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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 82 – 84 Summaries

Does any one remember me mentioning “A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor 《错嫁良缘之一代军师》 by Qian Lu 《浅绿》“? Well inno has started paraphrasing the novel, if you want love BBPSAC, you also enjoy this, so head over to her blog and show your support. And just a heads up, I’m still quite busy these coming weeks, so I most likely can only update 3 times this week. However I try to fit in 10 chapters regardless.

Chapter 82 – A fierce battle of tongue

Xiao Su Su: “If lowering others can improve ourselves, I think the Qiong Hua feast Crown wouldn’t have to put in any effort to obtain it, they can just stand on the streets just like a Vixen cursing, easy, convenient and labor-saving.”

If it was the former Su Qi Qi, she would have been silence, and swallow the insult and bitterness, but she is now Xiao Su Su, she will not take the insult lying down. She’s going to strike back when hit, and scold back when insulted.

Xiao Su Su’s voice is not high, but she just condemned to the other woman’s laughter. Her every word is taunting and crystal clear, they were sharp like a knife, especially emphasising the word ‘Vixen.’ Her words caused the nobles presence feel embarrassed.

Hua Qian Zi also stared straight at Xiao Su Su, somehow she thought of Su Qi Qi, although she won in the end, but she lost everything she wanted and the person she wanted the most. This Xiao Su Su is a lot stronger than Su Qi Qi, definitely a worthy opponent.

“You……” Hearing Xiao Su Su’s remark, the woman on the table seem to have forgotten they initiated started the battle. They had nothing to say.

The woman in purple robs who started this face flushed red, glared at Xiao Su Su, also speechless. She wanted to slap Xiao Su Su across the face, who does she think she is? She was once a fool, how can she be so arrogant now. Bad mouthing Xiao Su Su was impulse, she knew the chances of Xiao Su Su being chosen as the Crown Princess is high, which is why she is against her.

At this moment, a round of applause came. Not far away, on another ship Xu Wei Ran stood dressed in white, appearing graceful and carefree. His features are pure and soft, his complexion is like water, his eyes also are very clear. With his appearance, it slightly eased the embarrassing situation .

Originally, Xiao En wanted to step forward and protect Xiao Su Su, but hearing her come back, refuting those noble women’s stunned and speechless. The way she spoke was malicious and hot, indeed worthy of being a member of the Xiao family.

Hua Qian Yi also gradually rose and looked at Xu Wei Ran: “So it turns out to be You Zhen’s Crown Prince, it’s really a coincidence.”

“Yes, it is a coincidence.” Xu Wei Ran smile while staring at the group of women surrounding Xiao Su Su. Her indifference, transcendental, carefree and easy natural made Xu Wei Ran’s heart felt appreciation, no matter what pressure and strike she encounters, she can be so calm.

Xu Wei Ran stayed in Bai Hua kingdom and did not return to You Zhen kingdom for two reasons, firstly is because of his plan wasn’t successful, secondly because of Xiao Su Su. At the Qiong Hua feast, he had seen her full of wit and surprises. And just witnessing how she handle her situation now, he felt his interest heighten. Although he was separated by distance, however with his skills, he could hear those dialogues crystal clear. For those humiliating words, not only Xiao Su Su didn’t to break down, she spoke back without letting the other party refuting.

As the two ship got close enough, Xu Wei Ran step aboard Hua Qian Yi’s ship. Since Xu Wei Ran identity is the Crown Prince of You Zhen, Hua Qian Yi can only smile happily at him, but his heart was dissatisfied. The reason why he wanted his boat cruise was to take the opportunity to promote himself and further understand Xiao Su Su. Hua Ru Xue have said a woman who can solve ten dead-lock chess game is very useful in military. They must obtain her. Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran’s thoughts they knew it clearly.

With the sudden appearance of Xu Wei Ran, all the woman who had gloomy expression instantly smiled again. Besides Xiao Su Su and Hua Qian Zi, they all rushed forward, directly surrounding Xu Wei Ran and Hua Qian Yi, asking a variety of questions. Although in Bai Hua kingdom a women’s status is higher, but a woman’s noisy nature is unchangeable.

“How long does your Royal Highness Prince plan to stay here for? If you want to explore, this lady can be your guide.”

“You should know, Bai Hua kingdom is a of historic interest and scenic beauty, your Royal Highness Prince is certainly in the right place.”

“It has been said that your Royal Highness Prince is gentle and virtuous, meeting today, indeed it isn’t a lie…………”

The group of women were like butterflies fluttering around them, laughter can be heard without end. Xu Wei Ran is holding up to his reputation, he has a good temper and answered the ladies questions one by one. The atmosphere is harmonious and lively, making Hua Qian Zi very pleased with the scene.

