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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 79 – 81 Summary

karen over at karenedramaddictions have written pretty good rant and rave about the novel and also a short summary of 1 – 100 chapters, so anyone dying to know what briefly happens from 80 onwards head over to her blog and read the post.

Chapter 79 – No interference

After the uproar, the scene restored its silence. Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo expressions is vary, a face of anxiety. They all feared Hua Ru Xue will agree to this request. Qiong Hua feast has been held for thousands of years, however this was the first time someone ask such a request. This Xiao Su Su was out of the ordinary, making everyone elusive.

Of course, Bai Li Mo  is the most anxious, because he has regretfully missed it once, he didn’t want to lose it again. But he was the one who broke off the engagement in front of many powerful groups of the Three Kingdoms, if he was to speak now, not only would he be disgracing himself, he would also disgrace his country. So he can only watch anxiously, unable to do anything.

Nan Gong Mo stared at the woman kneeling on the stage, she is dressed in white, emitting an elegant aura, dignified and gracious.

In fact, Xiao Su Su requests isn’t excessive, but since ancient times, no one have ever asked such a request, which is why there’s been such an uproar.

Xiao Mi looked at her little granddaughter kneeling on the stage with the sun shinning in her face, she understand Su Su’s feelings. Clenching her fist and stepping forward, she also knelt besides Su Su: “I, Your old servant urge your majesty to be considerate my granddaughter’s situation.”

This sentence, in fact everyone understood. When Xiao Su Su’s name was spreading far and wide, the news of Ao Yun’s Ninth Prince breaking off the engagement also spread all over the world. However, no one ridicule the Xiao family, instead they thought Bai Li Mo has lost something valuable.

For Hua Ru Xue, this fit in exactly with her wishes, if she only wants to calm down her citizens, she can only nod. Coupled with Xiao Mi also kneeling, it was a good opportunity to win the hearts of her people, over the years it was obvious the royal family has put great amount of pressure on the Xiao family. And the people’s heart in with the Xiao family.

“Okay, I will grant little Miss Xiao Su Su’s request to marriage freedom, from here on the royal family will never interfere.” Hua Ru Xue said very loud so everyone present heard it crystal clear.

Below the stage an uproar happen again. Xiao Su Su and Xiao Mi paid their respect and slowly rose: “Thank you, your majesty.”

Xiao Su Su and her grandmother stared at each other emotionally. Although it appeared the Empress have given the Xiao family some benefits, however the one who received the greater benefits is her, she doesn’t want Xiao Su Su to drag the kingdom into crisis. Giving Su Su her freedom to choose her own marriage will secluded Bai Hua kingdom from any future conflicts that may occur between Ao Yun kingdom and You Zhen kingdom. All the problems are now in the Xiao family’s hands.

Hua Xu Rue has a headache just with her son, Hua Qian Yi, everything she asked of him since childhood he has satisfied her requirements, never letting her down. But now another woman is causing her a massive headache, all her hard work and effort through so many years has been in vain.

As Xiao Su Su walked slowly step down from the white jade stage, many Princes dream were shattered, they originally thought they would have a chance with Xiao Su Su, but now there’s no chance at all. No one took notice of the second runner-up, Hua Qian Zi who stood on the side.

Xiao En come forward and laugh: “Congratulations Mei Mei, you have got your wish.”

Xiao Su Su’s heart is satisfied, however she didn’t show it, she merely smile and felt liberal and dignified. She also knew that Hua Ru Xue agreed so quickly, it wasn’t because of her grandmother, but because she wanted to use her. To get rid of the pressure of the two kingdom on her back and pushing the responsibility to the Xiao family.

Xiao Su Su saw the look on Bai Li Mo’s face, she could not help but want to laugh, anyone that wants to mess with her will not have a good day. She still remember his arrogant, overbearing and domineering appearance.

“Su Su, well done.” Xiao Zhu also came and patted Xiao Su Su on the shoulder.

At this moment, the past has been left behind, the happiness atmosphere has returned. Xiao Su Su’s heart felt warmth, her smile is radiant and her eyes are starry. Even if she has to face two kingdom’s. she is not afraid because she has the whole family behind her. She is no longer alone like the past.

Thinking of being lonely, she thought of her past life, looking up, Lei Yu Feng and her locked eyes, Lei Yu Feng presence reminded her of Mo Wen Chen. She love and hated this man.

Chapter 80 – Bai Hua Gathering

With the Qiong Hua feast coming to an ended, the Three Kingdom’s special guest left. The Xiao residence remain the same, where as Xiao Mi’s court status has gradually changed. The Queen’s attitude also changed towards them.

Lei Yu Feng left with an ease heart knowing Bai Hua kingdom temporarily not a threat to the kingdom of Yan nor Lei Jia Bao. As for Xiao Su Su, his only interested in her talent and scheming, everything else, he wasn’t interested.

Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran wanted to use their national strength to fight for Xiao Su Su, however with the Empress’s agreement, the royal family will no longer interfere with her marriage, the two disappointed men can only silently leave and think of other ways to obtain her. Since the two men haven’t thought of any ideas, therefore there’s a short period of peace in the South.

A war is unavoidable, but it will require some. This is exactly what Hua Ru Xue wanted, she needed time to rebuild Bai Hua kingdom’s strength, make them strong enough to swoop the South Xin Jiang in one go. She isn’t satisfied with just Bai Hua kingdom.

Xiao Su Su usually don’t leave the Xiao home, instead she would talk with Xiao En under the sun, and occasionally drink wine with the others. Because of her performance at the Qiong Hua feast, everyone knew her talent so whenever the Xiao family had nothing to do, they ask her to play a few tunes on the qin, or recite poetry. Whoever couldn’t answer the poetry will be punished with a cup of wine, of course Xiao Su Su never got punished.

The warmth and love she received from the Xiao family gradually changed her indifference personality. However it didn’t change her cold temper. Even in laughter, she still felt loneliness.

“Little Miss, played fantastical.” Several people also echoed, while clapping.

Xiao Su Su faintly smiled as she step down the stage with her white robes fluttering in the breeze.

Housekeeper hurriedly came in with a red envelope: “Little Miss, an invitation has been sent from the Palace.”

The word Palace made everyone in the Xiao residence silent. They also looked at Xiao Su Su with envy. It’s been such a long time since someone from the Xiao family has been invited into the Palace, everyone felt it is such an honor. However, Xiao Su Su felt like it is an extremely heavy burden.

Xiao En is sincerely happy for his Mei Mei, these days their relationship has deepen leaps and bounds, without thinking he accepted the envelope on the behalf of Su Su and pulled out a few pieces of silver from his sleeves: “Housekeeper, report that our Little Miss have received the invitation, ask those guards to leave.”

The originally harmonious atmosphere was somewhat stagnate now, Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu stared at each other, didn’t know what to say, but by the look of things, it didn’t appear too good. Xiao Su Su also did not show the slightest interest, she just received the invitation and merely glanced at it and said in a dismissive tone: “Bai Hua gathering…… Really is full of tricks.”

She had a face of reluctant, she didn’t care about honor, she didn’t like gatherings with many people, but is helpless since it’s a decree, she knew she had to go, there was no way out of this. But Prince Hua Qian Zi really gave her a headache.

Xiao Su Su: “The invitation state that the Xiao household can attend,  would Big aunty and second aunty like to go with Su Su? Su Su have regain consciousness not long ago, I know little about the royal family, I’m afraid I might do something to offend them.”

Hearing Xiao Su Su’s word, the faces of those presents eased a bit. In fact, Xiao Su Su didn’t need to say this, but she didn’t want the harmony in the family to erupt again. She doesn’t want the life where family member openly and secretly scheme against one and another.

“Good, good” Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu were the only female in the family, other men in the family were not eligible to join. While her aunties thought Su Su is kind and amiable, however the other man were upset. They can only sulk in the dark.

“Big brother, accompany with me tomorrow.” Xiao Su Su said casually, although she is a woman, but she never regarded her status as higher than other men. Having Xiao En besides her gives her courage. She’s not afraid of the royal family, but she doesn’t like effusive, fake affection scene. With Xiao En presence he can help withstand some of the blows, he has seen more of the world than she has.

Upon hearing Xiao Su Su’s word, everyone was stunned. Even Xiao En stared at her with shock. Xiao Su Su awkwardly smiled and said: “The host Prince Hua Qian Zi is a man, you going won’t affect anything.” 

“But……” Xiao Yan was a little worried.

When Xiao Su Su’s decision is firm, no one can easily change her mind, smiling again she interrupted Xiao Yan: “Big aunt, don’t worry., if there’s anything I’ll take it, I won’t let him have an accident.”

Xiao En is Xiao Yan’s eldest son, of course she is willing to let him attend this occasion, but there’s a risk. For many years, the royal party never allowed men in, unless it was under the Emperor’s special order. Can Xiao Su Su really make an exception?

Xiao En is very willing to accompany Xiao Su Su, because he was also afraid that Xiao Su Su will be bullied by the royal family, he knew how ruthless these events are. With Xiao Su Su’s bland and cold personality, she will certainly offend someone. They will find a reason to hurt her.

Chapter 81 – Biting Irony 

When Xiao Mi heard that Xiao Su Su was invited to participate in the Bai Hua gathering, her face was somewhat grim, but she couldn’t say anything, she could only pray in her heart that Xiao Su Su will not encounter any troubles. The Princess in the Palace are too scheming and difficult to read. Hua Qian Zi who lost to Xiao Su Su at the Qiong Hua feast presumably won’t be able to swallow the humiliation.

