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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 56 – 60 Summaries

And Hua Quan Zi is back in the picture as our OTP returns back to the Wang residence’s. I honestly don’t like this woman, she is too cruel for my liking.

Chapter 56 – Don’t forget the Xuan Yuan sword

Su Qi Qi’s word Lei Yu Yao in a daze, she somewhat didn’t believe it, but to a certain degree she understand it, because she was crystal clear about how Su Qi Qi end up marrying Mo Wen Chen.

“But he……” Lei Yu Yao wanted to say ‘but he desperately tried to save you.’

Su Qi Qi interrupted Lei Yu Yao and said with a face of indifference: “That is because he has the ability, and besides I am his Wang Fei that the Emperor appointed.”

From Su Qi Qi’s point of view, if Mo Wen was 100% sure he was compatible of saving her, he wouldn’t have jumped.

Lei Yu Yao still stared directly at Su Qi Qi, her clenched fist slowly released, as if she has given up and had no strength to argue on. The two silently stare at each other.

The driver waited for a long time, finally found it unbearable and respectful salute as he called out: “Little miss.”

Lei Yu Yao suddenly pitied Su Qi Qi because her existence only brought him shame. At that moment, she believed in Su Qi Qi’s words and her hostility towards Qi Qi also disappeared.

Both of them going into the carriage, along the way, no one spoke. Both of them closed their eyes and thought of their own worries.

All of Lei Jia Bao’s practitioners are invited to Mo Wen Chen’s room.

In Lei Yu Feng’s heart Mo Wen Chen was like an immortal, if he can spit out a mouthful of blood, then it can only mean he has suffered a heavy injury. That’s why he was so worried and didn’t wait for Su Qi Qi to reach the base of the mountain. He didn’t even have time to think that Su Qi Qi might encounter danger if she is left alone together with his sister.

The hall was full of doctors were all at loss what to do, they were all discussing which treatment will be best. This caused Lei Yu Feng to be extremely furious.

Until half an hour later when Su Qi Qi, it finally occurred to him, she is also a doctor and asked her to check Mo Wen Chen’s pulse. Lei Yu Yao entered Mo Wen Chen’s room with Su Qi Qi. Staring Mo Wen Chen’s condition and thinking about those words Su Qi Qi said, she unexpectedly regretted her behavior. She knew, it was impossible to change Mo Wen Chen’s views of her now. And regarding this matter her brother never supported her.

Su Qi Qi sat besides Mo Wen Chen and took his pulse, her eyes slightly down, her long eyelashes covered any emotions that was emitting through her eyes. Without saying a word she began to write the prescription.

While this was happening Lei Yu Feng was mercilessly staring at his sister. Lei Yu Yao also knew was wrong, so she can only keep silent.

After Su Qi Qi was done writing the prescription, Lei Yu Feng immediately sent servant out to obtain the list of medical herbs, and personally monitor brewing of the tonic.

Su Qi Qi casually said: “Your brother…… Cares very much about Wang Ye.”

“Of course, my brother’s life is saved by Wang Ye, if there wasn’t Mo Wen Chen Ge there wouldn’t be my brother today” Lei Yu Yao said with a face of admiration as she stared at Mo Wen Chen who was lying on the bed.

Su Qi Qi finally understand this man certainly hold thousand of teenage girl’s heart, among them it also includes hers. Thinking of this, she wryly smiled, she had no way of not loving this man, because once again she is moved by his actions.

Because Mo Wen Chen just slightly recovered, he woke up and wanted to leave. Lei Yu Feng stood in the hall, glared at Mo Wen Chen: “With your current situation, how can I be rest assured?”

Mo Wen Chen: “You know my temper, if you don’t want your sister to encounter any misfortune, let us leave.”

If it wasn’t for the sake of Lei Yu Feng, this time Mo Wen Chen would have killed Lei Yu Yao, only he can touch his woman, anyone that hurts/harms Su Qi Qi, is the same as hurting him. It was the same as slapping him on the face.

Looking at Mo Wen Chen’s cold expression, and profound words. Lei Yu Feng was silent. He also knows that yesterday what Lei Yu Yao did was intentional, she wanted to sentence Su Qi Qi to death. Although he has punished her to kneel in the ancestral temple, but he cannot change the facts. Thankfully this time Su Qi Qi was unharmed, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to protect his sister.

Lei Yu Feng asked staring at Mo Wen Chen, he had always wanted to ask this question: “You really love her?”

