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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 121 – 123 Summaries

Chapter 121 – Don’t want to know anything

Lei Yu Feng’s story is nothing less than Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen’s enmities.

“It’s just a bet.” Listening to the end, Xiao Su Su’s face had an ironic smile, since Lei Yu Feng have said everything so clearly, she had nothing to hide.

“Yes, indeed.” Lei Yu Feng nodded: “I don’t understand, why a bet can cause someone to be so sad and seek death.”

“His heart sees no one else, it obvious she’s really heart-broken” Xiao Su Su said not swaying at all.

When Lei Yu Feng mentioned the past, her heart sank into the mire, the things she have been wrongly accused of, she must avenge it a hundred times back.

“The burnt-tail must be in that man’s hand now.” Xiao Su Su looked up, trying to control her emotions, she is Xiao Su Su now, however she still has Su Qi Qi’s unwilling soul.

She even personally went to win the burnt-tail for him.

Lei Yu Feng:“Since there is love there, why avoid and not meet?”

One could hear Xiao Su Su still cared very much about the incident years ago, she still mind Mo Wen Chen betting thing.

“You also said that the woman had been pierced in the chest by the sword, how can you say avoid meeting?” Xiao Su Su’s voice is more and more deep, her face grew pale, but she tried use all her efforts to control her own emotions, and stared straight at Lei Yu Feng: “that woman is dead.”

“But, if she is still alive.” Lei Yu Feng know there are some words that shouldn’t be said by him but Mo Wen Chen instead. But that guy haven’t made any actions at all, just quietly waiting.

Her hands within her sleeves clasped tightly, Xiao Su Su’s face turns green then white: “She had passed away once, of course she’s dead.”

“No, cannot.” Lei Yu Feng said urgently: “you know, why Hua Qian Zi returned to Bai Hua kingdom? Do you still remember their wedding day?”

“Of course I remember.” Xiao Su Su’s voice slightly cold, she could not conceal her hatred, her eyes appeared distant and cold.

“But, later, she didn’t marry Mo Wen Chen because of you……” Lei Yu Feng did not care too much, said loudly: “Because he cares about you so he kicked her out of the residence.”

“So what? The healed wound is still here, even if you used all the best medicine in the world, it also cannot erase the scars.” Xiao Su Su raised a hand to lightly fondle her forehead: “you don’t say anything further, if you still want to save the Xiao family, thank you, but starting from today there’s no need.”

She doesn’t want to let her heart sway because a few of his words. She once waver and dug herself deep into a pit, in the end she was faced with endless pain.

“Su Qi Qi.” Lei Yu Feng shouted righteously.

Severely frowned, Xiao Su Su stared at Lei Yu Feng: “There’s no longer Su Qi Qi in this world.”

Because her current appearance isn’t like the past, this is why Mo Wen Chen wants to use her? This feeling is ridiculous, she felt bitterly disappointed. Such a man, even if she still loves him, she would rather not be with him.

With age, loves and beauty fades, this kind of love, she, Xiao Su Su does not care for.

Of course, in this life she depended on this appearance, without it even if she’s smart and brilliant, she wouldn’t have world known, this point she knew clearly in her heart, this made her hate her unremarkable face in the past.

Lei Yu Feng and Xiao Su Su stared at each other, both of their eyes seemed to have spew out fire, the atmosphere was quiet, if a needle fell it could be heard.

“He actually knows.” Lei Yu Feng was defeated, because of Mo Wen Chen, he has swallowed his pride in front of Xiao Su Su.

“You can also let him not know.” Xiao Su Su lightly creased her eyebrows: “you should know that I will only bring him pain.”

Currently Xiao Su Su don’t have the ability to take revenge, she also don’t want to mess with that person.

Indeed, at this point Lei Yu Feng also considered this, he is not willing to see Mo Wen Chen being this weak.

“You…… what exactly do you want?” Lei Yu Feng said helplessly looking at Xiao Su Su, by this saying, he also regretted their actions, although Mo Wen Chen no longer smile, he has become more malicious and more powerful than before.

Although this is ruthless, and he had some anger in his heart. If Mo Wen Chen have anger in his heart, no one can guess what might happen.

“It’s more like what are you thinking about? I just don’t want to have no relationship with him, all I want now is a tranquil life.” Xiao Su Su said angrily, Lei Yu Feng is being really unreasonable, which flared her anger.

“Can it really be calm and peaceful?” Lei Yu Feng laughed: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to achieve your dreams.”

“As long as he does not appear in my life, I feel that life is very calm, wouldn’t be so tiring.” Xiao Su Su said gritting her teeth, in fact, this is a great opportunity, she only need to think of how to take revenge and claim back all that was hers.

Did she need to focus on cheating one’s heart?

She is not ready.

