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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 97 – 100 Summaries

So it’s Saturday and I finally have time to do some blogging on this lovely sunny day. I remember some readers were hoping Xiao Su Su knew martial arts, summer have just reviewed a c-novel with similar plot as BBPSAC, The rebirth: Deceased consort that astounded the world 《重生之惊世亡妃》 by Mo Yan Shang 《莫言殇》the novel is shorter than BBPSAC as it consist of 160ish chapters, for those who can read Chinese can find the novel here

 Chapter 97 – Opponent

Xiao En and Lei Yu Feng didn’t entered the yard, instead they stood in the distance, quietly listening to the music.

It is a “Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace”

When the melody was complete, Xiao Su Su didn’t stand up. Outside the courtyard Lei Yu Feng was clapping, while strode in: “A great song.” 

At this time, Lei Yu Feng and Xiao En came over and saw the slight change in Xiao Su Su’s expression, however very quickly her expression returned to normal, but her mood didn’t improve. She didn’t expect anyone to disturb her, upon seeing Lei Yu Feng, she gave him a cold clear look: “Lei Bao Lord, I’m flattered.”

This kind of temperament, Lei Yu Feng really didn’t like, but, at the moment, he also did not care too much, walking towards Xiao Su Su, the two are only separated by one step, Lei Yu Feng said very sincerely: “Little Xiao Miss, would you mind listening to my opinion?” 

“Please speak.” Xiao Su Su also said very politely.

“On the competition day, what song is Little Xiao Miss going to play?” Lei Yu Feng asked and stared at Xiao Su Su hands, and suddenly froze, he saw the king of Qin – Qing Jiao. He obviously knew how valuable this qin is, he was so immersed in it that he didn’t even hear Xiao Su Su’s reply.

Xiao En, who stood on the side gently frown, he didn’t understand this sudden change in Lei Yu Feng. However, Xiao Su Su understood clearly, she gently called out: “Lei Bao lord……” 

She felt Lei Yu Feng’s glazed on her every movement, never taking his eyes off the Qing Jiao. She felt helpless and dumbfounded. She never met someone has been this crazy about qin’s.

When Lei Yu Feng regain his consciousness, he felt somewhat embarrassed, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Unexpectedly he was acting like a three-year old child who have seen candy: “Xiao, Xiao little miss……”

Xiao Su Su cleared her throat: “Uh… just then Lei Bao Lord asked what songs I will play during the competition, I wonder if Lei Bao Lord already have mind of a melody?”

Lei Yu Feng slowly eased his facial expression, still feeling a bit shy: “Yes yes yes.”

“Then what tune is it?” Xiao Su Su adjusted her mood, just giving Lei Yu Feng a funny look. She wanted to laugh but try to hold it in. Her mood is improved drastically.

“The autumn moon over the Han palace.” Lei Yu Feng said casually staring into Xiao Su Su’s big eyes.

The autumn moon over the Han Palace, the tune she just played.

“Well that’s the first song.” Lei Yu Feng said with a poker-face, still somewhat embarrassed scratching his head. He had a very simple and honest look. This is the first time Xiao Su Su has seen this side of Lei Yu Feng.

Xiao Su Su: “Well, the autumn moon over the Han Palace is also good. I want to know, who is my opponent?”

Seeing Xiao Su Su’s serious expression, Lei Yu Feng also carefully said: “Fen Wen.”

When Lei Yu Feng found out Hua Chi have invited Fen Wen to play in the competition, he had a massive headache, he can only wish Su Qi Qi live again. Because only Su Qi Qi can defeat Fen Wen. However, he then thought of Xiao Su Su.

Unexpectedly hearing it was her old rival, Xiao Su Su’s heart is steady, it seems like they will meet again. Towards Fen Wen she is still very grateful, it wasn’t for him, she would have long died near the cliff when searching for the medical herbs.

