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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 65 Translation

This is the chapter I’ve been dying to share with everyone. From this chapter on we turn a new leaf in the novel. I’m sure everyone will love the change of events as much as I did.

Chapter 65 – Reborn

The blood continuously flow of her chest wound, Su Qi Qi also slightly felt that her life is slowly slipping through her fingers, and she also feel the pain in her heart.

The wind whirr in her ear, she didn’t want to die, but she has no chance of survival.

Mo Wen Chen’s sword pierced so deeply in her heart, almost completely through her, she understand medicine, so she knew she wouldn’t have survive this.

Her hatred, her resentment.

She exchanged it all with one thrust of his sword.

She severed it all, severed everything.

Her body fell, her long hair fluttering in the wind, the wind hitting her face, taking that step back she already couldn’t feel the pain, beneath she couldn’t see the depth, but she knows, it didn’t matter any more.

Mother, Qi Qi is coming to find you.

Mother, Qi Qi is actually very afraid, I’m really afraid of death……

How she wished she could be alive.

Painfully holding onto her resentment, her consciousness gradually slack, gradually her perception blurred, and lost consciousness.

She slowly shut her eyes, losing all perception of this world.

When she closed her eyes, she is still unwilling, even felt her entire soul is unwilling, she just died from the sword of her most loved person, without a clear reason, she felt injustice.

Her body continued to fall until she fell to the bottom……

Revive, or reincarnation? Those are all legends, for Su Qi Qi, even if she had thousand of unwillingness, and millions of hatred, she is already dead.

Will her soul reincarnate at the Yama Temple, or loiter in the human world as a ghost, a wandering soul, then everything about her will disappear without a trace?

Just as Su Qi Qi stagnate, she felt herself lying on a bed, she was stiff, her eyes were closed tight, maintaining this posture for one entire day and night.

She dare not believe, that she did not die, but resurrected her soul by borrowing a corpse, she have been reborn once again.

She did not dare to even see the way she is now, could it be an expert have saved her life when she fell down the cliff? But thinking of her chest sword wound, even an immortal would be at loss what to do.

How can anyone save her life?

Embracing her shoulders, Su Qi Qi felt cold, the layout of the room is very luxurious.

There were servants coming in and out, all unaware of the lifeless Su Qi Qi, as if she is supposed to look like this.

Listening to those people whisper, she just knew she really have borrowed the corpse to resurrect, this body’s master was a female, with no father or mother, from birth was mentally challenged.

Who never spoke.

Since she had a second chance in life, in this life Su Qi Qi has decided to surprise the world, settling everything.

“Little miss……”

Just as she was in a daze, the door suddenly pushed opened, a female servant ambled, her voice had no fluctuation, in her hands was a bowl of congee.

Originally Su Qi Qi who was lifeless ferociously raised her head, her eyes flash a layer of frost, full of chilliness, her voice also sound very apathetic and distance: “Is there anything?”

Since she reborn, she told she must not be weak.

Sometimes, the more you try to escape your enemies, it will only let them act more recklessly and bully you.

“Little miss……”

Seeing Su Qi Qi’s eyes, the female servant was so frighten her body started to tremble, she nearly threw the bowl in her hand: “Ghost…… Ghost ah……”

She anxiously shouted as she retreated a few steps.

This shout startled Su Qi Qi, she busily raised her hand to caressed her face, since she is reborn, what kind of face did she posses now? This new face of hers, even if it can’t capture the hearts of thousands of people, but she also cannot be called a ghost, right?

Because of her past appearance wasn’t good enough, this caused her become the laughing-stock of the world, caused her become a puppet of Mo Wen Chen, caused her to be abandoned again, being used, she suddenly cared very much about her appearance.

“Shut up, put down the congee down, get out of here.” Su Qi Qi stood up from the bed, she took one step forward, staring straight back at the female servant.

She walked to the table, sat down facing the mirror.

She wasn’t accustomed to deceiving herself, so she wanted to see herself right now……

Seeing the strange face in the mirror, Su Qi Qi was stunned, the body’s her own soul occupied, possess surpassing beauty, with lily-white skin, rosy, mild like jade, crystal clear, light sweeping crescent eyes contain spring, small cherry lips, delicate and charming, the sideburns on both side of her cheeks were quite attractive, apart from her cold eyes, it can be said she is perfect.

Su Qi Qi couldn’t help but felt stunned.

If she had this face in her past life, she wouldn’t end up the way she did.

The thought of this, her heart also ached.

Her eyes were ice-cold.

The female servant was very shaken, her mentally challenged Little Miss suddenly knew how to speak, her glazed emit luminescence causing a person to retreat three feet, and shudder.

She’s really seeing a ghost.

Originally the physician has diagnosed that Little Miss will not survive pass today, she has also been ordered to have a look how this fool was doing, but she didn’t think……

There’s ghost, there must be a ghost.

Seeing her female servant staring at her while retreating, Su Qi Qi hum a cold tone, this servant would dare to bully her master, since she is reborn in this body, she will make everything change.

