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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 124 – 126 Summaries

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Chapter 124 – Catch fire

Hua Qian Zi slowly walked into the royal courtyard alone, appearing frustrated and helpless.

After living in the Wang residence all those years, she finally returned to her home kingdom. Even though her status has risen, but she didn’t have any power. No one will follow her orders.

Here, she can only rely on her own strength to obtain what she wants.

Now she finally understood how helpless Su Qi Qi felt. Moreover, she didn’t know if she can be a strong as her. But she must marry Mo Wen Xuan, even if she didn’t have any feeling for this man, Mo Wen Xuan have the whole world under his clutches so its her only choice left. She heard Mo Wen Chen’s threats clearly.

She doesn’t know what to do, ever since returning to Bai Hua kingdom, every step she made has been cautious and deadly. Clenching onto her sleeves tightly, she raised her head and looked into the distance: “Xiao Su Su, originally, I also wanted to forgive you, but now it seems that a certain person won’t give me this opportunity……”

Her tall slender shadow reflected a dangerous and cold aura, emitting a murderous vibe from her body.

That night the royal court lit on fire, the fire was uncontrollable.

Mo Wen Xuan was admiring the dance and music when Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Yi came, the entire royal court flames reached beyond the sky. One can only helplessly watch the fire burn out.

“Where is the water?” Hua Ru Xue asked while staring at the eunuch, palace maids and guards who knelt before her feet.

Within the Royal garden resides two important figures, Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo, although the two kingdom have no acknowledgement of their stay here, however if they were to die in the fire, Bai Hua royalties will definitely be held accountable. After all, these two figures would have vanished within the kingdom.

If the two kingdom’s really wanted to make things difficult for them, Bai Hua kingdom would be beyond dispute.

Mo Wen Xuan also rushed over and witness the scene in front of them, with his brows tightly together, there was a certain degree of unusualness, noble and elegance domineer: “It seems someone did this intentionally.”

Otherwise, the fire will not burn so prosperously.

“Someone come, summon the Princess to see me.” As Hua Ru Xue said this, there was a moment of danger lit within her eyes, if someone deliberately did this, then, it’ll only be Hua Qian Zi.

Recently, Hua Ru Xue have sent multiply spies to monitor her movements, but she couldn’t find anything unusual, however with such actions it has triggered some of her doubts. Arguably, her daughter shouldn’t be so impulsive though, this will only point the fingers at her. Additionally if Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo, she’ll also unable to leave here.

The royal court guards have been very strict, there was more than three times the amount of usual force. Within the blazing fire, more than hundreds of the palace person wasn’t able to escape in time, many were burned alive. The eunuch and palace maids that reside there were shock and fearful.

When Hua Qian Zi arrived, her expression was very calm and collected, there wasn’t a slightest of fear as if this had nothing to do with her.

“Imperial mother, you were looking for Er Chen?” Hua Qian Zi paid her respect first before casually walked before Hua Ru Xue: “There’s an fire here, are the guards useless?”

Her voice wasn’t too loud.

Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Yi stared at Hua Qian Zi, her expression did not change one bit. This caused Mo Wen Xuan to also tighten his frown, it seems that they have made a mistake. It appears, things are not so simple.

Hua Qian Yi didn’t want to admit defeat and loudly asked, “What was the Princess doing before?”

Ever since Hua Qian Zi returned to the kingdom, he has always been wary of her, he knew she wasn’t someone to trifled with. The entire time, she has been ruining his plans. This time he underestimated his own sister.

Hua Qian Zi’s face also darkness, however soon regained her composure and lifted her eyebrows staring indifferently at Hua Qian Yi’s face: “Imperial brother really cares about imperial sister, I have just returned from the Xiao residence when imperial mother sent someone over.”

It took a lot of effort in order to prove that she wasn’t present. Now, Xiao’s family has the strongest backing, so she went to the Xiao’s residence to paint and play the qin with Xiao Su Su. More so, this was a chance for her to discover more about Xiao Su Su….

Hearing the Xiao family, Hua Qian Yi swallowed the words in his mouth.

“I see.”  Hua Ru Xue’s green expression settled, at this moment, she felt like she has neglected this daughter of hers, she should have known Hua Qian Zi would have use the Xiao family against her.

A plebeian family, however have such a strong backing as Lei Jia Bao, for a moment the Royals couldn’t do anything. 

