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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 61 – 62 Summaries

Chapter 61 – Just A Game

New year’s Eve, Mo Wen Chen accompanied Su Qi Qi the entire night, until board light then Su Qi Qi tiredly went back to her room and slept.

Her up and down heart had no way of calming itself down again.

With his temper, as long as he doesn’t want to, no matter how the Bai Hua’s Emperor command him. He wouldn’t need to comply. After all, he is the Prince of Yan not Bai Hua.

The affairs in the residence have been very smooth, Su Qi Qi’s life is always calm, without the slightest fluctuation. Her life was evolved around Mo Wen Chen. Her mood was also affected by him, because he wants to marry Hua Quan Zi, he was always busy and so was she. Although she didn’t agree to the marriage, but she also cannot ignore the truth.

Mo Wen Xuan far in the Imperial City heard Mo Wen Chen was marrying a new side Imperial Concubine, he didn’t interference, just send gifts. He was very low-key, at least for a short period of time he wouldn’t dare to offend Mo Wen Chen.

New year just passed, Lei Yu Feng alone came to the residence to attend the wedding.

Lei Yu Feng: “How do you think of marry that exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful cousin of yours?”

“Aunt asked me to take good care of her… If you have anything to say just say it” In front of Lei Yu Feng, Mo Wen Chen never hide anything.

Lei Yu Feng was disdain and pulled the corners of his mouth into a smile: “So, how did Su Qi Qi react? I don’t believe she’s willing to, and not be jealous… unless her heart doesn’t have you, then our… A bet…”

Mo Wen Chen: “When we agreed to the bet, you didn’t say how long. The Xuan Yuan sword is destined to be mine.”

“If in this life time Su Qi Qi doesn’t fall in love with you, I will wait for you for a lifetime?” Lei Yu Feng is not happy, he also wants to get his hands on the burnt-tail qin.

Mo Wen Chen head turn, his face was suddenly a cold, he stood up and walked to the door: “Who is it?”

A deep voice. Full of danger.

But there wasn’t the slightest shadow near the door so Lei Yu Feng shrugged his shoulders: “There isn’t anyone there, are you too careful, this is the Bei Ding Hou Wang’s residence.” 

Mo Wen Chen did not immediately turned back to the living room, but stood there. He felt just there was someone here, he wasn’t sure of their skills, but he couldn’t catch their shadow. If it was a martial art master, he would have heard news of their arrival.

Suddenly his minds flashed a dark thought, he felt if there really was someone, that someone must be…. He really hope it wasn’t her. She would have heard everything he and Lei Yu Feng have just said.

“No one.” Lei Yu Feng stared at Mo Wen Chen: “Well, do we need to set a deadline?” 

Mo Wen Chen: “Well, for the sake of your sincerity, we’ll set the deadline for half a year.”

He is full of confidence because in his mind he knows he is in Su Qi Qi’s heart, he can vaguely feel it.

Lei Yu Feng clap, laughing: “Good, good, that’s more like it.”

Outside the hall, Su Qi Qi lie motionless behind the door, she tightly closed eyes, her face was pale, her hands firmly grip into a fist. She grit her teeth, turns out everything has been a game, she was only a joke. No wonder, he wanted to marry Hua Quan Zi, she was just a bet to him, just a tool to protect his life.

Su Qi Qi tried hard not to let her tears drop down, but her long eyelashes trembled and her tears trickled down her cheeks, overflow to her lips, salty.

After Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng walked out of the room, she also returned to her. She felt her heart ached, thinking about the past she should have stayed in the laundry department, worse come to worse she’s just be looked down upon. She wouldn’t have this painful experience she’s going through now. Her mother wouldn’t have die trying to protect her. Lying on the table, Su Qi Qi wiped the tears on her face. She will be strong, she wants revenge for her mother.

New year just passed, the Wang residence was bursting with happiness.

Mo Wen Chen, Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan were sitting in the garden drinking tea.

Leng Yan: “Hua Chi rebuild Hua Sha Gang, and re-merge in jiang hu, what do you have the liking chances of that?”

