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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 64 Translation

Since everyone is dying to know what’s happens next I have decided to post Chapter 64 translation so everyone will able to read the long waited chapter 65 on Monday. Have a lovely weekend ❤ Plus Tofubyu is translating Time Will Never Go Back《那些回不去的年少时光》please head over to her blog to show your support. If you can read Chinese novel you can find it here

 Chapter 64 – Pretend you didn’t die. 

Her hands tightly gripping Mo Wen Chen’s sword, her palm dripped blood as her knees fell to the ground.

The corners of Su Qi Qi’s mouth leaked out drips of blood, just staring at Mo Wen Chen, her heart was broken, was unwilling to believe it……

His hand that held the sword was trembling, Mo Wen Chen stared at Su Qi Qi before him, he didn’t dare to move, he was afraid the slightest moments would pierce deeper into Su Qi Qi’s body.

He never thought that his sword would unexpectedly stab into her body.

He resented her, blame her, but he never thought of killing her.

He was just angry, wanting her to return to the laundry department to let her mind clear, and think about all the things he has done for her.

He just want to stop the golden needles in her hands from flying out.

After all, Hua Quan Zi is his cousin, he promised his aunt to take care of her…..

His lips are also trembling: “Qi Qi……”

Mo Wen Chen’s voice was soft and gentle, he was afraid the slightest loudness will startled Su Qi Qi.

Leaning on Mo Wen Chen’s bosom Hua Quan Zi didn’t move, her eyes is full of pride and excitment, her plan was too perfect, too successful.

“Mo Wen Chen, turns out you hate me this much…… ” Su Qi Qi said each word, and ferociously vomited a mouthful of blood, using both of her hands she pulled the sword out.

Both of her hands was stained with her own blood.

With the last breath she supported herself and slowly retreated, her eyes was only filled with despair.

The blood continuing flow out of her chest, she can feel her life was slowly slipping through her fingers, her body felt slightly cold, but despite the coldness it couldn’t compare to the despair she felt.

She is unwilling to take it lying down, really unwilling to.

Yet in the end, she unexpectedly died in his hands.

He threw the long sword in his hands, pushing Hua Quan Zi out of his embrace and step forward: “Qi Qi……”

His voice was full of despair.

There is sadness and pain.

His hands were strained of Su Qi Qi’s blood.

Then Lei Yu Feng arrived standing there stunned, looking at the scene before him.

Seeing Su Qi Qi who was soaked in her own blood as she took a step back, and feeble as she shouted softly: “Don’t come near……”

She was saying this to Mo Wen Chen.

The despair in her voice, even Lei Yu Feng could feel it.

He didn’t know what exactly happened, but he knows that Su Qi Qi wouldn’t be able to live on, the sword piercing through her heart, even the immortal also be at a loss what to do.

He just doesn’t understand, how Su Qi Qi can still support herself and not let herself fall, her hair was a mess scattering in the wind, her red dress had wet patches, he knew that it was her blood.

“Qi Qi, don’t go back!” Mo Wen Chen didn’t dare to move, suddenly shouted.

The back is a million battle cliff.

At this moment, Mo Wen Chen’s heart was in pain, like a knife cutting down little by little, it was numb.

Su Qi Qi’s despair he could see crystal clear, at this moment, Mo Wen Chen is also desperate.

Slowly turning back, Su Qi Qi’s eyes were empty, she used her last breath to support herself, she wanted to ask Mo Wen Chen to dispense everything he has given her in this lifetime.

The pain, tenderness, joy, despair, unwilling and also hope, she wanted to dispense all of it, if she can in her next life, she would rather be a horse then be the woman besides Mo Wen Chen……

The kind of despair is more deep-rooted to the bones.

Behind her is the million battle cliff, Su Qi Qi who was in the wind once again deeply stared into Mo Wen Chen’s eyes, and then slowly closing her eyes, she fell with the wind……

“Don’t!” Before Mo Wen Chen didn’t come forward because he was afraid once he moved Su Qi Qi will jump, but now she really did jump.

“Su Qi Qi!” Lei Yu Feng shouted, he jumped up, but he was too far away, he couldn’t even touch her skirt.

While flying in midair Mo Wen Chen felt his body slowed down a bit, he found out that his belt was pin down by Hua Quan Zi’s body weight.