“Someone come, do a thorough investigate of today’s incident.” Hua Ru Xue stared at Hua Qian Zi while harshly voicing her command.

The guards immediately retreated.

The fire was big, they were powerless so Hua Ru Xue didn’t order for the fire to be put out. Letting the fire burn to ashes.

“It seems, there’s a stronger person against your majesty.” Mo Wen Xuan didn’t say anything beyond this point, he just gave a spectacular posture.

In fact, he also wasn’t happy when he received the message regarding his army unable to enter the kingdom. Seeing Bai Hua kingdom ruined his own plans, but unexpectedly, things has just begun and already have died.

Presumably Lian Yue Gong have began to intervene in the matter. It seems, the rumor is not credible.

Although he has not been able to achieve his purpose, however, his visit to Bai Hua kingdom has not been in vain. Even though the details are not depth, at least he has discover the ins and outs of Lian Yue Gong. If he wants to attack Southern Xin Jiang, he can be careless and rash. Moreover, Xiao Su Su is also one of the reason he came here.

Glancing at Mo Wen Xuan, Hua Ru Xue regain her composure and flashed a smile: “Indeed.” 

She also has been used once, how can she let this pass? She’s only waiting for the right time. For a moment, she couldn’t think who would be so bold, the entire palace was within her hands, it appears more strange incident keep occurring.

Hua Qian Yi could only bitterly watch the fire burn, the first step to his plans have failed, and now, even a pawn in their hands also disappeared without a trace. He has no idea how to make his next moves.

But with Mo Wen Xuan present to made him somewhat unhappy, from the daily conversation they have, it’s not hard to know that Mo Wen Xuan aspirations towards Xiao Su Su.

“It seems, Hua Qian Zi have taken actions.” 

Within the Xiao residence, Xiao Su Su and Xiao old madame were sitting in the hall.

“Indeed, you cannot underestimate this girl, only she would have the guts to defy the Empress.”  Xiao Mi had a  face of worry: “She also often visit our residence, this will only cause the Xiao family to lose everything and gain nothing ah.”

Xiao Su Su nodded, she also couldn’t figure out Hua Qian Zi’s plans. But, to visit daily, how can she shut the door and turn her away? She has no other choice nor better way to deal with the situation. They can only hope Lei Yu Feng will protect the Xiao family.

“What can I do to protect the Xiao family?”  Xiao Su Su suddenly stared straight at Xiao old madame.

Xiao old madame could only shake her head with a look of frustration: “To protect our family, perhaps… Yue Lian Gong.” 

“Lian Yue Gong.” Xiao Su Su frowned, to enter Yue Lian Gong, not only one must be competent, they must also have a pure heart lineage practice method. She, Xiao Su Su to pass the Yue Lian Gong with her own ability? Impossible.

 Chapter 125 – Intimidate 

Xu Wei Ran: “Are you willing with a ten-year agreement?”

Bai Li Mo nodded. Xu Wei Ran once again put forward the conditions, knowing Hua Qian Zi has done so much, they can not go back on their words. Even at war, Xu Wei Ran still remain a gentleman.

Hearing this, Bai Li Mo seems to understand and stood up from his chair, slowly walked in circles, his body was still weak but has slowly recovered, with his side profile towards Xu Wei Ran, he smiled: “I see.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m just a purely in a cooperative relationship with her.” Slightly stiff Xu Wei Ran smiled and remained carefree.

Bai Li Mo only smile and did not speak, he felt some things are better left for themselves to develop. At the moment, the most important thing is finding a way to leave Bai Hua kingdom, this is their only chance of turning things around.

Right now, he doesn’t know whether You Zhen kingdom have taken actions or not. Ao Yun kingdom is oblivious that he is currently under house arrest here, Nan Gong Mo must also be controlled by Bai Hua kingdom, so its impossible to send a message to their own kingdoms.

This time, he decided to attack Bai Hua kingdom country at all costs. Even if Mo Wen Xuan join, he will not retreat.

It has been peaceful for so many years, Southern Xin Jiang will once again be bustling.

Those two easily hit it off. Now they are just waiting for Hua Qian Zi’s moves, to help two important figures escape out of the royal court isn’t an easy task.

Hua Qian Zi also knew the difficulty of the task, she knows that things will not run smoothly, she needs to think of the sort of consequences if her conspiracy is discovered. How much affection her own mother have for her, Hua Qian Yi has the bigger stakes in here. She knew if she ends up in the hands of Hua Qian Yi, it only means death for her. No one will be able to help her.

