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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 89 – 92 Summaries

Chapter 89 – Discussion about the qin 

Seeing the housekeeper not leaving, Xiao Su Su gently ceased her eyebrows together, lifting her head she saw Xiao En and the housekeeper staring at her: “Is there anything else?”

She has always been very gentle and kind towards the servants. She just hated this man Lei Yu Feng, because of his relationship with Mo Wen Chen.

“Little Miss, the person Lei Bao Master wants to see is you.” The housekeeper eventually whispered, not looking into Xiao Su Su’s eyes, this is the first time she has spoken to anyone in such an unpleasant tone.

Biting her lips, Xiao Su Su didn’t immediately answer. Her heart is in a mess, a complete chaos. She doesn’t know what exactly does Lei Yu Feng want, she is afraid he would be like Hua Qian Zi and threaten her own life.

“Mei Mei.” Xiao En didn’t think Xiao Su Su will be so hesitant. Even facing Bai Li Mo, she never once have the slightest panic. What made Lei Yu Feng so terrifying? His Mei Mei has been asleep for fifteen years, she should have never encountered Lei Yu Feng before. Why is her attitude like this?

With Xiao En’s call, Xiao Su Su’s mind calm down. Her face pulled into an indistinct smile:“Oh, he wants to see me?”

The housekeeper nodded his head.

“Let him wait a moment, I’ll go and change my clothes.” Xiao Su Su said, turned around and went to her room. For a moment, her heart felt very heavy, a thousands times heavy. She felt the suffocation. She looked at herself in the mirror, this stunning face of hers, no one will ever associate Su Qi Qi with Xiao Su Su. So she told herself not be afraid.

“Mei Mei, how are you?” It was unknown when Xiao En came to her side, he patted her shoulders as usual, Xiao Su Su’s face is filled with fear and anxiety. It seems that Lei Yu Feng really had a big influence on his Mei Mei.

Xiao Su Su closed her eyes for a moment, when she opened her eyes again, she quietly looked at herself in the mirror, while patted her cheek. She only need to meet Lei Yu Feng, not Mo Wen Chen. Clenching her fist, she told herself to get rid of the shadows in her heart.

Xiao old madame have decided to hand over her military seal, the Xiao family will immediately lose their most powerful backing in hand, Lei Yu Feng showing up at this time, any one would think this guy is up to no good.

“Big brother, I’m fine, I probably didn’t sleep well last night.” Xiao Su Su replied as she comb her hair into a simple knot, appearing exquisitely beautiful. This kind of beauty is pure and natural, one glance you will remember, making her unforgettable. Even within a crowd of people, you can spot out her presence.

Adjusting her clothes, Xiao Su Su stood up and smiled, her face is full of confidence once again: “Well, we can’t let the guests wait too long, let’s go.”

In the hall, Lei Yu Feng dressed in a purple robe, he is still as handsome with no expression on his face, he sat very upright, in a very superior way. This is Lei Yu Feng, it was the first time Xiao Su Su is seen this aura in him, she froze for a moment before walking forward, her complexion is soft, but dignified: “Lei Bao Lord your esteemed presence, I am really sorry for this [1].

[1] 有失远迎 yǒu shī yuǎn yíng is used to apologize when the host is unable to pick up a guest, who will usually be an important figure.

Very early on Lei Yu Feng heard Xiao Su Su’s foot steps, seeing her attitude he also smiled and stood up: “Little Xiao Miss, is too courteous.”

Xiao Su Su waved her hand, schematic Lei Yu Feng to be seated, and also sat down herself, while commanded the servant to serve tea. Xiao En didn’t come in with Xiao Su Su, although she didn’t care, but the Xiao household mind too much about status so he stayed outside the hall. He can see and hear every act and move. He wasn’t assured with Xiao Su Su seeing Lei Yu Feng alone, because his purpose is still unknown, of course he needed to be cautious.

The housekeeper also stood in the hall door, waiting for Xiao Su Su’s command at any time. There was also two guard that stood there guarding the residence. Such a situation, Lei Yu Feng wasn’t the least offended or surprised.

They both drank their tea and smiled politely at each other, Xiao Su Su didn’t say much in return. She waited for Lei Yu Feng to speak first, he is the one who came to seek her presence, she didn’t want to associate with him, nor let him her help.

