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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 115 – 117 Summaries

Chapter 115 – To ask for help

“Thank you Xiao Little Miss for saving my life.” Bai Li Mo, who have woken after having the poison cleared from his body.  The reason why he woken up so quickly should be due to the fact he has martial arts and is young with excellent health. Otherwise, they would have to wait a day until he regains conscious.

Hearing his thanks, Xiao Su Su just nodded and made her way to the other person that was also poisoned.

Bai Li Mo wiped the blood from his mouth and stared at Xiao Su Su for the longest time, his glaze is filled with sincerity and infatuation for this woman who have just saved his life. His heart is filled with appreciation and regret. Regret that he ended their engagement and lost a valuable treasure.

Seeing Xiao Su Su revive all those who were poisoned, the Empress’s face became more and more ugly, her hands clasped tightly on the wooden table exposing the veins in her hands. Xiao old madame saw all this clearly, once again her granddaughter have destroyed Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Yi’s plan.

Although they were citizens of Bai Hua kingdom, the royal family have constantly created all sorts of obstacles and calculation, which caused Xiao old madame to lose her faith, and more determined to protect her family, she’s no longer stubborn about her beliefs.

She had no intention in interfering with her granddaughter trying to save people. So this time, she did not stand on the Empress’s side. If their plan is successful, Ao Yun kingdom and You Zhen kingdom will definitely team up and go into war with Bai Hua kingdom.

This scheme is painstaking plan out by Hua Qian Yi to poison Bai Li Mo and use this opportunity to frame Xu Wei Ran.

At this time, Xu Wei Ran’s bodyguard whispered into his ears: “Your Royal Prince Highness, just heard from the You Zhen palace that the poinsettia[1] has been stolen… the Emperor also suspect that Hua Ru Xue is behind this.”

[1] 一品红 yī pǐn hóng: Is the poison usually used in ancient China bestow someone to death.

“How can it be?” Xu Wei Ran’s expression changed drastically: “There must be spies within the palace.”

The guards gently nodded: “The Emperor also said the same thing, but now I am afraid that something big will happen, so Prince should quickly return to the palace.”

The poinsettia have been stolen…

These words constantly echoed in his mind, he suddenly stood up and made his way towards the crowd. His calmness has slightly disappeared and froze after seeing those who have been poisoned and suffered the exact same symptoms of being poisoned by the poinsettia.

He knew that this time, he has been defeated. He originally thought using Hua Qian Zi as a cover, even though he avoided Bai Li Mo’s scheme, he fell into Bai Hua Royalty’s scheme instead.

Now that Xiao Su Su have cured all that been poisoned, the Xiao family is out of trouble. There’s no chance for punishment nor any bigger issues to occur. However, You Zhen kingdom didn’t. The worst case scenario would be Bai Hua kingdom pushing the blame towards his kingdom. Luckily for him, Xiao Su Su have saved him and Hua Qian Yi’s efforts have been in vain.

Seeing the guards within the main hall and outside guarding the place, Xu Wei Ran knows he was unable to send someone to inform He Yi Tian for a helping hand. This time he has completely failed to protect himself.

“Pa” the sound of his fan falling to the ground, his entire body froze. Can he still retreat to the palace?

By the time the Imperial physicians would have arrive, Xiao Su Su would have already saved all those who have been poisoned, lifting her eyes to meet Xu Wei Ran, her eyebrows lightly creased. She had no clue what this poison is, but she knew for a fact that if she didn’t save those who were poisoned then Hua Qian Yi’s plan would have succeed this time.

Mo Wen Xuan and Leng Niao coldly observed the scene, he was eagerly waiting for a war between the Southern Xin Jiang, this will only benefit his kingdom.

While Mo Wen Chen stared at Xiao Su Su’s inserting the needles without blinking. Her techniques are too familiar, something he could never forget. He had a faint smile on his face, he told himself this time no matter what, he can not let Su Qi Qi go, regardless of where she really is, he will reunite with her and bring her back.

