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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 127 – 129 Summaries

Starting from chapter 129 we enter a new arc of the novel, a new character Su Hao is introduced, there’s not much known about him yet, but I have a feeling he has something to do with Yue Lian Gong.

I have not finished reading the novel as I’m super busy, so from here onwards I’ll be reading as I type the summaries, but I can explain why the novel has so many chapters, 888 to be exact.

I’ll quote from the email lemonsalt sent me a long time ago (she has read the novel at further than I have), the novel changes from “taking over the sect, toppling nations, fighting demons/devils etc. Actually it becomes a pretty epic story and more of a journey for the two leads. I never really watched games of throne but this story reminds of it. Blood thirsty politicking for the throne/power, family members killing each other, countries at war, throw in some otherwordly elements.” 

So a lot of interesting things are about to happen, hold on tight and lets get into it!~

Chapter 127 – Needing a female officer

The enormous fire burned for three whole days and nights, until the entire royal court was left with a layer of ashes.

The guards were busy carrying bones out, the head of the eunuch counted the number of people who perished, assuming Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran have already perished within the fire as well.

Hua Ru Xue tried to remain calm, but her pair of shaking hands betrayed her true feelings. This time, she has failed.

“Empress there’s no need to worry.” Since the problem had nothing to do with him, Mo Wen Xuan was relax and mockingly said: “It’s only small matters regarding small kingdom such as You Zhen and Ao Yun.”

At this point, he couldn’t say much to Hua Ru Xue, his army couldn’t enter the kingdom. For such things to happen, he can only step down.

Hua Ru Xue glanced at Mo Wen Xuan and smirked: “Don’t know whether Emperor of Yan is still willing to support Bai Hua kingdom…”

Of course she knew Mo Wen Xuan only serve as a spectator role, he wouldn’t be affected at all. He can easily leave the mess for others to clean up. Right now, all hopes are placed on Yue Lian Gong. However, Yue Lian Gong’s strength has diminished significantly, Hua Ru Xue also didn’t have that much confidence in them.

“That is, of course, however Zheng’s harem need a medically skilled female physician, what does her Majesty think?” Mo Wen Xuan finally revealed his true intentions.

Slowly the smile on Hua Ru Xue’s face faded: “Well, Zheng also have no power in that area.”

This means she is not willing to purpose it. As the monarch of a country, she couldn’t even tame a Plebeian Lord. But she had to admit, she had promised Xiao Su Su in front of many of the Southern aristocracy.

Thinking back, at that time she only wanted bribe Xiao Su Su, she wanted to use Xiao Su Su’s entanglement with Ao Yun and You Zhen kingdom, now it appears it was an unwise decision.

Seems to be from the very beginning, Xiao Su Su has secretly schemed it all along so she stayed out of the affairs completely.

“Zheng have also heard of it.” Mo Wen Xuan said somewhat disappointed, however there wasn’t the slightest anger in his voice. Nodding while speaking: “Your Majesty just need to create an opportunity for us to meet.” 

Hua Ru Xue only can take a step back and agree. She also wanted to use Xiao Su Su to pull Mo Wen Xuan to her side. At this point she could not make a he qin decree, if Mo Wen Xuan can handle the situation himself, she’s more than delighted. Besides, she also felt that the Xiao family was a thorn in her eyes, she wanted to eliminate them long ago. She can take this opportunity to send Xiao Su Su to the kingdom of Yan, where else the rest of the party is easy to deal with.

“Yes, well this Zheng will definitely do.” Hua Ru Xue said as her eyes flash a cold dangerous aura. She had already forgotten the deceased Emperor’s orders. Plus ever since Hua Qian Zi returned from the Xiao residence, she felt even strongly that the Xiao family cannot live.

The royal court fire is too suspicious, there’s not many in Bai Hua kingdom that have the courage to do such things, she has secretly investigate the matters. Three days have passed with no luck. According to the head eunuch and imperial guards findings there were no evidence, Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Zi can only sigh, it appears Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran have perish with the fire.

Such a result, Bai Hua kingdom may face some troubles, it would have been a hundreds times better if they returned to their own kingdom and join alliance to fight against Bai Hua kingdom. However, even if Ao Yun and You Zhen kingdom wanted to, they would have no evidence. The more rampant reason is… Hua Ru Xue is relying on Mo Wen Xuan as her escape.

Now the high priest selection for Yue Lian Gong is approaching, her plans will be successful. All eyes were on them.