Because the female servant cries, this alerted other people in the yard.

A white-haired old madame faintly came in, looking at Su Qi Qi who sat before the bronze mirror, with a face of distress, her eyes is full of loving staring at her: “Su Su, are you wake up? Are you finally awake?”


The tears overflow her rims, she stepped forward to tightly hug Su Qi Qi’s shoulders, her hands trembling.

Even her voice is trembling.

Behind the old madame there was a dozen of people, men and women, young and old.

“Old madame, don’t get too excited, Little Miss really have woke up, she can speak……” The female servant has restored her calmness, now explaining everything to the family about Little Miss’s who’s finally awake, after sleeping for fifteen years.

“Yes, grandma, you should be happy.” A ten * * years old man came up and patted the old madame’s shoulder, with a Shun teacher appearance still looking at Su Su, who is now Su Qi Qi.

“Yes, mother, Su Su is awake, little sister in the neither world will also able to rest in peace knowing this……”

“Mother, your health is important……”

Everyone was voicing their own opinions.

“Grandma.” Su Qi Qi got a hold of her emotions, daringly called out, the coldness in her eyes disappeared without a trace. Replaced with flexibly, intelligent and the naive a fifteen year old girl should have.

She quietly staring at the lady of the house, the temperament seem different from others.

But she didn’t even react when the man on the side gently let out a breath.

She didn’t know how she came here, nor how she came into this world and life of hers……

The mere call out of ‘grandma’ caused the old madame to shred tears, she embrace Su Qi Qi refused to let go: “My Su Su, you finally wake up, you’re awake…..”

She always believed, her foolish fifteen years old granddaughter the physician diagnosed will only survive until today will eventually wake up.

For Bai Hua’s Xiao family, this is a big happy event.

Xiao Su Su, no Su Qi Qi also hugged the old madame: “Grandma, I’m awake, from now on, I will be filial to you.”

From the way these people dressed, and the difference between male and female, her location should be close to Lei Jia Bao’s Bai Hua kingdom.

A country where female status is like god.

Her heart is more emboldened, a female dominate country, where women’s status from birth was already higher three points.

The old madame entire hair seemed to be dyed light, her spirit was a lot better, Xiao Su Su slightly breathing, she observed her from head to toe, her eyes lit up with happiness.

She knows, the Xiao family’s glorious has returned, there is hope.

So what is everyone thoughts of Su Qi Qi’s new identity and new chance in life? Are we excited for the new people she will meet?


62 thoughts on “Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 65 Translation

  1. OMG…speechless! Hahahaha… this chapter is indeed very surprising. Never thought this would happen. I thought somebody will save her. This story is getting more and more interesting 😄

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks a lot’s very interesting. I like it but I prefer that SQQ survive and achieve her happiness with her own face and physical body. This turn of events are perfect for revenge but not good for love. She will always feels that other guys like her because of her outer beauty and power, not because of her real self. Anyway I’m still very curious about the development after this..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ll like to think her personality/character is what drawns them to her in the end of the day. Men’s back in the days will push women to the side once they get sick of looking at a pretty “flower vase.”

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  3. I’m quite disappointed with this turn of event by the author. I’ve come to love the heroine because despite not having the physical outer beauty that was so valued in ancient times, our heroine was still able to gain love, affection, and admiration through her personality, intellect, and merits. Now, she has everything: youth, intellect, riches, power, and especially beauty. The way the author repeatedly emphasized beauty throughout the novel and then giving our heroine beauty after her rebirth makes me feel like without beauty women will go nowhere and get nothing in life. Weak development by the author and decreased my excitement over the rest of the novel.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can see why you would be, but possessing all those thing still doesn’t guarantee happiness for her. It could in fact bring more unwanted trouble for her instead. My opinion is different in regards to beautiful women making it further in the world, even in ancient times. Most beautiful women after being obtain, they are usually forgotten or their husband unfavors them once a new ones come along. Just take Su Meng Ru for example, Mo Wen Xuan after realizing Su Qi Qi is amaizng, he would rather have Su Qi Qi who has intellect to be the woman behind him.

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      1. Can you jot my memory? Who is Fen Wen? Know what I prefer FW n LYF to develop a romantic interest in her that will serve MCW right……..

        I wonder if they are able to see QQ in SS’s body….it is a pity that she couldnt survive in her own body? Now she is only 15 too young right to have any romance going on……I thot QQ was at least twenty plus when she died


      2. Fen Wen is the guy who’s doctor and qin player. Check my character description link 🙂

        You’ll come to understand why QQ couldn’t be in her body. It’s all fatedm


      1. btw, who’s FenWen? 😅 😅 😅squels!!! Finally, we get to meet Hua Chi again!! O-M-G so excited:)


  4. It would have been better if the writer drove more details into how she got stuck into someone else’s body, maybe then, I would have accepted QQ new appearance better. This sudden change just makes me feel worse for QQ. So what if others new guy ( or MWC) started falling for her, it is still not her original form. 😦 In addition, us reader had already falling in love w/ her character already.