Xu Wei Ran’s sudden changes didn’t go undetected by Hua Qian Zi, before she was willing to place all her bet on him and join hands with him. However seeing his reaction to such an event, she knew how unreliable he was. Seeing Xiao Su Su save people with her needles, she suddenly came forward and whispered into Xiao Su Su’s ear: “I beg of you to help me with one thing.” 

At this moment, she had to lower her identity if she wanted the help. This is rare opportunity she couldn’t miss, she would never get a chance again. Seeing Mo Wen Chen sit there, she wanted power and influence, as long as she had these two things, she still have hope she can get this man again.

They have grew up together since young, she knew Mo Wen Chen’s character very well, with what she has now, there was no way she could change his mind. She can only hope using the power of Southern Xin Jiang, that her cousin will yield under the force…… Even if she can’t get him in the end, at least she had the power under her feet.

At this moment she wasn’t in the mood to think into Xiao Su Su’s identity, even though she did have the slightest doubt, but its only a bold guess, she didn’t have any evidence to back her theory.

Xiao Su Su stared at Hua Qian Zi surprised, then smiled as she finally had a clear idea what she was up to.

Seeing Xiao Su Su not speak, Hua Qian Zi felt somewhat anxious being so bold under the watchful eyes of her mother. So she could only say: “The condition is entirely up to you.” 

“Okay then.”  Xiao Su Su said while staring the golden needles in her hands: “Speak”

Despite Hua Qian Zi’s ruthless methods and calculative, Xiao Su Su knew she was a person who committed to what she promised, which is why she agreed to help her. Just lifting a finger, she already knew what Hua Qian Zi wanted to request of her. However, she didn’t want to be the first to open her mouth.

“Can you…… eliminate all traces of the toxin within those who have been poisoned?” Hua Qian Zi asked with a face of sincerity, success or failure all depends on this.

“It’s not so easy.” Xiao Su Su said in a very low voice while still inserting the golden needles.

“I know you can.” Hua Qian Zi understands regarding this matter, for an ordinary person it is indeed very difficult, but she just saw Xiao Su Su rescue them very calmly with her golden needles. Xiao Su Su seem very familiar with the techniques so she felt like there is still hope and she’s willing to take this gamble.

“Please state your conditions.” Hua Qian Zi said softly, she stared into the horizon, knowing time is slipping through their fingers.

“Very well, I wouldn’t make things hard on your highness, three condition is enough, however, as to what kind the conditions are, I don’t know yet, when I have thought of them I will naturally inform you.” Xiao Su Su said indifferently.

Clenching her teeth and shaking her fist, she didn’t think Xiao Su Su’s appetite would be so big: “Very well, it’s a deal.”

Taking out her Princess identity symbols: “This is for you, if I go back on my words, you can take this and make royal mother kick me out of the Imperial Palace.” She knew that Xiao Su Su is a smart person, would not just believe her with just words.

Reaching out Xiao Su Su took the symbol and conveniently placed it into her sleeves without saying anything. Her actions were quick, she knew helping Hua Qian Zi also helps Xu Wei Ran as well. Regarding this person, she didn’t want to get too involved, so it was better to limit their interactions.

“The Imperial physicians still haven’t arrived, such a bunch of useless things.” Hua Qian Zi pretended to mumble on stage.

Chapter 116 – Dead men tell no tales.[2]

[2] 死无对证: There was no testimony of witness after the conspirator passed away.

As time passed, Xu Wei Ran’s expression more and more distressed. It seems like He Yi Tian is being monitored, otherwise he would have received some news from him already.

With the golden needles in her hands, Xiao Su Su performed acupuncture before handing the patients over to the guards. She then made her way towards Bai Li Mo again and checked on his condition. As she was doing this, the golden needles in her hands never stopped moving.

Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Yi had no intention of interfering with what she was doing, instead they just observed her actions.