In her heart there is still hostility, but she didn’t show it on the surface, appearing very generous and polite.

For a moment the hall was very quiet, slightly awkward. Drinking another mouthful of tea, Lei Yu Feng placed down the tea-cup, somewhat graceful but not over the top, his handsome eyebrows raised, his smooth eyes staring straight at Xiao Su Su and said with a poker-face: “Little Xiao Miss is the best quqin player from southern Xinjiang, I don’t know if Little Xiao Miss studied any qin? Or have any interest in it?”

Xiao En, who stood outside the hall then understand Lei Yu Feng actually came to find Xiao Su Su to talk about her qin abilities, which made his greatly disappointed. He thought of his grandmother resigning and if they can gain support from Lei Jia Bao, then Hua Ru Xue wouldn’t dare to touch the Xiao family.

Gently holding her tea-cup, originally Xiao Su Su wanted to stay silent, however hearing Lei Yu Feng’s words, the corners of her lips smiled in sarcasm. This man once bet on with Mo Wen Chen on the burnt tail, Xiao Su Su staring straight at Lei Yu Feng with a clear facial expression, her eyes are crystal clear: “Playing the qin is to edify sentiment, playing qin isn’t from the qin, its’ from the person who’s playing itself. So regarding the qin I have no interest in it.”

Chapter 90 – Promise

Lei Yu Feng remained calm and finally laugh, laughed until his shoulders were trembling: “You and an old friend of mine are very alike.”

He thought of Su Qi Qi, who had nothing but was full of wit, always giving others infinite surprise. Xiao Su Su, who stood before him is really alike. Her indifference and coolness are too similar.

“Oh?” Xiao Susu’s heart sank, but her complexion remain calm as she replied with a smile.

Even if Xiao old madame successfully resigns, she doesn’t believes Hua Ru Xue would be ruthless and not spare any of them. After all, the Xiao household doesn’t have the slightest debt of gratitude and of revenge with the Royals. She believes the Xiao family can handle the provoke and humiliation they may receive from the Royals, it won’t last hundreds of years. This is why she did not intend to have any relation with Lei Yu Feng.

Lei Yu Feng nodded, and looked at Xiao Su Su with extreme interest, it seems his personal trip to the Xiao residence have not been in vain. But he just didn’t expect her to have that such attitude. He noticed this woman have Bai Hua women’s style, really different from the women’s in the kingdom of Yan. He has never taken an interest in Bai Hua women, Xiao Su Su is the first and an exception.

Xiao Su Su has a beautiful appearance, coupled with the astonishing talent, steel strong character, she is really too perfect.

“Really alike, such a pity……” Lei Yu Feng said half of the sentences to Xiao Su Su.

He had been inattentive when Su Qi Qi was alive, although he will pity her, even when she was bullied by Hua Qian Zi, he send her healing medicine, but when things involved Mo Wen Chen, he didn’t hesitate to choose to give her up. Despite the fact she once saved his life, in the most critical moment he didn’t reach out and help. Now thinking back to it, he has much regret, but everything is done and seal, he can only feel pity now.

“What is a pity?” Xiao Su Su asked in a somewhat low tone. For a moment, she couldn’t keep calm.

Lei Yu Feng is also somewhat stunned by her reaction, he slightly frowned and looked at Xiao Su Su: “Nothing really, besides it also has nothing to do with you.”

“That’s true.” Xiao Su Su knew she was being rude and smiled.

Lei Yu Feng didn’t want to give up this easily trying to convince Xiao Su Su to his request, he looked at the sky, spring is coming to an end, summer is approaching, such a vibrant appearance. The Xiao residence is thriving.

After a  long silence, Lei Yu Feng spoke again, this time in a very direct tone, with a hint of threat: “Little Xiao Miss, really do not have the slightest interest? You should know Hua Qian Zi and Hua Qian Yi will not easily let go of Xiao household this fat piece of meat.”

“So what?” What Xiao Su Su hated the most is being threatened. First it was Hua Qian Zi, now it’s Lei Yu Feng, this caused her good temper to disappeared without a trace. She was on the edge of firing up.

“But just think, what if Xiao old lady resignation doesn’t go so smooth?” Lei Yu Feng held his head up, and lazily leaned into the chair. This Lei Yu Feng, Xiao Su Su is too familiar with, omitting the same attitude as Mo Wen Chen.

