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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 85 – 88 Summaries


Chapter 85 – Plans of escape 

The Qing Chuan plains was a scenic area, usually only royalties can enjoy. Today Hua Qian Yi organized the Bai Hua gathering, of course he will not miss a chance to pass this place. The nobles ladies also like to come to Qing Chuan plains and wander, so today is just the best chance.

However, there were some people who are not as interested in this, and that person is Xiao Su Su. Xiao En also came to Qing Chuan plains, not because the exquisite scenery, but because this trip will highlight his sense of identity.

The green grass stretch as far as one’s eye can see, the broken gorge cross the valley in front of a waterfall, hitting straight down, splashing. This Qing Chuan plains, indeed made one feel very comfortable and relax, even Xiao Su Su was somewhat mesmerized by the view. Upon first glance she have developed a liking to it. The surrounding place is guarded by bodyguards, making it very peace and quiet.

However, with this sudden group of people coming here, it disrupted the tranquillity of the place. Everyone made their way to the East Palace, which was glazed by rows of tiles, the keepers knew of the Prince and Princess arrival, so everyone was busily preparing.

It was the first time Xiao En came to the Qing Chuan, the smile on his face is very bright, he knew without Xiao Su Su he wouldn’t have been able to step half a foot into this place.

Xu Wei Ran also had a profound smile on his face. Originally, on the lake his distance between He Yi Tian wasn’t too far, but now they have arrived here, it could be said he is a one man fighting a dangerous war. If anything happens he would be able to emit any distress signal.

Hua Qian Yi smiled warmly, as a host should be, explaining to everyone the scenery of Qing Chuan plains, Qing Chuan plain is said to be more mysterious than Yue Lian Gong. And to lure two kingdom’s Crown Prince was just what he wanted and it wasn’t an easy thing to achieve without Xiao Su Su as a bait.

From Xiao Su Su’s experience, she knew Hua Qian Yi was up to no good. His every act and every movement, Xiao Susu could see crystal clear, while those nobles ladies had no idea, busy enjoying themselves and having fun. No one is aware of the danger lurking.

Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo were on guard the whole time. Their heart couldn’t help but feel anxious. They know they are in enemy territory. Moreover, they weren’t invited to the Bai Hua gathering, they came for Xiao Su Su. If anything was to happen to them today, they simply couldn’t push the blame on Hua Qian Yi.

“We will rest in the Pavilion.” Hua Qian Yi ordered his subordinates prepare as everyone walked towards the Pavilion. A group of men and women, women in front, while the mens are become, all enjoying the scenery.

Hua Qian Zi is also very wise, she knew of the dangers lurking and wanted to retreat safely, while others were walking up the stairs, she purposely cried out: “Ah….” 

Xiao En who walked besides her, helped her up: “Your Royal Highness Princess.”

Everyone turned their heads and looked back. Although Xiao En helped her, however she still managed to fall down from the steps, putting on a painful expression she held onto Xiao En and squatted down: “My feet…… So painful.”

Xiao Su Su’s mood darken, not good this time Hua Qian Zi has acted first and wanted to escape, which means it’ll be difficult for her to escape with Xiao En.  Since Hua Qian Zi has used this trick, if she was to do the same, it’ll appear too fake.

She does not know why, but she knew if anything happened to those presence today, even Xiao family cannot retreat. All that are presents are either royalty or powerful descendants. This is Hua Qian Yi’s ultimate plot.

Seeing Xiao En holding Hua Qian Zu, Xiao Su Su also hurriedly rushed over, gritting her teeth and ransacking her brains trying to think of a chance to leave. Hua Qian Yi may start his plan at any time. She knew there’s a chance Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran might die here today, unless there’s an accident.

Hua Qian Yi hum a cold tone seeing the painful expression on Hua Qian Zi’s face, he didn’t reveal much on the surface. He originally thought his plan was going very smooth, he didn’t think his Huang Mei would suddenly destroy it: “Mei Mei, why are you be so careless? You might need to see a physician.” 

She wants to retreat now? No a fat chance. She has ruined his perfect plan.

Xiao Su Su with fast thinking, raised her head: “I understand a little medical knowledge, let me have a look.”

Although Hua Qian Yi appear a little unwilling, he was helpless and couldn’t reject her offer, his brows tightly together, his tone was slightly dissatisfied and cold: “Little Xiao Miss… have medical knowledge?” 

