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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 71 – 73 Summaries

Chapter 71 – Qin Skills

The determination and drive in Xiao Su Su’s eyes caused Bai Li Mo to be stunned, that day he didn’t see her face, the thematic little girl sitting up there wouldn’t be…… The rumoured fool. Can a fool really have such a unique temperament and those eyes? It wasn’t even her stunning beauty that captivated his attention, it was those eyes that deeply embedded in his thoughts.

Xiao Su Su didn’t give him a second look, she want this man to regret what he had done. Today she didn’t come to amend the engagement between them, instead she wants Bai Li Mo to know that Xiao family isn’t someone they can bully and offend.

The qin melody faintly triumphant, countless of female and males entered and exited the stage. Xiao family has had a reputation of having the finest specimens. Every year, the Xiao family’s male representative always took home the crown. This year, Xiao Yan’s eldest son Xiao En is expected to win, so, his appearance is attracting so much attention.

A melody was finished, Xiao En leisurely to step off the stage, his performance was not weak, but there was a toughness, which caused him to lose a few points. However, he didn’t care, regarding Qiong Hua feast he didn’t think highly of it. Usually, his attention wasn’t focused on chess, poetry, calligraphy, or playing qin, he used majority of his time practising his sword skills. His facial features are soft with some roughness, he emitted natural elegance, causing countless girls heart to flutter.

Xiao Su Su smiled, she never noticed how popular her cousin was. Returning to his seat, Xiao En rubbed her head: “You still smile…..”

Even though her soul has taken hold of this body, but she grew up in the Yan kingdom, she still has a hard time coming to terms of the female and male hierarchy. She still needed more time to adjust.

“Wait until little brother finish performing, it’s your turn.” Xiao En is helpless, besides unconditionally loving this little cousin of his, he had no other way.

Sure enough, up on the stage her name was called out. The announcer seems to deliberately shout out aloud, this cause everyone to remain silence and watch her every movement. Who doesn’t know that Xiao Su Su has been a fool for fifteen years, during those fifteen years, she never said a word, she did not cry, did not laugh…… Now she’s attending the Qiong Hua feast, everyone was certainly shocked, but after the initial shock, there was bursts of laughter. There were many discussion among the audience.

The Xiao family members were quiet, all their eyes was on Xiao Su Su, they all supported her, adored her, believed and also pitied her. Xiao Su Su slowly stood up and went on the white jade platform. Her action wasn’t slow, she was calm without revealing much on the surface, she was confident. Once she got on the stage, she slowly turned around and faced the nobles of the Three Kingdoms.

On the white jade platform, Xiao Su Su appeared like an immortal, lofty like a fairy who have come down from the immortal realms, her purple dress floated in the breeze, her long hair was down, elegant and noble. She faintly sweep at the people below, just this one stare the laughter instantly stop. Her refined elegance and temperament was simply hard to ignore, even the Empress was shocked.

Among the guards Xiao old madame was also surprised, although she always regarded her grand-daughter as a bright pearl, she never knew she could shine so bright.

“She…… “ Bai Li Mo was about to speak, but he said nothing, he already have regret of breaking off the engagement, but how could any one accept a fool as their wife? When he heard the Xiao family’s Little Miss was a slumber fool for fifteen years, he wanted to beheaded everyone in the Xiao family, he felt that the Xiao family have repeatedly humiliated him and the Ao Yun Royalty. That day when he returned the engagement token, he felt like he was finally set free from the fool. But now he didn’t know whether to be happy or at lost.

Nan Gong Mo didn’t dare to look at the reaction of his friend, instead he stared at Xiao Su Su, indeed this woman was the woman they met that day. Bai Li Mo clenched his fist as he stared at Xiao Su Su calmingly sat down and gently struck the qin strings. The tune echoed as her slender fingers gently touched the qin surface. Her qin melody was serendipity, the beautiful melodies gradually overflowed like a white wizard dancing in the wind, graceful and noble, as if flowers were blossoming.

Lei Yu Feng who is besides the Empress tighten his brows, this Xiao Su Su has stunning elegant appearance, which aroused his interest, but now that she’s playing the qin so well, it really made her unforgettable. For somewhat reason her qin skills suddenly felt so familiar as if he has heard it somewhere before. An image of Su Qi Qi emerge in his mind, but he shook off the thought and told himself not to let his imagination run wild, she had died a long time ago, although they didn’t see her body, but everyone believe she is dead. The woman on stage didn’t look the slightest like Qi Qi, besides her imposing temperament.

Chapter 72 – Chess Skills 

For a long time Hua Ru Lei’s (Bai Hua Queen) applause did not stop. Everyone else was still immersed in the Xiao Su Su’s qin melody. No one dared to utter another word about her being a fool, they have long forgotten she was even one to start off with.

