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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 74 – 76 Summaries

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Chapter 74 – Famous

The cool night, moonlight scattered to her foot, Xiao Su Su quietly sat in the pavilion deep in thought. Dressed in a moon white rob, her skirt fluttered in the wind, in her own courtyard she was immersed in sadness. Because she suddenly miss her mother.

From afar Xiao En saw his marvellous Mei Mei’s depressed expression, his heart also had a faint trace of pain. But he doesn’t understand what can cause her this sadness, she has been in a slumber for fifteen years, with little interaction with the world.

With Xiao Su Su’s performance at the Qiong Hua feast the Xiao family is now unprecedented unity, they all support her. But this also meant the spotlight was on her. Originally she just wanted to teach Bai Li Mo a lesson, she didn’t want the unnecessary attention.

That night she didn’t sleep, she suddenly wanted to know what kind of person her mother was why she is full of wit but never showed it in public.

The next day Xiao Su Su dressed very simple, today’s section is calligraphy. Standing on the white jade stage, she lightly swept the audience and slightly nodded, much to the surprise of the crowd she personally prepared her own ink, and picked up two brushes.

Hua Qian Yi, Nan Gong Mo, Bai Li Mo, Xu Wei Ran and Lei Yu Feng all watched Xiao Su Su’s every moment. Suddenly the crowd was silence, everyone in the crowd wanted to know how will Xiao Su Su win today’s competition. Calligraphy has always been highly regarded in the southern Xin Jiang, so today’s competition is very important.

Her two hands, each holding a brush she started to move, both hands wrote a Wang Xi Zhi [1] sequence of “Lantingji Xu” [2], compared with other Western Jin Dynasty calligraphy works, the brush technique is delicate and structure, Xiao Su Su also master this perfectly, her technique was natural, drifting and exquisite.


Lantingji Xu (This is only a section of the master piece)

[1] 王羲之 Wang Xi Zhi was a Chinese calligrapher traditionally referred to as the Sage of Calligraphy (書聖), who lived during the Jin Dynasty (265–420). He is considered by many to be one of the most esteemed Chinese calligrapher of all time, especially during and after the Tang Dynasty, and a master of all forms of Chinese calligraphy, especially the running script.

[2] 兰亭序 Lántíngjí Xù: The preface describes the event during that year’s Spring Purification Festival in which 42 literati, including Xie An and Sun Chuo, were present at a gathering at the Orchid Pavilion near Shaoxing, Zhejiang, at which they to composed poems, played music, and enjoyed wine. The gentlemen engaged in a drinking contest; wine cups were floated down a small winding creek as the men sat along its banks; whenever a cup stopped, the man closest to the cup was required to empty it and write a poem. In the end, twenty-six of the participants composed thirty-seven poems. 

Two poems, two brushes, both were smooth and flowed. The audience have never seen calligraphy written this way, for a moment, it was quiet without the slightest sound could be heard. Until Xiao Su Su placed the brushes down and returned to her seat, only then did the Empress shouted. The audience also followed in ap uproar, applause and cheered. Even the Xiao Family members applauded loudly.

Xiao Su Su sat there, she wasn’t arrogant, instead she had an indifferent expression, nor did she have the intention to pretend to be modest, generous, dignified and courteous. Lei Yu Feng thought this woman is so talented, she even outshines Su Qi Qi.

The calligraphy segment is the highest honor to win in South Xin Jiang, today Xiao Su Su not only won the applause of the audience but she also won honor for herself, causing her name to once again travel far and wide, becoming a legend.

“Mei Mei, did you learn calligraphy in your dreams……” Xiao Qi (Xiao En’s little brother) asked unable to conceal his excitement, unbelievably looked at Xiao Su Su.

Hearing these words, Xiao Su Su’s complexion become rather pale, she was suddenly afraid these people will doubt her identity. What if they found out that she’s not Xiao Su Su, but another soul, how would she protect herself?

“Mei Mei is an immortal that came down to earth, of course she doesn’t need to learn.” Xiao En half jokingly said.