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    1. I would have like that as well. Although SQQ may be possess a new body, but she is still her, she still retain her character that we have all grown to love ❤ with that in mind I'm not as worked up about it…


    2. i hope MWC stays true to himself n not falls for her beauty but her character n personality just like how he have affections/feelings for QQ


  5. I purposefully avoided reading the past couple of chapters and only read everyone’s comments cuz I just couldn’t take QiQi’s suffering anymore by those people, and now the “twist”! While I’m sad she died, I’m happy she gets a new beginning now. It feels like a new beginning of a new novel from here on in where she is at equal ground with everyone and not have “disadvantages” according to the author. Hmm, will she start anew with her life or will she use this new beginning to plot revenge?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure she does want revenge, but judging by how much she loves Mo Wen Chen I don’t even know if she will be able to put her revenage plan into action. She will have a new life, but she is fated to meet those from the past.

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  6. Thanks suteki 🙂 when i google translate i’m not really like the idea that she go to other girls body but after google translate more well at least there is something good after that 🙂 actually i like few chapters after this story which i think sooooo amazing lol and i’m curious where her real body , do someone found the body ? by they way the girl is 15 years or more than 15 years suteki?


    1. I wished the author would have went into details what happen to her former body. Xiao Su Su from what I have gathered is a 15 year old girl, she was mentally challenged since birth. She basically just sits in the room and stare out in space, unaware of her surroundings.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. later on it was revealed what happened to the Su Qi Qi body. it was revealed at her coming-of-age ceremony.

        actually, i initially didn’t like the idea of the author letting the “plain” Su Qi Qi suddenly become the ravishing Xiao Su Su. but later on, you can see that beauty is no guarantee of happiness and in fact is a magnet for trouble.

        and it quite realistic actually, people are superficial and usually good looks may give the initial edge. but if Su Qi Qi didn’t have the talent she has, she would just be another “vase”. so now she has to chance to showcase her talents. Su Qi Qi herself is well aware of this fact and makes use of it.

        i love the take charge Su Qi Qi!

        there’s actually a good reason why she went into Xiao Su Su’s body.


      2. If you read through my replies to readers who was angry with her having everything now, I was trying to explain the exact reason. Beauty doesn’t guarantee happiness and in fact is a magnet for trouble and also the flower vase thing.

        We have great mind that think alike. ^^


  7. I have mixed emotion with this new plot. I also would like her to go back to her real body. I want all her admirers, including MWC, to love/admire her, not because of her extraordinary beauty but being herself.

    Anyway… for now I will trust the author, I will sit back & wait. Hopefully she’ll give justice wi


    1. Even though she has a new identity and body, she still retains her character/personality. She is still the same person we have grown to love, so hopefully the men will fall in love with her for that, obviously it goes without saying they will also fancy her beauty.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. will there be another love? like…is Qiqi going to fall in love wif another man which acts as her love interest? or will she and MWC is like face and fix their miscommunications n u know…b tgt as in real true lovers?


  8. Isn’t this the home land of (mwc) cousin she is the queen daughter that’s how MWC was force to marry the evil girl but I am just wondering about something wat is the time now did a few year past or months after su qi di die?

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  9. I never thought the writer would make kind of plot. I happy for Qi Qi rebirth even as someone else. At least I won’t read any sadistic torture for Qi Qi goes through as Su Qi Qi. Since Qi Qi rebirth as Su Su, I try guessing what plot the writer tries to make for Qi Qi because she just being someone from Bai family.
    will the story moved on to Bai Kingdom and for once again MWC meets QiQi as little Su Su?
    I am dying want to know…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. woa ok, i didnt realise that now they have like a/an (large/few distance away?idk) age gap, wait, did Qiqi and MWC …idk their age so….idk sigh thsi makes my heart wind up…im confused n frustrated 😦


  10. Mwahaha!! Payback time is starting 🙂 (hopefully) Now she can shine again and kick butt. Hehe I’m hoping to see some other more deserving leads appear.


  11. This scenario just fits the situation, this twist is just perfect. Although I might agree that I getting a mega pretty face can be a little bit to much but everything else just fits. If she is still Qi Qi, she is already married to MWC and have no choice but to lean on his support until she dies. She could get a divorce or run away but how far can she really go if that in that case? Start from no where?

    Her identity now can do something about this world. She now have someone who sincerely loves her and will give her warmth and support unconditionally. For now, that is what matters most.


  12. I hope she will not return to Mo Wen Chen’s side after this. 😦
    And I am happy for her new life. I must say this good karmar from her past life!! Yay!


  13. thanks a lot!
    oh my God—-!really?! the author is incredibly daring, to do such a drastic change like this! awesome, awesome! my respect! it seems she’s been born into a pretty good family, excellent!


  14. So amazing. I am eager to see what she does with this chance. i hope she doesn’t become entangled with Mo Wen Chen again. Just leave him to his fate!


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