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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 113 – 114 Summaries

Merry be-lated Christmas and a happy new year! I hope everyone is surrounded by loved ones for the new year count down! I really wanted to give everyone 4 chapters in this release before 2014 ends, however I’ve been really busy with Christmas and enjoying the holidays with my family. So I’m only able to give you 2 chapters. Here’s your little gift before the year ends. xx

Chapter 113 – You also know

Hua Chi’s face was full of smiles as he slowly walked to the front of Xiao Su Su, presenting her the inconspicuous gift box: “Xiao Little Miss, please take it.”

Looking at Hua Chi’s gentle face, Xiao Su Su bit her lips, she was somewhat at loss what to do, but out of courtesy, she accepted the gift box from his hands: “Thank you Hua Bang Zhu[1].”

[1] 帮主 bānɡ zhǔ: Gang leader.

They only seen each other at Lei Hia Bao, with Hua Chi’s sudden appearance, Xiao Su Su was startled. After Xiao Su Su received the gift box, Hua Chi didn’t immediately leave, instead he stood in front of her, smiling lightly: “Xiao Little Miss, why don’t you open and have a look what the gift is? You might find it interesting.”

Xiao Su Su’s face flashed a confused expression, she never have the habit of opening gifts after receiving it. But seeing Hua Chi’s mysterious expression, she felt somewhat strange.

Everyone craned their neck curiously to see what the gift was. Even Hua Ru Xue, Hua Qian Zi, Hua Qian Yi and Mo Wen Xuan…… Of course, everyone presence was curious, except for Mo Wen Chen. He acted as if it had nothing to do with him. Dressed in black, he exudes a domineering aura, highlighting his handsome facial features that had a layer of frost.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Xiao Su Su felt really nervous. Not because of those around, but because of the person in front of her. Gently brushing her fingers around the box, she even felt her fingers shaking before opening the box. There wasn’t any light flashing across, no one was able to tell what it was.

A pendant lay in the box, the style wasn’t new nor stylish to the disappointment of everyone. However, Xiao Su Su stood there frozen staring at the pendant. She never thought she would see this gold jade pendant again, but here it is laying there before her. And the person who returned it to her was Hua Chi. It was a long time before Xiao En tried to get Xiao Su Su out of her daze state: “Mei Mei, what’s wrong?” 

He didn’t know what was so special about this gold jade pendant, but it was obvious that his Mei Mei’s emotions were shaken upon seeing this. She wasn’t able to hide her pain and sadness.

Suddenly regaining her conscious, Xiao Su Su picked up the gold jade pendant and questioned Hua Chi: “You… where did you find this?”

This gold pendant is the only thing left for her by her mother. Since childhood her mother have always reminded her to never lose this, even if she lose her life she cannot lose this gold jade pendant. So it has always been worn on her chest, never leaving her body, even during her last moments of death, it was still on her body.

Hua Chi stared at Xiao Su Su, he knew from her reaction that his theory is correct, Xiao Su Su is indeed his beloved Su Qi Qi. She isn’t dead, instead her soul have obtain another person’s body. Although he buried her corpse in the bamboo mountain, but he always felt Su Qi Qi is still alive in this world.

“Xiao Little Miss, please accept take.” Hua Chi said indifferently with a gentle smile, his eyes were crystal clear: “this is my most beloved woman belonging.”

If this was said from another person’s mouth, others will feel it was strange, but for some reason, coming out of Hua Chi’s mouth it seem appropriate. There wasn’t any uncomfortable feelings.

While Xiao Su Su held onto the gold jade pendant tightly, she unbelievably stared at Hua Chi. Xiao En frowned lightly hearing Hua Chi’s answer. His most beloved woman’s belonging? But he end up gifting it to his Mei Mei? Many guest didn’t understand the underlying meaning of Hua Chi’s intentions. Is he trying to court her?

Mo Wen Chen who had his eyes slightly narrowed, fiercely open them, upon hearing Hua Chi’s words, he seems to understand everything.  That day when Xiao Su Su turn the events around with one of her golden needles, he knew how much Hua Chi secretly admire his Wang Fei, but he didn’t expect Hua Chi to love Su Qi Qi.

“So you already know.” Xiao Su Su didn’t want to play dumb any more, she didn’t want Mo Wen Chen to figure out her identity, she still needed to return for her revenge.

Hua Chi nodded and smiled more brilliantly, that frail appearance he put on made it difficult for one to forget, this frail temperament just made him more more outstanding and striking.