Hearing his words, Xiao Su Su’s face sank again, not hiding anything, she stared straight at Lei Yu Feng: “What do you want?”

“I don’t want to do anything, I just want you to win a competition for me, as long as you win, you can put forward any conditions, I will promise you.” Lei Yu Feng said positively, sitting up straight.

He really needs the burnt tail, but Mo Wen Chen…… so he can only helplessly travel thousand miles to ask for help in Bai Hua kingdom. He didn’t want to threaten Xiao Su Su, but this girl doesn’t want to yield to him, so he had no other choice. Although the means of disparaging, he told himself he will not ill treat the Xiao family. Especially now that the Xiao household is in a dire straits. If Xiao Mi thought that the resignation can get rid of everything, she is thinking too little of Hua Qian Zi and Hua Qian Yi. He has a deep understanding of Hua Qian Zi’s character.

“And if I lose?” Xiao Su Su is unmoved and politely asked, her tone is somewhat sharper. But she didn’t flinch at all, staring at him.

Lei Yu Feng shrugged his shoulders and smiled: “If you lost, then it’s my bad luck.”

Xiao Su Su knew how much this person wanted the burnt tail, she knew it is a good qin, she also like it very much, she once won Fen Wen using it.

While looking down at her own pair of hands, she also understand the meaning of Lei Yu Feng’s words, indeed Hua Qian Zi and Hua Qian Yi will not let go of the Xiao family and let them live in peace. It seems, the only choice she has is to admit defeat and rely on Lei Yu Feng’s help.

“What time, and what place?” Xiao Su Su raised her head, her voice is somewhat dignified.

“A month later, at Lei Jia Bao.” Lei Yu Feng let out long sigh, this girl before him is finally not so stubborn, if she didn’t agree, he don’t really what to do.

Hearing ‘Lei Jia Bao’ three words, it made Xiao Su Su’s heart sink again, she tried to calm herself down again. Going back to that place, she wanted to ask would Mo Wen Chen be there? She suddenly felt some fear, but for the Xiao family she had to be strong.

“If I win, the hundred lives in Xiao household will be under your protect.” Xiao Su Su calmly said her conditions, she is not naive, if she wants to save her people she needs reassurance.

“Well, even if you lose, Xiao’s family safety also will be under Lei Jia Bao’s protection.” Lei Yu Feng said very generously, while patting his chest and nodded.

As long she has his words, Hua Ru Xie also wouldn’t dare to do much. The housekeeper and Xiao En at the door also let out a long sigh of relief, they didn’t need to worry any more.

“Well, that’s settled then.” Xiao Susu also did not say much since her psychological pressure has been relieved. She can’t take back what she said, she can only hope she will win. No, she must win.

As Lei Yu Feng departed, Xiao old madame have just return from morning briefing. Her expression didn’t look too good, however upon knowing Xiao family will have the backing of Lei Jia Bao if Xiao Su Su can win the competition, her face lit up, her heart started to eased.

Her originally ashy expression disappeared, looking at Xiao Su Su: “Is there really such a thing? It must be God blessing my Xiao family ah.” 

Chapter 91 – Own Caculations

“What did the Empress say?” Xiao Su Su didn’t answer Xiao Mi directly, but instead came forward and held Xiao old madame’s wrist, a face filled with worries.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu who were never affected by the happenings of the Xiao family, turned away and left.

Looking at Xiao Su Su, Xiao old madame’s smile is full of joy, but she still appears somewhat livid, it seems she have suffered from indignities in the morning brief: “The Empress have agreed to my resignation to my position, but she didn’t allow let to return to my native town.” 

The situation is worse. She could not leave the Yun City, and had no military power, so it could be considered the more dangerous. However, the Empress’s order she couldn’t defy, so she can only stay. When she returned and heard about Xiao Su Su agreeing to the qin competition, Lei Yu Feng promising to protect them,  Xiao Mi felt they are in safe hands.

Xiao Su Su held onto Xiao old madame a little tighter: “Even so, the Empress is relentless, regardless of male or female.”