He swung his arm and pull off his belt, fiercely flying over raising his hand trying to catch Su Qi Qi’s body.

Hanging half in the air, the wind was very strong, bewildering everyone’s eyes.

Mo Wen Chen used his strength and jump but only caught Su Qi Qi’s fluttering skirt.

Su Qi Qi’s whole person has fallen down, and within Mo Wen Chen’s hands was only a piece of fabricate torn off from her skirt, it was dazzling red, just like blood.

Lei Yu Feng was startled, he didn’t catch Su Qi Qi, he pulled Mo Wen Chen back away from the edge, he was afraid will jump down just as Su Qi Qi did……

Standing on the cliff edge, Mo Wen Chen didn’t recklessly jump, he was always clear-headed, so of course he wouldn’t be a fool to jump.

And he also knew that Su Qi Qi couldn’t live on, he wouldn’t be despair to this extent.

Even if she didn’t jump off this cliff edge, she also cannot survive.

“Mo Wen Chen.” Lei Yu Feng also looked at the million battle abyss, one glance you weren’t able to see the bottom, he originally thought Mo Wen Chen will pour all his energy in finding Su Qi Qi’s body.

“Lets go.”

Mo Wen Chen also didn’t say much, after throwing the half red skirt in his hands down the cliff edge, he turned around and walked away.

A sad and lonely figure with heavy footsteps……

He didn’t tell Lei Yu Feng, he does not want to go to the bottom of the abyss to find Su Qi Qi, because he was afraid to see her corpses, if he cannot see her body, then he can comfort himself and can pretend she is still alive, living in the corner of this world……

He obviously knew Su Qi Qi’s chest was pierced by his sword, even if she didn’t fall, in the end there’s only death left for her, but even so he still wanted to deceive himself as well as others, it seems to be the only way for his heart not be in so much pain.

Then the guards came and took Hua Quan Zi.

And since Su Qi Qi has disappeared from this world, Mo Wen Chen no longer gave Hua Quan Zi a glance, he took it as she did not exist at all.

Only lonely walking forward all by himself.

Lei Yu Feng looked again at the cliff edge, the vast expanse, even if he jumped down, his afraid he won’t able to find a way out.

Thinking back to the first time he laid his eyes on Su Qi Qi, her stubborn ways, although her appearance wasn’t outstanding, but her temperament made him unable to look away.

So, he saved her, and gave her medicine.

But he never once mentioned it again.

There are times when he knew he was more ruthless than Mo Wen Chen, he knew how evil Hua Quan Zi’s intentions was, he even personally seen it for himself, but he still coldly look from the sidelines.

Seeing Su Qi Qi time again and again escape from death, his heart didn’t ache, but watching Su Qi Qi slowly fall down just then. His heart really ached, it felt so painful……

Before Hua Quan Zi left she looked back, her eyes still had fuzzy remnants of Su Qi Qi’s appearance, she actually somewhat felt uneasy.

She succeeded, there’s only one left besides Mo Wen Chen.

Although the official Wang Fei didn’t belong to her, but from now on no one will obtain that position, and in the Wang residence, she had the heavens within her palms.

She felt that only her identity can be worthy and compatible with Mo Wen Chen.

And given time, she will let the world know of her identity as the Princess of Bai Hua Kingdom.

Whatever she wants, she must obtain it, no matter how much the price she has to pay.

The cliff resumed it quietness, except for the two man’s body lying there, as if nothing has happened to them at all.

The cliff edge was completely white, leaving just the cold wind blowing, gloomy and forlorn……

It’s a very sad chapter as we have to say good-bye to our dear beloved Qi Qi. *tears* I will never forgive Mo Wen Chen despite how the author describes his grief.

What will happen to our female heroine? Will someone with mighty medical powers save her and give her a second chance in life? Or will she reincarnate?


76 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 64 Translation

  1. I’m ready to go to bed.. glad I checked your blog 1st.

    Indeed a very sad chapter. My heart goes to her. Can’t blame her if she would rather be a horse than to be his woman. He wanted her to think what good he had done for her but he forgot that he owed his life from her.



      1. Me too!! I also think the same as you. Now, I pray really hard that Mo Wen Chen does not get Qi Qi at the end. I will never forgive him. About Lei Yu Feng, I cannot decide yet whether I might like him, I feel he is quiet like Mo Wen Chen.


