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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 101 – 104 Summaries

Chapter 101 – Success

Looking at Fen Wen, who was pale as snow, Hua Chi silently led him down the qin stage. Second and third in charge stopped their actions and glanced at Xiao Su Su, her wrist had an embroidery needle embedded into each wrist. They finally understand what supported her until now, one was her spirit, the other was the two embroidery needles.

Stepping off the stage, Fen Wen motioned them to halt. He is also a world-famous doctor, but he never knew, needles can control the duration of one’s playing time. Although he concede to defeat, but there’s one thing he still wanted to know. Seeing Fen Wen’s motion, Hua Chi didn’t say anything, only led him back onto the qin stage, Fen Wen walked in front of Xiao Su Su.

At this time, Xiao Su Su have taken the two embroidery needles out of her wrist, she stood in the blowing breeze, her long hair and dress fluttered in the wind, appearing pale. With her indifferent expression, still beautiful as ever. Seeing Fen Wen return, Xiao En who have came forward to help his Mei Mei also didn’t move.

“Miss have wonderful skills.” Fen Wen earnestly and sincerely said, while raising his hand to wipe off the blood on the side of his mouth, although he was slightly embarrassed, however he remained calm.

“Thank you Mr’s praise.” Xiao Su Su modestly said.

“I dare to ask Miss, what use does the embroidery needle have on the inner pass point?” Fen Wen identity as the first grandmaster asked.

Xiao Su Su looked at her wrist and smiled: “I’m just afraid of destroying my own pair of hands, so……”

Fen Wen’s expression was slightly stiff, stunned for a moment before returning to normal: “I see……” Then breathing in a long sigh he said: “I…. have sincerely admit to defeat.” 

This time, he really admire Xiao Su Su, she didn’t do anything, even without the two embroidery needles, she will still win, she had some kind of force supporting her, such perseverance and spirits. After saying that sentence he turn and left without returning.

Regarding this scene, Xiao Su Su didn’t find it strange, when she was Su Qi Qi she also encounter the same scene when she defeated him. Her heart is still so grateful of this benefactor of hers.

Xiao En: “Mei Mei……”

Lei Yu Feng: “Little Xiao Miss.”

Suddenly her head started to hurt, and her eyes slowly closed, that was the last thing she remembered……

Xiao En and Lei Yu Feng rushed to help her, she had exhausted the last bit of her strength. Hearing the commotion Fen Wen didn’t look back, slowly walking forward, instead Hua Chi stood there without moving for the longest time, he had heard of Fen Wen losing to a woman, the only time he ever lost was to Su Qi Qi. However, today he has lost to another woman.

This woman, apart from her face, her temperament and indifferent expression was similar to Su Qi Qi. Although he only met Su Qi Qi once, but he is familiar with her every action, he would never forget her. He felt this Xiao Su Su isn’t that simple, letting his imagination run wild, he felt his heart is accelerated, his palm slightly sweated.

Fen Wen felt there was something wrong with Hua Chi, Hua Chi stood there watching Lei Yu Feng embracing Xiao Su Su and disappearing into the crowd, second and third in charge breathe a long sigh: “Eldest brother!”

Fen Wen also stood there, not moving. He didn’t know what was going through Hua Chi’s mind, he only knew it has once again lost to a woman. He felt like he shouldn’t touch a qin again. It’s not that he was afraid to lose again, but he felt like he has reached his limits.

Hua Chi finally regain his consciousness, he secretly clench his fist and decided that he must investigate Xiao Su Su’s background.

The next day, Fen Wen left the burnt-tail sitting on the qin stage, still with a touch of his blood intact.

Xiao Su Su was unconscious, going without sleep for three days and three nights really have taken a toll on her body, her Qing Jiao stained with blood from her finger tips. Hua Chi came to see Xiao Su Su while she was asleep. He stood for a moment in front of her bed before leaving. He left with a smile on his face and appeared to be in high spirits.

Although he lost the qin, however he felt that he has gain something else. He felt that Su Qi Qi never left. He left Lei Jia Bao high on his horse, within his hands held a glittering and translucent jade pendant, in the sun it shone with a colorful glow.