Xiao Su Su and Xiao En sat in the pavilion of the Xiao residence.

Xiao Su Su: “It’s strange that a simple fire can actually burn down the Royal Court. Besides the night of the fire, Hua Qian Zi was at our residence, it has to be intentional.” 

“Lord Lei Bao did not appear for several days, I don’t know what has happened… “ Xiao En only cared about Lei Yu Feng, he didn’t care about the royals at all. Even if the entire palace burnt down, he couldn’t care less.

But regarding Lei Yu Feng, Xiao Su Su didn’t care either. However, hearing Xiao En mention him, she suddenly remembered ever since the fire incident occurred, Lei Yu Feng have vanished. She did not know whether there’s any relation between the two. However, her heart felt slightly uneasy.

“Did Lei Yu Feng lit the fire?” Xiao Su Su mumbled to herself, it just didn’t make any sense, Lei Yu Feng has no reason to do so. Although she knew that the person who lit the fire, first of all it was directed at the Royals, secondly it was directed at Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran. These two key points alone have no connection with Lei Yu Feng.

Xiao En shook his head: “It should be the Princess.” 

“No, on that day Hua Qian Zi spent the entire day at our residence, it was very late when she returned to the palace. She must have done this to avoid arousing suspicion.” Xiao Su Su said as she shook her head.

“This woman took advantage of the Xiao family.”  Xiao En said feeling upset.

Xiao Su Su took one glance at him and smiled: “There’s nothing we can do, who told our Xiao family to have such heavy forces.” 

Patting Xiao En on the shoulders she continued: “That’s right, I’ll let you extend our family business to Ao Yun and You Zhen kingdom, what do you think?” 

In all seriousness, seeing Xiao Su Su wasn’t interested in Lei Yu Feng, Xiao En wasn’t going to repeat it again, so its best if he put Lei Jia Bao to aside first.

Xiao En replied while bitterly frowning:“We can do this, but didn’t the fire already strained the two kingdom’s border? It seems very dangerous, even merchants have to be very wary.” 

In the Xiao family, besides Xiao old madame who has a political position in the imperial court, all the other Xiao family members are merchants. Including Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhu, who does some merchant trades within the imperial city. Mainly purchasing silk, Xiao Su Su wants Xiao En to widen their trade into the salt and iron market, while expanding their silk business into Ao Yun and You Zhen kingdom. This shouldn’t be a difficult mission, just that they never thought about it decades ago.

And this time, Xiao Su Su make the suggestion Xiao old madame did not opposed, instead she quietly supported the idea. Xiao En also can only agree.

“It doesn’t matter, we are regular merchants, if all goes well with You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom, our next stop will be the kingdom of Yan.” Xiao Su Su’s ambition is not small.

She knew that relying on Lei Jia Bao’s protection, the Xiao family will not last long, they have to maintain good relations between the three countries, or even between the four.

“What?” Xiao En was shocked, staring at Xiao Su Su: “Mei Mei, are you money hungry? … …”

“Well, don’t worry about it then.” Xiao Su Su didn’t want to explain any more, and replied with a single sentence.

“How so, whatever you say is settled.” Xiao En did not dare to ask further, knowing Xiao Su Su’s personality so he tried to calm her: “However establishing a base in You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom will not be easy. After all, for thousands of years, there has never been such a precedent.”

“Well, there’s no rush.” Xiao Su Su said as she nodded, her face lit up with confidence.

She believes that as long as the Xiao family is willing and dare to, it’ll be successful. If they can cut off the four kingdom’s economic lifeline, no one will dare to lay their hands on the Xiao family ever again. Of course, such achievement not only takes time, it also requires brain and strategy. But she also believes that Xiao En has that ability.

In fact, as long as the Xiao family monopolized the entire Bai Hua kingdom, Hua Ru Xue will be wary and not take them as weaklings.

Whatever Xiao Su Su needs to be done, the Xiao family must fully supported. Regarding the Xiao family developing a base in You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom, there must be no obstruction. Everyone within the household followed Xiao Su Su’s order, which deeply touched her. They didn’t know her plans, yet supported her one hundred percent.

Chapter 128 – Qixi Festival Banquet.

“Not many people are clear about things regarding Yue Lian Gong. Even the Empress Hua Ru Xue is uncertain.” Xiao old madame gently frowned: “Yue Lian Gong’s forces can not be underestimated by the southern kingdoms.”

Xiao Su Su recently has her sights set on Yue Lian Gong, she has quietly monitoring their every movements. However, she was fruitless.