“Reporting to your Majesty, all the patients who have been poisoned have regained consciousness, Xiao Little Miss is really skilful.” A minister came forward to casually report. In fact, the minister also understand the Empress’s intentions, now that Xiao Su Su have rescued everyone, there was no way they could stop her. If they were to intervene, in the eyes of other it would be too obvious that the Royalty wanted the Xiao family to suffer.

Your Majesty, your official have come one step late.” At this moment, the Imperial physicians kneel down in front of Hua Ru Xue and continuously kowtow.[3]

[3] 磕头 kē tóu is the act of deep respect shown by prostration, that is, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one’s head touching the ground.

Waving her hands, she ordered the Imperial physicians checked on Ao Yun’s Ninth Prince and other Royals. Hua Qian Yi and the Royal Guards are still in the process of investigating the poison incident, the stage was quiet, no one dared to move nor breath, they all acted with cautious. Everyone knew if anyone is discovered to be involved will lose their heads. Even Xu Wei Ran, who’s a Prince was no exception.

The Imperial physicians began to feel the pulses of those who were poisoned, their faces flash an expression of astonishment. After checking numerous time, they finally stared at each other in surprised and admiration. They all admire Xiao Su Su’s medical skills, but they also feared how they would explain this to their Empress.

Hua Ru Xue who originally came to watch a good show had her eyebrows tightly creased together, she stared angrily at the Imperial physicians who lined up before her, the words she wanted to say didn’t come out. She never thought the change of events would be caused by Xiao Su Su. She didn’t think this young girl had this ability to turn things around.

“Does Ninth Prince body have any serious, could you determine what poison it was?” Hua Qian Yi who was on the side could no longer take it and asked the Imperial physicians who were knelt there trembling.

Now the key figure is Ninth Prince, Bai Li Mo.

“Reporting, your Highness Prince……” The Imperial physician said while busily wiping the perspiration from his forward and teeth chattering: “Ninth Prince is unharmed and the poison have all cleared from his body, furthermore……”

“And what?” Hua Ru Xue was getting a bit angry: “we must find out what poison it was in order to give Ninth Prince and Ao Yun kingdom an explanation.”

She was getting really impatient. It really wasn’t the Imperial physician’s style to mutter and mumble. It appears something serious has happened.

“It’s because all traces of the poison has been completely cleared, what specific poison we are unable to conclude in such a short period of time.” The Imperial physician said everything in one breath, either way he was going to die, he might as well explain clearly. The only fear he felt was towards Xiao Su Su who had the skills to removed all traces of the poison.

“Have those who been sent to investigate the drinks and refreshments have any results?” Hua Qian Yi asked the small eunuch who was besides him.

“Your Royal Highness Prince please wait, your slave will go and inquire.” The young eunuch busily turned and executed his master’s orders.

Xiao Su Su was standing next to Hua Qian Zi sending winks to her, if there is evidence, all their work would have been in vain.

Hua Ru Xue originally wanted to punish Xu Wei Ran for his sins, but she didn’t think things turn out like this, she had no other choice but to wait for the results and carefully make her next move.

Hua Qian Zi also certainly understands this, however, she has a face the situation coolly and calmly, seeing Xiao Su Su’s reassuring look, it seems that she have removed all traces so her royal brother’s investigation will be fruitless. This woman is too smart, Hua Qian Yi’s last plan was also destroyed by her.

Bai Li Mo’s is still pale, his heart has not calm down, he knew the Bai Hua Royal wouldn’t back down but he never thought he would fall into their trap. He originally thought if anything happens, he would put the blame on Xu Wei Ran. He wanted Bai Hua kingdom and You Zhen country to go against each other, however by the looks of things Ao Yun kingdom and You Zhen almost went into war instead. Even though he knows it’s a conspiracy, but his Royal father would not believe it. He may be powerful in Ao Yun, but there are certain words she is still unable to pass to the Emperor. Moreover, Hua Ru Xue isn’t a simple women to deal with, wanting to kill Xu Wei Ran and himself in the process.

When the young eunuch returned his face was pale, with lips trembling he knelt before Hua Qian Yi: “Reporting to your Highness Prince… the drinks and refreshments are all normal.”


