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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 63 Translation

Chapter 63 – One thrust of the sword piercing through the heart.

Hua Quan Zi laugh loudly: “What I want to do? Of course you want to die.”

She looked at the distant sky, seemed to be waiting for something.

The big fellow held onto Su Qi Qi, she was unable to move so she could only spitefully stare at Hua Quan Zi: “You obviously know I’m nothing to Wang Ye, why you must kill me?”

Of course she didn’t want to die in this woman’s hand, she has a revenge that she hasn’t done.

Last time the assassins must be sent by this women, she is certain Mo Wen Chen also investigated and found out, but he didn’t do anything about it. Was he afraid of hurting Hua Quan Zi?

Because he still wants to marry her as a concubine, and have a harmonious union lasting a hundred years.

Thinking of this, Su Qi Qi’s heart felt a pinprick pain.

Her mind also echoed the dialogue between Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng causing her entire person to ache and shiver, she tried to calm herself, looking back at Hua Quan Zi.

“Well, even if he doesn’t, you also taken the Wang Fei position.” Hua Quan Zi hummed a cold tone, she is determined to make Su Qi Qi disappear from Mo Wen Chen’s world.

She could see that Mo Wen Chen wasn’t very affectionate towards Su Qi Qi, but on new year’s eve that day they were inseparable, this caused her to be confused about what was going on in Mo Wen Chen’s mind.

After all, Su Qi Qi is an immortal doctor, everyone in this world was well aware of this.

Mo Wen Chen’s resistance was quite strong, however Hua Quan Zi’s thoughts are quite rigorous, even if Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen didn’t have any affectionate feelings towards each other, she couldn’t tolerate them having any relation.

Hear these words, Su Qi Qi had nothing to say.

She knew regardless of what she says, Hua Quan Zi will not let her off.

She would rather destroy her own wedding, she went through all these trouble to just put her to death, acting recklessly she will not retreat.

And judging by her appearance, she is also very confident.

The big fellow that held onto Su Qi Qi didn’t know anything besides quietly standing there, he seems to be waiting for Hua Quan Zi’s command.

While at this time Hua Quan Zi was also longer speaking, she was waiting, waiting for a opportunity.

A figure was approaching from the sky, Hua Quan Zi’s mouth finally formed a smile, and then winked at the big fellow.

His hands that were originally holding Su Qi Qi suddenly became lose, completely ignoring her, together with another man they stood in front of Hua Quan Zi and pulled out a thick rope from his bosom and started her tied up in a tree.

On the side Su Qi Qi stood there stunned, she did not notice a flying figure from afar.

Hua Quan Zi proud face suddenly a full of miserable plainly expression, she looked tearfully at Su Qi Qi: “I’m begging you guys….. Don’t be like this……”

She looked really pitiful.

At this moment Su Qi Qi finally understand, what she was trying to do.

It was such a good tactic.

Without striking a blow, she can place Su Qi Qi in a beyond redemption situation.

Then she finally to look at the horizon, the figure approached closer and closer, Su Qi Qi can clearly see the person was Mo Wen Chen.

In his red robes, but it didn’t conceal his murderous and domineering expression.

He seems very angry, from afar, Su Qi Qi can already feel it.

This made her heart sink to the bottom

At this moment, she knew it was really beyond dispute.

The two men had already started to tear Hua Quan Zi’s clothes, her shouting gradually became weak, but from the distance Mo Wen Chen could hear everything crystal clear.

On the surface Su Qi Qi appeared calm and composed, the wind blew her silk skirt, the rough wind caused pain in her face, while her hands were still holding the golden needles, she froze in place.

In this scene, she was unable to accept.

Hua Quan Zi is really malicious.

Huan Quan Zi outer layer has been torn, the two big fellows wasn’t really doing it, they were just acting.

Mo Wen Chen who was flying in the air appeared cold, he didn’t see the two big fellows bullying Hua Quan Zi, but he was a glimpse of Su Qi Qi standing in the wind, frightening and silently staring at her.

On the surface he was cold, he had already guessed who was outside the hall that day,

It must be Su Qi Qi.

Lei Yu Feng and his conversation, she must have heard it crystal clear, which is why she is making risks regardless of the danger.

