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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 66 – 67 Summaries

Before I start the summaries I would just like to mention azurro4cielo has started translating General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) please head over and give her some support. And for those who can read Chinese can find the Ebook here. Okay let’s get started!

Chapter 66 – Xiao Family

Xiao family is a prominent family, but in recent years they have gradually lost power especially in the Bai Hua imperial side. The descendants are well versed in civil and military, but they weren’t able to hold up a prestige position in court, thus the present situation.

Xiao’s family of fourth generations, apart from Xiao Su Su the fool, First Miss and Second Miss didn’t bear any daughters, they all had males, so wasn’t able to interfere with state affairs. Third Miss died giving birth to Xiao Su Su.

Xiao family only had this one female, although she have a stunning appearance, but she can only be regarded a flower vase. Nice to look at but was actually useless. Originally First Miss and Second Miss thought everything will eventually fall into their hands, after all there’s no other female in the family, only a mentally challenged one.

One by one Xiao Su Su met her family members. Su Su met her family members as she greeted them, she was very gentle and low-key, she had a very amiable smile. But they still stared at her strangely, for a mentally challenged fifteen year to suddenly wake up and be so clever and sensible, it was unbelievable.

“Really good.” First Miss said as she stepped forward and touched Xiao Su Su’s hand: “Now that Su Su is awake, it is great.”

Second Miss also display a fake affectionate smile. Su Qi Qi, who lived her fair share in life knew a human’s mind is unpredictable, she was crystal clear towards her two aunties obvious fake affections. However, since she just regain her consciousness its best she doesn’t reveal too much and keep note of her observations.

She also met several of her uncles, in her past life she did come from a prominent family, etiquette is nothing difficult for her, always calm and compose as ever. They all smiled from ear to ear, the wrinkles spread across their faces, full of delight. Xiao’s family only daughter have finally awaken.

She also met a dozen of her male cousins, but even if she is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, this made her dizzy, while greeting everyone she gently tugged the old madame’s arm: “Grandma, I’m hungry.”

Hearing her precious grand-daughter was hungry, she ordered the servants to prepare a meal, while beckoning the rest to leave: “You guys return to your rooms, I’ll stay here with Su Su.”

Xiao old madame seem very happy, even though Su Su felt tired she understood Xiao old madame’s feeling, so she didn’t spoil her mood, instead she helped her sit besides the bed: “Su Su will accompany grandma to eat.”

Her big eyes as clear as water, full of gentleness towards old madame. While Xiao old madame stared at her filled with adoration. At that moment, Xiao Su Su cold and indifferent heart felt this rare warmth.

Formerly only her mother would treat her this way, but her mother is weak, she is unable to protect herself so only she can protect her mother. And in the end because she wanted to protect Mo Wen Chen, her mother sacrifice herself to preserve her. This guilt and pain will forever follow her.

“Su Su, what’s wrong?” Xiao old madame’s satisfied smile disappeared when she saw Xiao Su Su’s instant pale face.

Hearing her grandmother calling out to her, Xiao Su Su came back to her sense: “Grandma, I’m fine, may be these days I haven’t eaten, so I have a little stomach pain.”

Her excuse was very good, old madame didn’t have the slightest doubt in her. Of course she will never have doubts, because Xiao Su Su have been mentally challenged for fifteen years, in Xiao old madame’s eyes she as simple as a blank sheet of paper.

During the meal, Xiao old madame kept putting food in her bowl, while brimming with happiness. Xiao Su Su also smiled from her heart.

At this time, in the West Wing room, First Miss and Second Miss were discussing about Xiao Su Su who suddenly regain consciousness.

First Miss: “She has been mentally challenge for fifteen years, to start from scratch it’s too late.”

Second Miss: “Yeah, so, even if the old madame wants to give the Xiao family to her, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to support it.”

“A fool for fifteen years, she’s illiterate without the slightest martial arts foundation, to sit for the exam, it is easier said than done, us sisters trained hard while growing up, in the end we didn’t obtain any achievements, not to mention third sister because of her extraordinary martial arts the Empress took fancy in her, this little girl, what can be done?”

“Yes, yes……” The two sisters worries disappeared without a trace.

In Bai Hua kingdom, men are not allowed to participate in any family affairs. So they were very calm.

Xiao He: “Su Su, this girl doesn’t seem that simple.. I do not know if brothers have noticed, her eyes emit solemn aura.”

The other two men nodded: “I have noticed, however, she disguised it very well.”