Mo Wen Chen didn’t clarify anything, only saying: “Don’t forget the Xuan Yuan sword.”

“I see.” Lei Yu Feng shook his head and helplessly shrugged his shoulders. He doesn’t understand Mo Wen Chen, is it really just for the sake of the Xuan Yuan sword? He hopes Mo Wen Chen doesn’t fall in love with her, if he does he will no longer be God of war, because then he will have a weakness. She can not support him, instead she would only be a burden to him.

Presumably Qi Qi have packed all their belongings and were on their way back to their city. Mo Wen Chen didn’t say any good byes, he left just like the wind. Lei Yu Feng has long been accustomed to Mo Wen Chen’s ways.

Since Su Qi Qi have settled things with Lei Yu Yao, she believes Lei Yu Yao won’t threaten her life again. But now that their returning to the city, what is her status? Where will she reside? Will Hua Quan Zi easily let her off? These endless question made her restless. Stealing a glance at Mo Wen Chen, she hope this man will always care for her.

Mo Wen Chen who sense Su Qi Qi’s discomfort and solemnly said: “You are ben wang’s Wang Fei.”

This one sentence was enough reassurance for her, her restlessness and anxiety disappeared momentary.

 Chapter 57 – Confused 

These days, Hua Quan Zi always had a cold face, she didn’t think Mo Wen Chen will take this long to return, and every time she received information, Su Qi Qi’s name is always mentioned. It seems Mo Wen Chen’s life cannot do without Su Qi Qi.

Unexpectedly this ugly woman has come back alive. This made her furious. She tips her tea and a servant girls cleans it up and accidentally reveals she knows Hua Quan Zi’s real identity. She has been sent by the Female Emperor of Bai Hua Kingdom to protect the only Princess of Bai Hua Kingdom.

(Not much is revealed about Bai Hua Kingdom at this stage, but since I’m ahead I’ll explain a bit about Bai Hua Kingdom. In Bai Hua Kingdom the Emperor is female. And female’s social worth has a higher status compared to males. So everything we’re custom to has been reversed.)

Hua Quan Zi is furious, all the assassins she sent out, not only didn’t kill Su Qi Qi, but not even one has returned. She also didn’t like Lei Yu Feng, because that man’s eye are too sharp, he’s too smart.

Now that Mo Wen Chen has returned she also dare not to act rashly and blindly. Otherwise she would have hired more powerful to deal with Su Qi Qi for good. She grew up together with Mo Wen Chen, she knows his temper. Even if Mo Wen Chen is cold, and distance, she still didn’t want to give up. In her mind, only she qualifies to be the woman besides him. For Su Qi Qi to move in his courtyard, she found it intolerable.

Although Mo Wen Chen’s body has recuperated, but Su Qi Qi still insisted he continue to drink the tonics.

Mo Wen Chen somewhat abruptly asked: “What did you have in mind?”

Su Qi Qi sigh: “I want to take revenge for my mother.”

Mo Wen Chen satisfactory nodded: “Rest assured, I will, however, its new years eve soon, don’t think too much, once the new year is over we’ll discuss the matter again?”

He is afraid Qi Qi will be immersed in sadness.

Looking at Mo Wen Chen dark and gentle eyes, she nodded: “Okay, I’ll try.”

Leng Yan felt his Wang Ye have changed, he doesn’t know whether it’s good or bad. He has found out who sent the assassins to kill Su Qi Qi, since it was only a little girl he has placed the matter behind. Regarding this matter Mo Wen Chen hasn’t forgotten, he just temporarily put the issue aside, give each other a little breathing space.

Staring at Su Qi Qi, this woman is indeed the most suitable stand by his side. But was she a relative, or just his subordinate? All that has happened, without Su Qi Qi, he would have been poisoned and will be completely bedridden for life.

Su Qi Qi is just an ordinary, her expectations in life isn’t high, she just want to find a man who loves her and gives her undivided attention, able rely for life.

The carriage stopped, Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen glanced at each other, not uttering a word, they have finally came back. Mo Wen Chen jumped out of the carriage, without lending her a hand. The housekeeper and Hua Quan Zi was already waiting by the residence door.

Hua Quan Zi: “Cousin, you have finally come back.”

Mo Wen Chen just nodded, he didn’t even say a word to her and strode into the residence. Hua Quan Zi mercilessly stare at Su Qi Qi.

 Chapter 58 – Marrying a Consort.

