

Su Qi Qi’s cries made Mo Wen Chen’s heart sank, he grind his teeth, both of his palm flipped, vigorously falling downwards, the snow hit in his face, although there was a slight pain, but his heart felt warmth.

This woman, finally removed her mask of indifference.

He has succeeded the first step.

Doing a back flip in the air, his sleeves shrink, already reeled Su Qi Qi’s long hair that flutter in the wind.

Painfully pulling on Su Qi Qi’s scalp, letting her weakly fall down, the next second, her entire person has been in Mo Wen Chen’s embrace.

The two of them together to fall to downward……

Their head and body is covered with snow, at this time Su Qi Qi did not feel the cold, she leaned lightly on Mo Wen Chen’s arms, gently closed her eyes, her long lashes slightly trembling, with a layer of snowflake on her eyelashes.

Just when they were landing, Mo Wen Chen let out a deep breath of relief, he tried to balance his body while holding onto Su Qi Qi, appearing like a pair of immortal fairies lightly floating down.

Falling in the thick snow.

On the ground, Su Qi Qi opened her eyes, both of her hands gripped on Mo Wen Chen, but she found that had his strong body has become soft, he fell to the ground with her.

Using all her strength to support Mo Wen Chen, she suddenly saw his mouth overflowing with fresh blood.

Without his cloak, only his black robes, his face was pale, couple when the snow flakes was falling, he even appeared fragile.

“Mo Wen Chen!” Su Qi Qi’s complexion was also pale, as she nervously shouted.

Lei Yu Feng and Lei Yu Yao who was on the pavilion have recklessly rushed down the steps.

At this time Lei Yu Feng continuously blame Lei Yu Yao, from far away, he has seen Mo Wen Chen vomit blood.

Mo Wen Chen waved his hand, trying suppressed his heart’s qi and revert the blood back, he reversed his internal force when he caught Su Qi Qi in mid-air. And Because the toxic in his body hasn’t been entirely removed, his internal force hasn’t been completely recovered.

“Mo Wen Chen!” Su Qi Qi shouted again, in a low voice, while using her trembling fingers to feel for his pulse.

“I’m alright.” Mo Wen Chen faintly said: “You…… Are you okay?”

Vigorously shook her head, Su Qi Qi felt her own tears wanting to drop down, but there was no more tears to fall: “I’m fine I’m fine……”

Feeling his body is very weak.

Su Qi Qi abruptly tried to supported Mo Wen Chen with all her strength.

Up until Lei Yu Feng arrived, she continuously supported him.

“Quick, we need to return to the Bao’s residence” Lei Yu Feng shouted, as he carried Mo Wen Chen on his back, rushing through the snow that was knee height.

Mo Wen Chen has really damage his internal energy, and injured his organs, and required treatment.

Su Qi Qi also knew this, so she didn’t rush.

Lei Yu Yao who arrived after spitefully stared at Su Qi Qi and loudly scolded her: “It’s all your fault!”

Although Su Qi Qi’s heart was just in a chaos, but soon she calmed down, staring straight at Lei Yu Yao, she wasn’t angry, only just lightly said: “If you really love him, you should not put him in a dilemma.”

After saying this she turned around and left.

With some difficulty she only one good foot to walk in the snow, but she quickly hurried away.

Because the carriage was at the base of the mountain, when Su Qi Qi descended down, it was already too late, Lei Yu Feng couldn’t wait for them, he had already left, and ordered his men wait for Su Qi Qi and Lei Yu Yao.

Su Qi Qi’s words made Lei Yu Yao be at a loss what to do, indeed, she knew Su Qi Qi was right.

But she is not willing to admit this.

From afar she saw Lei Yu Feng leaving with Mo Wen Chen, she spitefully clenched her fist, there were several times when she wanted to kill Su Qi Qi.

Now she had the perfect opportunity at hand.

Since she has taken some step, it wouldn’t hurt to do it again.

As long as she can make Su Qi Qi sleep in the top of the snow mountain forever.

In fact, all along she has been indecisive, because she know, Mo Wen Chen will not let her off easily.