Lei Yu Feng’s expression is righteous, without blinking he stared at Xiao Su Su, not letting go the slightly changes in her expression, he is going to take a gamble on whether Xiao Su Su can truly let go of Mo Wen Chen.

After all, all the things Su Qi Qi done, he could see them clearly.

“You won’t regret it?” After a long time observing he couldn’t see anything so he asked Xiao Su Su, who still had an indifferent expression plastered on.

He once could read Su Qi Qi’s expressions.

“I only regret ever falling in love with him.” Xiao Su Su said cruelly said.

Indeed, she regrets this very much.

“You really don’t want to know……” Lei Yu Feng still didn’t want to give up, which is why he strive to help protect the Xiao family, firstly because of his commitment, secondly because he wanted to confirm Xiao Su Su’s identity.

Xiao Su Su raised a hand and interrupted Lei Yu Feng’s words: “There’s nothing I want to know.”

Seeing Xiao Su Su’s indifference, Lei Yu Feng finally gave up, his heart is contradicting itself, at this moment he felt that it’s best if he’s strong, cruel and heartless like Mo Wen Chen, then it would have been the best. It’s also best to let Mo Wen Chen think of his own ways to win Xiao Su Su’s heart and return to his side, since her mind is difficult to persuade.

Since Xiao Su Su already knows Hua Qian Zi was thrown out of the residence and there’s no chance of her ever returning to Mo Wen Chen’s side, yet she’s still so stubborn. The only thing he wants to do now is let Mo Wen Chen give up on the idea of winning her back and make him believe that Xiao Su Su isn’t Su Qi Qi. Let him believe that everything is just a coincidence.

“Well, there will be a war in southern Xin Jiang, hope you can take care of yourself.” Lei Yu Feng solemnly said as he closed his eyes and seems to be relieved.

“Thanks for the heads up.” Xiao Su Su is also surprised there’s a war about to begin.

“Rest assured, I will continue to send people to protect the Xiao family.” Lei Yu Feng now only wants to find Mo Wen Chen, for things to take such a turn of event, he needed to personally handle the matter. It’ll be difficult, and he hasn’t thought of what to do.

“The day Xiao Su Su woke up, only the Xiao family needs to know.” Xiao Su Su said biting her lips and subtly reminded Lei Yu Feng.

Lei Yu Feng felt that he have lifted a rock and bruised his own feet, finding trouble when everything was fine. All he has done has been in vain.

 Chapter 122 – Don’t hurt Xiao Su Su

“Thank you your Princess Highness.” Xu Wei Ran smiled, looked at Hua Qian Zi handing over his message, rubbing the craft paper in the palm of his hands, the paper turned into pieces.

The more he smiled the more his body exudes a cold aura, which gave people the chills.

The corners of Hua Qian Zi’s mouth curved, with a pair of inattentive appearance: “I do not know how close you are to Bai Li Mo.”

This is the most critical point.

“Still in the middle of fighting, if you want the three kingdom to maintain peace, it can be done, however it’ll take up to a maximum of ten years.” Xu Wei Ran said with the fan gently shaking in his hands, it appears that he have recovered his Playboy appearance and elegant temperament. His actions weren’t done to impression Hua Qian Zi, it was out of habit.

“Ten years……” Hua Qian Zi thought of the span of tens what benefits she could gain.

“This is…… Bai Li Mo’s idea?” Hua Qian Zi asked the following question, her expression was a bit dangerous and frosty.

Xu Wei Ran didn’t reply right away, he slightly hesitated, his slender eyes flashed a shimmering dangerous aura.

“No, I used this condition while negotiating with Bai Li Mo.” Xu Wei Ran said openly: “as you know, Bai Li Mo is currently in your royal mother’s hands, as long as you royal mother propose conditions are good and attractive enough, all our previous efforts will be in vain.”

After considering for a long time, Hua Qian Zi merely nodded: “Okay.” while biting her lips she mumbled: “I hope you succeed, I also hope that this time our efforts will not be in vain.”

“Good.” Xu Wei Ran did not promise Bai Li Mo, he doesn’t want to rely on Hua Ru Xue completely this time.

He wanted to change his fate. Even if Mo Wen Xuan is going to intervene, he didn’t want to be trampled over.

Although Hua Qian Zi is not entirely confident, she’s not sure if she can succeed this time. However these several days her royal brother have been monitoring her every move, she must be cautious.

Walking out of the royal court, wearing a purple robe, Hua Qian Zi appeared somewhat melancholy. Walking in a daze, she suddenly looked up, and saw a familiar figure standing on the bridge. The person she have been so desperate to encounter again.

Since Mo Wen Chen came to Bai Hua kingdom, she only saw him during Xiao Su Su’s ji ceremony, since then she hasn’t seen even his shadow. Standing there, silently staring at him, her heart started to beat wildly. She still love his man wholeheartedly. Since childhood, he has always treated her with gentleness and warmth. However, she knew he only thought of her as a little sister.