For Hua Quan Zi to have such an expression, Su Qi Qi already knew it was coming, so she didn’t care one bit.

Standing at the residence gate, Hua Quan Zi’s face was array green and white, her red lips pressed together, while her eyebrow was undisguised hostility, because she saw Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Cen entered the courtyard.

She originally thought Su Qi Qi would have just lived the rest of her life in the laundry department, unexpectedly she has risen herself to a high position. The position she have wanted for so many years.

Upon returning Mo Wen Chen didn’t rest, he order his mens to gather information about Hua Sha Gang, he’s afraid Hua Sha Gang have their eyes on the city and wants to attack them. So he has to pay special attention to the threats that lurk beneath.

He has received a letter from his aunty Bai Hua’s Emperor (Queen), asking him to take care of Hua Quan Zi, and entrusted the rest of her life in his hands. All these years, he certainly knew thoughts, but he never thought anything of it. However this time receiving his aunty letter he hesitated. Because Su Qi Qi is already his official Wang Fei, he doesn’t intend to degrade her status to a side concubine.

Since he was a child Bai Hua’s Emperor has taken care of him, he has never seen his own mother. Because all the things Bai Hua’s Emperor has done for him, he could continue surviving in the Yan’s Kingdom palace, and have today achievement. He is not devoid of gratitude.

And because of righteousness, all these years, he has turned a blind eye to all of Hua Quan Zi’s behaviour, regardless of the trouble she caused he did not blame her.

And all along, it’s not that he didn’t suspect Hua Quan Zi’s doing, he knew when he wasn’t in the residence, what Hua Quan Zi did to Su Qi Qi…… But because that time he didn’t care about Su Qi Qi, he didn’t intervene.

On the way home, he has ordered all the assassins Hua Quan Zi sent to be kills, he felt this was big blow for her already. After all, if he can forgive Lei Yu Yao, he can forgive Hua Quan Zi.

He thought, there will always be a day when Hua Quan Zi will leave here and returned to Bai Hua kingdom. Regarding the letter, only Leng Yan knew. Su Qi Qi was quietly sleeping, she didn’t know a big challenge was coming her way. Her stable life was about to change once again.

Because all New Year’s Eve arrangement has always been organised by Hua Quan Zi, she was busy dealing with them, Mo Wen Chen didn’t intervene and Su Qi Qi didn’t have the right to interfere. Only this way would Hua Quan not act recklessly.

Upon seeing Su Qi Qi come out of Mo Wen Chen’s room, Hua Quan Zi’s expression changed and walked towards Su Qi Qi’s direction. But Qi Qi just ignored and walked pass her.


Su Qi Qi didn’t stop upon hearing Hua Quan Zi’s words. Since her words didn’t work she stops in front of Su Qi Qi with a ablaze of anger: “I told you to stop, do you hear me?” 

Su Qi Qi: “I have a name, or, you can tell me Wang Fei.” 

Hua Quan Zi: “You……”

Su Qi Qi: “Is there anything? If not, please leave.” 

Hua Quan Zi really wanted to take out her whip and teach this women a lesson, but thinking of her wedding, she decided to endure it. Trying to suppress her anger, she raised an eyebrow: “Nothing really, I just want to tell Wang Fei that after new year’s eve, I will become an imperial consort of Wang Ye, when the time comes, we… must serve Wang Ye properly.”

These words left Su Qi Qi stunned, her face was pale. Seeing Hua Quan Zi’s arrogant look, she knows it’s the truth.

Looked at the flowers was the proud look, know this can’t be false. Su Qi Qi tried to calm herself down, regarding Mo Wen Chen marrying Hua Quan Zi she had no way of interfering. She only knew her mind was in a chaos.

“Of course….” 

Hua Quan Zi laughed and sneered at her reaction: “Wang Fei, please.” 

All this time, they never have been an actual couple, perhaps it was because he always had intentions of marrying Hua Quan Zi. Only someone as stunning is worthy of the position she currently possess.

Breaking off two branches of the cherry blossom tree, Su Qi Qi stood in the wind in a daze.

 Chapter 59 – I’m fine. 

Mo Wen Chen saw Su Qi Qi standing there in a daze so he came forward to ask: “Qi Qi, what’s wrong?” 

Looking at Mo Wen Chen’s tender expression, she slightly smiled, indeed he does have the wedding glow: “Oh it’s Wang Ye, I’m… fine.” 

Mo Wen Chen stood besides her and admire the cherry blossom: “After the Spring Festival, I will marry Hua Quan Zi as my side imperial concubine, regarding the preparation matter, I’ll let you deal with it.”

