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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 118 – 120 Summaries

Chapter 118 – Flowers of gold, no exception.

“Little Miss, Hua bang zhu seeks an audience with you.” Just as Xiao Su Su and Lei Yu Feng were both lost in thought, the servants came to report.

There was a moment of shock before Xiao Su Su recovered her normal appearance: “I know, ask Hua bang zhu to wait for a moment.”

Seeing this, Lei Yu Feng knew it was best that he retreated, there were some words he wanted to say, however he didn’t know how to express them, so he was in the mist of hesitating.

After seeing Lei Yu Feng disappear to his assigned courtyard, Xiao Su Su slowly let out a breath of relief. She was afraid of him mentioning his suspicions of her identity. It wasn’t that she was afraid of Lei Yu Feng, it was more of the fear of the Xiao family finding out the truth, how would she face them? She already considered them family and they were family she could depend on. Putting on an act in front of the Xiao family is very indifferent so she often felt tired. She didn’t want to lose this, which is why her heart felt heavy thinking of the outcome.

Retouching her make up, Xiao Su Su slowly made her way out to the main hall. Hua Chi was sitting there drinking tea, and watching her every movement. Upon seeing her, his smile became more concentrated and deep, he likes Xiao Su Su not only because of her appearance, but mainly because her body is the host of Su Qi Qi’s soul.

“Sorry you keep you waiting Hua bang zhu.” Xiao Su Su said very politely as she sat herself next to Hua Chi. She didn’t ask him why he came.

“Xiao Little Miss too kind to accept my gift, do you like it?” With many people around yesterday, Hua Chi wasn’t able to say much, so now that he has the chance to express himself, he spoke frankly and sincerely.

Touching the pedant on her chest, Xiao Su Su clench her teeth, she knew what Hua Chi’s purpose is. With the servant around she couldn’t say much, so she merely nodded her head and express her thanks: “About the body….” 

She couldn’t get the rest of the words in her mouth to come out. The day of her death, falling off the mountain cliff… She also heard that Mo Wen Chen never went looking for her corpse…

“I asked my men to buried it in the bamboo mountain.” Hua Chi knows, a righteous person would not hide their doings, and he also knows that Xiao Su Su is a smart person, so he didn’t need to beat around the bushes. Moreover, she already admitted her true identity.

There was a moment of silence, Xiao Su Su smirked, she didn’t think this man would find her corpse and buried it.

“Little Miss don’t have the intentions to leave Bai Hua kingdom?” Hua Chi asked Xiao Su Su after putting down his tea-cup and carefully looked at Xiao Su Su. This face of her is really worth seeing a hundred times. Although he is not a amorist, but he also couldn’t pass admiring beautiful things.

“Leave? To go where?” Xiao Su Su put on a normal expression and tried to calm her emotions, although she hated Mo Wen Chen, and wanted to take revenge, in addition the person before her is the right person to do the job but she didn’t want to use him.

“Bamboo mountain is great.” Hua Chi said bluntly.

“Not a great as the Xiao resident.” Xiao Su Su said without any hesitation.

She didn’t want to form any relation with Hua Chi either. Not because his identity isn’t good enough, but she didn’t want to give the Xiao family any more trouble than she already have caused.

“After all, you’re not actually Xiao family’s bloodline.” Hua Chi said this with a smile: “You originally saved the Hua Sha gang, for that I’m forever grateful, I just don’t want you to face so many obstacles.”

“It’s something so small, compared with the past, that is nothing.” Xiao Su Su said stubbornly in a neutral voice.

“This is why I like your personality.” Hua Chi said naturally and sincerely with a faint smile on his face, as if today’s weather is beautiful.

He has a frail scholar appearance. No one would have ever thought he is the chief of a bandit group.

Xiao Su Su didn’t get angry from his comment, instead she remained very calm: “Thank you Hua bang zhu.”

This made Hua Chi temporarily unable to continue, he has said what he needed to say, he knew that Su Qi Qi is extremely difficult convince, furthermore Xiao Su Su is clever than Su Qi Qi three times. Xiao Su Su have learnt to advance and retreat.

