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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 77 – 78 Summaries

Thank you for all the love ❤ I am much better after a weekend of rest, however my life is quite busy at the moment because I have my son’s birthday this week and my relatives have just came down from Hong Kong to visit me. So unfortunately this week’s I probably can only release twice. I originally wanted to summaries 77 – 80, but 77 and 78 reached well over 2000 words already so I have cut it into 2 post, plus I don’t have much time as I mentioned.

Chapter 77 – It’s such a shame. 

Qiong Hua Ming has been going on for five days, the scene was spectacular than the day before, everyone’s excitement grew stronger as the days pass. Regarding the Bai Hua Crown, everyone was anticipating Xiao Su Su to win it. Her every act and every move embedded in the audiences heart, whether female or male. They wanted to know how tough she is and how many surprises she can bring.

Only the citizen’s of Bai Hua kingdom knew Xiao Su Su was once mentally challenged, however through the Qiong Hua contest, now it has spread across the three kingdoms. She has become the topic among discussions. Some say she has been appendage by an immortal, while others say she has been possessed by demon. Of course, these were all discussed privately.

The last segment is poetry.

Because yesterday Hua Qian Zi won yesterday’s round, her name became known overnight, many people were secretly guessing her identity. Hua Qian Zi was somewhat more arrogant than usual, she held her head high as she strode on the white jade stage, with a defiant appearance, it attracted many people dislike. She is different from Xiao Su Su, just from her eyes you knew she looked down on people.

Undoubtedly, with her sudden appearance, it settled the rumors of Bai Hua kingdom having no successor. She also knows her mother brought her back to ease the people’s heart. However the future Emperor has still not been decided. Hua Qian Zi is merely a cover up, no one could guess what Hua Ru Xue had plan.

Hua Qian Zi originally thought Bai Hua’s throne was hers, but since returning she realise how powerless she is, even those adoptive Princess in the palace had more political backing then her. She can only rely on herself, there’s also Hua Qian Yi who’s fierce as a tiger. Although they are twin brother and sisters, but since they didn’t grow up together, they didn’t have the sibling bond or affections. All that’s left between them is schemes and plans.

“Mei Mei, Jia You!” Xiao En cheered Su Su as he watched Hua Qian Zi walked on the stage with an arrogant expression, although she is royalty, but he didn’t even think highly of her. A princess that has no political backing yet acted so arrogant.

Xiao Su Su nodded and softly smiled. She already knows the outcome, so regarding Hua Qian Zi’s actions she didn’t care too much. She initially just wanted to make the proud Ninth Prince, Bai Li Mo feel regretful and causing unnecessary trouble, making her attend the Qiong Hua feast, thinking he can humiliate her and the Xiao family. She just wanted to show her skills and capabilities, she didn’t want to be known by the world, but she didn’t want to repeat the previous life again. Poetry isn’t her forte, however she wasn’t too concerned about it.

There were a dozen different poetry on the table, Hua Qian Zi picked up a brush and wrote down the other half of the poem. Followed by other ladies who one by one did the same. Xiao En and Xiao Su Su got on the stage together, seeing the variety of poems, the two stared at each with encouraging smiles. They picked up their brushes and started to write. It wasn’t until the two got off the stage did the audience get to see the poems they choose. Xiao Su Su picked one of the most difficult poems (I didn’t translate the poem nor reply because I’m afraid I’ll translate it wrong.) After reading Su Su’s reply, there were many discussions, although they didn’t know the outcome but she has won everyone’s praise and admiration.

“You answered it very well.” Xu Wei Ran gave Xiao Su Su a thumbs up.

“Indeed very neat, and metaphorical match. It’s such a pity she’s Bai Hua woman.” He Yi Tian who didn’t understand much about poetry also gave his opinion on her work.

“What’s wrong?? He brother has taken interest in her?” Xu Wei Ran indifferently smile, as he turned around to face He Yi Tian.

He Yi Tian is in the thirties, apart from the emitting strong aura, he is indeed a dandy. He has roamed jiang hu for many years, regarding love he never place importance on it, he wanted to become a powerful assassin, but because of Mo Wen Chen, his reputation has been destroyed.