Her purple robes blew with the breeze, her mind is not calm, because that one sentence Mo Wen Chen said. Su Qi Qi has passed away, now another Xiao Su Su appears, she really felt aggrieved. But now is not the time to dwell on these, she may still need Mo Wen Chen’s help.

He said that as long as she doesn’t hurt Xiao Su Su. Then, she will agree to it. Besides, with Xiao Su Su’s personality, it is unlikely she’ll compromises and marry Mo Wen Chen like Su Qi Qi. And with Mo Wen Chen’s personality, he will not lower his status to please Xiao Su Su. Even if Xiao Su Su’s brilliance and beauty cause Mo Wen Chen’s heart to flatter, it’s also just flattering.

Hua Qian Zi think so as well, because she understands Mo Wen Chen the most. She knows he isn’t a womanizer, he would never judge a person by their outer appearance.

Initially, Mo Wen Chen hated Su Qi Qi, because never wanted her, she was given to him. He can not accept the humiliation so he treated her the way he did.

Seeing the royal court other terrains, Hua Qian Zi slowly walked towards Mo Wen Chen’s residential yard. Her speed was extremely slow, the person she wanted to see, yet was afraid to face. Her heart felt conflicted and fear simultaneously.

She can also release Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo, and just bear the serious consequences alone, even if Hua Ru Xue took their mother and daughter affections into consideration, she is fearful she’ll never be able to change her fate in this lifetime.

If Mo Wen Chen is involved, presumably Hua Ru Xue wouldn’t dare to say anything.

After all, even Mo Wen Xuan is afraid of Mo Wen Chen’s existence, not to mention a little kingdom like Bai Hua kingdom. More so, Lei Yu Feng always supported Mo Wen Chen, he can be considered the most frightening existence in this world. Recently, he has just been too low-key.

Lei Yu Feng: “Coming.”

It seems that Mo Wen Chen has been waiting for Hua Qian Zi, dressed in black he stood before the small courtyard, his complexion is still unclear, only a pair of indifferent appearance.

Hua Qian Zi: “Wang Ye.”

It appears that when Mo Wen Chen drove Hua Qian Zi out of the Ding Bei Hou residence, he ordered her to only called himself Wang Ye, the relationship between them have been made with a clean break.

Although Hua Qian Zi’s face did not expose anything, but such punishment also let her understand all her conspiracy has been unmasked. So, she was afraid of him.

“I can help you.” Mo Wen Chen went straight to the point, he didn’t like beating around the bushes: “however…… there are conditions.”

“Wang Ye please speak.” This didn’t surprise Hua Qian Zi, she knew Mo Wen Chen never do a trading with a loose.

Looking at the sky, Mo Wen Chen’s dark eyes somewhat fluctuated: “If things succeed, you will marry into the kingdom of Yan instead of Xiao Su Su.”

“Ah……” Hua Qian Zi’s suddenly slammed back, there was unacceptable and shock written all over her face.

“That’s right, you want Bai Hua kingdom, even if you don’t agree to this, Ben Wang have a way of making it you instead of her.” Mo Wen Chen said while smiled grimly.

This time, he will do whatever it takes to protect Xiao Su Su. Even if he has to hurt everyone.

“Wang Ye……” Hua Qian Zi’s face was as pale as a sheet: “I am your dear cousin.”

She never dreamed Mo Wen Chen will ask such a condition. Her heart also vaguely understood, Mo Wen Xuan is able to send troops to help Bai Hua kingdom, Hua Ru Xue must have agreed to some commitments, presumably Xiao Su Su is one of them. He didn’t even take her into consideration at all.

“We have broken all ties.” Mo Wen Chen’s complexion darken a bit, his voice was frosty cold: “to agree or disagree, it’s entirely your decision.”

After saying this, Mo Wen Chen turned around no longer facing her, he just stood there with his hair fluttering in the wind, the summer breeze was hot, however Hua Qian Zi felt cold.

She stood there, clenching her fist tightly, so it seems this is just the beginning of her battle. This man, really does care this much for Xiao Su Su? Or has she left for too long and already don’t understand him any more?

“Then Bai Hua kingdom……” Hua Qian Zi was trying to regain her composure and calm herself down.

She now want is nothing more than Bai Hua kingdom.

