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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 109 – 112 Summaries

So who missed me? Sorry I went MIA for 2 weeks. This pregnancy has been so hard =/ my wisdom tooth is growing so it’s giving immense pain. I have been suffering from headache at night and morning sickness (actually I’ve been throwing up regardless its morning, afternoon or night). Which is why hubby and I decided to have a little getaway from work and all the stress, hence I haven’t updated. With the festive season coming up I’m not sure how much I can update, but I’ll try whenever I can. Without further a do, lets get into the next set of summaries.

Chapter 109 – Determine

Looking at the red invitation, Bai Li Mo and Mo Nan Gong frowned, they had waited for this day, they have investigated things without any progress. The Royal family haven’t made any movements. Even when they did thing so obvious, it didn’t uncover anything. This made Bai Li Mo’s heart feel very uncomfortable.

He clearly knows Xu Wei Ran’s relationship with the Royals, so he didn’t complain, it’s also because of this, they didn’t act according to the original plan, and delayed things.

Nan Gong Mo: “Tomorrow, I will not be going to the banquet with you, I will direct our brothers and enter from the Xiao residence’s backyard, we will take action then.  As long as Hua Qian Yi dare to do anything, we fight a life-and-death struggle with him.”

Bai Li Mo lightly nods, he also know some things is inevitable, but he was not willing to leave like this, so even knowing it’s a trap, he will jump in regardless. However, he also trust Nan Gong Mo’s ability. Even if Hua Qian Yi is strong, he also didn’t think highly of him.

Recently, he was no longer trust in any information he receives from the Bai Hua Royalty, he wanted to investigate who gave him the wrong information in regards to Xiao Su Su being a fool. This person must have an ulterior motive. Several times he found clues, but was interrupted. He was also a bit anxious about Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony tomorrow, he did not want to miss anything.

He Yi Tian seeing Hua Qian Zi leave, he carefully avoided other’s detection and made his way to Xu Wei Ran’s room. Xu Wei Ran was holding a cup, sitting on the chair smiling, dressed in white with a fan in his hands. He appeared very gentle, elegant, yet with a hint of coldness. If you looked deep enough into his eyes, you felt your limbs go cold. Yet he never revealed enough for you to see him clearly and know his thoughts. Even Hua Qian Zi who has been with him for so long, also didn’t know what his gentle as jade appearance hid.

“You’re back.” Xu Wei Ran said without looking up, he drank empty the wine in his cup.

He Yi Tian was daydreaming when he heard Xu Wei Ran’s words, he slowly making his way over: “Yes” 

“How did the arrangements go? I don’t want what happened in Qing Chuan plains to occur again.” Xu Wei Ran spoke inattentively, He Yi Tian also knew how dangerous that day was.

“Definitely not.” He Yi Tian’s expression is firm: “this time, even if Hua Qian Yi takes action again and then play tricks, we only need to watch the commotion.” 

“Don’t forget, Hua Qian Yi isn’t the only one present.” Xu Wei Ran did not relax, a cold smile appeared on his face.

“Your subordinate understands.” He Yi Tian of course understood his master’s meaning, because they also received news of influential person from the kingdom of Yan attending. The best assassin gang of the lands, iHua Chi is also making an appearance…… Many years ago He Yi Tian’s strength in the kingdom of Yan wasn’t any less than Hua Sha gang. Although he never met Hua Chi, but for Hua Chi to build up his strength again in less than half a year, it was a force to be reckoned with. They must be cautious at all times.

After finding out about the news of Mo Wen Xuan, the Emperor of Yan personally attending, they knew Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony was going to be lively and extraordinary.

Xu Wei Ran: “This Xiao Su is not simple. If you miss out, it’s really a pity.”

Xiao Su Su’s one trip to Lei Jia Bao have attracted so many people to attend her ji ceremony. The Bai Hua Royal family have spent two month preparing it for her, it was grandest it can be.

“Little Xiao Miss, tomorrow will you be performing?” Lei Yu Feng still hope to hear her qin skills again.

“Tomorrow is my ji ceremony, I should be seeing other people’s performance instead.” Xiao Su Su replied, although tomorrow is her ji ceremony, but you couldn’t see the slightest excitement on her face.

“That’s also true,” Lei Yu Feng was a little disappointed, he had hope to see more of Su Qi Qi’s characteristics in Xiao Su Su. He didn’t insist further, he had to think of other ways for her to reveal herself.