At this time, Xiao Su Su is completely understand the illusions any one has, but they shouldn’t habor any hopes on the imperial family. Just take Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan for insistence, Mo Wen Xuan killed her mother. She didn’t want the person she care most about in this world to also die in the hands of royalty.

Xiao old madame tapped Xiao Su Su on the shoulder and laughed. She knew Lei Yu Feng is the best candidate to protect them: “You are still young, there is still a long road ahead, having the backing of Lei Jia Bao, grandma can be rest assured… There’s only a month’s time before the competition, you should practice, you can not let down Lei Yu Feng’s piece of token, the Xiao family is relying on you.”

“Okay.” Xiao Su Su can only helplessly nod, seeing her grandmother laugh like that, she didn’t want to disappoint her.

Xiao Mi: “Well, grandmother is little tired so I’ll go and rest for a while, I already told the housekeeper to clean your room.” 

Qing Jiao is number one among the qins, turns out the Xiao family has such a treasure in their hands, if Lei Yu Feng know of its existent in the Xiao household, would he still desperately try to obtain the burnt tail?

Originally Hua Ru Xue had planned out everything, but now that Xiao Mi have resigned, it has disrupted everything, she will have to start all over again.

“Huang Mu [2] as I can see, as long as the Xiao family still resides in Yun city, it’ll be harder for them to team up with Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran.” Hua Qian Yi helplessly looked at his mother. If Hua Qian Zi didn’t ruin his plans in the Qing Chuan plains, they wouldn’t face such a difficult situation to find another chance to attack.

[2] 皇母 Huang Mu: Royal Mother.

They didn’t want to take Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran’s life, they just wanted to provoke the contradiction between the two kingdoms.

“Good.” Hua Ru Xue nodded, appearing very serious: “Just to find a perfectly logical, reasonable and appropriate opportunity, Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran are not idiots.” 

Although within a short period of time, these two men will not leave Bai Hua kingdom that quickly, but their best opportunity has been lost. They needed time to create more opportunities, think of strategies and have countermeasures.

Hua Qian Yi creased his eyebrows tightly together, appearing a bit cruel: “Huang Mu, must we avoid Huang Mei’s detection?” 

He really wanted to get rid of this twin sisters of his.

Looking at Hua Qian Yi, Hua Ru Xue’s heart sank a little. She knew ruthlessness is the mark of a truly great man.  All those years ago, when she tried to get on the throne, she personally killed several of her sisters. But now its her children’s turn, she suddenly didn’t have the heart to accept this cruel fate.

After all, Hua Qian Zi is her own daughter, how can she bear to see Hua Qian Zi die, the pain is like a knife was inserted into her heart.

“Qian Yi.” Hua Ru Xue said with a serious warning: “She is your sister, your only sister.” 

Seeing his mother reaction so, Hua Qian Yi know he has been overhasty. Quickly putting on a smile he said: “Huang Mu, you think too much. I just wanted to team up with Huang Mei, this way our plans won’t be destroyed again. In fact, Huang Mei has your style, has courage and scheme, she’s also very calculative.” 

Although Hua Ru Xue didn’t believe his words, but she also nodded, she knew as long as she lives, this son of hers.. wouldn’t do anything to Hua Qian Zi. At this moment she couldn’t do much to protect Hua Qian Zi since she has lost the backing of Mo Wen Chen, if Hua Qian Yi wanted to kill her, it was easy as killing a fly.

Hua Qian Yi: “Well, Huang Mu, don’t worry. I will think of a good plan.”

Chapter 92 – The dim light of night

The night was cool as the water,  late spring and early summer, the weather still had some coolness. Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo sat in the courtyard, neither of them speaking. Both thinking of the incident at the Qing Chuan plain. They were clear on Hua Qian Yi’s intentions, but they can sense the danger.

“In fact, we should stay away from Xiao family’s little girl.” Bai Li Mo is very clear they went to the lake because of her.

Nan Gong Mo nods: “Indeed, even if she’s full of wit, with the appearance of a goddess, she carries too many thorns, it will only bring danger to our lives.”

Bai Li Mo: “Indeed, if we just want to admire, we can give up.”

After all, Xiao Su Su has received the Empress grant to freedom of marriage, no Royal will interfere, even if they are to win Xiao Susu, it has nothing to do with Bai Hua kingdom.