Lei Yu Feng dressed in white, stood at the gates quietly watching Hua Chi’s figure disappear, the corners of his mouth pulled a rampant smile.

In the southern Xin Jiang, the Xiao family received news of Xiao Su Su winning Fen Wen, they were full of joy. The news also alerted the royal family, Hua Qian Zi and Hua Qian Yi didn’t think Xiao Su Su would win the competition.

Hua Qian Yi clenched his fist: “It doesn’t matter. We will not change our plan.”

He has waited for Xiao Su Su’s Ji ceremony for a long time. Now that they can’t do anything to the Xiao family, it’s actually good in a way because Hua Qian Zi will behave herself and know her place. As long as she doesn’t participate, Hua Qian Yi believe his plan will go smoothly.

 Chapter 102 – Retain

Xiao Su Su slept for about three days and three nights before finally awaking up. Xiao En who accompanied her the entire time, stood there gently staring at her: “Mei Mei!”

Xiao Su Su’s heart felt warmth, she learnt to rely on Xiao En a little too much, but it was a wonderful feeling having people concerned about you.

Lei Yu Feng was laughing like a bloomed flower, holding her hands plastered with a grateful smile on his face, praising her qin ability non-stop. It was strange that Xiao Su Su knew how to use two embroidery needles to prevent damage to her hands, even Fen Wen who’s a world-famous doctor didn’t understand this technique.

In the midst of all of the people he knew, only Su Qi Qu can be so skilled in acupuncture. Lei Yu Feng started to make cold guess: “Could it be…… be reincarnated in someone else’s body……?”

“Lord Bao.” Lei Peng stepped forward and gently called out, originally Xiao Su wanted to leave, but he insisted on the siblings staying for a few more days, he just wanted to take this opportunity to take a good look at Xiao Su Su.

“I’m just guessing.” Lei Yu Feng said with a serious yet confused expression, his eyebrows lightly wrinkled together.

“But…… This is too bold, after all…… Little Xiao Miss is a living person with flesh and blood.” Lei Peng didn’t dare think. In this era, although there are those who believe in ghosts and gods, but in jiang hu it was rarely mentioned. They only believed in their fists and strength.

“I understand.” Lei Yu Feng nodded his head: “but that Xiao Su Su…… is really too uncanny, and you should also pay attention as well, after she arrived at Lei Jia Bao, her mood has been very unstable. I think… if someone came, it’ll be a lot exciting.”

Of course, Lei Yu Feng was referring to Mo Wen Chen, Lei Peng also understood the meaning of his master’s words, but he didn’t say much. Lei Peng knows once after his master have tried his bold idea, would he abandon the extreme theory: “Then I will go invite that person tomorrow.” 

“Good.” As soon as Lei Yu Feng thought of doing something, he didn’t hesitate to put actions into words, and since he has won the burnt-tail for Mo Wen Chen, by making Mo Wen Chen make this trip, it will save him the trouble of personally travelling to the capital himself. A month later it will be Xiao Su Su’s Ji ceremony, he must personally attend and protect her family.

Since Xiao Su Su have recovered, she has been strolling around the Lei Jia Bao’s estate with Xiao En. All over the mountain was covered in red flowers and green lush leaves, Xiao Su Su is very comfortable and enjoyed the nature scenery, after winning the match her heart has eased much more.

“It is really beautiful.” Xiao En also couldn’t help but exclaimed, looking at the peach blossom garden in the distance.

“Yes, if you can live here, it’ll be even more good.” Xiao Su Su also randomly said. Although Xiao residence have a wide terrain, it couldn’t compare to Lei Jia Bao’s terrain.

“Little Xiao Miss can stay here, if you like.” Lei Yu Feng said with a smile.

Hearing Lei Yu Feng’s voice, Xiao Su Su and Xiao En quickly turned around: “Lei Bao lord… these days thank you Lei Bao Lord for your hospitality, how can I trespass your hospitality.” 

“Not only did Little Xiao Miss win the burnt-tail back for Lei Jia Bao, you also won our pride back, even if Little Xiao Miss want to live her for a lifetime, even if the whole Xiao family were to move here to Lei Jia Bao, I also welcome them with open arms.” Lei Yu Feng have just asked Lei Peng to invite Mo Wen Chen, so he can’t just let Xiao Su Su leave.