Anyone would find Xiao Su Su drastic change strange, but no one directly asked her, even Xiao old madame choose to remain silent. She only knows, Xiao Su Su is her granddaughter, Xiao family’s only hope.

Xiao Qi rubbed his head and nodded: “Indeed, indeed……”

One qin song has highlighted Xiao Su Su’s brilliance, one chess match has made her famous thousands of miles, one calligraphy piece has made her the Southern Xin Jiang’s legend. Xiao Su Su, these three words has become the talk among commoner’s discussion.

“I want her.” Lei Yu Feng suddenly said to Hua Ru Xue.

Hua Ru Xue: “I can’t decide her future now.” 

“You’re the queen.” Lei Yu Feng refused to compromise, he didn’t want such talent as Xiao Su Su to fall into the hands of Mo Wen Xuan, she can solve the ten chess, it means she accomplish many in the military.

“You’re right.” Hua Ru Xue nodded, but did not give him a clear answer, at the same time, she saw her own eye quietly smiling.

Chapter 75 – Old acquaintance

Lei Yu Feng also secretly smiled, a mere little Bai Hua kingdom, he didn’t think highly of, if he wanted a person he will get that person. Of course Hua Ru Xue also understand, but she didn’t want to quickly lay out her cards on the table, she wanted to see what else Xiao Su Su can pull out. If she only possess some talent, she can reluctantly hand her over.

During the Qiong Hua Ming, Xiao Su Su has become the one who won all the bouquets, those present was still surprised at her performance. The remaining contests were pale in comparison. Xiao Su Su grab the attention of other kingdom’s nobility, however these wasn’t an interest for her.

Stepping down from the stage, she has no regrets about stealing the show, she got a second chance in life, so she will live with glory and pride. This is only the beginning.

On the same day, the Xiao residence had a great feast in order to celebrate Xiao Su Su fame.


The fourth day segment was painting skills. 

Xu Wei Ran really forward to Xiao Su Su’s performance, he sent out investigator to find out more about her. He wanted to know how a person who suddenly woke up can have such amazing set of talents.

“I heard some people wanted to challenge with her.” The man in black besides Xu Wei Ran smile: “These few days she really have stolen the thunder.” 

Xu Wei Ran: “Doesn’t Brother He know that its Southern Xin Jiang folk style? This is very normal.” 

The person besides Xu Wei Ran was no other than the leader of Ying Ren Lou’s He Yi Tian.

Since his failed mission on the Bei Ding Hou Wang residence, Ying Ren Lou’s reputation was trashed and he had to helplessly move to the Southern Xin Jiang. Once arriving in the south, he quietly became good friends with Yu Zhen Crown Prince. No one knows his true identity, he just pass off as Yu Zhen Crown Prince’s bodyguard. His men were also secretly completing mission for Xu Wei Ran.

As the two talked among themselves, more than a dozen girls got up on the stage, among them was Xiao Su Su. No matter how simple she dressed, anyone was able to spot her out in the crowd.

“Hua Qian Zi……” He Yi Tian was startled, lowly shouted.

Xu Wei Ran followed He Yi Tian’s glaze and stare at the woman, was enlightened although her temperament wasn’t was extraordinary as Xiao Su Su, but she had her own national and celestial beauty.

Xu Wei Ran: “Hua Qian Zi…… Hua is the kingdom’s surname.”

“That’s right.” He seemed to remember something, placing his hand on his chin: “Speaking of which…… She is the daughter of her majesty…… But, why is that for so many years, she lived in Bei Ding Hou Wang’s residence……”

Hearing this word Xu Wei Ran’s eyes lit up, he was quite astonished: “What you’re saying is, her majesty and Bei Ding Hou Wang’s relationship……”

Bei Ding Hou Wang’s forces, is renown in the world, even the south knows he is the God of war.

As the two talked among themselves, the girls on the stage has begun to paint. There was little discussion among the audience, everyone had their attention on Xiao Su Su. Xiao Su Su did not win the applause as the former three field, she was merely painting peonies. From the side she was surprise to see Hua Qian Zi, but she didn’t reveal any expression. Hua Qian Zi dressed in red, appearing so proud and arrogant.