Mo Wen Chen: “Without a doubt.”

Lei Yu Feng: “What makes you think so?”

Mo Wen Chen with a faint smile: “He is my strongest opponent.”

Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan didn’t say anymore, they believe Mo Wen Chen’s words, he is never wrong in judging a person.

Chapter 62 – Hua Quan Zi’s methods

Judging from how Su Qi Qi looks at him now, Mo We Chen speculation is not wrong. The person standing behind the door must be Su Qi Qi, she have heard all of their conversation that day. He wanted to explain to her, but he never bothered to explain to anyone the reason behind his actions. From his point of view, he has done enough, needles to say any more.

With the wedding day approaching, Su Qi Qi was unusually busy, she rise early and slept late. Since she can’t change everything that has happened, she can only try her best to be his right-hand man, waiting for him to avenge her mother’s death.

And Hua Quan Zi was immersed in her own world, excited for her wedding but also for her plan. She believes that, on that day, it will be successful. She could not tolerate Su Qi Qi’s existence, especially how important Su Qi Qi’s position is in Mo Wen Chen’s heart. Even if she married as his side concubine, she’s also be left in the corner.

On the wedding day firecrackers were going off, the Wang residence was decorated inside out, everywhere was red. It was bursting with happiness.

Early in the morning, Su Qi Qi prepared her husband’s wedding robes, because recently she has been so busy, she look unusually pale, also wearing a red dress, her delicate features was also somewhat coquetry.

The auspicious time is coming, Su Qi Qi is directing the servants moving things.

“Wang Fei, Wang Ye request the pleasure of seeing you” A servant came, respectfully said.

Su Qi Qi paused, she stared at the servant, she has never seen him before since she started living in the Wang residence. The servant seeing Su Qi Qi eyeing him suspiciously he slightly lowered his head: “Wang Fei, the auspicious time is approaching, Wang Ye ask you to come out, there’s something he would like to discuss with you.”

Seeing everything ready, Su Qi Qi heart slightly ached, Hua Quan Zi’s wedding is so beautiful, while hers were cold and lonely. After the ceremony ends, she wouldn’t be the only Wang Fei Mo Wen Chen has.

Su Qi Qi: “Okay.”

Following behind the male servant, Su Qi Qi suddenly felt a pain in her neck, she lost consciousness.

The front hall was full of guest, the atmosphere was lively and extraordinary.

Xi Po have called out several times the auspicious time, but they did not see the bride appeared. Mo Wen Chen sat on the platform in his red groom robes, his complexion was still, deeply frowning. On the side Lei Yu Feng craned his neck looking at the door entrance.  He believed that Su Qi Qi wouldn’t make any error, why hasn’t the bride been sent out?

The guest in the hall started to whisper among themselves, Xi Po shouted again, still shadow of the bride, suddenly a servant hurried in appearing very anxious, while kneeling down and handed Mo Wen Chen a letter: “Reporting to Wang Ye…… Wang Fei has left a letter……”

Hearing the two words Wang Fei, Mo Wen Chen suddenly stood up, he couldn’t keep calm any more. Pulling the letter out of the servant’s hands, he rapidly scan the content, the more he read the chillier the atmosphere got.

“Where to?” Mo Wen Chen suddenly kneaded the letter and loudly query. His eyes looks like it wanted to spew fire.

“In… in….” The male servant was frighten and couldn’t speak clearly. Mo Wen Chen was furious and kicked him, with that hew flew out of the hall. Lei Yu Feng also followed. Leng Yan also followed after he sent servant to settle the guest to leave.

Su Qi Qi felt the cold as she slowly opened her eyes, rubbed her aching neck, only to discover she was at the top of the mountain, with the chilly wind blowing on her body. Her hands and feet weren’t tied, she got up and tried to make sense of her surroundings. The last thing she remembered was the male servant telling her Wang Ye wanted to see her.

There’s only one person who would do this to her, she sneered finding it hard to believe she is such a big threat to Hua Quan Zi for her to go to this length. Confirming her theory she saw Hua Quan Zi in her wedding dress smiling and walking towards her.