While regarding the palace fire, there was no further mention of the incident, leaving the matter unsettled.

Lei Peng has been monitoring the Xiao residence, however it has been very quiet. Plus Lei Yu Feng no longer disturb Xiao Su Su, for a moment her life was peaceful and quiet.

After making arrangements for Xiao En, Xiao Su Su visited Xiao old madame, she started to study Yue Lian Gong. She was already the world’s no. 1 in poetry and painting, the next step she must take is enhancing her own strength. Without power, she will never avenge in this lifetime, let alone escape the fate of being controlled by others.

“So, what kind of person is eligible to participate in the selection of the high priest?” Xiao Su Su asked as she wrinkled her brows gently.

“Anyone can, however, they require the Royal’s consent.” Xiao old madame do not want Xiao Su Su to try for this, after all, once one is selected as the high priest, they have to stay in Yue Lian Gong for ten years and is prohibited to marry. By then, Xiao Su Su will be 25, her youth would have withered  away.

Ever since Xiao Su Su have regained her conscious, Xiao old madame was very clear that whatever Xiao Su Su wanted to do, she was unable to stop her. So she didn’t bother to waste her breath.

“The Royal family……” The light in Xiao Su Su’s eyes faded.

Hua Qian Zi owes her three promises, then regarding this matter perhaps she have found a solution.

Xiao Su Su and Xiao old madame were both lost in thought when the housekeeper came in: “Xiao old madame, Xiao little miss, the palace have sent an invitation.”

“Oh, really?” Xiao old madame and Xiao Su Su were startled by the news, it seems that recently they have no peace at all.

“Tomorrow Qixi festival[1], the Palace is holding a grand banquet, they have invited Little Miss to attend.” The housekeeper explains softly.


Zhinü and Niulang

[1] Qixi Festival 七夕節: also known as the Qiqiao Festival (乞巧節), is a Chinese festival that celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology.

“Qixi Festival have arrived so quickly.” Xiao old madame said while glancing at Xiao Su Su: “Just go.”

Nothing will go wrong at such a banquet as this, there’s a banquet such as this every year, and to invite Xiao Su Su to showcase her qin skills seems reasonable.

“All right.” Xiao Su Su also didn’t object, although she’s quite dissatisfied, but she couldn’t refuse. She would also like to see Hua Qian Zi to discuss about Yue Lian Gong.

Xiao Su Su accepted the invitation, however she didn’t do anything to prepare for it, instead she continued researching about Yue Lian Gong with Xiao old madame, this will increase her chances of gaining the high priest position.

The high priest selection did not require strength, as long as one meets the origin requirements. After ascending to the position, as long as they are willing to learn divination. Their main task is divination, control the three kingdoms, and the protection of Xin Jiang.

Of course, these are just outsiders speculations, what the high priest really does only a few have knows.

“Imperial brother has taken action, tomorrow is the Qixi festival banquet, the rest is up to you now.” Mo Wen Chen stared at Hua Qian Zi, and said in cold tone: “If you can successfully replace Xiao Su Su to kingdom of Yan, I guarantee you can ascend Bai Hua’s throne.”

Staring at Mo Wen Chen’s resolute expression, Hua Qian Zi felt an aching pain in her chest, as if someone was tearing it apart. She can only be strong, the hurt that on her face disappeared, she hurriedly covered it a customary smile: “Wang Ye, I give it my all.”

She doesn’t understand what she’s doing, but she knows it must be done. And Xiao Su Su has become a thorn in her flesh. It wasn’t because of her absolutely gorgeous appearance, nor her amazing talent, it was due Xiao Su Su possessing the heart of the man she dearly loved. She really wanted to ask Mo Wen Chen if he already forgotten about Su Qi Qi, but she didn’t dare say anything.

“Very well.” Mo Wen Chen satisfying nods and casually turns to leave. Not even giving Hua Qian Zi the slightest hope, being resolute and firm about his decision.

The Qixi Festival night, where the cowherd[2] meets the weaver girl[2] at the magpie bridge. The Palace was crowded. Hua Ru Xue personally attended the banquet, all the Imperial concubines were present, all the governor’s brought along their families.

[2] The general tale is about a love story between Zhinü (the weaver girl, symbolizing Vega) and Niulang (the cowherd, symbolizing Altair). Their love was not allowed, thus they were banished to opposite sides of the Silver River (symbolizing the Milky Way). Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day.