Xiao Su Su was somewhat sad, she wanted to know how Hua Qian Zi’s wedding went. If she is here, does this also mean Mo Wen Chen is within the capital? The thought of them in the same city, her hands trembled unconsciously, the peony painting had defects, so she failed to win this round. But those presents was sincerely convinced, her painting was beyond perfection already. However, Hua Qian Zi’s water art was painted as if it was real, which was hard to achieve.

These four days, the southern have been admiring talent female beauties, with the sudden appearance of Hua Qian Zi, everyone was trying to guess where this woman came from. More so she really resemble the Queen and the Princes who sat behind her.

Of course, since Hua Qian Zi appeared, Hua Qian Yi was also very low-key, he tried to keep his distance from his mother as well. His body exudes a chill air, making those afraid to get close to him.

Xiao Su Su knew Hua Qian Zi’s identity so she didn’t panic, instead her heart was filled with hate. Yet she actually hated Mo Wen Chen more.

“Hua Qian Zi.” Bai Li Mo repeats these three words.

Over the years, there was a power struggle for the throne in the palace because Hua Ru Xue doesn’t have a daughter. With her sudden appearance everyone knew what this meant. The Empress is trying to imply there’s always been a future successor. This also caused Hua Qian Yi to be in the spotlight. Although he is a man, but You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom has always been optimistic about him, whether it is playing tricks, scheming, conniving, he is a difficult opponent. His existence alone cause the two countries to have some fear. But at this moment, the game has changed.

“Looks like Bai Hua kingdom will put on a good show.” Nan Gong Mo also laughed, regarding women ruling the country he have never been optimistic about it. If it wasn’t for the ancestors who laid out a sold foundation, coupled with the powers of Yue Lian Palace, Bai Hua kingdom wouldn’t have survived the millennium.

“Well, this Hua Qian Zi is also not fuel-efficient lamp, she will absolutely burn your hands.” Bai Li Mo still focus his attention on Xiao Su Su, regardless of whether she win or lose, her face is always indifferent, his admiration gradually increased.

In these four days, he was quite angry, he always thought Xiao Su Su’s fame was because she suddenly changed from a foolish woman to a talented one. But this time, he really felt this woman shone so brightly.

Nan Gong Mo lightly squinting: “However, we should look into it, and find out about her past.” 

Xiao Su Su still had some doubt, the way Hua Qian Zi dressed was unlike a married woman, so it means…. Shaking her head, Xiao Su Su mockingly smiled, what’s the point of thinking about them, she had nothing to do with them any more.

“Su Su…… Are you feeling okay?” Xiao old madame walked over, and patted her on the shoulders. There was something wrong with Xiao Su Su’s performance today, other couldn’t see it, but it didn’t escape Xiao old madame’s sharp eyes.

Chapter 76 – Each with his own axe to grind

Looking at her grandmother kind and gentle face, Xiao Su Su forced out a laugh, she suddenly felt she was excessively bullying this old lady, she is obviously Su Qi Qi, but however is acting as her granddaughter. But then again, this body is really Xiao Su Su’s, even if her soul isn’t Xiao Su Su, but the blood is thicker than water. And she is trying her hardest to adjust to this big happy family.

Xiao Su Su: “Grandma, I’m fine really, these day I’m just a little tired…. this several days grandma also must be tired.”

These several day Xiao Su Su has gain limelight too quickly, with the sudden appearance of Hua Qian Zi today, her granddaughter seem to be upset and others seem to be disappointed in her, Xiao old madame is afraid Su Su is being too hard on herself. Other people do not know, but she knows Hua Qian Zi’s true identity. Even if Hua Qian Zi didn’t win today’s game, she knows the Queen will try to let her win the last segment. After all Hua Qian Zi’s return this time isn’t so simple. And the Empress wanting Hua Qian Zi to début her appearance at Qiong Hua feast, it’s to indicate her thoughts.

