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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 93 – 96 Summaries

Apologies for the late update, I had a wedding on Monday night and long busy weekend, so I haven’t had time summarize anything until today. Anyways some exciting news for myself, the author of this novel has finally decided to end the novel at 888 Chapter, which means I can finally reveal this novel has a HAPPY ENDING! A certain demon spirit is killed, while others end up happily with their new partner (even Leng Yan the wood block finds his soul mate). It’s safe to say Su Qi Qi is destined to be with Mo Wen Chen, because they end up having a son with another one on the way (both as the Emperor and Empress, of which kingdom… I don’t know, it might be Yan or they might have united the other three kingdoms as well.)

Chapter 93 – To point out someone’s errors and make him realize them

In the moonlight, the black figure ran, Xiao Mi is followed, but that person jump in the distance, going further away from the Imperial City, the man seems to be deliberately leading Xiao Mi away. Xiao En, who was not far behind can sense the danger in the wind. If his guess is right, it should the royal family making their moves on the Xiao family.

Anxiously chasing the intruder, Xiao Mi’s right hand touch the sword on her waist as she stood in front of the shadow. Originally the black figure that ran as fast as the wind, stood still without turning back, Xiao En who caught up was stunned at who was the intruder….

“Bai Li Mo…..” Xiao Mi spat out the three words: “What’s your intention coming to my Xiao residence in the middle of the night?”

She originally thought it was the royalty wanting to kill them, however seeing Bai Li Mo standing there, it caught her by surprise.

Bai Li Mo is in black, his face isn’t masked, his complexion appeared very calm as he stared at Xiao Mi and Xiao En: “Yes, it is I, this junior shouldn’t have visited late into the night, however there’s some words I have to say.”

Xiao En has retreated to Xiao old madame’s side, with his hand on his sword, ready for anything.

“Speak.” Xiao Mi has also resumed the mood, with a serious face.

The corners of his lips pulling into a smile, Bai Li Mo’s heart really admire this woman who is over fifty years old woman, supporting the Xiao family alone until this day, it really isn’t easy. She has been a general for two generations.

Presumably Xiao old madame knew about the Qing Chuan plains incident. Bai Li Mo had his two hands held up expressing he has no hostility towards them.Hundreds of miles in the desert spread his hands, to express their no hostility.

“And so what?” Xiao Mi didn’t any good impression with the young man before her, her attitude didn’t have any emotions in them.

Seeing Xiao Mi’s attitude, Bai Li Mo’s face didn’t show up, instead he kept a good front: “Coming here I just wanted to say Bai Hua kingdom’s royalty have been heartless, why does Xiao old madame have to be so righteous?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” Xiao Mi heard Bai Li Mo’s intention, she looked up and laughed three times, her complexion is desolate: “If wasn’t for you, would Xiao family come to this step?” 

When he put forward breaking the engagement, not only did he wanted to humiliate the Xiao family, h also wanted to disgrace Xiao Su Su in front of the whole world. The results, Xiao Su Su become well-known, only attracting more conspiracy against them.

Listening to this, Bai Li Mo lowered his eyes, he did not immediately answer. Originally, He and Nan Gong Mo have separated, each to complete their own mission. Nan Gong Mo have gone into the palace to find information about the high priest, while he have to try to persuade the Xiao family to cooperation with Ao Yun kingdom. Because he had received the news, that Xiao family have gotten relations with Lei Jia Bao.

Such forces as Xiao family, not being able to use it’ll be such a pity. But he didn’t think Xiao old madame to have this attitude. So for a moment he didn’t know how to answer. Indeed, it was partly his fault. The thought of Xiao Su Su, although he does not put importance on beauty, but he really likes a woman who clear water like a lotus. Regrets are haunting him now, but he’s main purpose of coming to Bai Hua kingdom isn’t for Xiao Su Su, so he can only put it aside, Ao Yun’s state affairs are more important.

Bai Li Mo: “If Xiao old madame wants to punish me, I will never dare to have a word of complaint. Xiao old madame should understand that the royal family will not easily let the Xiao family off.”

“What did you do?” Xiao Mi’s face suddenly changed, her eyes staring straight at Bai Li Mo.

“Nothing really, I just want arrange an appoint with Xiao old madame to go over some things.” Bai Li Mi said lightly, the corners of his lips curved into a smile, his laugh very sinister.