With this word, Mo Wen Chen was indicating and reassuring her position as the lady owner of the residence. She didn’t want these, but what could she say? She can only pretend she didn’t care: “Yes, Wang Ye.”

Seeing Su Qi Qi indifferent and calm, Mo Wen Chen frown, he originally thought she would at least be sad or show reluctant: “You should call me Mo Wen Chen.”

Su Qi Qi ability and skills was extraordinary, she is not suitable to be a wife, only fitted to be his left arm, and aid him in obtaining the country and the world with him.

It’s not that he didn’t have the ability to take over the Emperor position but he has promised the late emperor, as long as Mo Wen Xuan is alive, he absolutely will not provoke a war on the kingdom of Yan, he will only help Mo Wen Xuan.

After saying those words, Mo Wen Chen turned and left, leaving Su Qi Qi still standing there. The moment his shadow disappeared Su Qi Qi felt her legs no longer had any strength left, using the cherry blossom branch for support she broke into tears. She is weak, she doesn’t dare to fight for him or does she dare to steal him away.

After knowing Su Qi Qi was in charge of her wedding arrangement, she was not satisfied but she knew it was unsuitable for her to intervene. Since the servant know Su Qi Qi is in charge now, everyone is trying to curry favor her.

Because it’s the near new year, Su Qi Qi has been very busy, she never manage a household before, especially such a big mansion, everything had to be taken care of by her, she was suddenly clueless on what to do, but she couldn’t give up.

Just buying things for the new year, Mr. accountant gave her a problem, he told her not to check the accounts and just withdraw money. Of course she didn’t believe any of this, instead she told him she will be personally auditing the accounts herself.

Feeling trouble Mr. accountant went to Hua Quan Zi pleading for help and she gave him an idea.

Three days later, Su Qi Qi table was filled with account books, she frown her eyebrows and she quietly tried to work the calculations out. Su Qi Qi tried not to think too much about Mo Wen Chen and Hua Quan Zi’s wedding. She knew that if she doesn’t settle this, she will be with the joke of the household. Although she never read account books before, but she is educated, so she understand the most basic calculation.

Since Mo Wen Chen has given her the task of managing the household she will only try her best to prove to others she isn’t useless, but it’s also to show the servants she isn’t someone weak who they can trample over: “The pharmacy income is three times greater than expenditure, Wang Ye and my spending during our trip to the capital city wasn’t even this much, do you care to explain where the money has gone? Did you take it home or you left it on Cousin Miss table? Tell me where the rest of the money has gone!” 

“You….” Mr. accountant was stunned, he didn’t think Su Qi Qi could understand these book, even Hua Quan Zi who management the residence for so many years, never read the books since she didn’t understand it.

Su Qi Qi: “I am Wang Fei!”

Hearing these word, Mr. accountant was put in his place and kneel down before her: “Wang Fei, please punish me.”

Su Qi Qi said with a voice of indifference: “Yes I have to punish you… tomorrow go claim your last month’s salary and return home.” 

Mr. accountant: “Wang Fei, please have mercy……”

Su Qi Qi turn and walked away, this punishment is a warning to others, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

After Su Qi Qi left, Mr. accountant hurriedly ran to Hua Quan Zi for help. Hua Quan Zi was facing the mirror with her wedding gown on, appearing delighted. After informing her of the incident, Hua Quan Zi went to confront Su Qi Qi on the matter.

Mo Wen Chen who was in the yard next door heard the commotion but didn’t move. He wanted to know how Su Qi Qi will handle Hua Quan Zi. This will give him an indication of how they will interaction in the future.

Hua Quan Zi: “What did Chao Po Tao do wrong for you to send him home? You’re just bully the servants.”

 Chapter 60 – You too

Su Qi Qi: “Cousin Miss wants him to continue staying in the mansion?”

“Of course.” Hua Quan Zi said as if she was the owner of this mansion. She was not afraid of her Su Qi Qi, after all she is the Princess of Bai Hua Kingdom. In her opinion, as long as she express her opinion, Su Qi Qi will back down, because she knows although Su Qi Qi obtain the Wang Fei position but her and Mo Wen Chen were only husband and wife by name. Su Qi Qi

Su Qi Qi: “If Cousin Miss wants to intervene with this matter, it’s best if you first asked Wang Ye.” 