Xiao En sat on the side staring at Lei Yu Feng in deep thoughts, he wanted to know what he was thinking, but couldn’t guess. Lei Yu Feng treated his Mei Mei very well, but his eyes never express anything surpassing affections of lovers.

Xiao old madame, Xiao Zhu, Xiao Yan had the same idea, they hope they can entrusted Xiao Su Su to Lei Yu Feng. So in this lifetime, Xiao Su Su will be safe and free. No one dare to have any ideas on Lei Jia Bao.

In a very luxurious decorated inn, Mo Wen Xuan sat down on the couch, with his eyes closed he gently rocked his fan. Leng Niao also had his eyes closed while standing besides his master.  The room is very quiet, no one spoke.

“I’ve decided to go to visit the Empress of Bai Hua.” Mo Wen Xuan suddenly said.

“Your majesty.” Leng Niao was stunned for a moment.

Mo Wen Xuan waved his hands and motioned Leng Niao to halt his words: “My mind is made up, don’t try to persuade me.”

Hearing the Emperor’s word, Leng Niao can only swallow his words, he was worried because their trip here is actually quite dangerous. For thousands of years, the kingdom of Yan wanted to swallow the southern Xin Jiang, if anyone harbor evil intentions to capture Mo Wen Xuan as a hostage might succeed.

And one hundred years ago, they suffered heavy looses after they tried to meddle in the southern Xin Jiang,  Lei Jia Bao made the kingdom of Yan sign a peace treaty of hundred years. This treaty is almost done. So obviously everyone is anxious and eager. If the three kingdom join hands to fight Mo Wen Xuan, they might not lose since they have become stronger over the hundred of years.

Leng Niao didn’t understand Mo Wen Xuan’s idea, he couldn’t persuade the Emperor to change his decision. In addition to preparing a big gift for Xiao Su Su under Mo Wen Xuan’s orders, Leng Niao also prepared a gift of to see the Empress, Hua Ru Xue. Just having Mo Wen Chen as a guest, Hua Ru Xue has become ignorant already. Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony certainly attracted many people.

Chapter 110 – Magnificent

After finding out that Mo Wen Xuan was also within the city, Hua Ru Xue’s heart still had some doubts, she can only personally greet him. They can’t offer to offend the kingdom of Yan. If any war begins, Bai Hua will most likely be the first to suffer. Because Bai Hua is the closet to the kingdom of Yan and the most vulnerable to suffer the first hand of attacks.

Seeing Hua Ru Xue personally led her officials to greet Mo Wen Xuan, Leng Niao was slightly startled, they are in enemy water. Even though their main forces will arrive soon, his heart didn’t ease at all. Since their journey here, Leng Niao have tried to maintain low-key, fearing of being discovered. Mo Wen Xuan didn’t understand the amount of effort Leng Niao needed in order to protect him from such enemies such as Mo Wen Chen and Hua Chi.

When Mo Wen Chen heard of his older brother’s arrival, he was slightly confused. Since the last confrontation, the two of them have not met again. His expression didn’t look good because he could guess the reason his brother is here, it is the exact reason he came, for Xiao Su Su……

Mo Wen Xuan have always judged a person by their outward appearance, now that Xiao Su Su obtain the most beautiful woman’s name, how could his brother not used this opportunity to see her for himself?

Secretly clenching his fist, Mo Wen Chen quietly hid in the shadows, looking at Hua Ru Xue smiling and gesturing for Mo Wen Xuan to entered the royal court. If Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi, he won’t any one take her away. Nobody can.

Hua Qian Zi came out to greet Mo Wen Xuan, since she was quite familiar with him, she smiled freely. In fact, she also heard of Mo Wen Chen’s arrival but she didn’t dare to meet him.

“Your royal highness Princess.” Mo Wen Xuan also heard about Hua Qian Zi’s situation, his smile is also very gentle.

“Your Majesty, this way please.” Hua Qian Zi’s identity is different from the past, so she spoke with her head raised and a hint of pride in her eyes.

Xu Wei Ran also used his You Zhen Prince’s identity to have a conversation with Mo Wen Xuan. Appearing gentle as a jade, neither overbearing nor servile.

At first glance, Mo Wen Xuan knew this man may appear harmless, but he knew never to judge an enemy by their outer appearance.