“You’ve come.” Mo Wen Chen said lightly without turning around.

“Wang Ye.” Hua Qian Zi froze a moment, then slowly approached him: “Why is Wang Ye alone here?”

At this moment, she didn’t know what to say. At first, she just wanted to get rid of Su Qi Qi, this woman who appearance was average is unfitted as his Wang Fei, she just wanted to replace her and be by Mo Wen Chen’s side. Besides medical skills, she was superior compared to Su Qi Qi.

“Nothing to do.” Mo Wen Chen replied not turning around: “Your Princess Highness must be very busy.”

“Wang Ye……” For a moment Hua Qian Zi didn’t know what he meant, although she loves Mo Wen Chen, but at this moment she is against him. He is a man of changing moods, no one can ever guess what he is thinking or what might do.

“Rest assured, since he is going to intervene in this matter, Ben Wang want nothing to do with it.” Mo Wen Chen said lifting his head and stared at the horizon, he only would intervene if Xiao Su Su is involved. Even if she has Lei Yu Feng to protect the Xiao family, but if she was in danger or trouble, he would jump in straight away. He didn’t want anything to happen to her regardless of whether she is Xiao Su Su or Su Qi Qi.

Mo Wen Chen’s words caused Hua Qian Zi’s heart to brew up a storm, for a moment she felt excited. She thought, perhaps, Mo Wen Chen finally understood her intentions, he came all the way here is to…. bring her back.

“The Emperor of Yan had secretly moved troops to the southern border, although my royal mother haven’t allowed the army to entry, but this has also caused Southern Xin Jiang into a chaos.” Hua Qian Zi have gone through untold hardships to inquire this news.

The reason why Hua Ru Xue haven’t attacked because Southern Xin Jiang and the kingdom of Yan have 100 years contract, both sides of the army cannot have more than three thousand troops enter or exit, otherwise they would be regarded as thieves and sentence to death.

“Indeed, however it only caused others to panic.” Mo Wen Chen said while smiled grimly: “you can use the time to complete your plan.”

Mo Wen Chen haven’t been involved in the current events, however he isn’t in the dark about the situation.

“In fact, keeping the balance of the three kingdoms would be beneficial to all of us.” Not waiting for Hua Qian Zi to speak, Mo Wen Chen said again: “The period of ten years is also quiet short.”

This way it’s unnecessary for Mo Wen Chen to participate in the war. In fact, Mo Wen Xuan’s army being denied entry at the southern border is single hand done by him. Because this matter also associates with Lei Jia Bao. For many years, Lei Jia Bao has been acting as a middleman, and the man in the middle is never provoked by either parties. So with Lei Jia Bao’s participation, Mo Wen Xuan and Hua Ru Xue’s plan will be fruitless.

Hua Ru Xue is using Mo Wen Xuan to start a war, while Mo Wen Xuan is also using Hua Ru Xue to invade into Southern Xin Jiang, these two are just using each other for their own benefits. Of course, Hua Ru Xue will not invite wolves into the house, regarding Mo Wen Xuan, she’s already cautious.

Regarding Mo Wen Chen’s word, Hua Qian Zi was surprised, the things she has discuss with Xu Wei Ran, unexpectedly he knew clearly. It really made people fear and shiver.

“It’s not short.” Hua Qian Zi answered in a low voice and dryly cough several times. These several months, she felt like she understood this man less and less. Initially, she thought he was angry and threw her out of the residence, although she didn’t ask him why, she knew it had something to do with Su Qi Qi.

Because Su Qi Qi stole her place, when she left she took the burnt tail with her and gave it to Hua Chi, since she heard Hua Chi has special feelings towards Su Qi Qi.

After a long time, Mo Wen Chen sai the following sentence before turning around to leave: “Well, it is best not to hurt Xiao Su Su, Ben Wang will support you in everything else.” 

 Chapter 123 – Joining hands

Hua Qian Zi stared at Mo Wen Chen taking each step, before he disappeared from her vision, her hands gradually become cold, clenching her fist as she grit her teeth in hatred. She never thought Mo Wen Chen cared about Xiao Su Su this much. She have always thought Mo Wen Chen was in love with Su Qi Qi, if it wasn’t love she had no other way of explaining for he treated her and the words he have said……

“Don’t hurt Xiao Su Su!” Those words echoed in her mind, and lingered in her thoughts.

“Mo Wen Chen, one day, you will know that you were wrong.” Hua Qian Zi angrily shouted as she gnash her teeth, her long hair and purple gown fluttered against the wind.

The summer wind caused the lake to produce layers of ripples.