Because there was Xu Wei Ran presence, those girls have shifted their attention against Xiao Su Su, which even made Xiao En helplessly shook his head and smiled. He starts to make his way to Xiao Su Su’s who was besides Hua Qian Zi, he knew regarding this woman it’s best to stay as far as possible.

“Just then…… Are you okay?” Xiao En appeared somewhat distressed staring at Xiao Su Su. Being asleep for fifteen years is something she can never get rid of in her name.

“It’s nothing, in fact it isn’t a big deal, being a fool is always better than scheming against each other” Xiao Su Su said this as she looked at the crowd.

Because Xu Wei Ran was surrounded by many, he didn’t have the chance to hear what Xiao Su Su said, he can only helplessly smile. His frustration isn’t obvious, but it didn’t escape Xiao Su Su’s sharp eyes.

Hearing Xiao Su Su’s word, Xiao En’s heart eased a little. He also knew the these women only envy his Mei Mei because of how Hua Qian Yi treats her, they couldn’t do anything besides throw words. But Xiao Su Su also isn’t a weakling either.

“You can go and scold them back.” Hua Qian Zi suddenly spoke after observing Xiao Su Su for a long time.

Unexpectedly, at this time this woman will open her mouth, Xiao Su Su politely nod with a smile: “Much thanks Princess, but, there’s no need, it’s not always after being bitten by the dog, we need to bite back.” 

Hua Qian Zi maintained her emotion and didn’t attack further. She also faintly smile: “Little Xiao Miss,  indeed has a general style, definitely worthy of being old Xiao general’s grandchild.”

“Princess is over praising me.” Xiao Su Su’s heart gave a thump, she knew Hua Qian Zi’s identity, at this time if she blindly tried to avoid her, she is afraid that would to disaster regardless. However, even if she didn’t avoid Hua Qian Zi, it will still lead to more disaster. She knew how scheming this woman is. Undoubtedly, she wanted to use Xiao family to her own advantage.

On the side, Xiao En also sensed the danger, his eyebrows lightly creased and quietly kicked Xiao Su Su underneath the table, hinting her to be careful. This Hua Qian Zi isn’t an easy opponent to defeat.

Chapter 83 – Hooking the fish

Regarding Xiao En’s reminder, Xiao Su Su’s heart is also crystal clear, she doesn’t like this woman either, so she will never stand on her side and aid her fight for political power. Not destroying her, Xiao Su Su is already giving Hua Qian Zi mercy. In this lifetime, Xiao Su Si will not show any for signs of kindness. Being merciful towards our enemy is being cruel to yourself.

“Little Xiao Miss, don’t need to be so modest. What does Little Xiao Miss have plan for the future? Will you try to obtain admission to acquire fame? With your qualifications, you will definitely obtain the champion.” Hua Qian Zi said as she stared straight into Xiao Su Su’s eyes.

Xiao Su Su pulled a radian smile, but she still maintained a faint appearance: “This, I have not considered, after all I just wake up not long ago, so I don’t know much about this world, so I do not want to be too hasty.”

“Your talents couldn’t be from just waking up.” Hua Qian Zi’s eyes were sharp, becoming more hostile towards Xiao Su Su. With this sentence Hua Qian Zi was laying down her cards, but she’s also threatening this young girl. She has already lowered herself to this person, yet Xiao Su Su doesn’t seem to want to drink the wine she toasted, instead she wants to drink penalized wine.

Today she must get Xiao Su Su onto to her side, such talent can no fall into the hands of her twin brother. She has lost everything and returned to Bai Hua kingdom, but only to find out that she’s only a chess piece her mother has placed in order to bring peace to the citizen’s of Bai Hua kingdom. She will take back all that belongs to her, including the throne. And for her to achieve this she needs the Xiao family to support, they are the only neutral power that has the ability to help her fight against Hua Qian Yi.

Although her brother is a man, but over the years he has established a strong strength backing him. How powerful can he be? She doesn’t know, but it has made her restless.

Hearing Hua Qian Zi’s word, Xiao Su Su’s face suddenly sank, and the corners of the mouth gradually froze.

“So what?” Xiao En lightly added, with a cool expression and a smile. He saw Xiao Su Su’s shoulder shiver upon hearing Hua Qian Zi’s words.

In fact, if anyone else said this sentence, Xiao Su Su couldn’t care, but this person is Hua Qian Zi, she has already knows what this woman is capable of. After all, Hua Qian Zi still knows Su Qi Qi very well. If she knew her soul has occupied this body, things will be a big chaos again.