Hua Ru Xue accompanied Mo Wen Xuan’s side until the day darken. To welcome him, she have ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare a sumptuous banquet, hundreds of official were invited. During the dinner, Mo Wen Chen also didn’t make an appearance, he didn’t want to see Mo Wen Xuan so he had dinner alone.

After the banquet was over, Hua Ru Xue didn’t personally send Mo Wen Xuan to his residence. Since everything is settled, she breathe out a long breath of relief, her face had a face but her fist was clenched.

Hua Qian Zi held onto her mother and said with her eyes emitting a dangerous vibe: “Royal mother, endure it. One day we will make them kneel at our feet.”

Seeing Hua Qian Zi like this, she knew her daughter’s personality was exactly like her when she was younger. Her heart was in a turmoil, towards this daughter she can only feel apologetic. Since Hua Qian Zi was young, in order to avoid other Princess’s assassinations, she sent Hua Qian Zi to Mo Wen Chen for her own protection. Now she’s using her daughter as a shield, touching her forehead she felt a headache coming on: “I am a little tired, help me back to the Palace to rest.”

“Okay.” Hua Qian Zi said gently. She doesn’t understand why she’s being used, but there’s no doubt her mother is on her brother’s side for gaining power, so she can only take one step at a time. Mo Wen Xuan might be her chance to gain some political backing of her own.

While helping her mother back to the room, Hua Qian Zi knew there’s no way she can get Mo Wen Chen back, so she can only put all her energy towards obtaining the throne.

Lei Yu Feng was sitting in the main hall smiling and laughing with the members of the Xiao family, everyone was respectful towards him, only Xiao Su Su didn’t think anything of him and left quite early.

She know that tomorrow there will not be no peace for her. So she wanted to used the time she has left to have some peace and quiet.

While Lei Yu Feng were toasting the Xiao member’s, he heard a very high pitch whistle sound, so high pitch yet light that within such a noisy environment, if one didn’t listen carefully, was not able to detect. But he heard it crystal clear. His expression darken, while busily raising his cup of dry time and facing to his host made a very good excuse: “Ladies and gentlemen, I have go to the bathroom.”

High on top of the wall, Leng Yan stood in the dark.

“What happened?” Lei Yu Feng has a righteous expression, emitting a stunning charm.

Leng Yan carefully observed their surroundings before whispering into Lei Yu Feng’s ear the matters regarding Mo Wen Xuan also being here.

“He also came.” Lei Yu Feng’s entire body was stiff, he didn’t what to think, but he nodded: “Yes, that’s day Leng Niao went to Lei Jia Bao, he made things difficult for Xiao Su Su.”

“Wang Ye told you to be careful.” Leng Yan left this sentence and turned to walk away.

“Hey……” Lei Yu Feng wanted to say something but Leng Yan’s shadow was no where in sight. Shaking his head, he returned to the Xiao’s residence courtyard. He’s hoping tomorrow everything will go smoothly for Mo Wen Chen, but with Mo Wen Xuan’s presence. He wasn’t sure.

Since women have more have position on Bai Hua kingdom, when a girl reaches the age of fifteen, they will go through their coming to age ceremony. Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony is considered very important event. Her ceremony wasn’t held in the Xiao residence, instead it was to be held in the specified Chang Chun Building by the Royals. In Chang Chun building backyard, there’s a big stage, able to accommodate hundreds of guests.

Normally a female ji’s ceremony will have the presence of their parents, but for Xiao Su Su’s ceremony the Empress will personally witness the ceremony instead. Hua Qian Yi and Hua Qian Zi was also presence. Today, Xiao Su Su wore a very simple light red tunic color dress. Since the etiquette was complicated she must dress very simply.

One by one the guests arrived. Standing in front of the stage, Xiao Su Su’s expression gradually changed as she saw the guest arrive. She never thought that Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan will come to the southern Xin Jiang to attend her ji ceremony. Her originally calm heart started to beat wildly, she glanced at Lei Yu Feng on the side. She knew for sure it was him to persuade Mo Wen Chen to come here.

The corners of Lei Yu Feng’s mouth tugged into a slight smile. He didn’t know how to face Xiao Su Su.

Chapter 111 – Fail to appreciate one’s kindness

There were many guest present including, the Empress, Hua Qian Zi, Hua Qian Yi, Hua Chi, Hua Guang, Lei Yu Feng, Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan. Hua Qian Zi stood in front of Xiao Su Su, this caused her mood to turn sour. With Hua Qian Zi besides her it caused her to be more on guard.

Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran also came right on time. Although knowing that tigers reside in the mountain, they still insists on walking up there.[1] The two men wanted to see how openly Hua Qian Yi can attack and what trick he has up his sleeves.

[1] 明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 míng zhī shān yǒu hǔ, piān xiàng hǔ shān xíng: The more difficult and dangerous the place is, the more one wants to go there. It indicates a spirit of fearing nothing. Or it can mean that one knows well the dangers but insists on taking the risk anyway.

Xu Wei Ran wore a pale yellow robe, he appeared elegant with a bit of extravagance, emitting an Emperor aura. While Bai Li Mo wore an embroidered robe, he appeared more aggressive, somewhat arrogant.

The two of them took their seat one after the other, upon noticing Mo Wen Chen present they were shocked, they didn’t think such a big name in the kingdom of Yan would attend Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony.

Hua Ru Xue watched as the guests arrived, within her heart she understand how much of a threat those presence today is. Very early on she already warned Hua Qian Yi to carefully execute his plans, or else everything would be in vain.

After the worshipping ceremony was done, the ceremony is considered complete. Xiao Su Su wear a red dress, her hair was left shoulder length. she stood in front of the guests and quietly stepped off the white jade steps.

“Congratulations Xiao little Miss.” Hua Qian Zi who was besides her said, after saying so she took out a gift box and directly handed to Xiao Su Su’s hands.

Such sudden movements, Xiao Su Su couldn’t ignore it with many guests presence. She had no other choice but to plaster on a smile and accept the gift: “Thank you your Princess highness.”

She knew Hua Qian Zi did this intentionally, she initiated this and many guests will simply follow what she did. Gently creasing her eyebrows, she knew she wasn’t able to get rid of the fate of being used, only option she has left is to deal with the current situation head on. Once Hua Qian Zi step down, Hua Qian Yi came up, smiled and presented her a pair of jade bracelet.

The officials immediately wanted to get on the Xiao family’s good side and rushed up to present their gifts, the scene is very lively.

Xiao Su Su was overwhelmed. At the critical moment, Xiao En came forward and helped his Mei Mei deal with the amount of people flooding her, he originally thought that as long as Su Su completed the ceremony she can avoid the disaster.

Hua Qian Zi didn’t intend to give up her plan. She will definitely have her way with using the Xiao family for her political benefit.

The Xiao family originally thought with the presence of Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan, Hua Ru Xue would be restrained, but they didn’t expect her to worsen.

Xiao old madame expression didn’t look too good, but she didn’t express any more than she has already shown on the surface. Hua Ru Xue, who sat besides her remain prestige and calm. In many citizen’s eyes, it was an honor to have the Empress personally witness Xiao family’s young miss ji ceremony. However, the Xiao family didn’t need this.

Xiao Su Su continued to accept gifts, her eyebrows creased tightly together. She actually wanted to attack, but is unable to attack, also can’t attack. Receiving gifts while thanking her guest, she had to keep a positive front, lifting her glaze to glance at Lei Yu Feng help. Unfortunately, the man only shrugged his shoulders and indicated he also had no way of helping her out of this mess.

Many guests gifted lavish, expensive gifts. Mo Wen Xuan sent Leng Niao to present his gift to Xiao Su Su. Everyone present held their breath. Even Xu Wei Ran who’s known for his poker face had a stiff expression on his face. The fan in his hands tighten,wondering what precious gift did the Emperor of Yan bestow to Xiao Su Su.

“Your majesty please take back your kindness, such a valuable thing, this commoner can not accept.” Xiao Su Su who have accepted everyone’s gift, have actually had the guts to reject the Emperor of Yan’s gift. Everyone heard her words clearly.

Xiao Su Su didn’t want to accept a gift from someone who killed her mother. If it wasn’t for him, her mother wouldn’t have perished in the flames and died a tragic death.

Mo Wen Xuan who was wanted to see Xiao Su Su’s stunning smile, upon hearing her words his expression immediately darken a few shades, his eyes emitted a whiff of danger.

Mo Wen Xuan: “This is my gift to you, why wouldn’t you be qualify to receive it?” 