“You……” Hua Quan Zi face finally changed color, her arrogance disappeared, she knew she didn’t have the right to say anything yet.

Ignoring her anger, Su Qi Qi lifted her eyes: “If Cousin Miss don’t have anything other matter, please return to your room and try on your wedding dress, tomorrow you also have to receive the royal envoy from Bai Hua kingdom.” 

Hua Quan Zi was left speechless as she flick her sleeves and went away. Dealing with Su Qi Qi she already have plans of her own. Just wait until she moves her chess pieces into place. She will have Su Qi Qi die a very miserable death.

Standing in the courtyard Mo Wen Chen’s facial expression didn’t change, he just shook his head, he didn’t know whether he was sighing about Su Qi Qi or Hua Quan Zi.

He doesn’t like bevy of young girls , therefore, his residence never had woman present.

Su Qi Qi was bestowed to him by the Emperor, while Hua Quan Zi was bestowed to him by Bai Hua’s Queen. Both he can only accept.

Hua Quan Zi is never Su Qi Qi’s opponent.

Snow ushered in the new year’s eve. Mo Wen Chen, Su Qi Qi and Hua Quan Zi sat around the dinning table and had dinner, many servants has been sent home for the new year so it was extremely quiet.

This kind of feeling, Su Qi Qi don’t care. This year she didn’t expect too much since her mother wasn’t around. While Hua Quan Zi was dressed up and continuously putting food on Mo Wen Chen’s plate.

While Mo Wen Chen place food into Su Qi Qi’s bowl, he didn’t say anything or made any eye contact, but just this action alone, everyone knows what Su Qi Qi meant to him. This is the first time in his life he has done such thing. On New Year’s Eve, Mo Wen Chen didn’t want to see Su Qi Qi sad.

Hua Quan Zi upon seeing was filled with jealously and anger. After dinner was done she made excuses of wanting to stay but Mo Wen Chen to leave.

The whole yard, is also decorate, red lanterns hung to the rear yard. The brightly lit. Fire cracking was going far in the neighbourhood. Su Qi Qi went to Mo Wen Chen’s room.

Mo Wen Chen: “What’s the matter?” 

Su Qi Qi didn’t say anything, she just quietly sat down opposite of him.

Mo Wen Chen: “Usually around this time, how do you spend it?” 

Hearing this, Su Qi Qi’s shoulders involuntary trembling a little, her eyes reveals a tad sadness yet happiness: “Usually around this time, I will lit a candle with mother in our room, with two dishes on the side we would write poetry, looking into the distance and praying.”

Su Qi Qi really like her days in the past, although there was hardship, but she was happy.

Mo Wen Chen couldn’t help but ask: “Your mother never wanted to regain all of that was hers?” 

Su Qi Qi smiled and shook her head: “My mother is always liked peace.” 

Mo Wen Chen: “You too.” 

The candle lit up their faces, Su Qi Qi stared into his gentle eyes, there was no hostility, just like how he was when he was asleep. She liked how he looked, as if staring wasn’t enough, engraving into her eyes and heart.

Because of honor and righteous Mo Wen Chen has no way of rejecting this marriage with Hua Quan Zi… what about devotion and staying true to someone (Su Qi Qi) who has given all of herself?  We as readers we never understand the views of ancient people, what are their values and beliefs. All I know is that I pity Su Qi Qi, my heart bleeds for her. I just wish for her to find happiness and end her suffering.


32 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 56 – 60 Summaries

  1. Actually, when I first read your summaries, I felt that it was better that Su Qi Qi left Mo Wen Chen and find a new life for herself. It was honestly quite hard to read about the poor way that Qi Qi was treated by her husband (initially, although he is slowly warming up to her) and people constantly looking down on her. I really didn’t like Mo Wen Chen as part of the OTP.

    At this point of the story, she has lost the only person who really cared about her, her mother, and lost her dad to betrayal. And now she has to deal with the news that Mo Wen Chen is marrying his cousin.

    If I didn’t read the back part of the story, I wouldn’t have liked Mo Wen Chen at all!

    “We as readers we never understand the views of ancient people, what are their values and beliefs. All I know is that I pity Su Qi Qi, my heart bleeds for her. I just wish for her to find happiness and end her suffering.” – Maybe we should be glad that we are born in modern times and women have a choice 😀


  2. More I read more I don’t understand why the writer really makes everything so hard for Qi Qi.
    It seems the hardship never stop for Qi Qi, geez… from the first until now, Qi Qi facing serial killing.
    HQZ 不是省油灯 and now they are sharing MWC.