Just under the watchful eyes of those around, Xiao Su Su couldn’t say too much to Hua Chi so she only said he blessings again: “Thank You Hua Bang Zhu.”

Feeling satisfied with the answer he obtain today, he returned to his seat, Hua Yi and Hua Guang were puzzled at their boss’s sudden good mood. He have just given away Su Qi Qi last remaining belonging. The two glanced at each other and came to an agreement that their boss have gone crazy.

Lei Yu Feng’s heart sank, he also knew what Xiao Su Su just said meant, Hua Chi have the same theory as him and suspected Xiao Su Su true identity. Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi, the one who was killed by the sword.

Seeing Lei Yu Feng worried expression, Mo Wen Chen only gave him a wink. As for himself he seemed to be absorbed in some old memories. He felt remorse, but Xiao Su Su obviously didn’t take notice and see any of this.

Then Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo also came forward with great gifts, although it wasn’t priceless, it was certainly rare. Towards these two, Xiao Su Su merely said her thanks. At this time, her heart is in a state of confusion, she didn’t have the mood to keep a polite front, her expression could no longer remain indifferent after receiving Hua Chi’s gift.

Seeing Hua Chi leave, Xu Wei Ran saw Xiao Su Su’s mood turn heavy. Gently frowning his eyebrows, if it wasn’t the Crown Prince of You Zhen, he would treat this woman with true affections.

While Bai Li Mo only felt discontent, he only thought that Xiao Su Su and Hua Chi’s is very shallow, how can such bandit leader compare to him? The Prince of Ao Yun. This made him inexplicably angry. Seeing Xiao Su Su’s indifferent expression after receiving his gift, his heart felt dissatisfied. Upon returning to his seat, he gulp down all the wine.

The ceremony continued and Xiao Su Su accepted gifts until her arms felt weak and sore.

Mo Wen Chen didn’t move, he held onto the cloth in his head and quietly stared at Xiao Su Su, while muttering her name: “Qi Qi…” 

His heart kept on repeating her name, he wanted to say he’s sorry. But he didn’t know how to express it, most of all he didn’t know how to face her. Never in his life has he been so indecisive.

Lei Yu Feng have been trying to wink at Mo Wen Chen, hinting for him to step on the stage, Mo Wen Chen seems oblivious to his hints.

Seeing time is almost up, Hua Ru Xue turn to her side and said: “Ninth Prince……”

“Your Royal Highness Prince!” Before Hua Ru Xue could finished what she wanted to say, a scream came from the direction where Bai Li Mo was positioned…

 Chapter 114 – Poisoned

“What’s the matter?” Xiao old madame and Hua Ru Xue both asking the guards that were besides them.

The guards approached and reported: “Ao Yun’s Ninth Prince have been poisoned, in the prospect of imminent death.”

After hearing the sentence, the scene was in a chaotic confusion, everyone left their seats and a woman started screaming, because someone besides her have also been poisoned.

Xiao old madame was stunned, she knew the moment have come, she just didn’t expect it to happen during her granddaughter’s ji ceremony. She also knew it was orchestrated by the Royals. And for an incident to occur in an event the Xiao family hosted, there was no way they can get away from associate with it.

For a moment Xiao Su Su felt a headache coming on, but she needed to keep a clear mind in order to protect her family and get them out of this mess.

Lei Yu Feng stepped forward, he saw Bai Li Mo’s pale face, purple lips, already unconscious, his domineering had already disappeared without a trace.

Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan didn’t ask, together with Hua Chi they were very calm and unshakable, anyone that had some brains will know this is not an accident. How insidious Hua Ru Xue was they all knew.

Clenching the fan in his hands, Xu Wei Ran also didn’t move, he quietly watching the chaos unfold.

“No one is allowed to leave.” Hua Ru Xue stood and raised her voice and trying to calm down the chaotic scene.

Hua Qian Yi ordered his bodyguard to fetch the Royal physician, and ordered the others to surround the venue, not even a fly could escape.

Observing those present, Xiao Su Su touched her sleeves, inside she has prepared some golden needles, she knew an incident may occur today, she just didn’t know what could it be.

It doesn’t matter what Hua Ru Xue have in mind, she will not allow her bring misfortune to her family. There’s no doubt Lei Yu Feng is able to protect the Xiao household since his strength is powerful. But sometimes being powerful alone isn’t enough.

Quickly making her way through the crowd, Xiao Su Su stood before Bai Li Mo, there were a few people kneeling down supporting him, his eyes were closed and appeared to be in some pain.

“Eldest brother, it seems like we came at the wrong time.” Hua Yi vigilantly stared at the bodyguard’s unkind expressions.