“This commoner can not accept this, please take it back your majesty.” Xiao Su Su said firmly and stood there, looking straight at Mo Wen Xuan with her red dress fluttering in the wind, a face of seriousness. There was no way she would accept such a gift from such a person. She doesn’t care about his identity nor is she afraid of him.

“You’re really ungrateful.” Leng Niao said annoyed, turned around and strode off.

Hua Ru Xue sat quietly, watching the scene unfold. Hua Qian Yi tightly creased his eyebrows, he has been very dissatisfied the moment Mo Wen Xuan arrived. Seeing Xiao Su Su refused Mo Wen Xuan’s gift, his heart felt a sense of happiness and a smiled formed on his face.

“This commoner knows she is ungrateful, your majesty do not need to compliment this commoner.” Towards Leng Niao’s irritation, Xiao Su Su didn’t think anything of it, she said her sentence without any fear shown.

Xiao En who was on the side clenched his fingers, and faintly smiled. He knew his Mei Mei wasn’t afraid of other’s threat, even when she’s on the loosing end, she would find the opportunity to recover her loses. Just like how she handle Hua Qian Zi.

“You……” Upon hearing this, Leng Niao entire body emitted a murderous rage. He was ready to pull out his sword and attack.

“Leng Niao.” Mo Wen Xuan’s expression was also livid, but seeing Hua Ru Xue generally indifferent expression sitting there, he knew she wasn’t afraid of them. The reason could be the presence of Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng.

Hearing Mo Wen Xuan word’s Leng Niao took a step back and faced his master: “Your majesty, this woman……”

Mo Wen Xuan waved his hands and motioned for Leng Niao to halt his words, slowly rising he swept a glance at the audience and then at Xiao Su Su and said very politely: “Xiao Little Miss is too courteous, since you’re afraid of accepting such a rare gift, I will present you a invaluable gift instead, today is your ji ceremony, I will not come empty handed.”

Xiao Su Su be amenable to friendly persuasion but not to compulsion, seeing Mo Wen Xuan come to this she can only nod. She didn’t want to make things bigger than it already is.

Chapter 112 – Have a owner

Seeing Xiao Su Su nodding, Mo Wen Xuan took out a shinning gold plate from his chest, it glared under the sunlight.

“Your majesty.” Leng Niao expression changed and stared at Mo Wen Xuan shocked.

“Go.” Mo Wen Xuan said using his Emperor’s authority.

Seeing Mo Wen Xuan’s firm expression, he can only angrily make his way to Xiao Su Su and reluctantly hand over the plate and his voice was filled with anger and dissatisfaction: “Congratulations Xiao Little Miss.”

The plate wasn’t that big, it only covered half of her hands, on the surface there was a flying dragon carved on it with a single “Ling”[2] word.

[2] 令 líng: It could be a surname but in this context I believe meaning of the word use should be order or command.

“Thank you the Emperor of Yan.” Xiao Su Su’s said lightly, there wasn’t a hint of gratitude in her voice. She didn’t look at Leng Niao, she didn’t like Leng Niao’s impulsive nature. Clearly this person also didn’t like her.

Passing the gold plate to Xiao En, Xiao Su Su no longer paid any attention to it, she couldn’t care less about such a thing. Her actions made Leng Niao grit his teeth together, he has never met a female so arrogant in his entire life.

Towards Xiao Su Su’s reaction, Mo Wen Chen can only helplessly smile. Regardless of whether Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi or not, he really admire her actions and boldness.

Lei Yu Feng didn’t try to curry any favors with the Xiao family so he didn’t prepare any gifts, he felt that it didn’t make any difference whether he did so or not. Most gift were given by men, because of Xiao Su Su’s beauty.

After Mo Wen Xuan give the gold plate, Hua Qian Yi already made the decision to go ahead with his plans. In front of the crowd, he took off the carved phoenix jade pendant off his neck and personally delivered to Xiao Su Su, he gave her a very gentle, determined and firmed smile. Hua Ru Xue’s expression suddenly changed, her hands firmly pressed against the table, she wanted to move but couldn’t.

While Xiao old madame couldn’t help but suddenly get up from where she was sitting, as she was about to interfere she was halt by Hua Ru Xue: “This is Xiao Little Miss’s blessing.” 

With a face of doubt, Xiao old madame quickly restore her cool fascade. She still remember the promise the Empress made at the Qiong Hua Feast. So as long as her granddaughter isn’t willing to accept the proposal, the Empress isn’t allowed to interfere with her marriage choice. The Xiao family has already became the thorn in the Royalty’s flesh, so it didn’t matter if her granddaughter ends up offending the Prince of Bai Hua or not.