Hearing Xu Wei Ran’s remarks, his face unconsciously blushed. He is a person who doesn’t like scheming and playing with other’s mind, he doesn’t equivocate. Trying to explain himself, he scratched his head and said: “I’m just saying it’s a pity she’s a Bai Hua woman.” 

Xu Wei Ran laughed and nodded in agreement: “Yes, it is a pity. You should know, besides the royal family ,  you can not marry any Bai Hua woman. This is why You Zhen kingdom and Ao Yun kingdom men secluded themselves from Bai Hua woman.” 

Regarding Xiao Su Su, Xu Wei Ran also have taken an interest in her, but he is only interested though, woman he would only use them, he would never be sincere and serious about them.

“I’m regretful now” Bai Li Mo said to Nan Gong Mo without making direct eye contact with him as he held the carved phoenix jade in his hand looking rather pale. Nan Gong Mo was stupefied, someone as proud as a Bai Li Mo unexpectedly speak those kind of words. It seems, he really has been captivated by Xiao Su Su. But who wouldn’t be captivated by a woman who’s full of wit, beautiful like an immortal?

“What do you plan on doing?” Nan Gong Mo whispered.

“Make Xiao Su Su take back the decision in ending the engagement.” Bai Li Mo said as he stared at Xiao En laughing with Xiao Su Su.

Nan Gong Mo froze there, he didn’t think Bai Li Mo would say such words: “But……”

“I know, I was the one who decided to break off an engagement, but I want the Bai Hua Empress, Hua Ru Xue to take back the decision.” Bai Li Mo said firmly, with a face of resolute. He doesn’t want his wrong step and regret it for a lifetime.

What kind of person the queen is, Bai Li Mo is more than clear. With the current situation with the three kingdom, Bai Hua is in a disadvantage and dangerous position, but as long as Ao Yun kingdom and Bai Hua kingdom alliance together the situation will change. Xiao Su Su inevitably will be a pawn in her hands. If that’s the case he must take the first step and claim the chess piece.

At this moment Nan Gong Mo had nothing to say, he is just a servant. He can only watch his master unwilling stare at Xiao Su Su.

“Bai Li Mo will not stop there, so we also must get moving.” Xu Wei Ran was no longer teasing He Yi Tian and seriously said.

“What??” He Yi Tian was some ignorant for a time being.

Xi Wei Ran: “Did you forget the purpose of why we came here?” 

 He Yi Tian: “To stop Bai Hua kingdom and Ao Yun kingdom from unifying.”

Chapter 78 – Request

Xu Wei Ran’s arrangement plan was ruined by Xiao Su Su because of her unique talent. Bai Hua crown undoubtedly will inevitably fall into the Xiao family’s hands, the last round Hua Qian Zi was no long in the limelight because she was defeated by Xiao Su Su. Xiao En took home the male crown, while Xiao Su Su took home the female crown. The Xiao family once again become the focus of the city. Having the same glory Xiao Mi brought years ago. Xiao Mi used her martial art talent to gain hers, while her grandchildren used their talent to gain theirs.

Today Lei Yu Feng was silent, he interestingly observe Xiao Su Su’s every move. And each time he saw her, he couldn’t help but think of another woman. Su Qi Qi, who died under Mo Wen Chen’s sword, seeing her jump off the cliff, his heart felt great pain. Even thinking about it now, he still felt the pain. That day her somewhat lonely smile, her indifferent eyes, even though she tried to hide this, it couldn’t escape Lei Yu Feng’s eyes.

The lonely and different eyes Xiao Su Su is showing reminded him of Su Qi Qi. She also have much talent, but she was born in the Prime Minister’s residence and the elder sister of Su Meng Ru. If it wasn’t for the incident that happen on the cliff, her talents would have been gradually revealed. Sometimes he would think whether his bet with Mo Wen Chen is right or wrong.

“Have a guess what will Xu Wei Ran will do?” Hua Ru Xue smiled beautifully and asked Lei Yu Feng. She originally wanted Hua Qian Zi to seduce Lei Yu Fen, but since she appeared he hasn’t once glance at Hua Qian Zi. Even if her daughter is a stunning beauty, Lei Yu Feng wasn’t interested, which disappointed Hua Ru Xue. But then again, there’s still Xiao Su Su, she doesn’t need her to really doing anything, as long as she can cause contradiction between Ao Yun kingdom and Yo Zhen kingdom, that was enough.