Xiao Mi replaced her worries with gratified, she now have a talent peerless elegance and exquisite granddaughter to lift some weight off her shoulders. Her heart is also immensely proud. Who doesn’t think their child is the best in the world. And now the entire Southern Xin Jiang knew what an outstanding woman Su Su is. Qiong Hua Ming crown is undoubtedly hers.

Xin Mi gently shook Xiao Su Su’s hand and smile: “Grandmother not tired.”

The corner of her eye curved as she smile, looking at Xiao old madame, her depressed mood gradually vanished, and a smile appeared on her face full of self-confidence: “Grandmother, rest assured, this several day Su Su is only a little tired, after having a good rest today, tomorrow’s poetry contest I will not lose again.” 

She was not aware of other clans in South Xin Jiang Royal woman, but Hua Qian Zi she knew clearly of. Besides plotting some small schemes, she didn’t have genuine knowledge. Now that she have met her enemy, she couldn’t wait to deal with her. But she didn’t reveal anything in front of the old madame, because she is now Xiao Su Su not Su Qi Qi. She is the granddaughter Xiao Bai Hua General, had been sleeping for fifteen years, she is a naive girl who is beautiful, lively and cheerful, without any psychological burden, who does not have any setbacks. She hasn’t even reached the ji ji [3] age.

[3] 及笄 Ji Ji: A custom at the age of fifteen, for girls to bound up their hair to show they were at the age to be married.

Xiao Mi and Xiao Su Su were chatting non stop, from afar, they looked like a mother and a filial daughter. Lei Yu Feng, Hua Ru Xue, Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran all quietly watched every single one of Xiao Su Su’s expression. This very moment Xiao Su Su didn’t have that aloof and proof expression, instead her smile is very gentle. Dressed in a plain white robe, she look like a fairy, very beautiful, just like a bright pearl, fluorescent jade.

Everyone already knew whose hands the Qiong Hua Ming crown will fall into, even if Hua Qian Zi win tomorrow’s round, it couldn’t change anything.

He Yi Tian: “It seems this time Ao Yun kingdom’s Ninth Prince have suffer heavy losses.”

Xu Wei Ran laughs: “Hahaha, indeed!” 

He Yi Tian knew Bai Li Mo may have the gentle scholar appearance, but in fact when doing things he can be extremely cruel and merciless. He needed to be careful of this person.

At the same time Xu Wei Ran laugh, he observe those presence again, he came here not only for the Qiong Hua feast, but also to gain some beneficial clues. During the four days, on the surface he seem to be appreciating beauties, but beneath he was listening on the news of Yue Lian Palace. Every ten years the Yue Lian Palace’s priest is replaced, this year is Bai Hua’s kingdom turn. He wanted to know who’s going to be the candidate.

Although Yue Lian Palace doesn’t have any real power, but they could stand above the three other kingdom was due to the image that have among the commoners. In the commoner’s heart, they were supreme and inviolable. If any kingdom wanted to unify the southern Xin Jiang they will need to get the support of the people, thus receiving the support of Yue Lian Palace is essential.

The situation now, if Bai Hua kingdom receive support, You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom might be silently swallowed. Evidently there will be war, before there’s a ruler. Because of this reason, he has personally came on this trip, he also believes that Ao Yun kingdom’s Ninth Prince didn’t come here just to break off an engagement, he was here for the exact same reason.

On the side Bai Li Mo clenched his fist upon hearing their remarks, he also felt that he suffered a great loss, Xiao Su Su have restored her single status, but what is done is done, there’s no way of turning back. During these four days every time she got on the stage the carved dragon jade on her waist shone brightly, letting everyone know that their engagement is off. No one laughed at her, instead many males were excitedly to know she is single again.

There is a custom in the south, all unmarried woman will wear a carved dragon jade, all unmarried men will wear carved phoenix jade, to show that their not betrothed, and if they encounter someone they like, they can exchange jades to show they are engaged. Each carved dragon and phoenix was unique with the owner’s name engraved on it. Once a child is born the family will have one made for the child.

The end of the chapter Bai Li Mo confirms he didn’t come on this trip merely to break off the engagement, he also came to find out all was the priest chosen from the Bai Hua kingdom for Yue Lian Palace.


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