All those present were surprised. Everything is normal, then who should be responsible?

Hua Ru Xue rose and furiously hitting the table: “You scoundrel talking rubbish, everything is normal, who came to report that Ninth Prince wasn’t going to live?”

Her eyes sweeping across the crowd before her, sending chills down everyone’s spine before stopping at Xiao Su Su’s face, her hatred increase, since this young girl have woken, she has ruined all her grand plans. It appears she have woken to avenge her mother, everyone knew third lady died from childbirth, but Hua Ru Xue clearly knew the truth.

That year she paid the midwife to feed the new-born baby medicine causing Xiao Su Su to live a life as a fool, with no brain. Becoming the laughing stock of the world. She never thought that fifteen years later, the little girl would suddenly regain conscious. On the surface Xiao Su Su appeared calm and collected, however underneath she made others fear her.

She already knew there was a very small possibility Xiao Su Su would reveal anything, however she had to ask either way: “Xiao Su Su, you just saved everyone, do you know what poison Ninth Prince suffered?”  

“Your Majesty, this commoner does not know” Xiao Su Su answered very simply: “This commoner only know some acupuncture, I do not understand pharmacology.”

Xiao Su Su wanted to clear herself of any relationship from this incident.

“Do not understand pharmacology……” Hua Qian Yi’s tone was nasty and intimidating: “So that’s saying, you have the ability to expel the poison using needles?” 

“As long as the poison haven’t entered the heart and lungs, this commoner can revive them.” Xiao Su Su said looking calm, without the slightest panic. Her words have caused the crowd who were originally silent to cause a small commotion of discussion. Once again everyone viewed Xiao Su Su has a highly skilled little girl.

“Good, very good.” Hua Ru Xue said clenching her teeth.

Chapter 117 – Never ending

Xiao En have always stood besides Xiao Su Su to silently support her.

Xu Wei Ran who have been busy observing the Bai Hua royal family, finally looked his way towards Xiao Su Su, and saw her calm face. However upon seeing Hua Qian Zi’s glimmer of smile, his heart that sank to the down floated back up to the surface again. He knew he merely just escaped thanks to these two women.

It seems that Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Yi’s plan have failed and came to an end. She almost accomplished if it wasn’t for her own good daughter.

Although Ninth Prince Bai Li Mo is still somewhat weak, but he still stare at Xiao Su Su smiling with gratitude and admiration. In his eyes she appeared immortal.

“A great tactic.” Mo Wen Xuan whispered his praises for Xiao Su Su, although he didn’t know Xiao Su Su too well, but just from listening to Leng Niao praises of her from the Qin battle and witnessing today’s events, he felt that this woman is a priceless treasure.

Leng Niao agreed and nodded, there was no surprise this woman can turn things around to her favour.

Lei Yu Feng’s heart finally calm down and shook his head: “Su Qi Qi, you want to torture me.”

He has already concluded that Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi. He stared at Mo Wen Chen, even though he didn’t give much of a reaction, but if Xiao Su Su was in danger, there’s no doubt he’ll be the first to charge forward and protect her.

“Qian Yi, you go to explain to Ninth Prince.” Hua Ru Xue’s veins were showing on her forehead, one could see how furious she was. She was at the ends of her wits, the only thing she can do now is appease the well and alive Ninth Prince. Otherwise, if news of the incident is spread, Bai Hua kingdom will become the target of public criticism. It is the same as shooting themselves in the foot.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for such a thing to happened, my heart is very unease, however, please rest assured, I will give you an explanation, today is Xiao Little Miss’s ji ceremony, don’t let this matter disrupt everyone’s mood, in order to help you get over the shock, I invite everyone to a prepared banquet in Qing Chuan in my honour.” Hua Ru Xue said calmly, with many presence she couldn’t afford not to offend anyone. Especially Mo Wen Xuan, Mo Wen Chen, Lei Yu Feng, and the prominent Chinese martial artist Hua Chi.

