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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 105 – 108 Summaries

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Chapter 105 – Returning to Southern Xin Jiang.

The next day, Lei Yu Feng no longer stop Xiao Su Su from leaving, instead he personally arranged for Lei Peng to escort her and Xiao En home. That day, Xiao Su Su  hid in her room all alone, trying to mend her wound that she was gradually tearing apart. Originally, she thought of finding Mo Wen Chen for revenge, but to actually see him, unexpectedly she became puzzled.

Xiao En was also not clear of what happened, he also did not go to see Lei Yu Feng, instead he just quietly accompany Xiao Su Su by guarding her door, since coming here, his Mei Mei’s mood is somewhat unusual, but he didn’t want to ask her why.

The carriage made its way out Lei Jia Bao, Lei Yu Feng sent them off the same way he welcomed him, riding a high horse. The yellow sand sky, Xiao Su Su looked at the figure within the sand, she didn’t jump out of the carriage, she knew who the identity of that figure next Lei Yu Feng was.

And she also knew that they started to have doubts on her own identity. This kind of feeling frightened her, and make her uncomfortable, she was at lost what to do. She is not ready to see Mo Wen Chen.

On the way back to southern Xin Jiang was very calm, Lei Yu Feng sent hundreds of martial art masters to escort them, for fear a mishap might happen. He could personally escort them himself, but the time is not right. After sending Xiao Su Su off, Lei Yu Feng rode his horse back to the residence, wiping clean the burnt-tail to give to Mo Wen Chen.

Looking at burnt-tail, Mo Wen Chen didn’t speak, he only sat in the chair quietly staring at it, his expression remain the same, still dressed in black, exudes a domineering furious vibes. This vibe still made many women fallen in love with him, this is the exact reason Su Qi Qi fallen in love with this man and suffered a painful ending.

“Didn’t you always want the burnt-tail? Take it.” Wasn’t sure how long until Mo Wen Chen lightly said that sentence.

Lei Yu Feng who sat opposite of him was stunned for a moment, he lifted his eyes and stared straight at Mo Wen Chen without blinking.

Mo Wen Chen never really liked qin’s, it just that he refused to give up such a priceless treasure. But Lei Yu Feng also refused to give him the Xuan Yuan sword.

Lei Yu Feng smiled with a hint of taunting, he rose up and went to Mo Wen Chen without taking another look at the burnt-tail: “I won this back for you, take it.” 

Since Su Qi Qi died, although he is still the proud arrogant Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye, but his heart has already changed. All there’s left is coldness. If anyone dares to offend him, they would be a dead man. Therefore the city has been very calm and peaceful for six months. Even in the Wang residence, the servants were afraid to breath or speak loudly.

Upon Xiao Su Su’s returned to Bai Hua kingdom, not only did the Xiao family came out to get her at the gates, the royal carriage were also present. Hua Qian Yi personally greeted her outside the gates, which made Xiao Su Su’s heart feel heavy and gloomy. This Hua Qian Yi is really troublesome. He is the high all mighty Crown Prince, she couldn’t go against him publicly.

“Greetings to your Prince Highness.” Xiao Su Su and Xiao En got out of the carriage and walked towards the gate and greeted Hua Qian Yi.

Lei Peng didn’t pay Hua Qian Yi any etiquettes, he just stood behind Xiao Su Su. Seeing Lei Peng, Hua Qian Yi’s expression slightly changed, however he eventually smile and helped Xiao Su Su and Xiao En up: “The two of you quickly get up please, I have come to congratulate Little Xiao Miss in winning the qin competition in the kingdom of Yan. You have won glory for southern Xin Jiang and Bai Hua kingdom.”

Under the watchful eyes of Lei Jia Bao’s people, Hua Qian Yi also didn’t dare to be too rude, he is merely warning the Xiao family. Lei Yu Feng definitely treated Xiao Su Su differently, to have Lei Peng personally escort her… It was the same as informing the world, no one can touch them.

However, Hua Qian Yi didn’t plan on harming Xiao Su Su, the main purpose of using her was just to attract Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo’s attention. Cause contradictions between Ao Yun and You Zhen kingdom’s relationship. Bai Hua kingdom will then take the advantage at the end of the stick.

Xiao old madame personally received Lei Peng to the Xiao residence, she knew the existence of Lei Peng is beneficial to the Xiao family. Xiao Su Su also understood why Lei Yu Feng arranged for Lei Peng to personally escort her back to the city. She didn’t think Hua Qian Yi will personally wait for her at the entrance of the city gate.