      2. Well there’s plenty if room for other males to come in and woo Qi Qi, but I think the poor girl is too madly in love with him. Lei Yu Feng has more book time in later chapters. So maybe when you know him a little more you can decide


  2. Thanks for your fast updates! It makes me so sad seeing what Su Qi Qi has to go through! I’d have thought that after she returns with Mo Chen Wen, her life would be much easier but who knew she still had to face such crap ):


    1. Haha there wasn’t going to be but everyone kept on asking for spoilers and the big reveal would have been releases on Tuesday so I decide to update chapter 64 today so Monday everyone can find out lol


  3. This really hurts 😭, but why am i happy that QQ is finally out of those ungrateful people’s lives?!!!

    A big ‘THANKS’ for sharing this chapter!!!


  4. sut3kii!!!!!! This chapter is super depressing.. My heart ached when reading it. I read it a couple of times in case I read it wrong at first place. I’m speechless. That little princess is such a rotten brat! Must SQQ stay with MWC? Couldn’t she be with another guy? …like.. a really good guy?

    I’m trying to be optimistic. There’s no way the story will end with SQQ dies with this fall. I keep on re-re-reading your summary. How I hope Fen Wen (or some other guy) will appear soon. Perhaps he can shelter SQQ just like Xian Yun saving Huang Fu Yun in ‘Gentlemen Free-Floating Cloud’ after her fall from the cliff. Man.. See how I’m psyching myself? I’m so falling in love with this story! Thanks for introducing this story and others stories in your and other people’s website. Really appreciate it! 😀


    1. You’re welcome, I’m more than happy to share the love. ^^

      It is quite depressing isn’t it? We all have grown to love SQQ very much. Fen Wen will reappear soon, as well new characters coming into the picture.

      I also quite like your idea of SQQ having a ‘Xian Yun’ to save her.


  5. Sutekii, you’re really spoiling us with all these chapters!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Hopefully MWC will learn the truth about what HQZ did to QQ that day. Though he seems to be going into ‘pretend nothing happened’ mode. Poor QQ – didn’t get a proper wedding or burial from MWC.


    1. No proper wedding because initially he felt she was humiliation and didn’t like her.

      No burial because he simply love her too much? And want to deceive himself? I’m quite speechless


  6. I’m so sad after reading this chapter. That poor girl really had a hard life. I really hate MWC. Anyways, thanks for translating this awesome novel! I’ve have enjoyed it tremendously!


  7. Wow! That was good. Stupid MWC. QQ deserves so much better. Lol, my chinese is limited but I tried to read chapter 65, it’s so weird. I can’t wait for your translation on Monday. Thank you so much for introducing us to this book.


  8. 1st time comment on your blog ^^
    because my poor english,this chapter soooo sad and make me soooo angry to mwc,his thought about “…. and
    think about all the things
    he has done for her” so delusional,who’s saving who?
    hope QQ never meet guy like MWC again,


  9. Suteki – I got ridiculously addicted to 错嫁良缘之一代军师 and have just now woken up from my reading stupor to update my site. It was such an amazing story, I’m so sad that it ended (and a bit too suddenly too.) Please let me know if you have any other recommendations, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the story and trust you completely for any suggestions :).

    Btw 娘子不像话邪魅殿下俏皮妃 is really good too, have you read it?

    Eagerly waiting your recommendations!


    1. Have you read
      Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud《闲云先生》 - Yu Qing 《于晴》? Love love the novel. It only has 10 chapters.

      I haven’t read the novel you mentioned yet. Shall check it out when I have time


      1. oh hahah I didn’t look at it closely, yeah I’m always looking for good books but I like books that tend to have happier endings. esp in Chuan Yue stories. What are your top 5 fave chinese novels?


      2. I would say Tong Hua’s ancient novels.

        If you like the 错嫁良缘之一代军师 they actually have 2 other novels. 错嫁良缘之洗冤录 and 错嫁良缘之穿二代生活


      1. I like it so much.
        But, this is my first time to read such “tragic” story which our girl seems never stop being tortured. from being abandoned by his father, Losing her mother and even her life.
        poor girl T.T


      2. you right about addicting.
        It really not normal for me to read novel with so much sad scenes and I usually tend to avoid sad ending.
        but Chinese novel really something new for me.