“I understand.” Xiao Su Su nodded simply.

At this time, Xu Wei Ran, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo all had surprised expression looking at Xiao Su Su. They knew she was talented, but not to this extent.

Xiao Su Su was most satisfied with her medicine, but because of what happened in her past life and the memories it brought up, she tried to avoid medicine if she could, but in order to escape safely today she had no choice but to reveal it.

Even Xiao En unbelievably looked at her, while Hua Qian Zi stared straight at Xiao Su Su with her mouth slightly open. She suddenly thought Xiao Su Su resemble a woman she once knew very much.

“You understand medicine?” Hua Qian Zi unbelievably asked Xiao Su Su and stood up to pull her sleeves. She did not want to Xiao Su Su to get involved, or else all her hard work to escape will be in vain.

Chapter 86 – Abrogate

“This commoner understands a little.” Looking at Hua Qian Zi’s eye expression, Xiao Su Su felt some regret, she had no way back, she can only handle the situation with great care.

“Then I will have to trouble Little Xiao Miss.” Although Hua Qian Zi is a bold person, however upon returning to Bai Hua kingdom, she has always been very careful. Regarding her strange attitude, others didn’t understand it, even Xiao En severely frown while holding onto to her.

As for his Mei Mei having medical knowledge, although he is surprised, but he can also accept this. Because even after being asleep for fifteen years, Xiao Su can still be full of wit. Why couldn’t he accept this new addition?

Xiao Su Su politely nodded and stared at Xiao En: “Big brother, will you help Her Highness Princess to the room, I can’t heal her here.”

Xiao En also understand the meaning of his Mei Mei’s word, this is the only escape plan they have, so he nodded.

Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo stared quietly, and went to see the two women, although their escape plan isn’t wise, but at least they can get out of this. Xu Wei Ran were pestered by the other woman, making him unable to escape, and unable to get close to Xiao Su Su.

Nan Gong Mo also silently stared at Xiao Su Su, watching her every gesture and move, his heart was satisfied with her actions, in his eyes she is top quality.

Xiao Su Su gently smiled again towards Hua Qian Yi: “Your Royal Highness Prince, this commoner will retreat now.” 

She didn’t want for his opinion and quickly urged Xiao En to walk Hua Qian Zi towards the East end of the rooms. It better to separate themselves from many people, if something was to happen they can vindicate themselves.

Watching the three leave, Hua Qian Yi mood become dull and thick, dark as the calm lake, without the slight bit of waves, this peace make those around feel afraid.

After a long time, Hua Qian Yi smiled and made his way up the stairs, with his bodyguard following behind: “We will continue.”

Sitting on the high Pavilion, they were face with the scenery of the Qing Chuan plains, the lush green grass and fresh breeze, coupled with the waterfall splashing about. It was the beginning of the spring, because the place is located just the south of Bai Hua kingdom, compared with other kingdom, the growth of plants are sooner.

“Bai Hua kingdom, indeed have great Feng Shui lands.” Xu Wei Ran said smiling as he watched the water fall from three thousand feet. He knew, with Xiao Su Su, Xiao En and Hua Qian Zi leaving, Hua Qian Yi will halt his plan. Xiao Su Su plays a key role in the success of the plan, knowing this the bottom of his heart beamed with happiness.

He knew what Hua Qian Yi was trying to achieve. These years, Ao Yun kingdom and You Zhen kingdom have always been independent of each other, no friendly intercourse, there is no contradiction.

Today Hua Qian Yi wanted the two kingdom to start a war, Bai Hua kingdom will take the biggest advantage, because the priest of Yue Lian Gong will be chosen from the Bai Hua kingdom. Apart from the clueless woman, everyone was covered in cold sweat.

Arriving in the room, all three of them let out a long breath, finally retreating, if they didn’t the consequences can be imagined, regardless of which side to win or fail, they are afraid the blame will ultimately fall into Xiao family’s hands, because both Xiao Su Su and Xiao En were present.

“Little Miss Xiao is indeed very clever.” Upon entering the room, Hua Qian Zi’s sprained foot disappeared, slightly lifting her eyes, she looked at Xiao Su Su. Showing a rare sort of appreciation in her eyes.