As they made their way back to the residence Xiao Su Su saw Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo, so she smiled and nodded. They are afraid of Lei Jia Bao, however seeing Hua Qian Yi shrivelled appearance, they felt satisfied. There’s no doubt, Xiao Su Su was also satisfied seeing him like this. Xiao En also thought it was worth waiting the five days.

In Lei Jia Bao, women are in a dignified and generous, gentle and virtuous as standard, being in a kingdom where female dominate, he really felt a headache coming on. The thought staying here for more than ten days, waiting for Lei  Yu Feng, Lei Peng was a little helpless. However, Xiao Su Su did win honor for Lei Jia Bao, he was willing.

Xu Wei Ran and Hua Qian Zi are on a cruise ship, the two of them sitting opposite of each other, holding a wine cup, He Yi Tian wasn’t present because he is at the gates.

“You like Xiao Su Su, right?” Hua Qian Zi didn’t like beating around the blush.

Xu Wei Ran’s demeanour still remain chic, while swirling the wine in his cup, and shaking his head: “Well, she’s not bad, this type of woman, there will be several men whose heart won’t flutter.”

He did not hide their feelings, because he could not conceal it.

Chapter 106 – All parties on the move. 

“So what are you planning to do?” Hua Qian Zi asked, she didn’t expect Xu Wei Ran to admitted it so fast.

“I don’t plan on doing anything.” Xu Wei Ran said with a faint smile, this smile have melted many girls heart. However, this does not include Hua Qian Zi.

Hua Qian Zi laughed, she didn’t believe in Xu Wei Ran’s words, she knew he was up to no good, but she had no proof. She knew Xu Wei Ran appeared gentle on the outside, however he was actually ruthless at heart. So she must be careful around him: “Xiao Su Su have came back, you didn’t even go out to meet her and show your gesture of good faith?” 

“At the moment, I am accompanying your Royal Highness Princess.” Xu Wei Ran is unmoved, it is difficult to see his expression under his gentle smile mask he always put on.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Then let’s toast.” Hua Qian Zi laughed sarcastically while pouring herself a cup of wine again. She is slightly helpless in front of a man who’s like a fox. She knew He Yi Tian’s actual identity without doing any investigation, it was crystal clear. She knew Xu Wei Ran have halt his troops and waited until Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony.

Kingdom of Yan’s Imperial city wall.

The city is thriving and prosperous, with citizen working to make a living. Everything seems peaceful and serene. Mo Wen Xuan have changed into commoner’s clothes and Leng Niao is slowly walking in the most busy street in the imperial city.

“Such a astonish woman, I have to see.” Mo Wen Xuan’s expression showed interest as he listen to Leng Niao read the report. Because it is the summer season, the weather has been hot, his hands is holding a fan, looking somewhat suave:“Yes, ah I also haven’t been to the southern side for a long time.”

Leng Niao originally went to Lei Jia Bao to see them lose in embarrassment, however in the end Xiao Su Su won the competition and Hua Chi just left, his heart felt very uncomfortable.

Mo Wen Xuan is very interested in such an amazing woman, a woman who’s more beautiful than Su Meng Ru, more talented than Su Qi Qi, he felt like if he didn’t get his hands on her, it’s really a big loss. He always judge a book by its cover, in the kingdom of Yan, he has the number one beauty in his arms, but as time passes he has lost interest in her.

His new goal is to obtain a woman from the southern Xin Jiang, especially in the kingdom of Bai Hua. Besides Xin Jiang has been his goal for many years, but because of Lei Jia Bao, he hasn’t made his moves. However, it’s too soon to make any makes, even if Bai Hua, You Zhen, Ao Yun kingdom combine their forces together, they wouldn’t be the kingdom of Yan’s opponent. It’s only a matter of time before his kingdom rules the land united. Now, he will enjoy the ride.

“Plan an itinerary for me, it’s best if it falls into the day Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony, also prepare a big gift.” Mo Wen Xuan suddenly said while waving his fan.

For half a year, Mo Wen Chen has not made any movement, so Mo Wen Xuan’s heart is at eased, so he can leave his imperial kingdom. He also thought, perhaps he has been too over sensitive towards his younger brother, since Mo Wen Chen didn’t seem to be interested in the kingdom at all.

Leng Niao: “Yes.”