“Since it is so, I will no longer bother you.” Hua Chi said as he got up to leave, even though he didn’t have Xu Wei Ran’s natural and elegant aura, however he did have his own scholar charm.

Within Hua Chi’s sleeves, he took out three pieces of silver cherry blossom petals, very delicate and appear almost real as he placed them within his palms: “With these three silver cherry blossom, Hua Sha gang will help you accomplish three things, whether it’s towards the heaven or down to hell, with the knife or into the sea of flames, we will not refuse under any circumstances.”

Xiao Su Su did not hesitate accepting the gift and whispered: “Flowers of gold, no exception.” 

Although Hua Sha Bang isn’t that strong, but since Hua Chi re-establish the gang they have regain their strength, no one else can defeat them. Those in jiang hu can’t control their fate, upon hearing their names you’ll tremble with fear, this is the effect Hua Sha gang gave others. However, Hua Chi’s frail appearance normally deceives a person, but this doesn’t mean people didn’t fear him.

Xiao Su Su didn’t know the true meaning behind these three pieces of cherry blossom petals, but as long as it can protect the Xiao family she is willing to accept this grand gesture.

After hearing Xiao Su Su’s words, Hua Chi merely smiled without saying anything further. With that he started to leave, he didn’t want to linger and make Xiao Su Su hate/detest him.

Watching Hua Chi leave, Xiao Su Su still held onto the cherry blossom petals and gently let out a breath of relief. But she knew this peace wouldn’t last, because there’s still Mo Wen Chen. Although he haven’t taken any actions, but it doesn’t mean he will let matters rest as it is. However, she has made up her mind to never admit her identity in front of him, only when she has the right opportunity to take her revenge will she disclose this. The most thing right now is to protect the Xiao family, she can’t let her own revenge implicate the Xiao family.

Lei Yu Feng stood under a tree as he watched Hua Chi leave, a smile appeared on his face, he knew Hua Chi was the type of person who never delayed in anything if he wanted the answers. Although Hua Chi had a cloud nine appearance.

The Bai Hua Royal have been busy trying to appease Bai Li Mo since they couldn’t produce any evidence relating to the poison incident, Hua Ru Xue also wouldn’t get any words out of the Xiao family which caused her to have a massive headache.

She originally wanted to borrow Bai Li Mo’s hands to quietly destroy the You Zhen kingdom and the Xiao family. The Xiao family had Lei Jia Bao’s protection so she knew You Zhen kingdom wouldn’t dare to laid their hands on them. However, she wanted to try to see if this can eliminate them.

Just as Hua Ru Xue had her hand on her forehead, not knowing what to do, Mo Wen Xuan ambled in with a tinted smile: “Your Majesty don’t look too well.” 

These days he had a hint of something odd in his eyes, it seems he is up to something.

Hearing Mo Wen Xuan’s voice, Hua Ru Xue straightened her back and immediately stood up with a smile on her face: “So it’s the Emperor of Yan, discourteous discourtesy.”

Although she’s a ruler of a kingdom herself, she couldn’t afford to offend the man before her. As she smiled at him, she hid her cruel intentions. It a matter of time before the kingdom of Yan decides to attack the southern kingdoms, she had to be waiver of this.

 Chapter 119 – Hypnosis Spell

Mo Wen Xuan didn’t put on any air, he sat directly across from Hua Ru Xue and said with a smile: “In fact, Ao Yun kingdom is merely a tiny kingdom, why does Empress care so much?” 

Of course, only Mo Wen Xuan would dare to mention this.

“Yan Emperor’s meaning is……” Hua Ru Xue didn’t understand the true meaning behind Mo Wen Xuan’s words, her eyebrows gently creased appearing somewhat puzzled, why didn’t he just be frank about it?

Shaking his head, Mo Wen Xuan appeared prideful and aggressive in front of such kingdoms: “With kingdom of Yan here, Bai Hua kingdom do not need to fear Ao Yun kingdom.”