“Su Qi Qi, Ben Wang is wrong about you.”

Doing a back flip in the air, Mo Wen Chen landed at full speed in-between Su Qi Qi and Hua Quan Zi, he pulled out his sword and slash the two mans to the ground, their blood splashed to the dry land.

He didn’t even look at Su Qi Qi, and left the following sentence.

Standing in the way Su Qi Qi already saw this coming, but hearing this sentence, she still felt pain and found it hard to breath.

She did not explain herself, nor did she say a word.

Hua Quan Zi clearly put on a pitiful front while she was buried in Mo Wen Chen’s arms gently shaking, her eyes were misty, her wedding dress has been tear, her perfect make up was ruined by her tears.


She cried as she softly called out to Mo Wen Chen: “Forget it, I didn’t suffer any harm…… Don’t punish Wang Fei……”

If Mo Wen Chen didn’t remember the incident the other day, that Su Qi Qi was the person behind the door, he would be calmly assess the present situation.

But knowing Su Qi Qi heard Lei Yu Feng and his conversation, judging by her personality will not let things go that easily, to do such thing it wasn’t impossible.

So he didn’t think further.

Holding Hua Quan Zi, he never glance at Su Qi Qi, instead he just coldly said: “Let her go back to the laundry department.”

The thought of Su Qi Qi doing such things, his heart was in great pain, although he didn’t think Su Qi Qi will pay back this way, but he has changed a lot for Su Qi Qi.

In the end, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of trust between them.

That day when Lei Yu Feng asked him those words, he just merely answered it was because of the bet, but now he has already fallen.

Although it was not sentimentally deep, but it was enough for him to be jealous.

“Mo Wen Chen.” Su Qi Qi no longer can keep her silence.

Holding Hua Quan Zi, Mo Wen Chen suddenly stopped but he didn’t turn around.

Slowly walking forward, Su Qi Qi felt that her feet was heavy, the wind blew and she felt a bit shaky, since when did she become so fragile?

Disdainly smile she stood before Mo Wen Chen: “Don’t you want the Xuan Yuan sword?”

Things have come to this, it’s best to place all their cards on the table.

Since he doesn’t trust her, explaining is useless.

She originally thought they could be a loving couple until death, but in the end, it was a gamble, a farce.

Mo Wen Chen’s body stiffen, his eyes were pitch dark with no emotions, coldly staring at Su Qi Qi, she finally have revealed everything.

Because of this, she can be so cruel towards Hua Quan Zi.

Without looking at Mo Wen Chen again, she stared at Hua Quan Zi: “Fine, you win, but, sooner or later, you will regret it.”

She was utterly dissipated now, but tried to make herself appear strong.

Then flicking her sleeves, she turned to walk away.

This time returning to the laundry department, she will not be immersed in sadness, instead she wants herself to be clear-headed.


The moment she turn, Hua Quan Zi who was in Mo Wen Chen’s embrace suddenly screamed.

A shining golden was stabbed at Hua Quan Zi’s neck.

“Su Qi Qi.” Mo Wen Chen varying yelled, suddenly stepping forward.

Only Su Qi Qi had golden needles in her hands.

After Hua Quan Zi scream, while Mo Wen Chen was staring at Su Qi Qi, Hua Quan Zi sneered, but this smile no one else saw.

She suddenly pulled out a knife from her sleeves and force the knife on Su Qi Qi’s back.

Su Qi Qi didn’t understand why Mo Wen Chen was suddenly so angry, the moment she turned, she saw the knife thrusting at her causing her to reveal the golden needles in her hands.

“Cousin, save me.”

Hua Quan Zi scream, she instantly retracted the dagger in her hands.

In Mo Wen Chen’s eyes, there was only Su Qi Qi’s golden needles leaving her hands.

He had the desire to help, the sword in his hands flew across.

He knew that Su Qi Qi was ruthless towards herself, not to mention the enemy, so he did not consider, the moment the Wang sword flew out, Hua Quan Zi gently moved her body, pulled Mo Wen Chen’s wrist to also move……

“Ah……” Su Qi Qi stuffy hum, the golden needles in her hands needles stabbed into Mo Wen Chen’s wrist, and Mo Wen Chen’s sword pierce straight into her heart!