Bamboo mountain. Hua Sha Gang head quarters. 

“Big brother, you really want to go to the south of Xin Jiang? There’s no places under our surveillances there.” Second in charges unbelievably stared at their leader, Hua Chi. Ever since they returned from Lei Jia Bao, Hua Chi have began preparing for the trip. However, second in charge Hua Guang and third in charge Hua Yi didn’t notice.

Upon seeing Hua Chi ride out with a horse, ready to leaving, the two chased out.

“I know. The days I’m not here, take care of the internal affairs. Do not let the brothers get into trouble, otherwise, when I come back then you can asked.” Hua Chi said with an indifference expression.

Today Hua Chi wore a light blue robe, his long hair was ties with blue lace, his facial features are gentle and dignified, making a person feel at eased. No matter how you looked at it, he didn’t appear like a gangster boss. But unfortunately he is.

“Eldest brother……” Both Hua Yi and Hua Guang are somewhat helpless as they approached Hua Chi’s horse.

“What else is there? I have sorted out all the things I needed to.” Hua Chi said with inattentive appearance.

“Big brother, you going alone to the southern barbarians, we are not rest assured.” Hua Yi finally said out loud, who could have guessed he also wanted to tag along. However, since coming back from Lei Jia Bao, he has been trying to persuade Hua Chi and Hua Guang not to act rashly and blindly.

Whenever he mentioned Xiao Su Su’s name, Hua Chi would tell the two to shut up and check the mountains. This clearly their leader’s form of punishment. They actually understand their leader’s thought, after loosing Su Qi Qi, Xiao Su Su is the second woman to capture their leader’s interested, but they found it unacceptable.

“Your brother have skills, aren’t you rest assured?” Hua Chi shook his head and gently murmured.

“We we……” Hua Yi was silent, in fact how much skills does Hua Chi have, they did not know, all these years, they never have seen him personally fight, and that time when he had a showdown with Mo Wen Chen, he wasn’t easy for him to capture Su Qi Qi, however in the end he became a hostage instead. They didn’t dare to anything because after all Hua Chi is their boss.

“Okay, Stop being so indecisive, big brother, we also want to go to the Southern.” Hua Quang quit beating around the bushes and went straight to the point.

Seeing them spill out the beans, Hua Chi smiled: “What about the green bamboo mountains?”

“This…… This……” Hua Yi and Hua Guang was speechless, they have heard the south have countless of beautiful women, they certainly didn’t want to miss the chance, moreover Xiao Su Su is a rare beauty.

See two people’s appearance, Hua Chi finally laughed: “Let’s go, the Hau Sha gang no one will dare to invade us.”

Chapter 107 – Put on a play

Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony was approaching, the Xiao household from top to bottom is very calm, no one appeared busy. Even Xiao Su Su herself appeared indifferent. She didn’t look forward to this ceremony, because she didn’t like being high profile, she just wanted a simple ceremony. However, some people are deliberately planning it big. Hua Qian Yi has been secretly planning it all and Hua Ru Xue supported it 100%. When it came to the imperial decree, no one dare to not honor it, the Xiao family can just do as they are told.

“Never mind, there’s the Lei family.” Xiao Mi said very confidently.

All there hopes have been placed on Lei Jia Bao’s shoulders. The Xiao family have treated Lei Peng their special guest with great care. With Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony around the corner, the Empress have sent maids with gifts of clothes.

With a face full of envy, the maid said: “You know, these clothes are brocade woven, not to say is very valuable, but it is rare in the world, the entire southern also has only two pieces, one piece is personally own by the Empress herself. This, surely, was saved for the Empress’s daughter Hua Qian Zi, now in order to let Little Xiao Miss’s ji ceremony to be more grand, and more the sincerity of the royalty, she have specially rewarded this to Miss.”

Xiao Su Su looked at the snow white brocade, she didn’t expect the Empress to be so generous. Raising her hands to gently stroke the material, it was so smooth. Anyone who wore it would shine and look noble.

“It’s really beautiful.” Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu squeezed through upon hearing the Empress have rewards clothes, of course they wanted to see it. They also raised their hands and lightly stroked the material, unable to hid the envy in their eyes.

The smile on Xiao Su Su’s face brighten more, she really like this gift, but she also knew that this piece of clothing will put her in the limelight,  it would be impossible for her to keep a low profile if she was to wear this.