“Despicable.” Xiao En’s complexion is distance and cold.

The three of them have been talking for a while, although they did not say much, but in the distance, from an outsiders view they seem to be having a conversation.

“Do not rejoice too early… if I, this old lady was to tie you up and bring to you the Palace, what do you think would happen?” Xiao old madame calmly said, with her hands touching her sword.

The Xiao family has always been a nail in the eyes of Royalty, if Xiao Su Su doesn’t win the competition for Lei Jia Bao, the family will be in extreme danger.

“Really such an old fogey.” Bai Li Mo said with a livid angry expression.

Xiao Mi and Xiao En didn’t think too much, both of them rushing up, if Bai Li Mo wants to be ruthless, of course they will also be injustice, even if the Xiao family becomes the target of the royalty, they also will not betray their kingdom.

“Wait a minute.” A voice called out as Xiao Mi and Xiao En was ready to attack Bai Li Mo, coming into with a blink of an eye. Nan Gong Mo forced them a few steps back, standing in front of Bai Li Mo.

Judging from his movements, his skills are beyond them, even if they were to team up together, they may not be able to outsmart him. They never thought Nan Gong Mo have such powerful skills.

“Take it as nothing has happened today. All the Royalties have all disappeared.” Nan Gong Mo said pointing into the distance.

Hearing the word disappeared, every one present clearly knew the meaning of it.

Bai Li Mo stood there, not showing slightest fear, he just stared at Nan Gong Mo and nodded.

“Hum.” Xiao Mi hum a cold tone.

“Little Xiao Miss have two months until she reaches the Ji age. Although the Xiao family doesn’t have military power any more, but you still have reputation, presumably there will be plenty of people who will come to congratulate her.” Nan Gong Mo didn’t say everything, he knew Xiao old madame is smart enough to figure things out, helping Bai Li Mo they disappeared into the night.

Chapter 94 – Make use of

The Xiao residence courtyard is very quiet, no one have slept, a new wave arises when the previous one has barely subsided. Xiao Su Su folded her arms, her expression is somewhat grim, her eyes emitted a bit of chilliness, cold and brutality.

When Xiao old madame and Xiao En returned, they filled everyone in on what Nan Gong Mo said before leaving. Nan Gong Mo said the Qiong Hua feast has made the Xiao family become a target for all. Coupled with the Bai Hua gathering, the Xiao family had to give up all their military power. With Xiao Su Su’s Jie ceremony coming up, they can’t imagine what will happen…

Xiao Su Su also feel more and more uneasy, since her arrival she has brought many hardships to the Xiao residence. Her grasp tighten, her ability is limited, even if she is talented, she is powerless against the royal family, it seems Lei Yu Feng is the only person she can depend on to protect the Xiao family.

“The Empress is too much.” Xiao Yan’s face is livid, what she feared the most is their carefree life being disrupted.

Xiao Zhu nodded, agreed to her elder sister’s saying.

But Xiao Mi gave the two a glance: “Starting from today, don’t say the things you don’t need to say.” 

Xiao old madame is warning them to beware of eavesdroppers at the corners of the wall, they must be very careful now. Unexpectedly Ao Yun’s Ninth Prince is having ideas on the Xiao family.

“Mei Mei.” Xiao En came and patted Xiao Su Su’s shoulder, his expression is full of worries, his hand is slight stiff, he wanted try to comfort her but he didn’t know what to say. This time, he also felt the presence of danger. Qing Chuan plains, Xiao Su Su and him have destroyed at the Prince’s plan, thinking of Xiao Su Su Jie’s ceremony, the prince will definitely not let off such a good opportunity. They are also clear of Hua Qian Yi’s insidious.

Barely squeezed out a smile, Xiao Su Su entered the qin stage and tried to play the qin to relax her mood and said very confidently: “Rest assured, nothing will happen to the Xiao family.”

She will work hard, and win the competition so the Xiao family will have protection. Her heart no longer have contradictions, she knew what she needed to do.

When Xu Wei Ran arrived at the royal court, this really startled Hua Qian Yi. He was in the middle of discussing something with his military adviser.

“The purpose of You Zhen’s Prince is too clear.” Military Counsellor sneered..

“Indeed brilliant.” Hua Qian Yi also nodded, his slender eyes narrowed, with a kind of dangerous, more a bit sinister, showing his true colors.