Su Qi Qi: “What trick are you trying to play? In order to get rid of me, you didn’t even hesitate to sacrifice your big day.” 

Her eye also somewhat disdain.

“As long as you get rid of, my day from here in will be good.” Hua Zi smiled proudly, her smile was bloodthirsty.

“Not necessarily.” Su Qi Qi said as she tried to find a way out. She wanted to leave before this women attack. And because today was the wedding day, she had golden needles on her body.

“You want to leave, it won’t be that easy.” Not waiting for Su Qi Qi to turn, a man has pulled her arm, and pinch her neck, they seems to know about Su Qi Qi’s golden needles tactic and cleverly avoid her lethal injection.

Su Qi Qi’s hand froze in the arm with the needle in between her fingers, unable to move and spitefully stared at Hua Quan Zi: “What exactly do you want?”

What trick is Hua Quan Zi up to? How will Su Qi Qi get herself out of this? Will Mo Wen Chen come and save her and break off the wedding with Hua Quan Zi?


22 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 61 – 62 Summaries

  1. The wedding may not happen after all. It just sucks that things had to turn out this bad before Mo Wen Chen will reluctantly move a finger. I am slowly starting to dislike him. Make me change my mind before it’s too late hero. Now that even Qi Qi is upset with you, things are not looking up. Sigh. What is with the ridiculous bet anyway. It will only serve as a tool for angst. It sucks to be Qi Qi right now. Or ever, for that matter. All those with one screw loose just need an excuse to try and murder her. Learn your lesson people! She ain’t going down that easy.


    1. I’m just not happy Mo Wen Chen never bothered to talk to her about this issue. The bet is definitely set up by the author for the angst and whats to come in the future chapters.


  2. I’m glad Qi Qi heard the conversation between MWC & LYF. I don’t want her to fall in love first. It should be the almighty MWC. Even though he now feels something special for her but the thought that he agreed to that bet, he should have known the consequences of it. Also he still have a lot of reservations and what the care he shows is not enough.

    I think the marriage will get canceled.



    1. It good she isn’t left in the dark and unaware of the bet. Mo Wen Chen, this person is too uptight and bottled up, who doesn’t express himself. But then again Su Qi Qi is almost the same as him when it comes to expressing her own feelings.


  3. Thanks suteki 🙂 i looking forward for the next chapter because that time im not understand the google translation what happen hihi ,hope you will translate full 🙂 i forgot what chapter but i think maybe chapter 63 or 64 thanksss


      1. wow good then thanks , i’m not understand the story actually when i google that time so i’m really not sure what actually happen so it’s really good to get full story thanks 🙂


      2. It’ll be posted 5pm your time, since I’m done for the week after that I can slack now, have you been watching Sound of the Desert? There’s english sub now


      3. ok i will be waiting 🙂 not yet haha i just want to tell you i will watch in jkt , i will ask my mom or my sis if they want watch together with me 🙂 I also will ask them if they want watch shan shan too 🙂


  4. QQ need to seek a divorce from MWC and go on a long journey of peace wondering around the world (at this point i would like to vote for this ending)


  5. This is a great ancient story………QQ is full of surprises from the word GO! Reading till here all I can say is that I hope there is a second lead who will give this male chauvinistic prig MWC a run for his money. He really does not deserve QQ at all. She who has saved him time and time again………I pity her yet I can only admire her logical and analytical thinking when faced with life and death situations, she relied one and expected no one to save her (how very sad) but survived on her own skills and strength.

    And I concur with QQs thots, he can always refused to accept this marriage with his evil and scheming cousin……..know what, I hope QQ runs away, maybe that will jolt MWC into awareness. Hope he finds QQ again with another male looking out for her…..then I would clap my hands in glee!


  6. thank you—-!
    she found out, huh….i was thinking it would be revealed to her…-cries again- a game turns into truth…this series makes me sad and angry…only qi qi is so awesome…!


      1. well, no wonder! i’ve always been here for qi qi’s awesomeness, and never cared about her and wen chen’s relationship. i am in desperate need for scenes where qi qi’s happy, though!


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