Xiao Su Su: “Only half less than Princess. If your highness doesn’t have anything else, this commoner will not bother you.” 

Xiao Su Su didn’t want to retreat with Hua Qian Zi, but she had no other alternative, it was against her own will, she couldn’t wait to leave and not get entangled with this women. The previous debt, sooner or later she get back for it. She will never forget all Hua Qian Zi has done to her.

Xiao Su Su turned to leave, leaving only Hua Qian Zi proud figure standing in the room. Where else Hua Qian Zi have a cold hum, the corners of her mouth curved and she sneered. She didn’t know whether Xiao Su Su have medical knowledge, it was not important, as long as she escaped unscathed.

Although Hua Qian Zi have threaten Xiao Su Su but she didn’t express which side she will support. Coupled with making her embarrassingly dance in front of her enemies, she will remember this and find a chance to pay back in double.

“Medical knowledge……” Hua Qian Zi laugh while shaking her shoulder, leaning on the bench and rolled her eyes.

Xiao En and Xiao Su Su left Hua Qian Zi’s room, they exchanged a look, however didn’t utter a single word and left the Qing Chuan plains. They didn’t want to stay here a minute longer, regardless of whether Hua Qian Yi gave up the plan or not, they didn’t want to take the risk.

“Su Su, do you really understand medicine?” Xiao En couldn’t help but ask as they made their way back to the Palace.

Xiao Su Su who was originally immersed in her thought was stupefied: “I….”

“Judging from this thing, the situation is little complicated, the Princess is not easy to deal with.” Xiao En shook his head, and patted Xiao Su Su on the shoulder and said with a face of sincerity: “Never mind, take it one step at a time, eldest brother will always stand behind and support you, the Xiao home will always support you.”

Xiao Su Su vigorously nodded, her heavy heart didn’t feel so heavy any more and a smiled appeared across her face. No matter what, she will put on a brave face, because in this life, there’s the Xiao household for her to rely on.

Chapter 87 – Resign from office and return to one’s native town

Upon returning to the Xiao residence, Xiao Su Su and Xiao En first went to find Xiao old madame and relate in detail of the happenings of today, without missing a word. Xiao old madame’s face darken, she knew that Xiao family has been hiding but still unable to sway away from the royal power struggle.

All these years, she has personally supported the Xiao family on her own, never once did she feel tired, she grit her teeth and survived until today. However she suddenly felt so tired, tired of the Palace struggles and the coming of old age.

Xiao Mi: “Living happily together with the family is enough.” 

She knew, Xiao Su Su is talent extremely, but she won’t follow the same route as her. Xiao Mi also didn’t want to force her granddaughter to do something she didn’t like.

Xiao Su Su nodded, she also understands Hua Qian Yi’s evil intentions, daring to attack the two Crown Princes, he must have had the support of Hua Ru Xue. This Empress of theirs is more ruthless than any man.

Today if Hua Qian Zi didn’t reacted quickly, they all would have been involved in the conspiracy, with no way to escape. Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu was also invited over to discuss the situation, they all wondered if Hua Qian Yi proceeded with his plan.

“If I was Hua Qian Yi, I will cancel the action.” Xiao Su Su’s voice wasn’t loud but she was confident: “Because the two big targets are not present, there is no need to go ahead.”

“You’re right.” Xiao Mi think so too: “But, Hua Ru Xue will not leave the matter at that.”

“We will not participated in a Royal banquet.” Xiao Yan shouted out, with a face full of anger.

Xiao Zhu also agreed.

Xiao Mi helplessly sigh, she have three daughters, in addition to the dead daughter who is full of her wisdom and courage, the other two daughter’s are just idiot to say such a thing. Fortunately, they haven’t given her any disaster.

There were too many veteran’s in post, they have all become arrogant, even the Empress would tolerate them to a third degree. It seems Hua Ru Xue couldn’t tolerate it any more so she and Hua Qian Yi invited many descendant nobles to remove the source of the trouble.

Xiao Mi just didn’t expect the Xiao family is among them as well. Although she knew because of Xiao Su Su, the Xiao family was once again in the limelight, but over the years Hua Ru Xue have frozen many of the Xiao family’s forces and powers. She remembers the deceased Emperor’s testament. But now all she wanted was just to protect her family.