Lei Yu Feng has a bitter expression as he sat on the ship painting, as he took a sip of the win his face was covered in deep frustration. This is the same feeling he had when he first meet Su Qi Qi, it was the same as when he encounters Xiao Su Su.  Lei Yu Feng was once fearless, he did whatever he wanted to. Even Mo Wen Chen couldn’t stop him. However, after hearing Xiao Su Su’s words, this caused him to hesitate.

How is his going to convince Mo Wen Chen? He already thinks Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi, if he now tells Mo Wen Chen that Xiao Su Su isn’t Su Qi Qi. Mo Wen Chen will not believe him.

“What is it? What thoughts do you have?” It’s was unknown to him when Mo Wen Chen sat opposite him, with a cup of wine in his hands. Appearing quite handsome as he raised the cup to his lips and smirked. His eyes are dark and deep, causing an ambiguous feel.

Avoiding Mo Wen Chen’s glaze, Lei Yu Feng looked at the sky and answered calmly: “No.”

“You can fool others, but you can’t fool Ben Wang, did Xiao Su Su destruct you?” Mo Wen Chen asked unexpectedly with a smile.

Lei Yu Feng heavily sighed, he knew the time as came for him to face the music, positioning body up: “What are you planning to do?”

“What am I planning to do?” Mo Wen Chen raised the cup of drink to his lip and slipped the wine again, he appeared pleased with himself.

“Xiao Su Su ah……” Lei Yu Feng couldn’t help but to say the following: “you know, she…… still takes the past incident to the heart.”

“I know.” Mo Wen Chen said with an indifferent expression, as if everything is under his control and within his plans.

Seeing him like, this made Lei Yu Feng speechless, he didn’t know what to say. He can only pretend Mo Wen Chen didn’t exist and go on in his own little world.

Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi both have something in common, they both have the same indifferent expression regardless of how positive or negative the situation is. Two people who are so alike, Lei Yu Feng believe they are meant to be together, since they’ll have a mutual understanding of one and another.

“Wen Chen, aren’t you going to seek her out and talk to her?” Lei Yu Feng was loosing his patient, placing his cup down he stared at Mo Wen Chen.

“About what? Tell her that I’m wrong?” Mo Wen Chen smiled, appearing a bit helpless: “if it was you in her position, would you listen?”

“I……” Lei Yu Feng was speechless. With Su Qi Qi’s character and what she personally experienced. Having the sword thrust through her chest, anyone would remember for a lifetime.

“Enough, don’t go seeking her at the moment, you just need to remember to remind Lei Peng to protect the Xiao residence.” Mo Wen Chen said righteously: “Now we need to wait one month for Lian Yue Gong to pick the highest priest.”

“Then what about Hua Qian Yi……” Lei Yu Feng somewhat confused, of course he understand they dealing with fire ahead, however Mo Wen Chen is referring to another issue.

“Rest assured, they can’t caused any big waves.” Everything is within his control so he wasn’t in a hurry to deal with Hua Qian Yi yet.

For thousands of years, Lian Yue Gong have total control of Southern Xin Jiang. However due to the national peace and order established Lian Yue Gong retreated and idle. With the signed treaty coming to an end, Lian Yue Gong once again have come out of Jiang Hu.

“Right now, we’ll just watch the show.” Mo Wen Chen said confidently and sneered.

Staring at Mo Wen Chen, Lei Yu Feng didn’t know what to say.

“Unexpectedly Emperor of Yan also wants to intervene in this matter.” Bai Li Mo said with as he felt fire arising within.

This time Hua Qian Yi has played his cards well, not only Xu Wei Ran isn’t able to fight back, himself is stuck in a sticky situation.

Both of them knew of the danger when coming to Bai Hua kingdom, however to give Xiao Su Su some face, the two came to her ceremony, which has led them to fall under the conspiracy.

Xu Wei Ran sat across from Bai Li Mo and said unusually calmly: “I think Ninth Prince shouldn’t swallow this insult, that day you were poisoned with poinsettia, but how did the poison get into your tea? You should know very well.”

Now that Bai Li kingdom have joined hands with kingdom of Yan, it only means death for You Zhen kingdom and Ao Yun kingdom. He doesn’t believe that Mo Wen Xuan would simply help Hua Ru Xue without gaining benefits for himself.

This time, Hua Ru Xue had no way to retreat, so she can only choose to cooperate with him. It’s the same as inviting wolves into the house.

“You have a way?” Bai Li Mo asked, his currently under house arrest and Nan Gong Mo haven’t send any news.

Xu Wei Ran:“I don’t have any, however, as long as we are together, we may be able to withstand a moment.”

“Hum.” Bai Li Mo smiled grimly: “together is enough, we simply have to walk out of the Royal villa. You may rest assured that as long as you are willing to cooperate with me, we will get out of here some way or another”

Xu Wei Ran fundus flash a cold and cruel aura: “As long as you can act in accordance with our agreement about sending troops.”


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