Her red dress was drenched with her blood……

That’s it I have lost all hope with Mo Wen Chen, Su Qi Qi doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment, and Hua Quan Zi… I just hope karma bites her up the ass real good, I’m so angry…!!


69 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 63 Translation

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  2. I liked this kind of story. I want MWC to do more stupid things to Qi Qi so later on he’ll regret what he had done. I hate him from siding his evil cousin! They deserve each other now.

    Can’t wait for chapter 65 coz u mentioned that it is gonna be good.



    1. Hrmm this chapter made you unlike the novel? I really dislike Hua Quan Zi she is the catalyzes for these chain of reactions, but then if I say this I’m just letting Mo Wen Chen off too easily, he certainly played a part in it as well.


  3. OMG!!! How can he do that??? He’s not worthy of Su QiQi, hope he regret he’s actions soon, and for the other girl I would like to go into the book and smack her silly.
    Uuuggghhh, I’m really mad about this chapter, je!!! Waiting for the next one. Thanks for your hard work.


    1. Love your comment hahaha “Su Qi Qi needs 700 of them to forgive him” well that guy is going to have work really really hard to win her back, I don’t know whether he can thou.


  4. OMG please don’t leave us on a cliffy like that T.T God that’s got to be the pinnacle of suffering. Him knowing that she heard him talking about the bet should have made him guilty and full of regret…not have him turn around and blame her! What kind of logic is that?! UGH!
    You know what? Mo Wen Chen, despite everyone hating on you for the past couple of chapters, I still held some hope and love for you…now this is just crossing the line.


    1. I’m sorry I have to leave you with the cliff hanger until Monday, like I said to hanny I’m done for this week >.< Same as you I held on to some hope for him, but after this I honestly don't want to forgive him. Maybe in future chapters he will redeem himself.


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    1. Espeically the evil girl, he knew what kind of person Hua Quan Zi is, yet he never stop to think this was all a plan. He let his emotions and rage get the better of him. Thus hurting the women he “loves”, but I honestly don’t even know if he loves her after all he has done.


  6. This is really addicting! Thank you!

    MWC obviously dealt with deceptive schemes in his life. So you’d think he’d be more perceptive/smarter. Especially since HQZ had attacked Qi Qi twice before. But he didn’t take any precautions — didn’t even send her a guard.

    It’s especially disgusting that he forgave HQZ and that Lei girl, but he certainly didn’t let Qi Qi off in this chapter.


    1. Your last point is definitely true, if he can forgive Huan Quan Zi and Lei Yu Yao. I don’t get how he can be so tough on poor Qi Qi, probably goes with the saying the more you love, the deeper the disappointment and pain.


  7. All bets are off now. Do not piss off Qi Qi. Girl will show you who is boss. Mo Wen Chen, I don’t even feel sorry for you now. You have it coming. Should have known better boy.


      1. I have read your email and I’m loving this novel more that I ever did before. I’ll read it tomorrow. Can you give me the link for the raws, I’m having a hard time finding it. Thanks sutekii. ^o^


  8. Urghhhh I am so pissed . you know how much I hate disappointing leads, but he definitely takes the cake….. I haven’t rooted for him since the beginning, but I had some hope that he would turn out better, and now this….. he has gone full on idiot and is beyond help.

    And, HQZ’s plot could have been pretty smart… but if anyone really /knew/ QiQi or HQZ’s personalities,her plan is not convincing at all. Qiqi is not stupid (as everyone, close or not, should know by now), and she’s always level headed. Yeah, I can understand if they think she’d want ‘revenge’, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t leave a note if she was planning on killing hqz, and then react the way she did…. idk, there are too many loopholes that the stupid piece of lard overlooked. and if no one noticed, they’re just stupid . If typing out curse words could kill fictional characters….

    Anyway, before I let my rage take over, I really just want a good guy for SQQ, because she deserves a happy ending with a man who would love her for everything that she is and not leave her in her times of need. He doesn’t even need to make her 1st priority, just that she holds a bigger place in his heart than most things. not like her current dumb as crap husband. I don’t even understand what she sees in the sack of excretion that is MWC. I really need to see him stew in jealousy and die of it. There’s no way of redeeming him now, I would only feel satisfied if he lived the rest of his life in emptiness and regret and that she gets a man who actually acts like one. Mwc was already indebted to her by how much she’s helped him and saved his life SEVERAL times, and now, he freaking ‘accidentally’ stabs her through the heart. I really can’t…He could die the most gruesome death and I wouldn’t blink an eye .