“Please.” Hua Qian Yi motioned for Xu Wei Ran to the seat. Despite the three kingdom’s rivalry, he must give some face to him.

“Your highness Prince, sorry for disturbing you.” Xu Wei Ran came forward with harmless appearance, laughing, appearing very vividly. If you didn’t know him well, you really thought it was a playboy and a fool. But of course Hua Qian Yi knew his true colors, so if they weren’t rivalries, they would have been best mates.

“Not at all, not at all, I was just worrying about being lonely this spring, unable to pass the time.” Hua Qian Yi also smirked, putting on a show good.

The two of them laughed with hidden knives, while walking around the yard. He Yi Tian who stood besides Xu Wei Ran, did not utter a single word.

The Military Counsellor, who stood besides Hua Qian Yi stared at He Yi Tian, his eyebrows severely tightened, he can sense the danger in He Yi Tian, making him feel uncomfortable. He seems he will have to investigate this person identity more clearly.

To be polite, before entering the Xu Wei Ran brought gifts to visit Hua Qian Zi. Upon seeing her, Hua Qian Zi was very depressed, because of the Xiao family’s issue. But her heart aches because of Mo Wen Chen, and in order to gain him back, she also has to stay in Bai Hua kingdom.

Thinking about it she secretly clenched her fists. Since Xu Wei Ran have offered himself, she also want to make good use of him, since his purpose of coming here was to use her as well.

“Your royal highness princess.” Xu Wei Ran laugh freely.

“Xu Crown Prince, please sit down.” Hua Qian Zi put on a surprised appearance and gently nodded, also motioned for the maid besides her to come forward to receive the very generous gifts given by Xu Wei Ran.

The two sat down and waited for the maids to served them tea.

“Bai Hua kingdom have really beautiful scenery, it has made me unwilling to leave, so I can only disturb you for a few more days.” Xu Wei Ran said casually with a very gentle tone, his eyes are filled with soft smiles, coupled with a passionate appearance.

His face that made thousands of teenage girls obsessed, even Hua Qian Zi is a little mesmerized, but she wasn’t a fool. It was other, they would have fallen into his spell, but she was still alert.

Her heart already has an owner, so she simply nodded without the slightest change in expression: “You don’t need to be too concerned about it, your royal highness prince is always welcome here.”

Xu Wei Ran was stupefied, it seems that he really underestimate this woman. She really takes after her mother, which is not good. However, it didn’t matter to him, because he simply just wanted to use Hua Qian Zi to deceive the public. That’s his only purpose of coming here.

Ten days have pasted, the two didn’t have the slightest discomfort, playing the qin and poetry, drinking wine, appearing what close friends would be.

The Xiao residence has been very quiet, everybody is very low-key, Xiao Su Su is preparing herself for the competition at Lei Jia Bao. If they can’t get the support of Lei Jia Bao, then they are really stuck in a dead-end.

 Chapter 95 – The old haunt

There was still ten days time before the competition, the Xiao family has always been low-key, they didn’t see any guest, nor interacted with any of the ministers. During this period, Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu is also very quiet. Everyday Xiao Su Su practised on her qin, even though she knew such short notice can not improve her qin ability, but she just wanted to find that feeling, find that perfect melody.

Lei Jia Bao will come today to safely guard Xiao Su Su to the destination, so everyone within the Xiao household has been waiting in front of the hall, ready send their Little Miss out. The safety of the Xiao family is in this young lady’s hand. Although the situation they are in now was partly because of her, however, no one blame her.

“Grandmother, you can rest assured, Xiao Jia will get through this together.” Xiao Su Su said firmly as she walked arm in arm with Xiao old madame. These days, whether it is the Bai Hua royalties, Bai Li Mo, none disturb the Xiao family, this seems to be a calm before the storm. Of course this peace made a person most fearful. It made everyone restless.

Xiao Mi didn’t want to let Xiao Su Su have too heavy psychological burden, so she smiled and said while gently rubbed Su Su’s long hair: “Child, don’t force yourself.”

Today, Xiao Su Su wore a green dress, her long hair is tied back with tassel pearls, appearing slightly childish, but it also emphasize her beauty.  Upon hearing Xiao old madame’s word, the corners of her lips formed a smile: “I know, grandmother.”

Of course, Xiao En accompanied Xiao Su Su together to Lei Jia Bao. Xiao En is extremely intelligent and has extraordinary skill. It is a pity that his a man in Bai Hua kingdom.