Bai Hua gathering is a new event that Prince Hua Qian Yi invented to ease his boredom. He would invite young noble woman to enjoy the lake view.

Secretly, everyone is well aware, that this event is organised so Prince Hua Qian Yi to choose his Crown Princess. Although female status is higher than males, but marrying into the Palace and becoming a Crown Princess is still a honor for an average woman. Many noble family rush to grab this opportunity. Of course, everyone also knew as long as Xiao Su Su is present their chances are very slim.

Xiao Su Su arrived on time at the palace gate. Sitting quietly in the carriage, she didn’t cause a commotion with her appearance. She came to give Prince Hua Qian Yi face and leave posterior for the Xiao family. The Empress has already agreed to her freedom of marriage, so her heart is at eased and not afraid of anything.

“Mei Mei, this is a rare opportunity, although the Prince will not inherit the throne, but he is still under one thousand, especially Prince Qian Yi who’s scheming and powerful, with many backing him, nothing will go wrong.” Xiao En softly said.

Xiao Su Su who originally had her head lowered, suddenly looked up and asked Xiao Eu: “Big brother, do you feel…… the Royal life is for me?”

Her question stunned Xiao En. After a while he just gently nod and shook his head: “This… no you’re suitable for it.” 

He knew his Mei Mei is endowed with both beauty and talent, with prominent family background. She must be the best candidate for the Crown Princess position, but his Mei Mei is out of the ordinary. She has her own measure of life and thoughts. Requesting her freedom of marriage at the banquet demonstrated it.

Xiao Su Su smiled at Xiao En’s reply, but she did not say anything else. She never wants to set foot in the royalty life. Just one Mo Wen Chen has caused to her be afraid of love already.

The carriage stop and a voice echoed. “Little Xiao Miss.” 

She knew it was Hua Qian Yi. Although Hua Qian Yi’s is powerful, but he has always been respectful and courteous to others. He knew how to get on people’s good side and win the hearts of many supporters, which is why there hasn’t been any real competitors for so many years. Even though Hua Qian Zi suddenly returned, it didn’t affect his status in Bai Hua kingdom. People still supported him regardless of his gender.

Xiao En got off the carriage first and paid his respects to the Prince. Upon seeing Xiao En, Hua Qian Zi was stunned for a moment, however, he quickly regain his composure and smiled: “Forego formalities, Little Xiao Miss, also needs to bring a bodyguard.”  

Breaking the awkward atmosphere Xiao Su Su also got off the carriage. And politely smiled at Hua Qian Yi. Hua Qian Zi also stood behind her brother, with a face full of pride.

Seeing this, Xiao Su Su stepped forward with Xiao En and paid their respects to her: “Hello your highness.”

She does not want to offend this woman, if she want to provoke her, she will make this woman unable to stand up, worse than what she suffered.

Hua Qian Zi gave Xiao Su Su a glance, her eyebrows twitched, her lips curved, but she didn’t say much, merely raised her hand: “Today it’s Huang Xiong who’s the host of Bai Hua gathering, it so everyone can have some distractions to come out and enjoy themselves, you don’t need to be over courteous, we will be sisters.”

Hua Qian Zi was being so polite, in front of other’s she act with such grace, but behind people’s back she is a vicious woman. Xiao Su Su doesn’t want to be sister with someone like that, this woman can caused your death without you even realising how you died. She has learned from her drearily death, so she will be ten times smarter this time round.

Xiao Su Su: “Thank you for your highness favor.”

On the cruise

“Xiao Little Miss, your qin, chess, poetry and calligraphy skills are first-class, how did you learn them?”

On the cruise Xiao En was pulled by Hua Qian Zi talking and laughing, while Xiao Su Su sat on the table surrounded by Hua Qian Yi and other woman,.enjoying the lake full of bloomed lotus, a woman in purple stared at her and smiled. Although she had a smile on her face, but her tone was harsh.

“I didn’t learn it.” Xiao Su Su replied, she knew this woman is trying to embarrass her.

“Ha-ha. Did you hear that guys, this Xiao Little Miss said she didn’t learn it, yet she can win the Qiong Hua feast and obtain the Bai Hua crown.” The woman suddenly laughed loudly and raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, didn’t you hear, that person is an immortal that came down to earth, whose mind is broken.” Another woman also echoed.

“But, after all, she is the immortal that shine in the Qiong Hua feast.”

“Yeah yeah……”

Xiao Su Su listening to these words, but she didn’t say anything or move, instead she sat quietly. Hua Qian Zi stood on the side watching a good show.

I would like to wish my dearest son Ethan a happy 5th birthday, love you so so much <3. He is so lucky to share the same birthday as his uncle (my youngest brother). Today he will be celebrating it with his preschool friends so I made these minecraft cupcakes for him.



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