Xiao Su Su stared at Xiao Yan and Xiao Ju: “That strategy won’t work.”

She didn’t want to say too much. From beginning to the end, Xiao En didn’t interruption, he knew being able to attend the gathering was because of Xiao Su Su, if he was to voice his opinion, it would seem inappropriate. The men and women status in Bai Hua kingdom have not changed.

In fact, for some time Xiao En hoped Hua Qian Yi would take over Bai Hua kingdom and change this. So men for once can utilize their talent. However, thinking of the current Xiao family situation, he also doesn’t want to support Hua Qian Yi.

Regarding what his mother said, he also felt it was very funny, if the imperial decree comes down, and they don’t attend, will the Xiao family have the ability to resist the decree?

When it seems like there’s really no way out, Xiao old madame suddenly stood up with a solemn expression, with a look of determination.

“Grandma……” Xiao Su Su stood up and lightly called out. She knew what Xiao Mi wanted to do, it wasn’t her fault that Hua Qian Yi wanted to use her as an attractive bait, and directly pulling the Xiao family into the waters.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu looked at Xiao Mi, their eyes flash with excitement, they couldn’t wait to see what their mother have come up with: “Mother, do you have a way?”

“Grandma, please think twice.” Xiao Su Su wasn’t as optimistic as her two aunties, her expression is heavy as she tries to advise her grandmother. This decision is major.

Xiao Mi’s solemn expression soon disappeared, it seemed her granddaughter have understood her thoughts, her heart is very gratified, a smile on her face appeared: “It’s okay, grandmother have decided, this is the only way the Xiao household can retreat.”

She already have reached middle-aged, she no long have the desire to excel others, so she chose to give up.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu couldn’t understand what was going on between the two. However, Xiao En understood what his grandmother has decided.

“I decided to resign and retire tomorrow.” Finally, Xiao old madame said in a very firm tone.

Xiao Su Su can only lightly sigh, she eventually compromised the Xiao household.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu expression drastically changed: “How can we do this, then what should do we do?”

Xiao old madame only gave them a look, they didn’t dare to say any more. Once their mother has decided on something, no one can change it. So they can only look towards Xiao Su Su hopefully she can influence their mother’s decision.

Xiao Su Su stood up and politely smiled at her two aunties: “Big aunty, second aunty, I will go back to my room.”

She didn’t want to continue the conversation with her two aunties, she knew they only thought of their own glory, splendour, wealth and rank, they never once stop to think of Xiao old madame’s feeling, never thought of the current situation the Xiao family is in. She also felt that Xiao Mi have made the right decision.

The only way is to escape. So she didn’t want to discuss the matter further on. She doesn’t like the Hua family, and she also didn’t want her grandmother to continue under their command.

Especially under Hua Qian Zi, the person she hated the most in this world. She can no wipe a clean slate for the things Hua Qian Zi have done to her, so she decided before leaving the Xiao family, she must teach Hua Qian Zi a must deserved lesson, she wants revenge. Embarrassing her at the Bai Hua gathering was only the beginning of payback, she will not let this woman off easily.

Xiao En caught up with Xiao Su Su, but he didn’t say anything, he just quietly accompany her. Xiao Su Su didn’t return to her room, instead she just leisurely walked around the residence, her heart felt a sight pain, she told herself this time she must not be soft-hearted, she must not compromised the Xiao family.

Chapter 88 – Request an audience 

During morning brief, Xiao Mi quietly knelt below. Hua Ru Xue sat high and mighty on the throne, with an expressionless face, her fundus is somewhat cold and dangerous. She never thought her plan failure was due to her own daughter. And the two siblings from Xiao family was also involved.

And now, Xiao Mi even requested to retire. Not only did it made her heart fire up because of Hua Qian Zi, she felt steam coming out of her ears because of Xiao Su Su. This woman is too intelligent, if they can’t get her to side with them, then she has to cruelty get rid of her.

However, with Xiao Mi retiring, the Xiao’s forces will decline, the former military support they have will be gone, and they will be just tiny ants waiting to be trampled upon. So regarding Xiao Mi’s decision, she agreed. The officials standing beneath didn’t dare to utter a word.