“Next, the only thing we need to investigated is the high priest.” Bai Li Mo said very firmly. Regarding the thing with Xiao Su Su, he has not given up, but he can’t be sentimental and forget the bigger picture. Ao Yun kingdom in his hands will only can more prosperous.

Bai Li Mo: “Then, starting from today, we should step up and investigate who will hold the position as the high priest.”

They cannot leave here, even if they know its dangerous to stay and Hua Qian Yi is that dangerous threat. They cannot retreat. The slight movement will upset the subtle relationship between the three kingdoms.

The high priest is chosen regardless of gender, it requires someone with good skills. Xiao family had none, so they didn’t need to deal with them. Their next step is to eliminate the nobles.

Nan Gong Mo: “Well once midnight is over, I will go to the Palace.”


In another courtyard. 

Xu Wei Ran and He Yi Tian is sitting in the courtyard. With no candles lit, their only source of light was the moon.

“What happened yesterday is not over.” Xu Wei Ran’s hand holding half a cup of wine, he said as he gently swayed the wine.

He Yi Tian also had a cup of wine in his, head full of sweat: “After yesterday’s incident, I don’t think we can stay here for too long, I believe Bai Li Mo be must also moving quickly. We can’t just sit here and wait.”

With a faint smile, Xu Wei Ran’s expression didn’t change: “Since they want to move, why don’t we give them such an opportunity.”


For a time He Yi Tian didn’t know what to say, just staring at Xu Wei Ran. Seeing He Yi Tian’s reaction, Xu Wei Ran just laughed: “Wait until they have done all the right things, we will reap the benefit, isn’t that better?”

“But……” He Yi Tian wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Xu Wei Ran.

Xu Wei Ran: “No buts, if they want to frame someone, they also need the people of Bai Hua kingdom to believe it.” 

“How?” He Yi Tian has slow responses.

Swaying the wine in his hands, Xu Wei Ran drank the rest of the wine in his cup: “From tomorrow onwards we will live in the Royal Villa, best if it’s with the Royal Princess, getting along with Hua Qian Zi.”

Xu Wei Ran is manufacturing an alibi. Hua Qian Zi is the best candidate for this. After all, Hua Qian Zi  is also a stunning beauty. And more likely is the future Empress.

After hearing this, He Yi Tian vigorously clap: “Good idea, good idea.”

“Well, it’s getting late we should rest up.” Xu Wei Ran smiled somewhat sinister.

This night, everyone seems to be restless, of course the Xiao family there’s no exception. Xiao Su Su is playing on the Qing Jiao, playing it over and over again, unwilling to let go of this rare quqin, her expression is more softer than usual. Everyone was immersed in her peaceful qin melody.

This is the first time Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu didn’t go out to seek pleasure, instead they were together with several brothers enjoying this wonderful night.

Xiao En, who stood behind Xiao Su Su stared at deeply at her playing back, her white snow robes, ink like long hair, so simple yet attracted so much attention. She had no make up on her face, but didn’t decreased her beauty at all.

“This qin ability, even if you travel all over the world, there’s also no rival.” Xiao Zhu compliment, Xiao’s family future in the hands of Xiao Su Su should be no problem.

Xiao Su Su must win the competition for Lei Jia Bao to perfectly justifiable in protecting Lei Jia Bao.

“Second aunty yan zhong [3] Xiao Su Su  slightly smile:“If the other competitor invited Fen Wen, this competition is going to be difficult.”

[3] 言重 yán zhòng is used when you’re flattered by someone’s favourable remark.

Although she was lucky to win Fen Wen last time, however she has a different state of mind now.She is afraid she can’t play into that ambit. That time, she played well because she no longer wanted to be the subject of being bullied, now she is playing for her own family that quietly supported her. So she must win.

Xiao old madame stepped forward and gently patted Xiao Su Su on the shoulder, she did not say a word, only silently supported her. Xiao family have such unity, all because Xiao Su Su have woken, the moonlight cascaded ripples, the Xiao family appeared so happy.

Suddenly a figure flashed on the high wall and disappeared into the night. The originally smiling Xiao old madame quickly jump over the wall and tried to catch up with the intruder, her action is quick, like a burst of wind.

Xiao Su Su halt her movements and stared at Xiao old madame’s disappearing figure. Subsequently, Xiao En has also jumped to catch the intruder.


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