Xiao He: “Perhaps the old lady saw it as well, only my elder sister did not see.”

“I decided this time to help third sister’s daughter.”

“Me too.”

“Me too.”


While everyone in the Xiao household was discussing Xiao Su Su’s fate, Su Qi Qi thought into the depths of the night. She decided in this lifetime she will live well, rise herself to a high position trampled all the men in the world under her foot with her stunning appearance……

Chapter 67 – Break off an engagement

Because Xiao Su Su regain her consciousness, the Xiao residence was suddenly bustling. Although Su Su has been in a coma, but her room is very luxurious, during the fifteen years, old madame gave Su Su the best, whether it was food, clothing or housing. She occupied the largest courtyard in the residence and main room, right next to Xiao old madame.

On daily basis Xiao old madame will come and see her once, although she laid there lifeless, Xiao old madame will sit there talking to her. And now that she’s awake, old madame would stay for the whole day unwilling to leave. She has been accustomed to talking to Su Su.

To her surprise she found out that her grand-daughter that suddenly regain consciousness actually understand poetry, chess, calligraphy, dance, playing the qin, anything she asked Su Su was able to demonstrate her understanding of it.

“Su su…… Over the years, you have heard all grandmother have said?” Xiao old madame suddenly grabbed Xiao Su Su’s hand.

In fact, Xiao Su Su just want to show her talents in front of the old madame, she wants to let herself shine. She didn’t want to hide behind people like the past.

Listening to Xiao madame’s words, Xiao Su Si is still a bit nervous, but then, she smiled and nodded, and found a good excuse: “Yes, grandma, all these years, Su Su just don’t want to face the reality, all in all, Su Su knows everything……”

She also through the mouth of servant’s she found out about the current situation in the Xiao family, so she is not afraid she might leak something away. After all the body she’s in is the Xiao’s family grand-daughter.

Hearing this, Xiao old madame wept bitterly and held Su Su tightly in her embrace: “I know Nuan Xin (Xiao Su Su’s mother) in the neither world is protecting us, I knew that sooner or later one day you will wake up……”

Confronted with such a kind-hearted old lady, Xiao Su Su’s heart warmed up, her once loneliness also disappeared with twinkling in her eyes, she can finally enjoy the warmth of a home. Although Xiao Yan (First Miss) and Xiao Zhu (Second Miss) was hostile towards her, but they didn’t to express it, on the surface, they were very friendly, very kind, this she has seen numerous time in the former Prime Minister’s residence.

Su Su found out the old madame was originally Ao Yun kingdom’s citizen. Ao Yun and Bai Hua kingdom are neighboring countries, for hundreds of years, the two counties have had friendly relations. In fact, where they were situated between the south of Xin Jiang. But also the North desert of the Yan kingdom. The north-south were Lei Bao Jia’s boundary.

The North desert has been unified by Yan kingdom, while Xin Jiang were divided among the three countries, Bai Hua kingdom, Ao Yun kingdom and You Zhen kingdom. All three countries are parallel in strength, but the real master of the southern people were the Yue Lian Gong.

Every ten years the three nation will send qualified candidates for the position and only one is appointed as the priest. The priest power is so great that their words can destroy the entire South Xin Jiang.

Most importantly their heaven and earth luna bow can destruct the three nation, but for thousands of years, no one has been able to pull the bow, so mysteriously heaven and earth luna bow also stop there, their rights have increasingly weakened over time.

The three nation’s peace is also gradually changing. And Bai Hua kingdom and Ao Yun kingdom have signed a 100 years friendly contract, the condition Bai Hua and Ao Yun’s prominent people must be wed.

Years ago, Xiao’s family Third Miss was bestowed to Ao Yun’s Ninth Prince, but Third Miss retaliated, she defied the Empress’s order, she insisted on marrying Li’s family eldest son.

Because the joint of Li and Xiao family, the Empress didn’t decreed any punishment. Xiao Third Miss gave birth to a baby daughter, but unfortunately died after labor, her husband tragically died on the battlefield. The Empress ordered an imperial decree to bestow Xiao Third Miss’s daughter to Ao Yun’s Ninth Prince. At that time Xiao family had no way of defying the decree.

In a blink of an eye, Xiao Su Su’s marriage date was coming near. With Ao Yu’s people here, of course the atmosphere is miserable and gloomy. Xiao Su Su was also well aware of this, since she found out from servants. She also did not want to get married.

