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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 68 – 70 Summaries

For those who have been waiting for the karma to release a new chapter of “Dragon Flies, Phoenix Dances” she has updated her blog with chapter 18. Quick go and indulge yourself in Feng Ning’s cute/sweetness.

Chapter 68 – Show hands

Xiao Su Su’s tone was indifferent, she didn’t once look at Ninth Prince. Xiao old madame was surprised, she thought her precious baby grand-daughter will be upset for having her marriage turned down.

Xiao old madame: “Su Su”

Xiao Su Su laughed and shook her head: “Grandma, it doesn’t matter.” 

She stood in the main hall, proud like a snow plum in a plain white robe.

Bai Li Mo didn’t look back, but he heard an elegant woman’s voice, her voice was full of pride. It was the girl he was engaged to fifteen years ago. Although he tried to calm himself down, but he still couldn’t help but be stunned, rumour has it the Xiao’s family Little Miss never spoke. Who was this woman who stood behind him?

Xiao Su Su didn’t give him much time to think before she handed the carved phoenix jade into his hands and taking back the carved dragon jade: “Ninth Prince is too polite, I hope we never meet again.” 

Ninth Prince’s bodyguard Nan Gong Mo unbelievably watched Xiao Su Su disappeared before them. He couldn’t believe that woman is the Xiao’s family grand-daughter, although he didn’t see her facial features but her character was enough to deeply shaken him, not many men can have such a character as she does. Even the Queen of Bai Hua couldn’t compare.

After a long time, Ninth Prince stiff expression finally eased down and bid farewell to Xiao old madame. He originally wanted to humiliate the Xiao family, however they have gave him many surprises. Upon returning to the royal villas, Ninth Prince still couldn’t believe it: “Was there really the mentally challenged Xiao Su Su?” 

Nan Gong Mo also thought of Xiao Su Su’s temperament, appearance, words and actions. She clearly not the fool rumours have said she was. Could it be the rumours were baseless? When they arrived in Bai Hua kingdom, there wasn’t one person who didn’t say this Xiao Little Miss was normal: “In my opinion, that wasn’t Xiao Su Su.” 

Listening to Nan Gong Mo’s words, the corners of Ninth Prince’s lips curved into a smile: “Yes, if that was really Xiao Su Su, based on her character even if she’s a fool, I’ll also want to marry her… unfortunately, a fool wouldn’t be like that.” 

Nan Gong Mo also agreed with his master’s words: “Indeed, the Xiao family must have felt they will lose face so replace Xiao Su Su with a substitute to make Ninth Prince feel humiliated.”

Bai Li Mo: “You should know Xiao Mi (Xiao old madame) isn’t an ordinary old fox, she can grasp half of Bai Hua’s military power for so many years, she’ll have her methods.” 

He’s not going to return to Ao Yun kingdom empty-handed, he wanted the Xiao family to be the laughing-stock of the world.

Nan Gong Mo: “What do you plan to do?” 

Nan Gong Mo is Bai Li Mo’s bodyguard, but the two men are very good friends, so when there aren’t others around, they disregarded etiquettes.

Bai Li Mo: “Qiong Hua feast.”

Nan Gong Mo: “Ultimately a fool is a fool, I do not believe, then, they also found a substitute for her.”

Bai Li Mo: “It is decided then, I’ll go into the palace now to request to the Empress that Xiao Su Su must attend the Qing Hua feast.”

When news of Ninth Prince breaking off the engagement was heard, everyone was dissatisfied and repeatedly scolding Ao Yun royal family, the only person who didn’t was Xiao Su Su. She was knocking her brains out trying to find a way to break off the engagement, instead the person have showed up and did exactly what she wanted.

The days passed quite fast, Xiao Su Su has waken for more than a month ago, the broken engagement didn’t affect her mood, instead her mood improved every day. She smiled more and more, in this life she was content. In the Xiao family, she didn’t put on any façade nor temper, although she was a little distance, but everyone in the household respected her. Just when the Xiao family thought there was finally some peace, an imperial decree disrupted the calmness.

Xiao Yan: “The Empress has pointed Su Su to attend the Qiong Hua feast that happens once a year, isn’t this trying to shame the Xiao family?” 

The side Xiao Zhu face was also gloomy: “Although Su Su is already awake, her appearance is more brilliant and moving than third sister, but the Qiong Hua feast is based on true skill and genuine knowledge, only a month’s time, what can Su Su learn? Poems, songs, calligraphy, playing chess or the qin? I’m afraid she won’t be able to do anything.” 