She made eye contact with everyone below, before stopping to meet eyes with Xiao Su Su, her daughter Hua Qian Zi and Xu Wei Ran who have regain his smart and elegant bearing.

Xu Wei Ran did look at Hua Ru Xue, instead he was thinking on how he would make his move this here onwards. It seems that he couldn’t team up with Hua Qian Zi.

The maids and eunuchs began to clean up the scene, while the guest made their way towards Qing Chuan  for the banquet.

Xiao old madame who have been besides Hua Ru Xue, couldn’t freely leave since she didn’t receive any orders from the Empress to dismiss. She didn’t dare to cause more hardship for her family. Regarding her granddaughter, she knows better than anyone that Xiao Su Su didn’t need anyone’s protection, instead she was protecting the Xiao household.

Hua Qian Yi knew that have missed their last chance to take anyone out, to find another opportunity would be more difficult. All they can focus more is finding the most suitable and powerful person to undertake the highest priest task. This is the only way they can guarantee power and safety of Bai Hua kingdom.

“Xiao Su Su.” Hua Qian Yi secretly shouted her name several times.

During the Qing Chuan banquet, Hua Ru Xue no longer played any tricks, she entertained the guest with great care. She feels that Xiao Su Su is her nemesis, all this happen as a result of her.

Because Hua Qian Zi was under the watchful eye of the Empress, she behaved very docile. Furthermore she understands that her mother is starting to doubt her. Living in the North Ding Hou residence for many years have not been in vain, she have learnt Mo Wen Chen’s malicious and fierce tactics. Even if she doesn’t process any powers now, she will still not admit defeat. If she wants something, no what it takes, she will get it in the end.

Xiao Su Su is a low-key as usual, the Xiao family sat quietly and ate in peace. At this moment, Xiao Su Su didn’t care too much about Lei Yu Feng, she was still angry Mo Wen Chen have appeared. But she also knows that if wasn’t for the presence of Mo Wen Chen, Mo Wen Xuan and Lei Yu Feng, Hua Ru Xue would have dealt with the Xiao family already.

However, once these people leave, what would be the fate of her family? Thinking of this, Xiao Su Su was worried, but she didn’t show it. Their safety shield is Lei Jia Bao. After the ji ceremony have passed, the Xiao family treated Lei Yu Feng with great respect and care, they didn’t want the only safety they have to slip through their fingers.

“Why you helped Hua Qian Zi?” Lei Yu Feng questioned Xiao Su Su. Now that he was certain that she was Su Qi Qi, he became even more confused why she helped her. Lei Yu Feng knew better than anyone else how much Su Qi Qi hatred Hua Qian Zi.

“When there’s thing that’s advantages for us, why would I want to miss the opportunity?” Xiao Su Su spoke with cautious, she knew Lei Yu Feng also doubted her own identity.

The countless gift Xiao Su Su received from her ji ceremony, besides the pendant Hua Chi gifted her and the golden plate Mo Wen Xuan placed on her body at all times, the rest she gave them all to the Xiao family.

“With Hua Qian Zi’s power, what interest can you gain from her?” Lei Yu Feng shook his head, somewhat puzzled.

“Changeable in prosperity and decline capricious in rise and fall…. can’t say.” The corners of Xiao Su Su mouth pulled into a smile, there was a few minutes where Lei Yu Feng thought she is so beautiful, but he told himself to calm down, this woman is Mo Wen Chen.

“But, I am afraid you will bet on the wrong person.” Lei Yu Feng shook his head again.

Xiao Su Su eyes flashed a smile hearing Lei Yu Feng’s words, yes she hated Hua Qian Zi, of course she wanted to take revenge on all the suffering this woman caused her, but she wasn’t stupid enough to let a good opportunity pass, she still wanted to use her. Whether she made a wrong choice in making a bet on Hua Qian Zi, she doesn’t know. Besides with the situation of yesterday she had no choice but to save those people else the Xiao family would have fallen into Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Yi’s trap.


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