Sitting on the stage was Hua Qian Zi, Mo Wen Chen and Mo Wen Xuan. The concubines were on the left, while the Princess and Princes sat on the right. Xiao Su Su’s position is also very prominent, she sat on a parallel position as Mo Wen Chen. This made the government officials dissatisfied, however they didn’t dare to voice their opinions.

Today’s Xiao Su Su did not dress up, her robes were simple and plain, her long hair was held together with a jade hairpin, appearing as clear as a valley of orchids.

Nominally, Xiao Su Su is here to entertain everyone with her qin skills. When in fact, Hua Ru Xue intentionally arranged this so Mo Wen Xuan and her can meet. She can only do so much, the rest will rest on Mo Wen Xuan’s tactics.

Hua Qian Zi, who sat on the left hand side appeared a bit pale, dressed in a yellow robe with a long white jade necklace, matched with a plain belt on her waist. Today she dressed very pretty and coquettish, but compared to this pretty and coquettish, her demeanour seems to be inferior. Her big eyes coupled with her smile had a demoness aura, it appeared to be covered by a water mist and ripples, her small mouth slightly tilted, her lips slightly parted, exuding seductiveness, she seems to be trying to seduce every man present and playing with their minds.

She was so dressed up, because she wanted appear better than Xiao Su Su. When Xiao Su Su appeared it created a bit of a stir, which shocked Hua Qian Zi. However, all eyes were focused on Hua Qian Zi now, every so often Mo Wen Xuan would glanced at Hua Qian Zi, her beauty could be compared with Su Meng Ru. This caused his heart to stir.

At this moment he couldn’t decide between Xiao Su Su and Hua Qian Zi. He is not an incompetent person, and in the presence of beauty, he will not lose himself. But, he is a person in pursuit of perfection, for women, he always love beauty compared to talent.

Hua Ru Xue sternly tighten her eyebrows staring at Hua Qian Zi’s appearance today, she felt nervous, ever since her daughter was young, she grew up outside the palace, Hua Ru Xue didn’t know her personality so she always pushed her away.

This also made Hua Qian Yi felt uneasy, this sister of his was a thorn in his heart, no matter how hard he tried he was unable to remove it.

Lei Yu Feng was also invited to the banquet, however, he requested to be seated on the lower stage, at this moment he is truly amazed, Hua Qian Zi’s stare was certainly frightening. Ever since he has known Hua Qian Zi, this is the first time he thought this woman indeed was exquisitely beautiful, however compared to Xiao Su Su…

One is a grandeur peony, another is a flashy pomegranate flower!

This Qixi Festival banquet, he came because Mo Wen Chen said something will happen. Letting go of Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo, it made Lei Yu Feng confused, is Mo Wen Chen really is helping Bai Hua kingdom or harming them?

Before Xiao Su Su was a guqin, this guqin is famous, it has been treasured by the Bai Hua royalty for a long time.

The sound of music, singing and dancing in the grand hall, the atmosphere was cheerful. Xiao Su Su’s qin music lingered into the ear of those in the hall.

Applause were loud, Mo Wen Xuan stared at Xiao Su Su, his eyes full of appreciation, showing all his emotional:“Good qin skills.”

Merely three words were the perfect example of praise.

While Xiao Su Su lightly replied: “Thank you.”

She didn’t even look up to meet his eyes, this made Mo Wen Xuan’s expression green, however he tried to show magnanimity.

“Xiao Mei Mei’s qin playing is indeed unique, however, I wonder whether Mei Mei’s dancing is just as unique?” Hua Qian Zi rose, raised her eyebrow and stared at Xiao Su Su.

Chapter 129 – Destabilize

Now Su Hao have stolen the southern Ming fire sword, he returned to his Bei Chuan city residence, trying to refine his martial art skills. Gathering his slightly weak energy, he tried to absorb the moon’s aura. He didn’t think that the southern Ming fire sword would required such high level of skills, he couldn’t learn in within a short amount of time. In no mood to continue the cultivation, he unhurriedly got off the roof.

The day has only begun, the sun had not yet risen, there weren’t many pedestrians outside. Arriving outside the small stone house, Su Hao listened those into snoring, not wanting to disturb their dreams he suddenly thought of Grandma Chen’s son was born mentally challenged.

Su Hao hidden away, seeing Grandma Chen selling pancake near the bridge, so he made his way to Grandma Chen’s home. Grandma Chen’s home was located down town, the home was run-down and old with nothing valuable inside. At this time, Grandma Chen’s son was sleeping, Su Hao didn’t know what he was dreaming, but it must have been a sweet dream because his lips were curled up with drool flowing out.