Lei Yu Feng is so enthusiastic, but Xiao Su Su didn’t want to stay longer. She was worried about Xiao family’s situation back at home, because she knew the royal family is eyeing on the Xiao family. She wanted to return as soon as possible to let everyone they have Lei Jia Bao behind them now.

“Lei Bao Lord is too kind, us sibling is ready to head back to Southern Xin Jiang tomorrow.” Xiao Su Su smiled, dressed in a white dress, her long hair randomly scattered in the back of her head, her stunning facial features made her appear like a celestial.

This made Lei Yu Feng stunned again, even Su Meng Ru didn’t have the ability to do this to him. Xiao Su Su’s appearance is simply too beautiful: “What? Tomorrow? Why didn’t you tell me earlier……?” 

“This…… does Lei Bao Lord have something?” Regarding Lei Yu Feng’s reaction, Xiao Su Su couldn’t understand it, she originally intend to stay for three days and leave, but felt it was impolite, so she already stayed for an additional three days.

Lei Yu Feng knew he has over-reactions so tried to smile: “It’s nothing, it’s just that it was…. too sudden, I have not hand down work to my subordinates, can you give me a few days to prepare some staff escort you?”

“A few days? Still need a few more days?” Xiao Su Su finally frown, she suddenly felt that Lei Yu Feng was acting particularity strange, her heart started to have some doubts.

“Five days, five days should be enough, you should know from here to the south, there are numerous of robbers on the way, it is infested by bandits. This time since you won the competition and your reputation have grown, many people will get the wrong idea, we must be very careful on the way back… and I just sent Lei Peng out for something, why don’t we wait until he returns…. or else my heart won’t be eased.” Lei Yu Feng said with a face of sincerity.

Chapter 103 – Finally seeing Mo Wen Chen

“What is difference? It’s still the same route, who would dare to offend Lei Jia Bao?” Xiao Su Su didn’t want to be so calculative towards Lei Yu Feng but she felt her heart unease and sensed his motive.

Listening to Xiao Su Su’s words, Lei Yu Feng gave a sigh, this girl is too intelligent to fool, her defensive bounder is high as well. He really wanted to confirm his wild theory, even though it is bold, and he was scared of his own idea. But he really wanted answers.

“Let’s not forget, there are Ao Yun kingdom and You Zhen kingdom.” Lei Yu Feng really wanted to wipe the sweat that was forming on his forehead, if Mo Wen Chen doesn’t get the chance to meet Xiao Su Su, it will be a great loss.

“That is quite true.” Xiao En interrupted, he also thought Lei Yu Feng was right. Even if the Xiao family didn’t have influences, Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo still won’t give up. Ancient heroes of love beauty, and Xiao Su Su is a rare beauty that only appeared every millennium.

At this moment, Xiao En doesn’t want anything to happen to Xiao Su Su, he won’t be able to go back and face the Xiao family if something did happen to her, fighting off two assassin is an easy task for him, but if there’s a large number of them, he is afraid he won’t be able to protect his Mei Mei, he might even lose his life. So he thought it was best to listen to Lei Yu Feng’s arrangements.

“Eldest brother!” Xiao Su Su frowned lightly, she didn’t think her Ge Ge would also support Lei Yu Feng’s suggestion. She felt a conspiracy around the corner. The feeling is very obvious. She still had some understanding towards the way this man thinks.

“Mei Mei, let’s just listen to Lei Bao Lord okay? On the way back, the journey isn’t long, but there are indeed many bandits in the mountains. If there’s Lei housekeeper escorting us back, no one will dare to touch us. If anything happens, it will be troublesome. Grandmother is waiting for us.” Xiao En said very earnestly.

This save Lei Yu Feng a lot saliva trying to convince Xiao Su Su in staying, Xiao En is better at persuading her than his.

Listening to Xiao En’s words, she knew he was right, they couldn’t risk it, and it wasn’t worth the danger, she didn’t want to die again. Thus, somewhat reluctant she nodded: “Well, okay.” 