With no carriage, Su Qi Qi stood there waiting for Lei Yu Yao to arrive, as it was getting late, the snow flakes fell, the wind was great and the temperature dropped. At this time, Su Qi Qi’s face was frozen appearing somewhat green, because she just fell down from the pavilion, her clothes and long hair is a little messy, but she wasn’t the least flustered.

Her temperament is unchanged, her eyes were remained the same, she was indifferent but not arrogant, she always let a person feel that she was superior, inviolable.

“Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to have him” Su Qi Qi looked directly at Lei Yu Yao, there was no doubt in the other person’s eye that they intended to kill her.

Lei Yu Yao’s complexion darken, her finger slightly tightened: “What I can’t obtain, others also can’t possess.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve never had it, it’s just….. Involuntarily, an imperial decree is hard to go against.” Su Qi Qi did not have the slightest fear because of Lei Yu Yao’s murderous eyes, she knew, Lei Yu Yao resent Mo Wen Chen.

At least, now she feels guilty.

I obviously don’t like Lei Yu Yao, this girl is too spoiled, reckless and selfish. What Su Qi Qi said about her is right, if she did love Mo Wen Chen, she wouldn’t do what she did. Being young she doesn’t understand the properly to love someone. My heart also felt warmth by Mo Wen Chen’s actions.


21 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 55 Translation

  1. Little girl and her wretched actions are equivalent to a monkey with scissors. Too much power in the hands of someone as irresponsible as her only brings disaster. Blame her upbringing as much as her temperament I’d say. SMH. What worries me more is how the men in the periphery aka Mo Wen Chen’s posy will shift the blame on to Qi Qi this time. They always find fault with her (which is okay to some degree but mostly toes the line of overcompensation). What a sad life our OTP have. I am thinking of the drama Lan Ling Wang now how their only happy times were when they stopped in a secluded hut for a short time period. I was hoping Qi Qi & hubby get a little elopement of their own. All wishful thinking now. I just hope the man regains his strength and ability or else those hyenas that guard him so will not leave Qi Qi alone. I know they are like brothers to him but I can’t side with them, not in a story where my loyalties lie solely with the heroine.


    1. I feel the same way about his brothers too. Sometimes I really hate them, and sometimes not so much. What’s with the damn animosity?!


      1. Yep yep, totally agree. It’s ridiculous because Qi Qi has proven to be a great asset more than once, and they refuse to see the benefits and her advantages and instead blame her for everything that happens. Unless they want Mo Wen Chen to remain a bachelor for the rest of his effing life, if he ever falls in love, doesn’t matter how kung-fu-empowered his spouse is, he’ll still risk his life for her…that’s just love. Why doesn’t he effing blame his own spoiled brat-of-a-sister that he’s coddled and turned a blind-eye to?


      2. Su Qi Qi should just let them be together, leave and find herself am amazing man who actually deserves her devotion and affection.

        Everyone around Mo Wen Chen just causes too much dilemma and conflicts for her.


    2. SMH? Care to explain what does the abbr mean?

      I don’t think Mo Wen Chen shift the blame on Qi Qi regarding this matter. Clearly everyone knew it was Lei Yu Yao who had the motivite to push her. It wasn’t for the fact Lei Yu Yao is Lei Yu Feng’s sister, I doubt Mo Wen Chen would have spared her.

      Your reference to Lan Ling Wang is quite nice, if only our OTP had moments like that. They have little intimate moments together, but I don’t think to the extend that Lan Ling Wang and Yang Xue Wu shared.


      1. tell me something bad happens to her please! all the people in this novel who ever had a bad thought or action towards Qi Qi should have to suffer a plight in the end!


      2. I wish something happens to her to teach her a proper lesson in life. However after this incident and Mo Wen Chen returns to the area he manages, Lei Yu Yao hasn’t appeared again. She most likely appear later on since the novel is so long.


  2. thanks!
    woah—-! my heart! save her, wen chen, save her—-! don’t disappoint qi qi! ooh, success! lei yu yao wasn’t taught well! come on—-! why would you not teach your children well?!


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