One would think its a 3-year-old boy, however it was a man who’s almost in his 30’s. On a closer look Su Hao realise this man had a pair of beautiful eyes, if he wasn’t born mentally challenged, he would have already married and had off-springs. Su Hao sat with his knee crossed on the bed, staring at Grandma Chen’s son in deep sleep, even if there was an earthquake he wouldn’t wake.

Grandma Chen’s son body had a thick layer of grey mist, because of this mist his soul wasn’t completed, which is why he had the intelligence of a 3-year-old. It wasn’t easy to remove, only someone with powerful skills can place such a spell. In the six realms, only the god of hell can place such a spell during the reincarnation process.

Finding the root of this man’s illness, Su Hao was in no hurry to begin to remove it. The soul of an ordinary people is extremely fragile, if he carelessly treat it, it will only cause more irreparable harm than good, first he must guard the soul then slowly proceed with the treatment.

Su Hao flew towards the direction of Paektu Mountain, with his current skills he was able to fly there within a tea brewing time. Su Hao reduced his speed, he flew around the mountain several times, below the mountains plains not far from the edge cliff he found a century old wild ginseng. Flying down closer to the edge, he hand-picked and traverse the mountains for a while, before finally seeing a male musk deer in the wooded land. The male moose was the size of a Buffalo, his two elk horns like a thousand-year roots, appearing to have lived a very long life.

Su Hao was ready to take out this moose, when it suddenly desperately let out a cry and shook his head, his pair of eyes let out an exquisite color.

“You have initial resuscitation and understand human nature?” Su Hao asked the moose, it nodded and cried out even more. Su Hao was amused: “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, but take some of your musk to use for medicine, I won’t let you be at disadvantage. I will compensate you.”

When Su Hao finished, the moose energy crystal left his mouth and suddenly fell to Su Hao’s feet.

“Why are you following me?” Su Hao became more curious, the moose little voice could be heard: “Seeking the great god to shelter me.”

Su Hao was considering this when the moose spoke again: “Great god, no need to worry, this place is filled with spiritual aura, however it’s been sealed with a spell, only a little of the aura is revealed. If great god can break the seal, you’ll be able to get in.”

“Really?” Su Hao said surprised while seeing the male moose nods it’s head. If you take me to see if there really such a place, I’ll let you practise to gain your form earlier.” 

The male moose was exulted, and signalled Su Hao to follow him, his speed was fast as the wind. After seven bends and eight turns in the woods, they came to a stop at the narrow long valley. This valley was covered in vines, trees and flower fragrance. There was a thick layer of fog, Su Hao used his godly powers to examine the place, but he couldn’t penetrate through the energy.

The male moose ran straight to the end of the valley, facing the mountain wall of vines, he stretch out two front hooves to separate the vines, revealing an ancient stone gate. The stone was covered in a layer of green moss, Su Hao steps forward but the spell emitted a soft ripple, even a god couldn’t slid open.

“Such a well a hidden reservoir break. Unless you really saw it with your own eyes, even a god wouldn’t have found it. It a virtual realm.” Su Hao tried to keep the excitement in his heart, it was such a such place for him to practise his skills, the mountain is isolated from humans and gods. 

“How did you know this cave have such ingenuousness?” Su Hao asked after he finished exploring his surroundings.

Moose quickly replied: “Before I gained my spiritual powers, I once got lost here and accidentally discover this mountain wall, once uncovering the wines I found the stone gate.” The moose shyly stared at Su Hao and shamelessly laugh: “That’s when the stone gate revealed a pure source of spiritual energy,  I absorbed the aura and every day felt a lot stronger a lot, overtime I gained my own spiritual powers.”

Su Hao immediately understand, overtime the spell has been weaken as it was infected by the cures so the spiritual energy escaped through. He told the male moose to stand aside, he gathered his powers and tried to summon an opening spell, but it was blocked by a layer of invisible barriers, he tried several times, the barrier was hard and tough, he just wasn’t able to break through it.

“I do not believe one simple spell can stop me.” Su Hao gathered all the power that’s within his body and stamp forward, finally breaking through the barrier, tearing down the spell.

As the spell was broken, the pure spiritual aura escape through. In order to prevent any more escaping, Su Hao hurriedly pushed himself and the male moose in before using his backhand to seal the stone gate shut.


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