And if the Xiao family finds out that Xiao Su Su is someone else, how will they handle this? And if the citizens of Bai Hua knew, what will they do as well? One thing she is certain… her ending will be disastrous.

Originally, Hua Qian Zi already saw Xiao Su Su uneasiness, but because of Xiao En’s sentence, her face turn pale and green, how dare Xiao En speak so openingly to her? She ferociously stared at him: “So what? Can the Xiao family bear the consequences?” 

The corner of Xiao En’s mouth smiled grimly, he is not afraid of this woman, the Xiao family understood Hau Ru Xue’s intentions and ideas, but he didn’t care at all. He said his sentence firmly, he will not let anyone bully his Mei Mei. Absolutely not: “Of course we can bear the consequences.” 

At this moment, Xiao Su Su’s face has taken a turn for the better, she also knows that Hua Qian Zi should not to be trifled with, and no way of getting rid of her, it’s not even the matter of whether she provokes Hua Qian Zi or not.

“Eldest brother.” Xiao Su Su said softly. She gave Xiao En a look, the Xiao family has treated her so well, she must not let them plunged into an abyss of suffering. She must try to use her best ability to protect these people.

Staring at Hua Qian Zi, she tried to soften her expression: “Your Royal Highness Princess should just get straight to the point. As long as the things are within our abilities, on Royal Princess’s orders, this commoner of course will not refuse under any circumstances.” 

Xiao Su Su didn’t want to continue arguing on. Originally, Xiao En also wanted to say something, but Xiao Su Su grabbed his hands, motioned for him not to act rashly and blindly, even if Xiao old lady have military power in her hands, but this doesn’t mean she also cannot protect the whole Xiao family’s life. With that Xiao En stood there motionless, staring at Xiao Su Su’s delicate hands holding his.

Seeing Xiao Su Su’s transformation, Hua Qian Zi’s heart also tighten, she knew this woman isn’t simple, she smiled upon hearing her words because her objective has been achieved: “Good, as long as Little Xiao Miss said this sentence that is enough.”

Xu Wei Ran was still surrounded by the ladies with no way to escape their questions, while Hua Qian Yi sat quietly not far away, observing Xiao Su Su and his twin sister’s conversation. Seeing them smile at each other, he gently frown and also smiled back at them. He wanted to fight for Xiao Su Su, not just because she looks like an immortal, but she’s also full of wit, more importantly her surname is Xiao. To marry such a woman would be his honor. He wanted her for the same purpose as his twin sister.

Regarding Hua Qian Zi, he did not have any guards on her as he didn’t think highly of her capabilities, he only cares about Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran’s movements. Whatever Xiao Su Su has agreed with her, he couldn’t care less because everything was under his control.

In fact, he knew about Xu Wei Ran’s trip, inviting Xiao Su Su and others on his cruise was just to kill two birds with one stone. Because he knew Xiao Su Su can lead him to someone who he wanted. Now, the fish had to swallow the bait, his slowly waiting to pull up his harvest.

Chapter 84 – Cruise

Cruise ships continue to run along the lake. Everything appeared harmonious and returned to normal, but everyone was immersed in their own thoughts. Hua Qian Zi thought everything is within her hands, while Xiao Su Su is trying to think of ways to countermeasure, she didn’t want to lose everything she has now, and she also don’t want to trouble to the Xiao family. So, at this moment, she felt some pain.

Xiao En also could see this, but he didn’t know what to say, he is not a rash person, so it was best if discuss this with Xiao old madame.

On the side Xu Wei Ran was admiring the lotus with the ladies. He wanted to find the opportunity to say a few words with Xiao Su Su, but he was continuously surrounded by these women, if it wasn’t for the presence of Hua Qian Yi, he wouldn’t maintained his disguise for this long. But even if there wasn’t Hua Qian Yi, there’s still Xiao Su Su. He wanted to maintain his good image in front of her.

He also can’t let his image be destroyed in one day, besides being surrounded by beauties isn’t such a bad thing. Even if others wanted the same treatment wouldn’t able to obtain it. Women from Bai Hua kingdom not only are beauties, even one that’s been asleep for many years had more talent than others.

Hua Qian Zi sat besides Xiao Su Su, he gave her a harmless smile, while his facial feature were somewhat soft, appearing very charming. In a very gentle tone he asked her: “Little Xiao Miss knows how to play the qin, why don’t you play a tune?”

Even though, Hua Qian Yi was a man, he didn’t need to treat Xiao Su Su the way he did, but he didn’t want her to feel as if he was superior than her. He didn’t know what means Hua Qian Zi used to threatened or get Xiao Su Su on her side, but he knew he was already one step late.

Hearing Huan Qian Yi’s words, Xiao Su Su glanced at Hua Qian Zi, having no time to reject his suggestion.