Lei Yu Feng: “Just enough.”

She also know with Xiao Mi’s strength now, she cannot lack the backing of the Xiao’s family military powers. When she agreed to have the engagement called off with Bai Li Mo, it was because she thought Xiao Su Su was a fool. But the situation has changed, ten thousand of people are focusing their attention on her and admiring her. If she known earlier of Xiao Su Su’s talent, she might have called off the engagement sooner.

Since the first day of seeing Xiao Su Su, Hua Ru Xue has been planning on how she will use this little girl. Although Xiao Su Su’s stature is petite and her charming features are unpopular in Bai Hua kingdom, but in the kingdom of Yan, Ao Yun and You Zhen she is considered a gourmet beauty. Overnight the Xiao family has become her hope. She knew, what Xiao Su Su needs.

Many years ago Hua Ru Xue narrowly escaped a few of her sisters secretly trying to kill her, she sent her daughter to the kingdom of Yan to protect her, eliminating anything that can be a threat and used against her.

Lei Yu Feng knew how sinister the Empress is, which is why he didn’t act accordingly to how she wanted him to. If he really want to play hard, the whole of Southern Xin Jiang would be trembling.

Hua Ru Xue daring to be so arrogant because of her relationship with Mo Wen Chen. However, at this time Lei Yu Feng thought what the queen did is also good, at least it won’t affect Xiao Su Su too much, and it also won’t affect Mo Wen Chen and himself, nor the kingdom of Yan.

Although he is in between Yan and South Xin Jiang, his heart has always been towards Mo Wen Chen, in his view sooner or later the kingdom of Yan will fall into Mo Wen Chen’s hands, so he needed to prepare this line of defence. If necessary they can swallowed the southern as well.

“You Zhen’s Crown Prince…..” Lei Yu Feng turned to face Hua Ru Xue as he evilly laugh: “Of course he will stop the Ao Yun’s Prince actions.”

Hua Ru Xue nods: “Say… who will Xiao Su Su choose?”

“She won’t be choosing any.” Lei Yu Feng very calm said: “Isn’t there also Hua Qian Yi Prince.” 

This cause Hua Ru Xue face to turn pale and for the longest time didn’t say a word. Since ancient times, beauties have brought disaster to a country. She also fear that Xiao Su Su will be the disaster of the south. She also appears very intelligent.

The crowned winner is able to ask a request from the Empress. Xiao Su Su step forward and respectfully knelt, her expression is cool and calm, she’s neither humble nor pushy. A woman with such grace.

Hua Ru Xue: “Xiao Su Su, you can put in a request.” 

Xiao Su Su’s voice is not high or low: “Thanks you, Your Majesty. Your commoner request the freedom to choose my own marriage.” 

Since she’s the grandchild of a General, her marriage is decided by the Royal family. Bai Li Mo had broke off his engagement with her so she was free, but she also knew that, as long as the Empress say one word, she will have to marry Bai Lo Mo. She clearly saw the unwillingness in his expression the first time they met. She also didn’t want to marry someone who’s so opinionated, aloof and arrogant. But it’s not just Bai Li Mo, any other guy she will be reluctant to, she didn’t want to be used as prawn like the past. She didn’t want to recommit the same error.

After Xiao Su Su express her wishes, the audience below was in an uproar. Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo’s expression was quite ugly. However, Xu Wei Ran still smile, he really admire such gutsy woman. She is indeed different from other girls.

This request shocked many, since ancient times, government children have been decided by the royal family, they have never heard of an individual being able to decide their own marriage. Moreover the person making this request is actually a woman……

This request seems too absurd making many unable to accept this. Lei Yu Feng narrowed his eyes and carefully looked at the women kneeling there. She is indeed smart, requesting this to preserve herself. Also cutting off any hope that the Empress had of wanting to use her.

The Empress also had a face of shocked, she couldn’t conceal her emotions. Even the whole Xiao family froze in place, including Xiao old madame……


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