“Yan Emperor’s meaning is you’re willing to help Bai Hua kingdom through this difficulty?” Hua Ru Xue didn’t dare to believe this: “Then…… the conditions are……”

“Conditions…… we will discuss later.” Mo Wen Xuan brightly curved his lips into a smile.

Bai Li Mo was in the royal court as Ao Yun kingdom have sent envoys, they wanted to get to the bottom of the poisoning case, this time Hua Ru Xue really shot herself in the foot. Instead of trapping Xu Wei Ran, they enclosed themselves. Hua Ru Xue is also angry at her own daughter, however she didn’t leave any evidence and she couldn’t blindly point a finger.

Hua Qian Yi was busy accompanying Bai Li Mo, he had to appease this guest of theirs.

Staring at Mo Wen Xuan, Hua Ru Xue’s tightly crease her eyebrows, she knew the person before is a smart fox to deal with, however if she doesn’t accept his offer, Bai Hua kingdom will face some difficulties. Sooner or later You Zhen kingdom will find out that the poinsettia have been stolen, there’s no doubt Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo will team up together to deal with them……

Hua Ru Xue have been too clueless, she thought her plan was flawless, from the beginning she only thought of destroying Xiao Su Su. She wanted to eliminate the Xiao family, but because of Lei Yu Feng she couldn’t lay a finger on them, so she could only use underhand means.

“Then thank you Emperor of Yan in advance.” Hua Ru Xue have weighed the pros and cons before accepting Mo Wen Xuan’s offer, as for the conditions she didn’t have any time to consider them. She somewhat understand what Mo Wen Xuan wanted but she thought his issues are only minor.

Xu Wei Ran couldn’t leave straight away, because Bai Hua kingdom wanted to get to the bottom of the case and all those suspected of poisoning had to be under surveillance. So even if he wanted to contact He Yi Tian for help, it was very difficult.

After discussing everything with Hua Ru Xue, Mo Wen Xuan quietly ordered his army to enter Bai Hua kingdom with Hua Ru Xue’s help. Originally Mo Wen Xuan wouldn’t have the courage to bring such a big army. However, Leng Niao secretly deployed ten thousand of cavalry to protect the Emperor. Their journey to the south, Leng Niao knew of the underlying dangers lurking, he couldn’t underestimate the forces of the South. With Hua Ru Xue and his master joining hands, the situation is a lot different.

Mo Wen Chen have been very low-key, so low-key that you could hardly find his shadow. Regarding this nephew of hers, Hua Ru Xue trust him very much so she didn’t have any guards on him. Because she believed that he would repay the debts that he owes her.

“I can smell of a war approaching.” Since Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony 10 days ago, Lei Yu Feng have been travelling from the Xiao residence and the palace. He is currently sitting opposite of Mo Wen Chen, enjoying a cup of wine under the moonlight.

“Indeed.” Mo Wen Chen nodded: “but, I have nothing to do with it.”

This time, he did not want to join in the blood shedding war.

“Then, what about Su Qi Qi?” Lei Yu Feng looked puzzled: “why haven’t you made any actions?”

Lei Yu Feng doesn’t understand why his delaying it.

“There will always be a good opportunity.” Mo Wen Chen said casually, appearing to be in no rush to face Su Qi Qi. He didn’t want to disgrace himself like Hua Chi and Mo Wen Xuan. If he didn’t have absolute certainty, he would not make his moves.

“This is…… not a war.” Lei Yu Feng was somewhat speechless.

“It requires more effort than battling in a war.” Mo Wen Chen was unmoved, and answered simply: “She has more brains and ideas than all those years ago.”

In fact, these days, he has been thinking about the past Su Qi Qi. Thinking back on the days he went her to the laundry department, yet she didn’t give up and help him heal his poison and then finally stole his heart. Now she want to put everything behind and leave casually. It’s true that he’ve made mistakes and accused her, he admits that his wrong. Because he knows his wrong so he told himself in this lifetime, he must make it up to her. Only Su Qi Qi is qualified to stand by his side and be is Wang Fei.