“Mei Mei, go and try.” Xiao En also came in, very casually said, everyone in the Xiao household know how close their relationship is

Hearing Xiao En’s words, Xiao Su Su lightly nod, she quickly went behind the screen and the maid busily helped her into it.

Lei Yu Feng and Mo Wen Chen also began travelling to south of Xin Jiang fifteen days after Xiao Su Su left. The entire trip, Mo Wen Chen was silent, while Lei Yu Feng excited filled him in on details of Xiao Su Su.

“Have your heart fluttered?” Mo Wen Chen asked Lei Yu Feng with a livid face, he was 90% certain that Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi. Even if Lei Yu Feng is his best friend, he won’t let anyone take her.

“Well, ha…… Oh…… “ Lei Yu Feng’s expression is a little stiff, he didn’t expect Mo Wen Chen to ask this question with this kind of facial expression. If he was tempted, he wouldn’t have brought this man to the South.

However, he doesn’t understand, when did Mo Wen Chen became to attentive towards Su Qi Qi. When she died, he didn’t go look for her body, although later he did become more silent, brutal, ruthless, but were these indications of his love for Su Qi Qi? Lei Yu Feng couldn’t imagine it. He smiled at Mo Wen Chen who had a cold expression on his face, and seriously asked: “Wen Chen, you just wrongly accused your brother, if I was really tempted, why would I go through all the effort to deceive you to come to Lei Jia Bao. Why would I talk about Xiao Su Su’s past, asking you confirm her identity?”

He said it very carefully and sincerely.

Mo Wen Chen nodded and didn’t say anything further.

“I have sent someone to investigate the day Xiao Su Su woke up.” Lei Yu Feng knows that as long as the Xiao Su Su did not admit it, they had no way to prove her real identity: “Everything else you can only rely on yourself, Mo Wen Chen.” 

As soon as they arrived in southern Xin Jiang, Mo Wen Chen directly entered the palace and greeted the Empress. Seeing Mo Wen Chen leisurely walk, dressed in black, Hua Ru Xue smiled a little deeper.

“Wen Chen, is it really you? Let aunty see.” Hua Ru Xue said very excitedly, eyeing him up and down, her eyes filled with tears: “that year when I sent you to the kingdom of Yan… You were only this tall…” 

Hearing this, firstly Mo Wen Chen severely frowned, his fists clenched and loosen his fist, his expression didn’t change more, it just deepen and remain cold. He wasn’t used to such close contact with people. Yes, this woman personally sent him into the jaws of a tiger, if it wasn’t for this woman, he wouldn’t become the man he was today.

Upon seeing his aunty drops of tears, Mo Wen Chen’s cold heart finally soften, his face relaxed. However, this gentle Mo Wen Chen is still daunting, only Hua Ru Xue would dare to act normal around him.

She didn’t think Mo Wen Chen will personally travel to the south, the fact he didn’t kill Hua Qian Zi, he was already giving her much face.

“Aunty.” Mo Wen Chen said as he slightly stepped back, trying to avoid Hua Ru Xue’s hands from his shoulder, but she didn’t move, instead she pressed down tighter.

Hua Ru Xue: “Yes” 

Holding out the palm size box, Mo Wen Chen respectfully held it before Hua Ru Xue: “This is a little token from your nephew, please take it aunty.” 

As Bei Ding Hou Wang Ye, he certainly can’t come empty handed. Hua Ru Xue is elated by his gesture and happily took the gift. She didn’t care about what was inside the box, as long as Mo Wen Chen is here, You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom is nothing.

Chapter 108 – A good show.

The entire Xiao family lined up outside the Xiao residence, including Lei Peng and his subordinates. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of Lei Yu Feng.

This time, he did not enter the palace to see the Empress, Mo Wen Chen and him went their separate way once arriving at Bai Hua kingdom. Because his main purpose is the Xiao family, it had nothing to do with the royal family.

From far, one could see Lei Yu Feng riding high on a big horse, today he deliberately wore a purple shirt, his long hair was half tied up, while the other half was left loosen down on his shoulders, appearing energetic and handsome.

His presence attracted many pasers-by. Shaking her head, Xiao Su Su was a little helpless, why did this person have to be so high profile? While on the other hand, Xiao old madame wasn’t a bit concerned, she knew Lei Yu Feng was just publicly announcing to the world, he has Xiao family’s back. This is the exact scenario she wanted.