“Mo Wen Xuan will help you.” Mo Wen Chen also didn’t want to deceive her, only speaking the truth. He obviously didn’t want to entirely hand Bai Hua kingdom over to Hua Qian Zi’s grasp. Now, he is not helping Hua Qian Zi, instead he is threatening her.

Clenching her teeth, Hua Qian Zi whole body emitted a cold aura, she also knows that Mo Wen Chen threatening her, he had no intentions to really helping her, this man’s tactics she understood clearly and too well.

“Then, Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo’s side….” Hua Qian Zi, her grand plan have only benefit Mo Wen Chen, he can openly make his moves.

“They will return to their own kingdoms.” Mo Wen Chen answered all the questions. His current goal is Xiao Su Su, other things have nothing to do with him.

“But the kingdom of Yan are going to send troops.” Hua Qian Zi said hastily.

“With you here, would my imperial brother send troops?” Mo Wen Chen said as he smiled grimly: “You need replace Xiao Su Su, you should know the difficulty of this problem, so it all depends on you.”

“I……” Hua Qian Zi calculated many factors, however she unexpectedly miscalculated Mo Wen Chen.

Now that she has openly became enemies with her imperial brother, and her imperial mother intentions of supporting him. Her existent here is merely a puppet to deceive the people of Bai Hua kingdom.

Bai Hua kingdom has always been female the superior one, it won’t be easy for her imperial brother wanting to rightfully and properly ascend the throne emperor, which is why her value of existence is important now. However, if one day her existence is meaningless, what will be her fate?

She’s not willing to think that far, her only choice is to have Bai Hua kingdom within her grasp. At the moment, she knew her own strength is too weak.

“As long as the kingdom of Yan and Southern Xiang Jin remains clam, then Bai Hua kingdom will eventually be yours.” Mo Wen Chen said finally raising his head, and gave her a promise.

Chapter 126 – It is you.

Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo have left the royal gardens, but have not directly left the city, they were taken to an Inn.

Sitting upright in the inn was Mo Wen Chen, who dressed in black robes, still the same indifference expression, dark eyes, no one could figure out what he really was thinking.

“You’ve come.” Mo Wen Chen stared at the two as they pushed the door to enter, his tone was very light, his expression was also very light, excluding superior domineer.

“It’s you……” Xu Wei Ran’s expression changed, he thought all along it was Hua Qian Zi who organised their escape.

Bai Li Mo was also more vigilant, looking straight at Mo Wen Chen with his hands on his waist. Ready to take action if needed, the legendary Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye isn’t easy to deal with.

“Of course.” Mo Wen Chen said as he smiled, but his expression is still cold: “do you really think that little girl can take you out of the royal court?”

What the hell is going on?” Bai Li Mo asked hastily, he was unhappy how his actions are always controls by others. Besides he is Ao Yun kingdom’s influential person, arriving at Bai Hua kingdom he actually couldn’t do anything,  only carefully calculating each step. His complexion darken and appeared ready to attack.

“What’s the matter? Ben Wang saved the two of you.” Mo Wen Chen didn’t move one bit, only quietly stayed seated with his expression unchanged. Not minding one bit of Bai Li Mo’s actions. Not that he belittle the two men before him, but he thought it was unnecessary to be prepared.

“What do you want?” Xu Wei Ran who is smarter than Bai Li Mo remain unmoved and calmly asked.

Mo Wen Chen finally looked up, stared at Xu Wei Ran again, you can’t judge the handsome front he puts on, on the surface he may be smiling at her, however his body is alert which makes him more difficult to predict and dangerous.

However, Xu Wei Ran’s false impression was useless to Mo Wen Chen. Because he was more ruthless than Xu Wei Ran. For over 20 years he has accustomed to not show any one his emotions. Xu Wei Ran was pale in comparison to him.

At the moment, Mo Wen Chen can clearly see panic and unwilling in Xu Wei Ran’s eyes.

If Hua Qian Zi was sitting here, they would have carry out their original plans, however it’s Mo Wen Chen. A godly person they couldn’t afford to provoke nor dare not offend.

“How much do you two feel like your life is worth?” Mo Wen Chen asked as he had his eyes glued on Xu Wei Ran, although they are also two extraordinary talent, but compared with such an opponent as Mo Wen Chen… so Mo Wen Chen wasn’t polite at all.

The smile on Xu Wei Ran’s stiffen, instantaneously Bai Li Mo’s murderous aura increased, his hand draw towards his sword, however he refrained himself from striking: “How much does Wang Ye think its worth?”