“That’s also true.” Lei Yu Feng also agreed, Xiao Su Su is indeed very difficult to deal with. Especially now that Xiao Su Su has more self-esteem than Su Qi Qi. Her only weakness would be the Xiao family.

“But, beware of other the early bird catching the worm first.” Lei Yu Feng thought of Hua Chi and reminding Mo Wen Chen.

“Hua Chi?”  Mo We Chen couldn’t help but sneered, he didn’t look down on Hua Chi, but as an opponent he knew Hua Chi will never be on his level.

No matter what still its a battlefield.

“My men what found out that Hua Chi have lost his martial art skills.” Lei Yu Feng suddenly stern, there has been several times he wanted to inform Mo Wen Chen of this, however because of Xiao Su Su’s things, it has been delayed.

“There’s such matter?” Mo Wen Chen raised his eyebrows.

“It’s definitely true.” Lei Yu Feng said positively: “this matter, even his side kicks Hua Yi and Hua Guang are unaware of this.”

Lei Yu Feng have spies everywhere, so to find out such news is not surprising.

“It seems, Hua Chi is a malicious character, as far as I know, there is only one martial arts can not have the slightest bit of other sects in practising martial arts or internal force.” Mo Wen Chen said lightly with his eyes narrowed: “could it be?”

“The glamorous soul skill?” Lei Yu Feng suddenly thought of the skill.

“People like him, really makes people be wary of difficult.” Mo Wen Chen nodded, but there wasn’t the slightest fear on his face, even if Hua Chi and he animosity, he didn’t care.

With his eyes twitching, Lei Yu Feng thought: “If this is the case… then jiang hu will be under his control.” 

“He already has control over it.” Mo Wen Chen said as if it has nothing to do with him.

“Don’t forget, you and him are sworn enemies.” Lei Yu Feng quickly reminded Mo Wen Chen, he still remember the hatred in Hua Chi’s eyes.

“So what……” Mo Wen Chen said indifferently without the slightest change in his mood, his oblique ink eyebrows emitted a domineering aura. If he always appears as if even if the sky fell down, it didn’t impact him at all.

 Chapter 120 – A sense of familiarity.

“There’s still no message from He Yi Tian?” Within the Royal chambers, Xu Wei Ran was apparently under house arrest, surrounded by Bai Hua kingdom royal guards, when he first moved in here, in order to avoid other’s suspicion, he didn’t take any bodyguards with him. He regrets this decision.

Xu Wei Ran’s personal little eunuch shook his head with a helpless expression.


“Bai Hua kingdom is going too far.” Xu Wei Ran said with hatred as he clenched the cup and throwing it onto the floor.

This startled the young eunuch, he quickly kneel down and cleaned up the mess: “Master, be careful.”

They no longer lived in their former glory, before Bai Hua royals find out who poisoned Bai Li Mo, Xu Wei Ran will not regain his freedom. Although You Zhen kingdom have sent envoys here, but those mountains in the distance, but also be beyond one’s grasp. He had no way of contacting with He Yi Tian.

Even though He Yi Tian only brought half of his forces, this time, his only hope is He Yi Tian and his gang.

“That’s right.” As the young eunuch was in the middle of clearing debris on the ground, Hua Qian Zi slowly walked in, smiling: “It is really going too far.”

Seeing Hua Qian Zi, Xu Wei Ran stood up and indifferently greeted her: “Your highness.”

Hua Qian Zi nodded and ignored his cold attitude, and naturally sat down: “What? You’re not going to thank me for the saving your life?”

The accident occurred a dozens of days, this is first time Hua Qian Zi step foot into the royal chambers. Xu Wei Ran is a wise person, putting a smile on his face, his expression slowly changed and chucked: “So that how it is.”

While signalling for the young eunuch to close the door Xu Wei Ran said with a discontent expression: “Why not, send Buddha to the west, save a person to the fullest?” 

He also understood that Hua Qian Zi is unreliable, with no way to retreat he can only rely on himself.

Hearing Xu Wei Ran’s words, Hua Qian Zi was also slightly changed, but she plastered a smile on her face: “Do you think, the thing is done so easily? That day during the ji ceremony, you also can see who was there.”