Mo Wen Xuan who was also in Bai Hua kingdom kept a low-key, from the side of the street he saw Lei Yu Feng making his way towards the Xiao’s residence door. From afar he wouldn’t see Xiao Su Su clearly.

“Lei Bao lord.” Xiao old madame personally received Lei Yu Feng, since she was the leader of the household. Xiao Su Su has been low-key and turned returned into the residence.

“Yes yes yes.” Lei Yu Feng smiled and then dismounted, and walked into the residence with Xiao Mi. Upon seeing Xiao Su Su’s attitude, not only did not get angry, he even smiled more. Seeing her act this way, he felt she was Su Qi Qi.

Tomorrow, it seems like there will be a good show. This journey to the south, Mo Wen Chen and himself have secretly deported large number of forces into the kingdom.

“It must have been a difficult journey here, firstly please rest for a while.” Xiao old madame said politely. Even though she didn’t smile, Lei Yu Feng appreciated her gesture.

“Yes, Lei Bao Lord can visit our residence it is really a great honor, We’ve prepared a feast for you.” Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu said,, from their point of view, Lei Yu Feng is their only form of hope.

With Lei Yu Feng, it was like Xiao Su Su have become a Phoenix with its wings. Lei Yu Feng is very satisfaction with the warm reception he is receiving. This kind of treatment made he feel superior. The atmosphere is must more livelier than the cold dead Wang residence.

Xiao old madame seems to have acquiesced to the relationship between Lei Yufeng and Xiao Su Su, she did not inquire further on, instead she decided to let nature take its course.

“Lei Yu Feng.” Mo Wen Xuan gently narrowed eyes.

Leng Niao aside, also lightly sweep the front of the Xiao residence: “This person have been very close the southern Xin Jiang.”

“I…… I know.” Mo Wen Xuan nodded: “because Lei Jia Bao, I was unable to send troops to attack in the south of Xin Jiang.”

“Is Lei Jia Bao really so powerful?” Leng Niao couldn’t understand.

Hearing Leng Niao’s question, Mo Wen Xuan didn’t answer, he also don’t know why Lei Jia Bao is so powerful, but for thousands of years, many emperors have been afraid of Lei Jia Bao. So obviously he had to think twice before offending them. Moreover, Lei Jia Bao have a connection with Mo Wen Chen. Regarding Mo Wen Chen’s origin, he was more clear than anyone else, Mo Wen Chen’s mother was one of the princess of Bai Hua kingdom, who later married into the kingdom of Yan.

That year, how Hua Ru Meng died, he didn’t know, but one thing he was sure of was this woman is important in the Southern imperial family, Mo Wen Chen is regarded as treasures. Even after Hua Ru Meng’s death, they were still able to keep Mo Wen Chen alive. Everyone else one of the powerful forces was Hua Ru Xue.

Because Mo Wen Chen’s powerful backing, Mo Wen Xuan have always regarded him as a thorn.

“Mo Wen Xuan.” Hua Chi with Hua Yi and Hua Guang spotted him within the crowd.

“How could he be here?” Hua Yi severely frowned, while tighten his fist, ready to rush up and fight.

Hua Chi folded his fan and gently halt Hua Yi’s movements: “Don’t act rashly, It is in the south of Xin Jiang here.”

They did not bring their men here, so therefore they must be careful with their actions.

“His grandmother! Let him live for another two days.” Hua Guang understand Hua Chi’s intention, so he can only endure it for now.

Staring at Mo Wen Xuan and Leng Niao from afar, Hua Chi said:“It seems like tomorrow there will be a good show, it’s lively here in southern Xin Jiang.”

“Good show…… “ Hua Yi and Hua Guang didn’t understand Hua Chi’s meaning.

“Yes, there are people who haven’t shown their presence.” Hua Chi said with a knowing smile, the theory he thought of, he knew Lei Yu Feng also thought of.

“There are people……” Hua Yi shocked his head, feeling confused: “Who else? Those who were present at the competition?”

Hua Guang shook his head: “Those people just wanted to peep at Little Xiao Miss’s stunning appearance are not qualified, only our big brother is a god made pair for Little Xiao Miss.” 

“Little boot-licker.” If Xiao Su Su wasn’t Su Qi Qi he wouldn’t be the slight interested. Even if Su Qi Qi have died, he only had her in his heart: “Let’s go find a good inn, have a good rest for one day, and watch the good show tomorrow.”