These days Xiao old madame have shown Xiao Su Su, poetry, song, calligraphy, chess and qin. Every single one she showed great interest, but if she was to perform at the Qiong Hua feast, she might become a laughing-stock.

If Xiao old madame didn’t stubbornly hold onto the military seal, the Xiao residence would have perished. If Su Su participate and offends the Empress, the Xiao family will be gone. They have no way to retreat, the only thing that can do now is take each step carefully. Within a month’s time, even a genius won’t be able to learn everything.

Chapter 69 – Worry

In the south once a year Qiong Hua feast is a traditional holiday, on that day the Three Kingdoms kinsman, nobility, dukes will participate in the so-called Qiong Hua Ming beauty pageant, all the single men and women will participate.

Xiao En softly said somewhat worried: “Mei mei, regarding the Empress’s decree grandma didn’t tell you, about Qiong Hua feast……”

Xiao Su Su looked up with her bright eyes: “Qiong Hua feast?”

Xiao En eyes flash a light, in Bai Hua kingdom petite women is not considered beautiful, their beauty was height. But Xiao Su Su’s petite with a valiant and heroic aura, it was refreshing. Xiao Su Su’s face is absolutely beautiful, glamorous even Su Meng Ru was pale in comparison.

Xiao En: “Yes, the Empress has ordered after a month, let you and us brother to attend the Qiong Hua dinner, saying since Ao Yun royalty have broken off the engagement, he will choose a new love that day.”

Su Su sneered, she didn’t show any anxiety, panic or anger, just faintly nodded and accepted the facts.

“Mei Mei, you’re not worried? The Empress’s intention is……” Xiao En stopped his speech, he didn’t want to hurt his younger sister’s feelings.

“Intended to humiliate the Xiao family.” But Xiao Su Su finished his sentence for him. She wasn’t the least worried, base on her talent she will certainly not disgrace the Xiao family.

“I didn’t think Ninth Prince will be so venomous, if so he can’t blame me for being impolite.” In this life, she will never let anyone trample over her. For the Xiao family she must shine, and win everyone’s heart.

“Hum, Bai Li Mo, let’s wait and see.” Listening to Xiao Su Su’s words, Xiao En was stunned, from her eyes and momentum, he could feel her strength and confidence, this also increased his confidence.

Bai Li Mo: “Any news on the Xiao Family recently?” 

Thinking he has to marry a mentally challenged person as his princess, his heart is full of anger. It was a big joke.

Nan Gong Mo: “Within a month’s time, what can a normal person learn? Let alone a mentally challenged one.”

The women he saw that day at the Xiao residence is certainly not Xiao Su Su. She was unforgettable, because of her unique temperament.

Everyday, Xiao Su Su quietly read books in the courtyard, while sun baking, during this time she didn’t feel lonely because Xiao En always accompanied her. There was also her three uncles, who often show her warmth. Unlike the Prime Minister residence where no one ever shown any interest in her. Or the Bei Ding Hou Wang residence where she was humiliated and used.

Each night, she will have fear and felt the suffocation, pain, helplessness, and a sense of despair, something she could never forget. All of this was given to her by Hua Quan Zi, but she resented Mo Wen Chen more. It was his sword that pierced her heart.

Xiao Yan: “Su Su, tomorrow is Qiong Hua feast, you don’t have anything plan? The Xiao family cannot afford any hardship.” 

Xiao Su Su: “Big aunt assured, Su Su will not disappoint you.” 

Xiao Yan seeing Xiao Su Su’s firm eyes, felt relieved. She believed in her.

Chapter 70 – Qiong Hua Feast

The Qiong Hua Feast is held once a year. All year round the southern has warm weather, it usually held when all the flowers are booming. This year’s Qiong Hua Feast is personally hosted by the Empress herself, the seat placement was based on the hierarchy of each person’s social identity.

This year the feast was different because of the presence of Xiao Su Su, who has never been seen in public for fifteen years. The Xiao team at the banquet was huge, although only single men and women participated in the event, many of their married have come to join the fun.

Xiao old madame was not among the group of people, she has already arrived in the royal hunting ground, responsible for the safety of the Royal family. Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo was seated above the stage, with their identity, they weren’t here to participate in the competition. Instead they were here to selection a beauty, which ever beauty is crowned, they will think of a way to bring them back to their country. Many commoner woman were waiting for a chance like this.