“It’s only a trap, it has nothing to do with us.” Hua Chi smiled indifferently: “even if they really wanted to make things hard on us, what can they do?”

He isn’t these belittle Southern man, he is a bandit chief, so he wasn’t stressed about himself too much. But he was just worried about the Xiao family. All the nobles cautiously stood in one place, guarded by guards, no one dared to move. The Xiao family was also guarded so they can only watch on anxiously.

No one stopped Xiao Su Su, because they thought she is only a feeble little girl, not a threat to anyone at all.

“Your majesty, please handle this matter appropriately.” Xiao old madame’s face was already livid, not knowing whether they can scape this disaster it made her break out in nervous cold sweats.

“Be rest assured.” Hua Ru Xue said this sentence, but she didn’t move, her smiled exposed her inner thoughts. This time, she must have the upper hand and gain back what she lost.

Seeing Hua Ru Xue’s expression, even though Xiao old madame’s heart eased a little, but her hands clenched into a fist.

After settling some matters, Hua Qian Yi made his way over to Hua Qian Zi and Xu Wei Ran: “An accident has occurred so you have to be careful.”

Originally she thought she could team up with Xu Wei Ran, but now she realised it was only her own wishful thinking. Xu Wei Ran is the object of her mother and Royal brother’s scheme. If their plan is successful, she is afraid the three countries will be irreconcilable.

Seeing Hua Qian Zi with a face of worries, Xu Wei Ran nodded sincerely. If it was possible he is willing to cooperate with Hua Qian Zi, this woman had some courage, it’s just that she didn’t have any strength.

“Can you please move aside.” Xiao Su Su took a deep breath, and took out the box of golden needles: “any later and it’ll be too late.” 

She can see that Bai Li Mo is poisoned quite deep, the person who put in a heavy dosage of drugs. Even his wrist has turned black. If the poison continued to spread, less than half a pillar joss stick, Bai Li Mo would have been dead. At that time, even if the imperial doctor arrived, no cure could save him.

“Xiao Little Miss, this is……” The servants that are watching, didn’t understand Xiao Su Su’s actions, because only saw her open her box of golden needles besides Bai Li Mo.

The method of needle application in Southern Xin Jiang is extremely rare, at this moment, Xiao Su Su’s action made many confused.

Mo Wen Chen, who sat high on the platform watched the bustling scene below him, his heart started to beat faster. The only people who knew how to perform this technique were Fen Wen, his disciples and Su Qi Qi. Xiao Su Su who have excellent qin skills, coupled with her golden needles technique, only these two points alone, Mo Wen Chen already concluded, Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi, there’s no doubt.

“Saving a person.” Xiao Su Su simply answered these two words, before feeling for Bai Li Mo’s pulse and frowning while inserting the golden needles.

It’s been a year since she lasted touched any needles, the last time was at Lei Jia Bao during the qin competition.

Regarding Xiao Su Su’s every act and movement, Xiao En never questioned her, even though he felt it was strange, he decided to silently support her. So even at this moment he didn’t feel her actions strange, because he remembered Fen Wen asking his Mei Mei whether she knew any acupuncture techniques. But his heart still fluctuated seeing her feeling for Bai Li Mo’s pulse. What kind of person is his Mei Mei?

“Your granddaughter also know medicine?” Hua Ru Xue expression became somewhat stiff, but also look to the crowd and have ordered Hua Qian Yi to find the murderer.

At this very moment Xiao Su Su stood up and said she would save Bai Li Mo, if she does save him, the development of their scheme will be destroyed.

Upon hearing the Empress’s question, Xiao old madame firmly frowned and shook her head, she never known that her granddaughter understand medicine, besides no one in the Xiao household understand medicine.

Seeing Xiao Mi shake her head, Hua Ru Xue became more confused on Xiao Su Su’s actions and intentions. So she went an maid to observe.

Xiao Su Su inserted the golden needle into Bai Li Mo’s acupoint, it was accurate and fast. Her forehead slightly formed sweat beads, she knew what her actions relieved to others, since Hua Chi already found out about her true identity, there’s no point in concealing it.

As a doctor, she can’t watch a person dying without lending a helping hand. She knew the entire time Lei Yu Feng and Mo Wen Chen would be staring at her every actions.

As time went on Xiao Su Su have inserted a dozen of needle into Bai Li Mo’s body and head, as soon as she pulled them out and placed them into the water besides her, the water turned black. She kept on inserting more golden needles until the water was faint and Bai Li Mo was no longer in danger, thats when she let out a breath of relief.


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