“Well, in the Empress eyes, it may be the value of a city, then, in Ben Wang’s eyes, it is two seat.” Mo Wen Chen said as he stood up, walked around and stood before the two: “however, the Empress wants to go into war, and Ben Wang wants armistice, I’m sure the two of you should understand Ben Wang’s intentions.”

In order to protect Xiao Su Su and the Xiao family, Mo Wen Chen needs Southern Xiang Jing to continue the peace, which means no war. Even if Xiao Su Su does not appreciate all of this, he will do it silently.

Hearing this, Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran stared at each other rendered speechless. They didn’t know what to say. Can truce be this easy?

Mo Wen Chen: “You know, even if Mo Wen Xuan is not here, You Zhen kingdom and Ao Yun kingdom joining forces together the Empress still dare to treat you this way. However, once war erupts, the Emperor will be standing on Bai Hua kingdom’s side. I’m sure you two must also know my relationship with the Empress.”

With his relations, there’s no doubt he will be participating. The three men stood in the middle of room, glazing at each other, within their eyes fire burned, any moment they would have swallow each other into their souls. No one willing to back down.

Although Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye rumored to be dangerous, Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo weren’t minors either, they listened to his words.

Bai Hua kingdom have Mo Wen Xuan, Lei Yu Feng, plus Mo Wen Chen, if You Zhen kingdom and Ao Yun kingdom hastily go into war, they will only perish. Once the two thought of this, their anger slowly disappeared. They remembered they have promised Hua Qian Zi ten years of peace. So they can also promise Mo Wen Chen.

“So what is it? Have you two came to a decision?” Mo Wen Chen asked appearing to be in no rush, and slowly laid back in his back and remained patient and full of confident.

“Okay.” The two agreed at the same time, this time to leave Bai Hua kingdom alive is really fortunate.

“The carriage has already been prepared at the backyard of the inn, I wish you a happy voyage.” Mo Wen Chen said politely as he clasped his two hands together into a fist.

After he spoke, he rose and walked, not once turning around. Leaving Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo to mutually stare at each other, somewhat having admiration for Mo Wen Chen even though their heart was dissatisfied.

Back in the palace, Hua Qian Zi toss and turn in her bed unable to sleep. She is unwilling to marry him Mo Wen Xuan. However if she doesn’t, she will lose everything. To think she has to marry someone who she didn’t like, she felt so unwilling, even if this man have the whole world under his command.

But the person she likes, simply doesn’t return her feelings, instead he personally push her forward to the marriage in place of Xiao Su Su. Things have came to this point, if Bai Hua kingdom wants peace, he qin [1] is the inevitable.

[1] He Qin 和亲: “marriage for peace” or “wed for peace”

But, she’s not worried at all,  because she know there’s Xiao Su Su, it would come down to her, she wouldn’t let the situation reach that stage, but she also have to find ways to replace Xiao Su Su.

“Mo Wen Chen.” Saying those three words through her teeth, Hua Qian Zi rose and prepared to leave the palace, looking at the very beautiful night sky, full of stars.

“If I can’t obtain it, I would rather destroy it.” 

This moment she thought of Yue Lian Gong. She needs to grow her own strength.

“Your Princess Highness, everything has been arranged.” High above the palace walls, a person came flying in soundlessly before kneeling before Hua Qian Zi’s to report the situation.

“Well, they’ve already left the kingdom?” Hua Qian Zi asked, her pitch wasn’t high nor low.


“You’ve given them the things?”


“You can retreat then.” Hua Qian Zi waved her hand, her expression slightly ease. Fortunately, she have not lost all her forces, at least Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo have joint alliance with her. As long as these outsiders have left Bai Hua kingdom, she has the chance to strike.

Clenching her fist tightly Hua Qian Zi smile became more and more concentrated: “Wang Ye, wait for me.”

“Your Majesty, there was no abnormalities within the kingdom gates.” Within the study palace, Hua Ru Xue sat on top, her expression was livid with Hua Qian Yi sitting besides her. Every half pillar joss stick time guards will come in to report findings.

Waving her hands, Hua Ru Xue unexpectedly felt a bit helpless. The guards silently retreated, not daring to say more.

“If those two died in the fire, at least it would have been more advantageous to us than them living.” Hua Qian Yi’s complexion wasn’t good either, this time his face is also full of fear.

“Indeed.” Hua Ru Xue also thinks so, this time she really felt hopeless.


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