Today, Bai Li Mo couldn’t wait to see Xiao family make a fool out of themselves. While looking around he spotted You Zhen’s Crown Prince have just arrived. This cause a frenzy among the female presence. Non stop screaming.

Xu Wei Ran in his early twenties, he has been known to be the world’s most sentimental gentleman, his facial features is as pretty as a picture, gentle and refined, he was thoughtful towards all women around him regardless of their status. He is not flirtatious, with only one woman the Crown Princess. Dressed in white robes he approached the Empress and paid his respects. His smiles was like spring, making a person’s heart flutter.

Although the Empress has approached middle age, but she maintained herself very well, white firm skin, no wrinkles presence, appearing quite gentle. Behind her sat more than ten male consorts, all different but exquisitely dainty and ravishing beautiful.

“Lei Jia Bao’s master Lei Yu Feng have arrived” 

Lei Yu Feng in purple robes came through the entrance, casually stood before the Empress. He wasn’t particularly handsome but appeared elegant. He was someone who always love to be around excitement, such occasions he couldn’t miss. More over he is a total womanizer, with all three kingdom’s women gathered in one location he enjoyed the thrill of it all.

Every year he came, none of the female officer dare to offend him, they were all reverent and respectfully towards him, greeting him just as how they would greet their Empress. After all, Lei Jia Bao position and forces are not a nation can afford to provoke. Especially in the Southern Xin Jiang, where the lands is divided among the three kingdoms.

“Long time no see.” Lei Yu Feng gave the Empress a hug and lazily said.

“Lei Bao Lord resplendent has not decreased ah.” Bai Hua Empress replied with a smile and also hugged Lei Yu Feng as if they were friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time.

“Thanks for the praise my Empress, my Empress you are also beautiful causing hearts to flutter.” At this point Lei Yu Feng didn’t have the indifference and serious front he always had before Su Qi Qi.

While patting Lei Yu Feng, the Empress gestured him to sit besides him regardless of his status. Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran secretly watched everything, trying to figure out Lei Yu Feng’s relation with Bai Hua kingdom. Nan Gong Mo’s eyes never left their positions. They also wanted to rely on Lei Jia Bao, it’s just that they never had the chance.

In previous years, no one from the Ao Yun kingdom and You Zhen kingdom attended the Qiong Hua feast, this year it has increased so it should be more lively.

“Xiao Shi Zhi [1] have arrived.” 

[1] 世子 Shi Zhi: The son of a feudal lord, in this case it should be the daughter of a feudal lord.

Although the Xiao family was not favored by the Empress, but they still hold a powerful position. In court Xiao old madame everyone gave her respect, no one dare to disregard her. The Xiao family’s location was just below the Empress and the two Princes.

Upon hearing of Xiao Su Su’s arrival Bai Li Mo tried to spot her among the sea of people, but disappointed shook his head, she must want to hide. It also appears the woman he saw at the Xiao residence wasn’t Xiao Su Su.

Within the crowd Xiao Su Su slowly walked, her face was chilly, today she wore a purple dress, her eyes was full of confidence. Her two aunties were nervous and afraid their niece would make a fool of herself and the Xiao family in public.

There’s were many female palace maids that held bouquets of flowers, if either the women or men won a round in the competition, they will receive a bouquet. The winner is decided with the most among of bouquet a contestant obtains.

The first round, is qin skills.

On the stage placed a delicate gu qin, Xiao Su Su quietly lifted her head, her mind flashed images of herself, Mo Wen Chen ad Fen Wen…… she thought of many things, that time in order to save his life, she played for him.

This time, she will play for herself, for the Xiao household, for Xiao old madame, and for her rebirth……

On the stage the qin sound started to overflow. Xiao Su Su raised her head, locking her eyes with Ninth Prince, Bai Li Mo. Seeing him smile, she also returned a smile, it was filled with disdain, aggressive, confident, arrogance, and a bit coldness.


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    1. You angry at Mo Wen Chen? Or Lei Yu Feng? Regarding Hua Quan Zi, she will show up soon, you will find out her fate.

      There are amaizng second male leads, but I think ultimately Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi (Xiao Su Su)’s ship is unsinkable.


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    1. Men are shallow, actually human in general judge a person by the way they look, it’s only natural they are attracted by appearance before knowing a person’s character.


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    1. She will showcase her qin, chess, poetry and calligraphy skills. You’re right about Lei Yu Feng noticing the similarities, if his smart and think out of the box, he might discover her true identity.

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