She also knew the assassins were sent by Hua Qian Zi. From the moment she entered the Wang residence’s gate, Hua Qian Zi have hated her, even when she sent to the laundry department, she didn’t think this woman will be so ruthless and not let her off.

“Indeed it is him.” Xiao Su Su raised her eyebrows.

Lei Yu Feng: “You guys……have meet before?”

Xiao Su Su shook her head and pulled a smile: “No, we haven’t met before. Are you certain on ‘The autumn moon over the Han Palace?'”

“I’m certain, as long as you can play like today’s conception.” Lei Yu Feng felt like it was the most beautiful music he have heard in this lifetime. He knew if she could play like that again on the competition day, there’s no doubt Fen Wen will be no match for her.

Seeing Xiao Su Su’s hesitation, Lei Yu Feng also added: “Or perhaps, you can decide.” 

After Lei Yu Feng said that, he pushed the door open and smiled at Xiao En and pull his arm, walking away: “Xiao Gong Zi, if nothing else we should continue.” 

Xiao En helplessly followed, at this moment he didn’t know how to face his Mei Mei, he never seen her this depressed.

Once they left, Xiao Su Su played ‘The autumn moon over the Han Palace’ repeatedly. Light sadness linger in Lei Jia Bao.

Seven days time quickly past, during these several days, Xiao Su Su only practised in the courtyard, she was afraid to see anything familiar and reminded her of Mo Wen Chen. Early in the morning, Lei Peng brought a large number of maids to help Xiao Su Su accessories, she wore a simple purple dress, her long hair half pin-up, she appeared beautiful as a celestial.

Lei Jia Bao’s back yard, already had table set out. Fen Wen already sat on the qin stage, his complexion is very calm, dressed in a blue gown, appearing very simple with slightly his delicate features.

Chapter 98 – Rules 

Xiao Su Su’s simple purple dress fluttering as she slowly walked, Xiao En walked behind, both of their expression is very flat and somewhat indifferent.

Xiao Su Su swept as glance at Fen Wen who was on the stage, he body stiffen for a while, her foot steps even halt, her complexion slightly changed, but it wasn’t obvious. Behind Fen Wen stood Hua Chi, today’s Hua Chi wasn’t any different from normal, dressed in a blue robe with a fan in his hand.


With Xiao Su Su’s appearance, the originally quiet yard suddenly bustled with liveliness. All these witnesses were invited by Lei Yu Feng, there were jiang hu heroes and those from the court. They have seen countless of beauties before, but seeing Xiao Su Su, they were still shocked. Even Hua Chi wouldn’t help but glance several times.

Only Fen Wen sat still, and merely glance at her once and nodded his head. It not because she wasn’t a beauty, but in his mind he only thought of the qin competition.

“Boss, I saw a celestial. She’s even more beautiful than Yan’s number one beauty, Su Meng Ru.” Hua Chi said suppressing the drool from the corners of his lips.

Third in charge stared at the second in charge: “This lady is nothing more, even if she’s more beautiful. You need to know she is invited by Lei Bao Lord to play against Mr. Fen Wen, which is our enemy.”

In fact, Third in charge was also stunned by Xiao Su Su’s beauty. However, are encountering the incident where she held Hua Chi hostage with her golden needles, he felt that all other women in the world are not credible. She clearly wanted to commit suicide, in turn, she almost killed their boss. With the discontent in his heart, he felt dissatisfaction involving all women.

Listening to third in charge, second in charge also nodded, however unknowingly he glanced at Xiao Su Su’s direction: “That is quite true.”

Hua Chi helplessly shakes his head, regarding Su Qi Qi, he didn’t hold it against her, instead he only admire this woman very much. With no weapons in her hands, and only needles she has saved herself and made him retreat. He appreciated the phrase she said, it was deeply embedded in his mind.

Although he admired Xiao Su Su’s beauty, but it wasn’t enough to make his heart fluttered, his heart has been stolen by another woman long ago, even if she isn’t in this world any more. No one else can replace the position he has in his heart.

