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Yun Zhong Ge《云中歌》Stills

yzg yzg1 yzg2
yzg3 yzg4



3 thoughts on “Yun Zhong Ge《云中歌》Stills

  1. I heard that the drama will change some scenes from the novel. I dislike that. In the opening theme song, I saw the scene that Liu Fu Ling forced Yun Ge to drink abortion medicine. In fact, wasn’t it Meng Jue who did that? It’ll change the audiences’ visions on Meng Jue and Liu Fu Ling. If it’s too change, why not arrange a happy ending as in Da Mo Yao?


    1. Its Yun Zheng were talking about here, he is famous for changing the plot of novel, I’m currently watching the drama as it airs… I just hope it doesnt differ too much


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