    1. LOL “stupid piece of lard” He is very cowardly isn’t he? He shouldn’t have had his sword out in the first place. Email me and I’ll fill you in on what happens later, after I explain to you, you’ll actually feel better and let your anger die down a little ^^;


  9. I love the MWC bashing esp. karma’s. haha. He really annoyed me to death in this chapter. I agree with the others 600+chapters are needed for him to redeem himself. I wish he wasn’t the guy for SQQ but just a stepping stone. Damn she saved his life & lost her mom because of that stupid idiot who can’t even handle palace intrigues & assassinations well. there’s always a leftover assassin SQQ has to deal with. He is just full of empty promises of protection & revenge.
    huhu I wish SQQ would leave that annoying household who doesn’t appreciate her at all. Can’t believe there are idiots who think a miracle doctor is a burden. huhuhu QiQi please get better & leave that idiot… She can set up a clinic & become rich with her miracle cure.


    1. She should, shouldn’t she? Find herself a man that knows how to appreciate her properly and love her tenderly. Mo Wen Chen might just be the stepping stone in the novel. Because there in the novel, there’s a lot more other mens that fall in love with her. Honestly even I don’t know if she will end up with Mo Wen Chen


  10. I really really hate him! How can he not trust his wife and side with that bitch cousin of his!!! I don’t know how he will redeem himself after this. Smh


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    1. You’re welcome, I love the novel so I’m more than happy to share the love I have for it with everyone. She really doesn’t deserve the treatment is she receiving, without her Mo Wen Chen would have been a cripple lying in bed for the rest of his life. I don’t get how they keep forgetting all the times she saved their lives. Shall email you now.


      1. thanks a lot sutekii 🙂 it’s very interesting and more complicated… yes agree, how come they keep forgetting her good deeds, maybe it’s because she doesnt have political power behind her, it’s really not fair


      2. You’re most welcome again, a human’s greed can be complicated, they thrive for power and status and forget the good in people. In ancient times, political power does play a huge factor regardless female or male.


    1. I was thinking whether I should update a chapter today, but chapter 64 doesn’t reveal much either, so I decided against that idea. You should email subscribe that way when I update, you’ll be notified, anyways I’ll email you now


  12. Hi I just read the super awesome spoiler. Thank you!
    I don’t need to email subscribe coz I bookmarked your blog, both with my phone & laptop. hehe
    Plus I love checking your updates. ^ ^


    1. The novels is so good right? Even though its 800+ long it’s really worth every bit of my time to read and share it with all of you. Su Qi Qi is just the best, one of my all time favorite female lead.

      Thank you for the support ❤


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  15. Hi Sutekii,

    QQ reminds me of another heroine, GY but I think the latter has it easier (reading A Generation of Military Counselor at Clovers Nook).

    Arr…..rgh……cant stand this nincompoop MCW…………too blinded by what has been staged for him and didnt look beyond the obvious. How can he win any battles? Like I have shared and the same views expressed by many hope she will end up with a 2nd lead who will appreciate her and love her to bits….
    let MCW grind his teeth in regret!

    Could I request for the spoilers too? Hope it is gonna be a happy ending for QQ


  16. he says that there is’nt trust between them beceause of her but that is not true. he is the one that does not have trust in her nor does he believe her. He really thinks that she is capable of something so cruel , even after everything she did for him ! poort Su Qi Qi ! she really is tragic ! 😢😢😢
    I really hate tha HQZ !!!!!😡😡😡😡


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      1. definitely true, I have always been a emotional person, but I still love this novel. It’s definitely one of the best one that I have read so far and I just want to say thank you for translating .


  18. thanks a lot!
    he knows that quan zi is horrible, and yet he…!!-screams in rage- cunning! what a cunning plan! wen chen, all your redemption has been erased! someone, please….qi qi, you should just divorce him…find someone who is worthy of you…! -sobs- -flips all the tables-
    i’m forever raging and crying…uwah…


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