Although Hua Qian Yi withheld power, but he couldn’t attend the morning briefs because his identity is still a man. So at this time, he is unaware of this sudden change, however, Hua Qian Zi stood in the hall, glaring at Xiao Mi with her fist clenched tightly. Just when she thought she could finally use the Xiao family’s military power to support her, they have burst her bubble.

After a long time, Hua Ru Xue lightly asked, her tone is normal, the anger expression on her face disappeared without a trace: “Beloved Xiao Minister, you have thought things through?” 

Xiao Mi have followed Hua Ru Xue for more than twenty years, she quite understand the Empress’s habits, at this moment, with her anger disappearing it only shows she is really angry.

This woman is too ruthless, she knew better than anyone else. However, at this moment she didn’t care, things have come to this, there’s no other escape route. If not, the Xiao family will only get themselves in a sticky situation. She did not want to become a victim of the royal family struggle for power.

“Replying to your majesty, I have made up my mind.” Xiao Mi nodded, with no hesitation.

Below the official stare at Xiao Mi, some took pleasure in other people’s misfortune, and were excited, while others sympathized with her. Once she hands the military seal over, the Empress will be the most powerful. If Hua Xu Rue wants to let a Princess inherit the throne, there must be strong enough strength to do so, otherwise, it will only lead to bloody battle in Bai Hua kingdom.

There’s no doubt the war will be between the twin siblings, Hua Qian Zi and Hua Qian Yi. Originally, all the officials thought once Hua Ru Xue dies, Hua Qian Yi will ascend the throne with extreme eased, however with Hua Qian Zi suddenly appeared. Coupled with their Empress recent clues of showing her support towards Hua Qian Yi. Bai Hua kingdom on the surface appeared smooth water, but secretly it was starting up roaring waves. It’s the calm before the storm.

The hall was so quiet, if a needle drop now it could be heard. Xiao Mi stayed kneeling there, her back is straight, her face didn’t have the slightest fear. For her daughter and grandchildren, she must adhere to live.

Xiao Residence

Xiao Su Su stood alone in the small yard, quietly watching from afar, staring into the horizon, but it was unclear what she was staring at. Her eyes blurred from her tears. She is in fact very worried about her grandmother, Xiao Mi requesting to retire won’t be an easy mission.

Since occupying Xiao Su Su’s body, the person she is most concerned about is this grandmother of hers. Xiao Mi is the only person she can truly rely on.

Xiao En: “Mei Mei… believe in grandmother, everything will be fine”

Xiao Su Su didn’t know when Xiao En have stood there, he saw the fear in her eyes.

Xiao Su Su lightly nodded, hoping Xiao Mi will be fine. She only felt remorse because everything that has happened was because of her.

“Mei Mei, don’t blame yourself. Oak may fall when reeds stand the storm [1], sooner or later the Xiao family will face such a situation.” Xiao En said softly, while patting her on the shoulder.

“I understand.” Xiao Su Su looked at Xiao En, full of gratitude, to have such people to support her in this life, she is very satisfied. She tried to reassure herself that Xiao old madame will be able to weather the storm.

Just as the two are smiling at each other, the housekeeper came in: “Little Miss, Lei Jia Bao, Lord Bao has requested an audience.”

This cause Xiao Su Su to stand there stunned, for a long time she didn’t know how to react, her tone is somewhat hostile: “Why did he come?” 

She never thought, Lei Yu Feng will come here. His appearance only brought up unbearable memories of the past.

In fact, the emergence of Lei Yu Feng is a good thing for the Xiao family, the housekeeper didn’t understand their Little Miss’s attitude and stiff expression. Xiao En also did not understand why Xiao Su Su is acting the way she is.

 Xiao Su Su said with a serious face: “Go ask him what matters does he have. If it’s nothing, please ask him to wait in the hall until old madame have return from morning briefing.” 

She doesn’t want to go to see that person, absolutely not. The housekeeper appeared to be in distress as he looked at Xiao En. With Xiao old madame resigning her military post in office, the Xiao family are helpless and have no one to rely on. If they can get the backing of Lei Jia Bao, the situation will change. Because Lei Jia Bao’s existence, would be a threat to the entire south, let alone a kingdom like Bai Hua.

[1] 树大招风 Shù Dà Zhāo Fēng: A tall tree catches the wind — a person in a high position is liable to be attacked, Great winds blow upon high hills, destruction pursues the great.

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