Xiao residence was filled with people sent from the royal family. They have been busy for more than a month preparing for the ceremony. Many special guests were invited from afar, including Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran.


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    Xiao Su Su (or Qi Qi)’s attitude change is understandable, but her “if I’m wrong, I have no way of going back so I’m gonna keep being wrong” attitude is head scratching to say the least, her determination is admirable but that determination turns to pig-headedness real fast.

    All the (main) male characters just waiting for the right time to reveal how they feel, does show careful planning but it also feels like the author is purposefully delaying the plot. Hua Qian Zi’s plot to remove Xiao Su Su stemmed from jealousy, yes, but if Mo Wen Chen was so smart and Qi Qi’s self preservation so strong, and the author had written that as a basic tenant of their characterizations then two colder than ice cube people should have prepped for something like this on Hua Qian Zi’s wedding as well. Since they easily defeated MWC’s brother (easy-ish) Then there’s Mo Wen Chen and Xiao Su Su’s relationship, but I do wish that there was more interaction and understanding (i.e. Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng). But it seems the writer wants to take at least a couple hundred chapters to develop that.

    Correct me if I am mistaken, but almost no woman in this story seemed to like each other. Even Lei Yu Feng’s sister to Qi Qi was more grudging acceptance than friendship, after she pushed her off a cliff of course. The only exception is QiQi and her mother, but that brief interaction made clear that it was a relationship that was easily exploited by outsiders. Women being friends with women is a weakness, in this story. Even Su Su and Grandmother Xiao’s relationship, which is warm and sweet can be potentially dangerous for the Xiao family.

    Women are written as angry, calculative, cold, or conniving, or just pure evil, which credit where credit is due, most men are too but there are much more happier interactions between the males (MWC and LYF) than females (QQ, HQZ) so far.

    I hope I didn’t sound too rude! Please know that I am a huge fan of your translations, I just thought that this is a good place to have a discussion about the story. Thank you so much! Fighting!


    1. Totally agree with your points, I do think the author drag the storyline a little too long, it would have been better if she shorten the chapters a little… considering there’s almost 900 chapters before the novel ends. Despite the flaws I still love the female heroine.

      Thank you for taking the time to read the summaries and translations, I shall get around to reading your new chapters, just came back from a short getaway with hubby and my son ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That many? I’ve only seen it go up to 600+ online and can’t find the ending, can I ask where you found it?

        Haha I always enjoy your translations, and you have a way of translating that bring the character across from the Chinese version, this is where many translations fail. I’m so glad you had a vacation, my vacation is coming soon too and I’m really excited, I’m trying to rush a couple chapters out before then.

        I like 穆丹枫, her books are long but her she’s got a knack at setting up some fantastic premises with great characters. Although she’s got a couple of flaws, I recommend 步步惊华:盗妃倾天下, it’s the best one. After that I think her style gets a bit repetitive.


      2. I actually haven’t found any free links surpassing 600+ I only used my free reading coins to read the last chapter of the novel. Really needed to know whether it end happily or not haha

        Thank you for your kind compliment ^^ I really needed the vacation, work and my pregnancy sickness was really draining me out.

        I remember coming across that novel before, I shall pick it up over the Christmas holidays when I have time.


      3. Ah, I gotchu. Take care of yourself! Christmas is always the busiest time of the year and while I live in California, therefore have no actual concept of weather (We have 3 days of fall and maybe 10 days of rain before skipping straight to spring), I totally get how exhausting real life, especially one as hectic as yours, can get. Kudos for you handling everything!

        Yes, that was a really good novel. Another one is 侧妃不承欢, although I did skip ahead to the end, I couldn’t stomach some parts of it, but I had the greatest love for the female character (there’s a whole cross-dressing bit in there). And 女皇攻略 is fantastic – I highly recommend it and might start translating it next year.


      4. In Melbourne where I live, there’s a saying we have four season in one day >.< the weather is always ever changing.

        I look forward to seeing the translation if you do decide to pick it up. So many novels so little time.


  12. thanks a lot—!
    of course wen chen’s worsening attitude was an indication of his love for qi qi!well, wouldn’t expect lei yu feng to understand…but….-sighs- my dream of su su getting together with a better man….it won’t come true, and that makes me so sad…


      1. i truly hope he does! i’m still wondering if i’ll ever approve of wen chen…ahaha! will he ever make up for what he did? oh well, i’m glad i’m reading this for the awesome heroine and not for the main pairing!


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