Although Xiao Su Su stayed in Lei Jia Bao, Lei Yu Feng didn’t come to disturb her daily, he just let her be to ease her heart and make her think he is really just considering her safety. On the contrary, every day, Lei Yu Feng will come and find Xiao En to chat, Xiao Su Su wasn’t interested in their conversation so she didn’t ask Xiao En half a word of their discussion. But Xiao En was also smart enough to know not to say anything.

Five days pass quite fast. In a blink of an eye, it approached. Early in the morning, she went to find Lei Yu Feng and asked about her arrangements back to southern Xin Jiang. Entering the main hall doors, her foot didn’t move, as if a thousand pounds have weighing them down, she couldn’t move.

Just standing there, looking at the man sitting next to Lei Yu Feng, she couldn’t believe what she saw, her heart sank a little and started pounding wildly. It felt unbearable.

“Little Xiao Miss is early.” Lei Yu Feng said looking straight at Xiao Su Su, observing her expression. He saw the panic in her eyes. She wasn’t calm as she usually is. He knew it was because of Mo Wen Chen.

Dressed in black, Mo Wen Chen lifted his head to glance at Xiao Su Su once, it wasn’t because she isn’t beautiful, but he wasn’t interested. His expression and tone was very casual: “This is the Miss that won the burnt-tail back for you?” 

Hearing Mo Wen Chen’s word, Xiao Su Su soon restored her calmness, tightly pressing on her sleeves, she step forward. Acting as if Mo Wen Chen did not exisit, very politely she asked with a flash of pride and self-confidence: “Lei Bao Lord, today I am here, I just want to ask when will Lei housekeeper have time to escort us back to the our residence?”

In this life, she is not the plain simple Su Qi Qi that was used as a pawn. She is Xiao Su Su, with celestial features and brilliant. So, she should be upright, look at the man who has wronged her and used her directly in the eyes.

Seeing Xiao Su Su recover her emotions so quickly, Lei Yu Feng started to have some doubts. With Mo Wen Chen appearance, she didn’t seem to have the slightest shock. Thinking of this, his heart is somewhat disappointed, it seems his bold speculation was after all just speculation. Su Qi Qi is already dead, it can’t be possible her soul would have gone into another’s body.

Since Su Qi Qi died, Mo Wen Chen has been overcome with guilt, no one in the Wang residence was allowed to mention Su Qi Qi’s name, no one was allowed to play the qin, no doctors were allowed within the residence…… He became more malicious, more ruthless, more depressed than before.

Although…… The sword wasn’t thus thru on his own intention, but there’s no doubt Su Qi Qi died in the hands of his sword.  His remorse and guilt will last a lifetime. Lei Yu Feng couldn’t bear seeing Mo Wen Chen like this so he went through many hardships to win back the burnt-tail.

In order to obtain the burnt-tail he didn’t mind adding Xiao household under his protection. He just didn’t want Mo Wen Chen to live in self reproach. Since he couldn’t prove Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi, he need Mo Wen Chen to have time alone to interaction with her. He would rather believe his theory is true, even if is so ridiculous.

“Little Xiao Miss is really impatient, Lei housekeeper have just returned today, can let him rest for half a day?” Lei Yu Feng said trying to contain his laughter.

Chapter 104 – Fly into rage.

Not seeing Lei Yu Feng’s deliberate smile, Xiao Su Su lowered her eyebrows and slightly hesitated: “That’s also good.”

After saying that sentence, Xiao Su Su turned to leave, she didn’t want to stay in the same room as Mo Wen Chen. Plus if she is too impatient, it will arise doubts with those present. Since she notice Mo Wen Chen present she didn’t once look at him, she was afraid won’t be able to control her emotions, usually when she thought of this man, she will lose her temper. She never thought of how she would reaction if she ever saw him again, to remain so calm today, she was really proud of herself.

“Little Xiao Miss” Lei Yu Feng anxiously step forward, blocking Xiao Su Su’s exit: “Where is Xiao brother? Why don’t we have breakfast together?” 