    1. Yes I think we share the same sentiments! But at some point in the story, things get better for Qi Qi. And she is better appreciated 🙂

      I think because the story is almost 800-900 chapters(?) so things are moving slowly.


      1. First time when suteki introduced the novel, I really want to read the novel by my own but later on when I found out 800++ chapters…

        It better not to touch the novel or I will craving since it really long ones.
        Suteki really makes me curious about the novel and when she said she gonna make the summary translation, I really thanks her so much.
        I know doing translation isn’t easy especially for the non-native Chinese, so I really appreciate what suteki done. she post everything so fast. at least I don’t really craving too long, waiting for next chap.

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    2. I didn’t understand it either, but you will kind of understand it soon, I guess the author is trying to build up the anguish for whats to come soon. Which is what lemonsalt is referring to as well, the turn point of the novel.


  3. I understand that there is likely no way out of this side marriage business but a girl can still mourn. Cry it out Qi Qi, I will console you. Mo Wen Chen is really tiresome these days. He is clearly the passive one in this relationship. As much as Qi Qi is also imprisoned by her situation, she takes charge where she can. Mo Wen Chen, not so much. Is it deliberate or just out of laziness? I can’t say.


    1. I think it could be deliberate, since he knows Hua Quan Zi is behind the assassin attempts he may be trying to protect. However I certainly don’t appreicate how he decides his moves and I don’t Su Qi Qi does either.


  4. gosh, the suspense! please please tell me something bad happens to that bitch before the wedding so it never happens! I can’t believe he’s gonna marry her and make life miserable for Qi Qi! she really has no one 😦 I curse him and that bitch! sorry for the language, just feel so unfair for Qi Qi 😦


    1. Well I actually can’t reveal it because it’ll give too much away, however I’ll will be posting chapter 61 – 62 summary tomorrow so you don’t have to wait long to find out. The hate will just get worse for Mo Wen Chen I can feel all the readers hatred coming out at full speed, because it was what I felt when I read those chapter!


    1. I kinda do because he knew! he knew who was behind the assassination attempts towards Qi Qi and he did nothing about them. He chooses the passive route like everyone else and lets her fend for herself. So much for caring for someone. Is that how you show you care for someone?! One word or conversation with that cousin of his and maybe Qi Qi’s life may be little better in that household. Sorry, heh heh maybe I’m getting a little too emotionally involved with the story 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. @Julianne: I don’t blame him now, but I blame him later. Both Mo Wen Chen and Hua Quan Zi are just horrible for the way they treat Su Qi Qi

      @zora: I’m equally emotionally invested in this novel too, I think if they were more expressive about each other thoughts and feelings it could have done better to the situation. But I understand why Su Qi Qi didn’t say anything, because she felt like even if she did it wouldn’t change the fact he will marry Hua Quan Zi


  5. No!!! Mo Wen Chen is so stupid, how can he do this to Qi Qi? And his excuse for marrying Hua Quan Zi isn’t that good either, so he’ll marry anyone who’s bestowed to him? >.< I hate when the male lead doesn't stand up for his love TT especially since his actions may hurt her.

    I seriously want Qi Qi to just leave him and then Mo Wen Chen can just regret his actions and realize he loves her faster.

    My, 800+ chapters? 加油!!!!!


  6. I’m disappointed with MWC. 1st, he knew HZQ attempted to kill Qi Qi and he did NOTHING! Then… he married her. WHY? Even though our girl is the main wife of his household… i just don’t like the idea that he married other woman and it was his bitchy cousin. I really can’t wait for his love rivals to come. I want him to get crazy from jealousy. lol

    Thanks so much!


  7. thanks a lot!
    Wen chen—-! -flips table again- i know, i know…it’s not his fault…-cries sorrowfully- qi qi wants something so simple, a happy life with someone who loves her unconditionally, but…why is it so hard! i really…i’m so sad…! such a wonderful girl, and she can’t evenlive life freely with someone who loves her!-sobs-


  8. I don’t understand how Mo Wen Chen could say he could forgive Hua Quan Zi since he forgave Lei Yu Yao. It isn’t the same at all–Qi Qi did not have to live with Lei Yu Yao. Whereas the woman who sent 20 assassins, the woman who kicked her and made her spit blood and who starved her for 3 days. This woman lives right here and can be a constant threat to her. If anyone lets their guard down Qi Qi could die. Doesn’t he realize that?


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