        Any recommendation for light novel? Something like Shan Shan…


  10. Spoiler: this novel is too too long (and tedious)…. SQQ does come back. but its not until chapter 275 where she forgives MWC and reconciles with him (I gave up after that). I think sutekii should probably summarise it 10 chapters at a time, otherwise everyone will have to wait till their grandchildren gets born to find out what happens…


    1. I have been summarizing 10 chapter per week but sometimes there’s chapters where I wanted to translate the entire chapter. ^^ If you wanted me to summarize per post then I can only post once a week. I do have a very busy life =/


  11. After this chapter I have come to really hate Mo Wen Chen. But you said he and Su Qi Qi are ever fated to meet again. I was wishfully thinking that if ever she survives this fall or maybe reincarnate she would get another male lead who deserves her more than MWC. I guess its him and SQQ all the way in the book. MWC and LYF were just too passive in protecting SQQ from HQZ’s evil intentions. MWC lost his great love and a great doctor too in her. My vengeful heart wishes these two warriors to get hurt. Let’s see who’ll save them this time!

    Thank you suteki for the hard work. Looking forward to the new SQQ. Fingers crossed though that she really didn’t die.


  12. Thanks for the shout out! 😀 It makes me motivated to translate more but sadly my exams start next week so I’m having to put it on hold until the end of November ):


    1. You’re more than welcome ^^, I haven’t had time to read your translation and leave a comment. But once I do get around to it, I’ll definitely leave some feedback. Jia You~


  13. Thanks for translating it & posting it today 🙂
    MWC is annoying to the core. I wanted to slap his thick face saying he wants QiQi to remember all the good he done for her OMG all the troubles are due to him & QQ saved his life arggghhh. This MWC is so hypocritical he always so he is grateful to his aunt but how did he repay SQQ tsk tsk. I wanna stab him


  14. Sutekii, pls ignore one comment which said about posting summaries of 10 chapters each. I gobble up each and every word! Frankly, I would prefer to read each chapter’s translation but I know that is not possible however, do translate all important chapters as you are doing right now that we dont miss a single glance, a single sigh and the slightest nuance or feeling between all these characters oh…..omit the evil cousin…..

    Im ever thankful that you are translating this great ancient share and spread the love of C novels!
    Dont cram too much chapters into summaries, we dont mind waiting for grandchildren or great grand children to be birthed as all good things need to be savoured! Errr….tho its the suspense that will be killing us…..hehe


  15. What a black hearted moron…..”Standing on the cliff edge, Mo Wen Chen didn’t recklessly jump, he was always clear-headed, so of course he wouldn’t be a fool to jump.”

    I need to reread this chapter twice to believe the words stated……..

    QQ should have to administer her golden needles to her heart and mind and expunge her love for this moron out of her system.He dared to mock her for shaming him for not being beautiful if not for her time and again saving his life, he would have long been a pile of bones. What a moronic prig! He takes the top spot for being the most idiotic male lead and QQ being with him is like casting pearls before swines….

    There…….need to vent my spleen……….


  16. ….this is the first time I have been seriously angry at the male lead!!!!! What love!!! He didn’t even try to believe in her!!! Stupid dumbass!!! I HATE MWC!!! Now I really wanna support the 2nd male lead!! DX his grief is nothing compare to her suffering!!!!


  17. And thus the end of this story…
    (If she still did not die from that, she’s definitely a zombie…)
    Eh? there still a continue??


  18. thanks a lot!
    qi qi…! qi qi, no…! -hugs pillow and cries- oh, stop, stop…!wen chen, you! hmph! i liked his reactions though, pushing qian zi away and being desperate! anyway, my heart is in pain for qi qi’s plight…


  19. So now that Qi Qi is no longer there to be saddened by it he can easily not even look at Hua Quan Zi. how useless is that. I really hate that man now. So stupid. And when Qi Qi was hurt so badly by Hua Quan Zi he did not even let on he knew much less punish her–even after she was his wife with the assassins. He marries her instead. But when he thinks Qi Qi is at fault he is planning to send her straight back to the laundry. What an AH.


    1. I realized too many she’s. I meant even after Qi Qi was his acknowleged wife when Hua Quan Zi sent the assassins she was going against him but he pretended not to know.


  20. Just how many times should our heroine be heartbroken and murdered before she can have a happy ending? Argh! Thanks for the translation.


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