He just wants to create opportunities for Xiao Su Su and Mo Wen Chen to spend some time together. Even thought Xiao Su Su isn’t Su Qi Qi, even if his theory is wrong, he also felt that Xiao Su Su’s appearance, talent and character is a perfect match for Mo Wen Chen.  He wants to get rid of Su Qi Qi shadow’s in Mo Wen Chen’s heart.

“I don’t know.” Xiao Su Su simply left three words and exited the main hall.

Looking at Xiao Su Su back, Lei Yu Feng’s smile was somewhat stiff, he helplessly shook his head.

Behind him, Mo Wen Chen suddenly laughed, put down his book. His laugh was of course to taunt Lei Yu Feng: “Such personality.” 

Looking back, his bitter face glanced at Mo Wen Chen, only helplessly swallowed his pride: “Such personality is not beautiful, right?”

Mo Wen Chen innocently shrugged his shoulders: “I didn’t look.” 

Just those words made Lei Yu Feng speechless, he took that such effort to arrange for them to meet, yet Mo Wen Chen didn’t even bother to look.

Mo Wen Chen still had his indifferent expression: “Right, didn’t you say you had something to give me, what is it?” 

Since Su Qi Qi died, Mo Wen Chen never mentioned the Xuan Yuan sword again, at this moment, he felt Lei Yu Feng was acting rather strange and wanted to know what was going on. After the last winter Mo Wen Xuan has been very well behaviour, no one disturb him.  Even Hua Chi who rebuild his power, didn’t come back for revenge. Lei Yu Feng wouldn’t ask him to come all the way here merely just to take back the burnt-tail, there is surely more than meets the eyes.

“You have seen it.” Lei Yu Feng said casually.

Mo Wen Chen expression didn’t change much, he faintly frown, and slightly lifted his eyes, with a trace of cold and elegant: “What do you mean?”

He certainly understand, he has already seen was referring to Xiao Su Su.

“Don’t you think the girl have some familiarity?” Lei Yu Feng’s tone a bit helpless, but more excited.“I don’t think so.” Mo Wen Chen said casually and continue to read his book, unfazed.

Lei Yu Feng to walk in front of him, no longer unable to contain his silence and cruelly said: “In this lifetime do you only love Su Qi Qi that woman? She had already died, and she was just a bet.”

He felt that such words can stimulate Mo Wen Chen. Sure enough, Mo Wen Chen hands tremble, but he did not get angry, nor did he answer. He tried to keep a very calm appearance. Only his lips slightly pursed, indicating his anger was on the edge. For a long time no one have dared to mention the name, Su Qi Qi. Lei Yu Feng have touched his bottom line.

Is she just a bet? He didn’t even know.

“Are you planning on continuing like for the rest of your life? To painfully live your life just for a woman. If you really love her, then why won’t you sent people out to search for her body in the mountains, why you leave her corpse in the wilderness? You didn’t love her, that’s it” Lei Yu Feng continued regardless, he didn’t care whether Mo Wen Chen will be furious, he felt himself going crazy.

“Enough!” Finally Mo Wen Chen was anger, but he only heavily said one word. He couldn’t bear to continue listening: “You came to find is because of this woman?” Mo Wen Chen asked discontent.

Lei Yu Feng helplessly sigh and explain to Mo Wen Chen his bold guess and his observation of Xiao Su Su’s behaviour. After a full half pillar joss stick time, Mo Wen Chen didn’t speak, he just sat quietly there thinking. The servants have brought out breakfast, but no one picked up their chopsticks.

Hearing Lei Yu Feng’s theory, Mo Wen Chen finally found some hope, maybe Su Qi Qi is still alive, there’s half a month until Xiao Su Su’s Ji ceremony. If Mo Wen Chen agrees, they can inquire about the day Xiao Su Su wake up.

Lei Yu Feng: “If she really is……” 

“If she really is her, then I must bring her back to me.” Mo Wen Chen said very seriously, while clenching his fists.

“It’s not an easy thing to achieve.” Lei Yu Feng said, while shaking his head, by now he understood Xiao Su Su’s temper.

Mo Wen Chen didn’t care, his eyes burst with light: “Ben Wang like challenging things.” 

It has been many years since he last visited his aunty in Southern Xin Jiang.


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