Xiao old madame was in tears, she couldn’t believe her eyes nor her ears, but everything is true. Her granddaughter’s who was in a slumber for fifteen years have amazing qin skills. Or, in those fifteen years, she just pretended to be sleeping, she knows everything…… While the Empress observed Xiao Su Su carefully, she has been very careless and misjudge the Xiao family’s offspring. Now that the Xiao’s have some use to her, she won’t have to get rid of them. With the relations between the three kingdom becoming more and more complex, furthermore everyone is wary of Lei Jia Bao and the kingdom of Yan.

It is said that the Yan Emperor appreciate beauty that possess everything. Xiao Su Su is the perfect candidate. The Empress was beaming with a satisfied smile when she knew she as a good chess piece in her hands.

The qin competition continue from the day to night, the crowd was still enthusiastic, but no one received the same applause Xiao Su Su did, and no one could create the atmosphere she did. Once it was dark the Empress left, however the Royal Guards did not withdraw, with three kingdom gathered, they have to be extra careful with security. Xiao old madam stayed by the Empress’s stay.

“Beloved Xiao, your grand-daughter really have your style those years ago.” 

“Thanks for your praise your majesty.” Xiao Mi was calm and indifferent.

Lei Yu Feng who left together with them carefully stared at Xiao Mi (Xiao old madame’s name) he has long heard of her mighty skill as a general. He still felt that Xiao Su Su gave him the sense of familiarity.

“I look forward to the arrival of tomorrow.” Lei Yu Feng smiled.

Xiao Mi didn’t say anything, she felt Su Su’s performance today gave Bai Li Mo a resounding slap in the face, but it also attracted trouble. She followed the Empress for many years so she knew she was thinking.

Regarding the Qiong Hua Ming, Xiao Su Su has no interest in it at all, after her performance she returned to the residence with Xiao En, sitting in the courtyard enjoying wine while talking about poetry.

“Tomorrow is the chess section, don’t know if Mei Mei have confidence?” Xiao En really admired his Mei Mei’s qin skill, it wasn’t something you can acquire in a short time frame. He just doesn’t understand how she was able to do it.

Drinking the last drop of wine in the cup Xiao Su Su replied: “Big brother can be assured I won’t disgrace us.”

Looking at the sky, it been a long time since she played chess, she remember growing up and playing chess with her mother to pass time.

Su Su’s performance today really startled him, he believe tomorrow she will give him more surprises.


Second day, Qiong Hua Ming continues

The Empress, two Princes and Lei Yu Feng were all present. The order has not changed, once Xiao En got off the stage, it was Xiao Su Su’s turn. Xiao En solved one chess game out the ten that was set up on the stage.  Over the years, no one could solve the rest of the nine hardest one. Even the Empress herself couldn’t figure out a way.

There are many folk chess enthusiasts have devoted their lives to solve these several chess, so far Xiao En have solved one out of the nine chess game causing the crowd to cheer endlessly. Xiao En really didn’t disappoint, he has made Xiao family the focus of the city.

On the stage Lei Yu Feng and Hua Ru Xue eye’s never left the Xiao family’s side. Yesterday Xiao Su Su’s qin skill shocked the entire kingdom, what sort of surprises will she bring today, everyone was anticipating. The chess game required real talent in order to solve it.

Xiao Su Su silently walked onto the white jade platform. Today she was in a white dress, her sleeve cuffs embroidered a circle orchid of the same color, half of her long hair was binded with a jade hairpin, while the rest randomly scattered on her shoulder, her hand gestures is dignified and generous, her features is so flawless, and she emitted much confidence. Again causing everyone present to greatly admire her.

Passing the first game of chess table, Xiao Su Su quietly swept past, without the slightest change of expression. She slightly bowed her head so others couldn’t see the smile across her face. In fact, before she got up on the stage, she already observed the ten games, in addition to the chess pieces Xiao En have done, the remaining nine was quite familiar with them. She used to complete with her mother to see who came up with the fastest solution. The ten games in her eyes was easy as stealing a candy from a child.

Gently moving only a few pieces, Xiao Su Su have easily solved the first game, solving the dead position. Originally she just wanted to solve one game, but when she lifted her head to meet eyes with Bai Li Mo, his eyes was somewhat disdain. Of course he would be, yesterday she stunned him, today she was shocking everyone with her chess skills.

Receiving such a look, Xiao Su Su changed her mind, she faintly smiled and walked to the second chessboard, her hands lightly lifted the chess piece, solving it and then moving to the third board……

“Do you think she can solve?” Bai Li Mo asked Nan Gong Mo on the side.

Nan Gong Mo shook his head: “For thousands of years no one can solve these ten chess games, this little girl could be faking, however that Xiao En is really something.”

Surprising to everyone Xiao Su Su easily passed through all nine games, going to the tenth board game, Lei Yu Feng shook his head: “This girl wants to humiliate herself? Even the tenth game she would like to try it?” 

The Empress’s eyebrows is lightly wrinkly, she couldn’t read this little girl of Xiao. With each chess piece that was placed, Lei Yu Feng had his hand on his chin, quietly thinking to himself. This Xiao Family Little Miss is indeed interesting, waking up not long ago and is already a chess genius. If she didn’t personally witness this, he wouldn’t believe it.