Although they were only travelling to Lei Jia Bao, but Lei Yu Feng sent a dozen people to protect Xiao Su Su’s safety. The Lei household people urged Xiao Su Su and Xiao En three times until they said their goodbyes and aboard the carriage. Xiao Su Su didn’t cry, her face is calm. She told herself, she already died once, there’s nothing she’s afraid of in this world.

Lei Peng (the housekeeper of Lei Jia Bao) the leader of the group, ride in front with the word “Lei” flag fluttering in the wind. They were very open about their identity. It seems that Lei Jia Bao have a very good reputation, even the mountain thief will give them face and have no intentions of robbing them.

Just from this, Xiao Su Su have changed her opinion about Lei Yu Feng, such a reputable person is still willing to work under Mo Wen Chen. Even if Mo Wen Chen saved his life, he also didn’t have to return the favor to the extent of working until his command.

Everyone treated Xiao Su Su with respect, no one dared to neglect her, even Lei Peng is very polite towards her. She met him before, so she tried to keep minimal contact with him.

At this time, she naturally or half unconsciously said: “Lei Yu Feng is really stubborn.”

Xiao En who is on the side, looked at his Mei Mei, with his eyes, asked what she meant.

“He just saved Bei Ding Hou Wang’s life, also regard him as his brother? With his forces, Wang Ye isn’t his opponent.” Xiao Su Su casually replied.

Bei Ding Hou Wang?” Xiao En is more distracted: “Who is he?”

At this time, Xiao Su Su froze, she realised she has said too much. Lei Peng who was sitting on the carriage driver seat also heard her words, he gently frowned, for someone who has been unconscious for fifteen years, she surely seems to be full of knowledge.

Seeing Xiao En busy thinking, Xiao Su Su smiled: “I just heard, from whom I don’t remember.”

However, Xiao Su Su’s unnatural expression is very obvious, it made Xiao En feel somewhat uneasy, he felt that his Mei Mei is further and further away from him.

Xiao Su Su knows Xiao En is doubting her, she closed her eyes and blame herself and Mo Wen Chen. He only brought her endless pain, she hated him for his deception and that thrust of the sword.

Xiao En is a wise man, he knows what to ask, what not to say, so, at this moment, the carriage became silent again. Only the sound of horses galloping.

Lei Yu Feng placed great importance on Xiao Su Su, he personally waited for her 100 Li outside of Lei Jia Bao. Sitting on a red horse, he looked at the group from far away, his lips pulled into a smile. He had heard Su Qi Qi’s qin skills that won Fen Wen. Regarding Xiao Su Su, he felt that she was higher than Su Qi Qi three points. So he is very confident they will win. Gently sigh, his eyes appeared somewhat confused and helplessly shook his head: “Wen Chen, how does your heart think in the end….” 

Just because she (Qi Qi) once used the burnt-tail, Mo Wen Chen won’t let anyone touch it in the household. However, when Hua Qian Zi left, somehow the burnt- tail fell into her hands. She had secretly stolen the real burnt tail, only leaving behind a fake. Because Mo Wen Chen didn’t let anyone touch it, even himself didn’t realise the authentic one has been exchange until it was too late.

If he didn’t travel around the world, he wouldn’t know the burnt tail have landed in Hua Chi’s hands. Although Hua Chi is a rough person, but he is also a sentimentalist, with a scholar aura. Hua Chi agreed to give the burnt tail to Lei Yu Feng on the condition he wins a qin player he has chosen.

As they reached the Lei Jia Bao boundary, Xiao Su Su appeared slightly stiff, standing there, for a long time she didn’t move. She remembered her happiness and also her pain in this place. She once sworn to live happily together with that person as husband and wife.

Chapter 96 – Qin Melody

There is only a  10 step distance between Lei Yu Feng and Xiao Su Su, but this time Lei Yu Feng felt that Xiao Su Su is very far away from him. What is wrong with her? Why isn’t she getting off the carriage? Instead she is quietly staring, appearing indifferent and pale.

Thinking back to the Qiong Hua feast, her aura attracted everyone’s attention. Even when Xiao Mi resign from her military position, Xiao Su Su didn’t once feel threaten, how is that she’s behaving like this?

Seeing something isn’t right, Xiao En came forward and help Xiao Su Su , he placed his hands on her forehead, although this gesture is intimate, but he is after all her Ge Ge [1]. Even though felt some unpleasant he couldn’t say anything.