The warning in Hua Ru Xue’s eyes is obvious, but Xiao old madame only smiled and slowly drank the cup of wine in front of her. She must act cautiously as she knows her Empress is unpredictable.

While Hua Qian Yi affectionately stared at Xiao Su Su. Xiao En, who stood besides her broke into cold sweats. Xiao Su Su has already rejected Mo Wen Xuan’s rare gift, making her appear ungrateful in front of many. He is afraid if she rejects Hua Qian Yi as well, she will be condemned as a sinner through the ages. He knew that his Mei Mei would definitely reject this, this will only cause chaos with the Xiao family.

“Your Royal Highness Prince’s kind intention’s I appreciate it, but my carved dragon jade pendant already have a owner.” Xiao Su Su wanted to leave some face for the Royals, but Hua Qian Yi took out something she couldn’t possibility accept. If she accepts Hua Qian Yi’s carved phoenix jade pendant, then she will have to marry him.

After Xiao Su Su finished her sentence the scene was in an uproar. Everyone was trying to guess who was the owner of Xiao Su Su’s carved dragon jade pendant.

Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo didn’t move, but they also wanted to know who this man was.

Hua Qian Yi’s face turn green, trying to hid his anger, his hands was still holding his carved phoenix jade pendant. If it wasn’t for the occasion, Hua Qian Yi would have continued to question further on. After all, he is the Prince of Bai Hua, to be rejected in front of guests from three kingdom’s he felt embarrassment, but didn’t show the slightest emotion on his face.

Clenching the carved phoenix jade pendant, he grit his teeth: “In that case, I have been crude and rash.” 

Then doing the same thing Mo Wen Xuan did, he took out a gift box and handed to Xiao En. He didn’t even bother giving it to Xiao Su Su directly.

He no longer have any intention of using the Xiao family, this time he will get rid of them for good. Because Xiao Su Su have embarrassed him publicly.

“Many thanks your highness.” Xiao Su Su remained smiling. She understands that Hua Qian Yi is the type of person to easily hold a grudge, this time she has thoroughly offended him.

With Lei Yu Feng presence, she can fight openly, while her enemy can only fight in the dark.

Flickering his embroidered robe, Hua Qian Yi turned around and left. He tried to keep his poise, but it was hard with the amount of angry boiled instead of him.

The corners of Hua Ru Xue mouth pulled into a smile and said the following sentence to Xiao Mi, somewhat dissatisfied and threatening: “This young girl is stronger than you when you were young, it could be she’s still too young.” 

Xiao old madame didn’t answer, she knew that the Xiao family is in a dilemma, there was no point in flattering the Royal. Why not act according to her own heart’s wishes instead? She really admired her granddaughter, having such a backbone like her short-lived daughter, who would rather die than surrender. But, she doesn’t want Su Su to live a life like her mother, facing death at the mere age of twenties.

“Good courage.” Hua Chi smiled, walking up to Xiao Su Su to present his gift, he knew the gift wasn’t rare or the finest. In fact, he was actually very ordinary but he knew this item was priceless in Xiao Su Su’s eyes. In his heart, he knew this woman was the women he wanted all along, Su Qi Qi. That cool, calm, courageous spirit, only Su Qi Qi can have.

Hua Yi and Hua Guang also stared at Xiao Su Su while giving their boss a thumbs up.

The person that made Xiao Su Su wonder the most was Hua Chi, it was unknown to her why he came. She never had any sort of relation with him as Xiao Su Su. Unless he has discovered her true identity. Thinking of this, her heart started to beat wildly and she felt slightly nervous.


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    I have followed your translation for a while and I want to say thank you for translate this story. I love to read Chinese novel, but I can’t read Chinese.

    Well, I’m very grateful to found your blog. 😀


  14. thank you very much for your translations. I read all of it in one sitting and now that I am finished I wonder what will I do until you finish the entire saga and how many years will that take. You are amazing and this book is very good! Please keep up the good work. And congratulation for your baby! Happy new year!


    1. The novel is quite long, but I’m hoping we won’t take too long to finish it. I was thinking I’ll be able to finish it within 1 year and half, but taking my pregnancy into account I’m not sure how long it’ll take. I do hope my readers stick around to finish it with me ^^


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