With this is a reminder, Xu Wei Ran became a lot more clear-headed. He tightly clenched his fists: “It appears your royal mother have found a big backer.” 

“Indeed, and the backing is very strong, we can’t handle them.” Hua Qian Zi’s mood finally turned sour, she just sat there in a daze.

Perhaps Xu Wei Ran have other ideas to deal with this.

“Dead men tell no tales, what other evidence we can find?” Xu Wei Ran asked again breaking the silence.

Hua Qian Zi nodded: “Not the slightest trace of evident found.”

“Can you help me to do one thing?” Xu Wei Ran’s eyes reflected a bit ruthless: “help me check, if Bai Hua kingdom planted any spies in You Zhen kingdom.”

He can only take the gamble on Hua Qian Zi who might become the future Empress of Bai Hua.

Hearing this, Hua Qian Zi paused and stared at Xu Wei Ran for the longest time: “Your Royal Prince Highness really thinks highly of me.”

“The Empress have always attached great importance to the Prince, and Princess have grew up outside of the palace, upon returning you didn’t manage gain any alliance with Bei Ding Hou Wang……”

Hua Qian Zi is also a clever person, Xu Wei Ran also certainly saw this point.

Hua Qian Zi certainly understand her current situation, she knew her royal mother have started to doubt her.

“Okay.” After considering for a long time, Hua Qian Zi agreed, she knew she can only rely on Xu Wei Ran. She have tried to join alliance with Bai Li Mo, however she failed. Bai Li Mo is a righteous man.

“So, what’s next?” Hua Qian Zi then asked the next sentence: “you should know that Mo Wen Xuan will intervene, it’ll be very difficult.”

“I will try to gain help from Bai Li Mo.” Xu Wei Ran cautiously said: “I know that, even if You Zhen kingdom and Ao Yun kingdom join hands together, it also doesn’t necessarily mean we will win the kingdom of Yan. However, I think we should also get Lei Yu Feng involved.”

As long as Lei Jia Bao steps in, a complicated situation might turn around. Xu Wei Ran knew Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan didn’t get along, he didn’t dare to ask Mo Wen Chen so he can only put his hopes on Lei Yu Feng.

“You can try.” Hua Qian Zi smiled deeply, for ten days she couldn’t think of any countermeasures, she was too afraid to ask Mo Wen Chen, after all Lei Yu Feng is Mo Wen Chen men. Hearing Xu Wei Ran’s words, she became clear that two people together is better than one.

The Xiao courtyard had the usual faint sound of the qin. The music came from Xiao Su Su’s room, while the royal family is in a mess, it had nothing to do with her. These days she was very quiet, rarely went out merely because Lei Yu Feng still reside in the Xiao residence. She didn’t want to relieve too much in front of Lei Yu Feng so she can only wait it out and endure it.

Lei Yu Feng stood outside the yard and admired his scenery, living in the Xiao residence was the same as being an immortal. After walking a few steps he finally found it unbearable, he walked towards Xiao Su Su’s room and knocked on her door: “Little Xiao Miss.”

The qin melody stop.

After a long paused, Xiao Su Su finally opened the door, she looked at Lei Yu Feng hopelessly: “I was emerged in the music.”

“Such a forte melody is bore, why don’t I tell Little Miss a story?”  Lei Yu Feng unconsciously said.

“I’m not interested in the story.” Xiao Su Su was afraid of confrontation regarding her identity, at this moment she only wanted to get away from him.

Lei Yu Feng’s laugh was somewhat stiff, with his hands behind his face helplessly: “Your pendant looks familiar.”

“You……” Xiao Su Su’s body become more rigid. In fact, she didn’t think of the pendant attracting other’s attention when she wore it, she merely thought of her mother and wanted to keep something on her body that reminded her of her deceased mother. She couldn’t bear the last token to leave her side.

Lei Yu Feng’s words were obviously meant to threaten her, Xiao Su Su opened her door indicating him to enter: “If you have any words, come in and say them.”


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