[1] 哥哥 Ge Ge: Brother.

The housekeeper Lei Peng wanted to come forward, but was stopped by Xiao En, he asked Xiao Su Su, voice full of worries: “Mei Mei, are you okay? Is it because along the way you have tried you out?”  

All along the journey, Xiao Su Su’s has been moody, although it wasn’t obvious. Arriving at Lei Jia Bao, she seem to be lost her soul. This made him afraid.

Xiao Su Su’s limbs are cold, her brain is blank, however upon feeling Xiao En’s warm palm, the numbness on her face slightly eased, and she regain her consciousness. Locking eyes with Lei Yu Feng who wasn’t too far away on his horse, her vision slowly become clear. Her heavy heart also cleared a little.

Leaning on Xiao En’s shoulders, she saw his anxious expression, she realised she needed to get a hold of herself. She can’t let herself get this vulnerable. Thinking of this, the spirit of those who has her back, her numbness disappeared. Shaking her head, she tried to smile and took a step forward towards Lei Yu Feng: “Ge Ge, I’m okay, I’m just a little tired.”

The changes in Xiao Su Su, Lei Yu Feng can see clearly. He didn’t say much, but gently frown. Seeing her approach, he also dismounted and greeted her with a smile: “Little Xiao Miss, I finally waited for your arrival.” 

“I have made Lei Bao Lord wait.” Xiao Su Su politely replied. She was in no mood to joke around, nor was she the type that liked to joke.

Her reaction made him somewhat embarrassed. The more he thought about it, the more Xiao Su Su’s temperament is tediously familiar. Su Qi Qi was also once like this. He felt such a vapidity woman, only Mo Wen Chen can appreciate and tolerate.

“Please, this way” Lei Yu Feng gesture, letting Xiao Su Su  and Xiao En through. In front there was sedan’s ready, Lei Yu Feng indeed treated Xiao Su Su as a distinguished guest. Although his previous hope have somewhat burst, her attitude have lessen his interest in her, but he still admire and appreciate her qin skills. He loves qin from the depth of his bones.

Xiao Su Su tried to calm herself again, she needed to regain her composure in order to win the competition. This she didn’t see Lei Yu Yao, during her last stay her she eventually become friends with her. Lei Yu Yao upon hearing about Su Qi Qi’s death on the cliff, also found it hard to believe it.

Lei Yu Feng arranged for her to stay in a disclosed courtyard, Xiao Su Su stood here quietly watching afar. The south of this yard of Lei Jia Bao is very quiet, usually no one walked pass, now that Lei Yu Feng have ordered no one to disturb her, in this lard yard, only stood one person.

Xiao En was in the main hall with Lei Yu Feng. Xiao En didn’t know how to comfort this Mei Mei of his. He was unprepared for the sudden change.

The gentle breeze blowing, Xiao Su Su didn’t know how long she stood there before the coldness awaken her. Staring at the qin, she slowly sat down and her fingers started to ran across the qin.

In the main hall Lei Yu Feng was stunned for a moment by the grief melody. The tea-cup that was near his mouth also stop, frowning slightly. Xiao En could also hear the desolate pain from within, placing the tea-cup down he made his way towards Xiao Su Su’s courtyard. Lei Yu Feng also followed. Xiao En felt increasingly worried, how can his Mei Mei who has been asleep for so many years have such grief and sadness?

“Your Mei Mei have something weighing on her mind” Lei Yu Feng lightly said.

“It appears so.” Xiao En also said helplessly.

“However, this qin melody easily move people.” Lei Yu Feng laughed, he doesn’t think this is a bad thing, not everyone can play this sort of music. Especially to this state of mind.

So I have some exciting news to share with my dear readers… the actual reason why I have been MIA is really due to fatigue because…. I’m a pregnant with baby no.2! (I’m hoping this one will be a girl, if not I’m done with having babies either way lol) Ethan is going to be a big brother >.< I won’t be able to update daily any more, because I get so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open by the time I have time to relax and get some blogging done.

Anyone who has reader further into the novel and would like to guest blog in summarizing the novel and taking some load off my shoulder is more than welcome. If not, I would like my readers to bear with my slow updates, I will still try to churn out as much as I can. Hopefully still 10 chapters a week, fingers crossed.



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