Xiao old madame press Xiao Su Su’s shoulders: “Child, don’t worry, let grandma meet them.” 

Xiao old madame has experienced too many things in life, she is forever calm confronting any situation. Looking at Xiao old madame disappeared, Xiao Su Su also slowly walked back to her room.

Main Hall 

Ao Yun’s Ninth Prince, Bai Li Mo sat in the main hall, upon seeing Xiao old madame arriving he paid his respect towards her, his slightly thin face, sharp features, his whole body emit extreme aura.

Bai Li Mo: “Pleasure to meet you Xiao old madame.”

Xiao old madame also gently raised her head, and faintly smiled: “Ninth Prince is too polite.” 

After sitting back in his former position. Nan Gong Mo deeply stared at the Xiao old madam’s eyes, she seem to be a bit discontent. At this time Ninth Prince winked at him, telling him not to act rashly and blindly.

“Do not know Ninth Prince have travelled from afar, what’s the matter?” Xiao old madame went straight to the point without equivocating, because Xiao Nuan Xin refused the marriage, the Xiao family hasn’t been able to lift their head before the Royalty. Coupled with the Empress trying to suppress their powers, Xiao family can be said already fallen. But because Xiao old madame held the military seal and was in charge of more than half of the military power in Bai Hua kingdom, the royalty weren’t able to touch them.

Ninth Prince know Xiao old madame always is always straight forwards and never beat around the bushes, he ordered his guards to present the carved dragon jade: “I heard Xiao family was dissatisfied with the marriage between Ao Yun kingdom, Ao Yun kingdom will not make things difficult for others. Today I am here to turn down the marriage promise, imperial father has already notified the Emperor.”

The carved dragon jade was given by Xiao family to Ninth Prince as an engagement item. By returning this, Ninth Prince is deliberately hurting the Xiao’s family pride.

Xiao old madame’s face suddenly darken, she knew when Xiao family refused the marriage with her third daughter, Ninth Prince will hold a grudge, now her grand daughter’s mentally challenged rumours have spread to Ao Yun kingdom. If it was ten days ago, old madame would have reacted differently but now she just had a gloomy face.

In the room Xiao Su Su felt uneasy and decided to personally meet this Ninth prince. Upon entering the main hall she heard Ninth Prince’s word. The restless in her heart immediately vanished, taking a step forward she grabbed the carved phoenix jade from her waist, and handed it back to him: “Since Ninth Prince said so, grandma, we Xiao family also have nothing to say, this was sent to me to keepsake, I shall return it.”


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  1. I’m beginning to like the dynamics of this kingdom where the roles of the male and female are switched, makes it interesting. I like the part where the men where discussing her and decided to help her. Su Su is finally getting the acceptance and support she deserves 🙂


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    1. Dw I will try to update every weekday, although I can feel myself getting sick… but hopefully that doesn’t hinder my speed lol. There’s no doubt Ninth Prince will regret his decision.


  3. ooo lala. Qi Qi proves to be just as smart as ever. With the culture of her new body, (with the female in charge thing) plus her intelligence and skills, Qi Qi practically has the world at her fingertips.

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  5. Whew, so that’s what happened. I thought it was she who backed out on Su Su’s engagement. Good thing it was the prince who backed out first. I thought men don’t really have much say in this country? Why does he seem to be quite influential in this case?


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  7. Sut3kii, sorry I don’t quite understand. By “mentally challenged”, is it just that she was in a coma (i.e. brain dead) for fifteen years or she was actually awake for some part of the fifteen years but had something of a learning disability? Thanks! I really appreciate your translations and summaries. This story is just so great, I’m hooked.


      1. Thanks for the clarification, it makes more sense now 🙂 Just wondering, will QiQi’s new family ever find out about her past?


      2. I actually can’t tell you yet because I’m only a little bit further than what I have summarizes because it’s easier for me to do my summaries while it’s still fresh in my head


  8. This novel has a happy ending? For Mo Wen Chen, he did really sound more like a villain than a hero to me. Hope Qi Qi find someone better.

    I’m kind of hooked to this and have to checked your blog everyday.

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    1. Honestly I can’t tell you whether it ends happily, because the novel is still on going, but when the author does post the final chapter and I read I shall let the readers know whether its SE/HE

      The characters in this novel is quite complicated, they have many layers we haven’t seen yet, so hold on tight and enjoy the journey of discovery.


      1. ahaha! that was her first project, though! it’s pretty short! the others she is translating is certainly a lot longer!


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