Xiao Su Su walked off the stage, causing all the veterans to be dumbfounded, because she has easily solved all ten chessboard dead positions…….

Chapter 73 – Thoughts

The news quickly spread throughout the land that Xiao family have produced a talented chess genius, Xiao Su Su’s name blew to every corner of the kingdom. This had everyone thinking Xiao Su Su has pretended to be a fool all these year to stay under the limelight, especially the Queen.

The Xiao family has always been the thorn in her flesh, but she had to admit Xiao Mi has always been faithful Bai Hua kingdom. This is the reason why she has not made her moves on them. Also the deceased Emperor also entrusted the Xiao Family, she knew the deceased Emperor’s good intentions, but she didn’t understand why she choose the Xiao Family. Besides Xiao Mi, everyone in the Xiao household was useless. However, it seems Xiao Family have finally rose a talent.

The more Lei Yu Feng thought about Xiao Su Su the more he couldn’t figure her out, regarding this matter perhaps he should ask Mo Wen Chen since he always think out of the box.

“Such talent, Your majesty must reward her.” Prince Xu Wei Ran exclaim.

Bai Hua’s eldest son, Hua Qian Yi also nodded: “Indeed a ward, so worthy as Xiao’s General grand-daughter.”

Although Bai Hua kingdom female are more superior, but in the palace Hua Qian Yi was the most favored by the Empress, because all these years the Empress wasn’t able to produce a female, while other Princess came from her sister, of course she cannot tolerate so she would use all means to torture them. All the Princess in the palace were quite careful and behaved themselves.

Hua Qian Yi was full of admiration for Xiao Su Su.

“Okay, award her.” Hua Ru Xue was smiling, after Xiao Su Su was representing her kingdom.

Overnight, Xiao Su Su’s name once again spread far and wide, she wanted Bai Li Mo to regret, let me understand that Xiao Family is not easily humiliated. Since Bai Li Mo wants to watch a good show, Xiao Su Su will certainly deliver one. In her past life, she had longitudinal peerless talent, but no one appreciated it, they all just look down on her because she had no influential powers to back her, in this life, she still possess those talent but the situation is different.

Before she left, she deeply glanced at Lei Yu Feng, just looking at him, it reminded her of Mo Wen Chen and her heart ached again, so painful that she couldn’t breathe. She still cared about Mo Wen Chen, but she also resented him. Resented him for the pierce of his sword, resented him for the bet him made with Lei Yu Feng, resented his deception, but she still couldn’t forget him. Maybe it was because she hated him so she couldn’t forget him.

“Interesting.” Lei Yu Feng smiled as he noticed Xiao Su Su’s glaze, for some reason those eyes made him felt like he known her before. He likes to be surrounded by women, but not bound by them. Even though he had no woman with him, but there was no shortage of women that wanted him. As for Xiao Su Su, he simply just admired her talent, for a fool to instantly become so talented, it triggered his interest.

“What? Are you interested? However, it’s not up to you.” Hua Ru Xue casually joked, as if they were good friends, it was probably due to Mo Wen Chen’s exists the Empress treated him this way.

Lei Yu Feng: “Then what does the Empress have in mind?” 

Hua Ru Xue: “In order for the southern Xin Jiang to have peace we can only rely on the Yan kingdom.” 

The present situation is with each passing day You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom is growing in strength, where else Bai Hua’s strength is staying where is it. Deep inside the Empress clearly knows her kingdom is weak.

“Not necessarily.” Lei Yu Feng shook his head: “The kingdom of Yan has had generation of safety, but they have indulging in wine, food and women, no it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.”

“At least they keep the world peace.” Hua Ru Xue gently sigh. Lei Yu Feng didn’t say anything, if Xiao Su Su was given to Mo Wen Xuan as a concubine, perhaps it really can avoid a war, but he didn’t know how the future events will develop. Besides with Lei Jia Bao in-between, the kingdom of Yan did not invade the south. Also with Yue Lian Palace in play, the southern division will only get stronger.

Hua Qian Yi stood on the side, he no longer spoke, he appeared to be trying to figure out something, his ambitions to take over the kingdom, Hua Ru Xue knew, which is why she wanted Hua Qian Zi to marry Mo Wen Chen and use the power of her son-in-law. All these years she has carefully made her moves so some day in the future her daughter will become the next Empress of Bai Hua.

She also heard news of Su Qi Qi’s death, although her daughter is as vicious, but it seems like they have placed the wrong hope on Mo Wen Chen.


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    1. They are siblings, Hua Qian Zi was young she was framed by a schemer, her father risked their lives to escape the palace, she grew up among the commoners. The Bai Hua citizen didn’t know about this Princess. I don’t think the Queen prefer the son more but other the prince she had no other bloodline in the palace. All the other princesses were born by the Queen sisters


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