Lei Yu Feng had a satisfied smile on his face as he looked at the fury Xiao Su Su caused. He can’t guarantee that she will win Fen Wen, so its best if he tries to distraction him with her beauty. He must get his hands on the burnt-tail in Hua Chi’s hands.

“Everyone, this is Little Xiao Miss that I have invited to compete with Mr. Fen Wen.” Lei Yu Feng raised his head and said aloud.

Regarding the Xiao family, the citizen of Yan were not clear of. So people began to speculate Xiao Su Su’s identity.

Fen Wen slightly tighten his brows, inadvertently glanced at Xiao Su Su, although he wasn’t fazed by such beautiful facial features, but her temperament makes him feel deja vu. He felt that there are some familiarity.

Feeling Fen Wen’s glaze on her, Xiao Su Su also lifted her head and stare at him, giving a friendly smile. Subsequently, Fen Wen’s face stiffen and lowered his head.

“This is the famous physician Fen Wen.” Lei Yu Feng re-introduced him to those present. He didn’t mention that Fen Wan is the king of Qin, which made Hua Chi and those besides him unhappy, but there’s no doubt Fen Wen is indeed a doctor. Everyone knew this.

Lei Yu Feng:“Well, today’s competition rules……”

Hua Chi not waiting for Lei Yu Feng to finish, stood up and said with a calm expression, while glancing at Xiao Su Su: “The competition rules should be made by those presents today.”

He knew that Su Qi Qi, Bei Ding Hou Wang’s consort won Fen Wen before, but didn’t believe that this woman before him can win Fen Wen as well. He wants those present to decide the competition rules, is intentionally to make things difficult for Xiao Su Su.

“This……” Lei Yu Feng hesitated, lift his eyes to glance at Xiao Su Su. He has faith in her qin abilities, but to decided the competition rules now… will be difficult. After all, Fen Wen is already well – known to the world, since his début many years ago, there weren’t many that could defeat him. Couple with Xiao Su Su’s young age, he has some doubts that she may not be able to handle the pressure.

But Xiao Su Su did not care nor the slightest fear. She is also very confident of her own qin ability. Seeing Lei Yu Feng look at her, Xiao Su Su gently said a sentence full of self-confidence and pride: “No problem.” 

Standing in front of the qin stage, her purple dress fluttered in the wind, her long hair like waterfall. The tone in her voice made Hua Chi unconsciously stare at her several times. She gave him the same feeling Su Qi Qi gave him a few month ago. Besides her features, she really reminded him of Su Qi Qi.

However, Xiao Su Su is more arrogant than Su Qi Qi, she had the pride that Su Qi Qi lacked. Because Su Qi Qi wasn’t outstandingly beautiful, and not favored she couldn’t conceal her inferiority.

Fen Wen lifted his eyes again and stared at the proud and confident Xiao Su Su. The corners of his lips pulled into a smile, he is finally very interested in his opponent.

Upon hearing Xiao Su Su’s word, Lei Yu Feng nodded: “Okay, then hero brothers that are present, please negotiate how the competition should be.”

Suddenly a voice came from the crowd: “National Essence”, it is the most difficult piece of the kingdom of Yan, not only is it long, but it consist of different conception, the qin player must play out four seasons flavor, from spring to summer, and then from summer to autumn, and then to the winter from the autumn, winter and spring back to the last round, to pop the spring warmth, but also pop up winter snow is white and coldness……

(Ps. I couldn’t find any youtube vids of the melody, so I’m assuming its a made up qin melody.)

Chapter 99 – Spring Melody

Regarding the《National Essence》proposal, there were many discussions among those present. This song indeed explicit one’s qin ability and perseverance. This song is very long, to a complete this piece will require the players to play for three days and nights. During this time, the player isn’t able to rest, drink nor sleep. For Fen Wen, it wasn’t too hard, but for a weak woman such as Xiao Su Su, it will be a great challenge.