“I heard that Princess is also a talented woman in the kingdom of Yan. Why don’t we cooperate in a song?” Xiao Su Su couldn’t refuse Hua Qian Yi’s suggestion, but she also didn’t want to offend Hua Qian Zi, so she could only think of this, or else the Xiao family will have no way of escaping.

Hua Qian Zi: “How will we cooperate?” 

“This commoner will play the qin, while Princess dance.” Xiao Su Su replied indifferently, while slightly raised her jaw.

“That’s great, I think my Huang Mei’s dancing skills are the best in Bai Hua kingdom.” Hua Qian Yi also timely his said sentence.

Originally, Hua Qian Zi also wanted Xiao Su Su to dance, while she played the qin, after all with the noble ladies presence, dancing will degrade her identity. She didn’t expect her royal brother to intervene. Gritting her teeth, Hua Qian Zi also didn’t dare to openly offend her royal brother, so she could only smile and nod in agreement, while glaring at Xiao Su Su on the side: “Huang Xiong is over praising me.” 

Hua Qian Zi slowly stood up with a pair of leisure and unresponsive appearance, and adjusted her clothes.

Xiao En also smiled while staring at Xiao Su Su, only to have his Mei Mei smile mischievously and sticking out her tongue. She couldn’t wait for Hua Qian Zi to embassy herself.

Xiao Su Su received the qin from Hua Qian Yi’s hands, her fingers gently sweep across it, just with one glance she knew this qin is a treasure. In the past, she didn’t really have time to appreciate Mo Wen Chen’s burnt-tail. As Xiao Su Su’s finger diffuse through the qin, it attracted the attention of those women surrounding Xu Wei Ran.

The music started and Hua Qian Zi also started to dance. In Bai Hua kingdom, there was no precedent of woman dancing before, there wasn’t even a dance segment in the Qiong Hua feast. To witness the Royal Princess personally offering a dance performance, it certainly made everyone surprised.

At this time, everyone was immersed in Hua Qian Zi’s dance performance, even ignoring Xiao Su Su’s qin melody. Hua Qian Yi and Xu Wei Ran appeared very calm. They just quietly watched on, without changing their expression.

The boat cruised on, suddenly another qin accompanied Xiao Su Su’s qin melody, the music wafted from afar, all those presence looked to the side. As the ship moved closer and closer, there’s two people smiling, it was Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo.

Turns out these two people didn’t immediately leave, instead they have lingered in Bai Hua kingdom,  saying there were sightseeing. Their every movement has been monitored by Hua Qian Yi.

Today’s Bai Hua gathering has attracted Xu Wei Ran, now with Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo’s appearance, everything is within his calculation.

Bai Li Mo:”Great dance and great qin.” 

When the song and dance was completed, Hua Qian Zi returned to her seat with a livid expression, Xiao Su Su smiled. However upon seeing Bai Li Mo, Xiao Su Su and Hua Qian Zi’s expression changed.

At the same time Bai Li Mo stared at Hua Qian Yi with a leisurely look, having no idea what to say. He knew this gather was a conspiracy plan by him. Even Xiao En seem to understand that his Mei Mei has become the bait to lurker Bai Li Mo in. Hua Qian Yi was fishing for Bai Li Mo the big fish.

Upon seeing Bai Li Mo arrive, Xu Wei Ran also thought of the large number of hidden killer He Yi Tian brought along finally have some use. However the ships have deliberately set some distance apart, so even if he was to send a secret signal asking for help, his reinforcement wouldn’t come in a timely manner.

Stepping onto the ship Bai Li Mo appeared guarded, he knew he has step into a trap, if he’s not careful, he will die a horrible death. Nan Gong Mo had his hand on his sword at all times, ready for any possible attack.

“So it turns out to be his Royal Highness Crown Prince of Ao Yun kingdom, we really have fate.” Hua Qian Yi came forward and continued: “Bai Li brother have arrived just in time, further ahead is the Qing Chuan plains, every one has gathered together.”

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  1. i can only admire the chutzpah of Xiao Su Su in subtly manipulating Hua Qian Zi to dance. the royal princess dancing for people she deemed below her. hahaha. that’s good XSS, never again let this evil girl get the better of you! oh, am i ever glad she lost everything after the death of SQQ.


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    1. I’m not sure what he wants to do, but what I know is both Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran are trying to find out who’s going to be the next priest for the Yue Lian Gong.


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    1. It’s not reincarnation, her soul have gone into Xiao Su Su’s body. In the later chapters it actually explains why the author wrote the plot this way. You’ll come to understand it then, I can’t reveal it now as it will spoil the plot.


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