Hearing this proposal made Lei Yu Feng’s expression change immediately. He turned to stare at the man who made this proposal, unexpectedly it was Mo Wen Xuan’s most capable general and personal bodyguard, Leng Xiao. Unable to contain his anger, Lei Yu Feng gave Leng Xiao a murderous look.

However, Leng Xiao seems unfazed, standing proudly in the crowd with his head held high, without the slightest fear: “This test is only fair, and Lei Bao Lord also agreed by everybody to set rules.”

Xiao Su Su also knew how challenging this song is, she and her mother had tried it for two days and two nights, without eating and drinking, however they failed. So she is also quite worried.

The majority of the crowd were in favor of Leng Xiao’s proposal. After all, the stakes is the burnt-tail, this competition must certainly have a certain degree of difficulty. They have travelled far to witness this competition, if they could really hear the whole piece of 《National Essence》, it will be worthwhile.

Seeing the crowd’s reaction, Lei Yu Feng knew it was hard to change the outcome of everyone’s decision. He was originally very confident especially if Xiao Su Su was going to play “The autumn moon over the Han Palace”, but now, everything has changed. Playing 《National Essence》not only tested one’s qin ability, more importantly to required physical strength. How long can Xiao Su Su last? One day? He did not dare to imagine.

It seems that this time, his plan will fail, in the end he couldn’t get the burnt-tail back for Mo Wen Chen. The burnt-tail used to commemorate Su Qi Qi……

Fen Wen came here to see the fame Xiao Su Su and see her worth. When he lost Su Qi Qi, he concede defeat and deeply admired her ability, so he wanted to know how this young lady will face up to this challenge.

Xiao Su Su stood up and said: “Okay, National Essence it is.” 

Hearing this, everyone stop discussing among themselves, she is so calm and composure, it is very admirable.

“Little Xiao Miss…” Lei Yu Feng hesitated and stared at her.

“It’s okay.” Xiao Su Su smiled very gently, very relaxed without the care in the world.

Regarding National Essence, Xiao En didn’t know what kind of song it was, so he could only stand there, not knowing what to do it. But just from Lei Yu Feng’s expression, he could tell this song is very difficult.

“Okay.” Lei Yu Feng and Xiao Su Su stared at each other for the longest time, he could see the confidence in her eyes, which eased his mind slightly:“So after half a joss stick time, the competition will officially begin.” 

Lei Yu Feng deliberately left half a joss stick time for Xiao Su Su to prepare herself as he felt she wasn’t ready yet. There was must excitement in the crowd.

“Ge Ge, can you ask for two embroidery needles from the Lei Jao Bao’s servant?” Xiao Su Su said as she ate a few light snacks, she didn’t know when will be her next meal.

Seeing Xiao Su Su’s calm expression, Xiao En also didn’t know whether to feel fear or joy, he only nodded and left. He didn’t ask her what the embroidery needle was for, he just did as she asked.

Handing the two embroidery needles to Xiao Su Su, she returned to eating her snack and drinking her tea and when no one was paying attention to her she placed the two embroidery needles into her mouth. However, her actions didn’t escaped the presence of martial arts masters. They found it strange but didn’t say much.

Even Lei Yu Feng noticed Xiao Su Su’s movements, he couldn’t help but severely frowned, he knew what Xiao Su Su wanted to do, but he just didn’t understand how much this woman knew. And what else knowledge she has that he didn’t know of…

“The time has arrived.” Lei Yu Feng announced, the snack and tea was immediately removed in front of Fen Wen and Xiao Su Su, the crowd restored to silence.

Xiao Su Su lifted her eyes and sweep across those presence, then slightly lifting a finger, her slender white fingers fluttered on the qin, as if butterflies were dancing.

Fen Wen tested his string, his fingers also touched the surface of the qin. The battle has began. Xiao Su Su and Fen Wen’s melody echo each other, melodious and misty, it felt like a colorful spring suddenly blooming before their eyes……

As the music continue, it was as if you could see the lush green leaves on the branches slowly turning yellow, blowing in the gentle breeze, the autumn leaves dance like fairies in the wind…….

Chapter 100 – Win or lose

Those present were immersed in the atmosphere Fen Wen and Xiao Su Su created. Fen Wen lightly wrinkled his eyebrows, he is not afraid of losing to Xiao Su Su, but because of Xiao Su Su’s qin melody was able to keep up with his own. Without the slightest gap lacking. Her cool and self composed appearance, not one bit nervous and her slender fingers fluttering.

Leng Xiao stared in awe, he originally proposal National Essence to embarrass Lei Yu Feng, but this woman have gave him many surprises.

From spring to summer transition, both Fen Wen and Xiao Su Su freely flowed their style, very natural, very gentle. The ease spring transit into a fiery summer. The subtle feeling filled the Lei Jia Bao yard.

One day have passed, the sun was already setting in the west, Fen Wen fingers are still playing, but he was no longer so calm. He didn’t feel the slight fatigue, but what impressed him was Xiao Su Su, she didn’t appear tired as well. She still look as elegant, proud and confident.

As their qin melody continue the speculators have gone into the dining hall to enjoy dinner as they continued to listen to the the lingering melody. Everyone was waiting for Xiao Su Su to admit defeat, in their eyes’s Xiao Su Su is on the loosing end.

As night set in, the melody still continued. Xiao Su Su still kept up with Fen Wen’s pace. Xiao En, who stood on the side had a face full of worries, distressed and fear. From time to time he would wipe the sweat from her forehead. By now he finally knew what National Essence is. Originally he just thought the melody would be difficult, however he didn’t think it would take Xiao Su Su to play three days and three nights in order to save the Xiao family.

Draping a long overcoat over Xiao Su Su’s shoulders, he continued to support her from behind. Feeling Xiao En’s gesture, Xiao Su Su smiled, a face of gratitude, she appeared subtlety tired, but it wasn’t too obvious.

Occasionally, Fen Wen would glanced over at Xiao Su Su, his face also appeared tired, but his expression was still gentle.

One night has passed, the qin melody never once stopped, the sun rose and the warm heat hit their faces, Xiao Su Su still sate there like a sculpture, but with vitality.

No one can imagine how these two fingers can stand playing non-stop for one day and one day, Xiao Su Su’s slender white fingers tips is already smeared with blood.

The melody have changed from summer to autumn, it caused those presence heart to fluctuate. The autumn tune was no longer as fast, it was more dignified and slowly, emphasising the joy of harvest time.

As another night came around, even those presence have sign of exhaustion. However, this wonderful music never stop.

Three days and two nights later, Fen Wen and Xiao Su Su continue to hold on. Either of them admitting defeat.

The mid day sun is very sinister, Xiao Su Su’s forehead is full of sweat, her face is pale and exhausted, but appeared like a lily flower swaying in the storm, but resisting to be taken down.

“Little Xiao Miss……” Lei Yu Feng could no longer take it and finally went to her side and softly said: “If……”

Seeing her endure this much, regardless of whether she wins or not, she has won the support of Lei Jiao Bao, she have done enough. Lifting her eyes to glance at Lei Yu Feng, she spit out two pieces of embroidery needles, and respectively two stab her own wrist accurate acu points.

This action felt tediously familiar for Lei Yu Feng, he felt surprised staring at Xiao Su Su. This woman is too alike Su Qi Qi, apart from their features.

The melody quickly changed to winter, Xiao Su Su had no time to see Lei Yu Feng’s expression, she was too immersed in her own world, the cold winter world…….


Suddenly, Fen Wen who sat opposite of Xiao Su Su fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood.

Third and second in charge suddenly stood up, and flew to Fen Wen’s side, helping him up. Fen Wen’s qin melody stop, with only Xiao Su Su’s continuing. It was obvious that she have won this battle……

YAY we have finally reached 100!


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