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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 130 – 139 Summaries

Thank you for those who took part in my survey. Many of you have voted for 10 short chapter summaries instead of the 3 long detailed summaries, so this is going to be the main format here onwards, we shall speed ahead! My aim is finish this novel within 1 or 2 years. Let’s just see how we go now that its 10 chapters

Chapter 130 – He Qin 

Once Su Hao and the moose entered, the moose became very greedy in trying to absorb a huge amount of aura into his body, as a result he almost killed himself.

Su Hao had to save the moose by creating a dome on the warm lotus jade platform in order to help the moose heal. Getting off the platform and exploring the terrain, suddenly an immortal scenery appeared before him. While exploring the place he thought it’ll be a wonderful place to practise his cultivation skills and increase his powers with the help of the spiritual aura present here.

Chapter 131 – High Priest

Mo Wen Xuan left the Qixi festival banquet empty-handed and Leng Niao was somewhat dissatisfied with the results, however they did discover important information about Yue Lian Gong. Many years ago when Yue Lian Gong attacked, the soldiers of the Yan army tremble upon hearing their names. It was fortunate that Yue Lian Gong wanted peace, thus leaving kingdom of Yan unscathed.

Obtaining Xiao Su Su is just a cover, Mo Wen Xuan hopes of unifying the kingdoms together, but with Yue Lian Gong in the picture, things will not be easy, but he is not willing to give up this dream of his.

Plus knowing that Bai Hua kingdom, Ao Yun and You Zhen kingdom might go into war, Mo Wen Xuan felt like it was the perfect opportunity to attack them instead, since it’ll require time for the new high priest of Yue Lian Gong to establish a position among the people.


Just as Mo Wen Chen wanted to leave Bai Hua kingdom, he finds out that Xiao Su Su is very interested in the high priest position, Lei Yu Feng urges Mo Wen Chen to stay mainly due to Hua Qian Zi.

Lei Yu Feng have come to understand Hua Qian Zi’s tactics, she will go through all means to make Xiao Su Su’s life hell. However, Mo Wen Chen didn’t say anything, which makes Lei Yu Feng question how much does Mo Wen Chen love Su Qi Qi.

Lei Yu Feng regretted judging Su Qi Qi by her outer appearance and felt that he treated her unfairly so he wanted to make up it to her by protecting Xiao Su Su.

Finally Mo Wen Chen spoke: “With her intelligence, obtaining the high priest position will not be difficult, but it’s worth it for a woman to waste away ten years of their youth?”

Lei Yu Feng also didn’t answer, Mo Wen Chen has his own personal thoughts and with many things he also cannot help.

“For the Xiao family, she’s willing to protect them at all cost. Just as her own mother did for her.” Mo Wen Chen said with a hint of distress in his voice.

“Is it because you love her, or is it because she has done so much for you?” Lei Yu Feng suddenly spoke.

Listen to this question. Mo Wen Chen seems to instantly woken, holding the cup tightly in his hands and said firmly: “No matter what, I want her to come back to my side, I will not allow her to go to Yue Lian Gong.”


Because the high priest selection is fast approaching, Hua Ru Xue and Hua Qian Yi have been having sleepless nights. Where else Xiao Su Su went to find Hua Qian Zi regarding the three conditions she promised. She wanted Hua Qian Zi to think of a way to help her accomplish and obtain this position.

Hua Qian Zi was shocked, since ancient times, no woman in Bai Hua kingdom was willing to be appointed with the high priest position, because it’ll mean they will lose ten years of their own youth. And those who were willing, wanted to cling onto power, the Royals never valued such a position. Hua Qian Zi was actually delighted that Xiao Su Su would ask for such help, she even hopes that girl never returns.

Chapter 132 – Contradiction

“The high priest must be loyal to the royal family.”

Hua Ru Xue couldn’t understand what her daughter was thinking, she is already the selected candidate to marry off to kingdom of Yan. So there’s no chance she can also be selected as the high priest.

Hua Qian Zi tries to persuade her imperial mother, because she believe Yue Lian Gong’s power isn’t huge, so they won’t be at disadvantage. However, Hua Ru Xue is uncertain, she didn’t want to give the Xiao family any opportunity to gain more power than they already have. It’s unknown what overcame Hua Ru Xue to agree, thus letting Hua Qian Zi deal with the situation.

There was still half a month’s time before the high priest selection, many powerful nobles didn’t want their children to be chosen so they tried to bribe the royals in order to escape such fate. Such trivial matter, she didn’t think Hua Qian Yi should handle them so she gave the job to Hua Qian Zi instead.

Hua Qian Zi was surprised when Mo Wen Chen came to find her, asking to become one of the candidates: “Wang Ye should know that once being selected as the high priest, you’ll have to spend ten years there……”

“This I do not need your Princess Highness to worry about.” Mo Wen Chen impatiently interrupted her words.

“Wang Ye…… okay.” Hua Qian Zi hestiated for a while before added a name to the list.

From the corner of his eyes, Mo Wen Chen could see Xiao Su Su’s name, he didn’t say anything and walked away.

Hua Qian Zi stared at Mo Wen Chen’s disappearing figure and gritted her teeth, if she can ruthlessly get rid of Su Qi Qi, Xiao Su Su will only face the same fate.

 Chapter 133 – Own decision

Hua Ru Xue didn’t understand why Mo Wen Chen would give up everything he has in kingdom of Yan in order to become the high priest. Hua Qian Zi also didn’t understand even though she has been living under the roof has him for many years. She was also shock to find out that her mother knew of the scheme she did to get rid of Su Qi Qi.

Ever since Hua Qian Zi been chosen to he qin with kingdom of Yan, she has been low-key in regards of her actions, if Hua Ru Xue didn’t set her mind on Hua Qian Yi has her successor, Hua Qian Zi would have been a good candidate and made her proud. However, now it made her wary of her calculative daughter. Hua Ru Xue sends guards to protect Hua Qian Zi, but the real reason behind this is actually to monitor her because Hua Ru Xue didn’t want the kingdom to be destroyed in her hands.

Mo Wen Chen was summon to the imperial library by Hua Ru Xue to discuss why he has decide to go for the high priest position, while also informing him that Xiao Su Su is one of his opponents. However, Mo Wen Chen wasn’t worried about it what so ever because he had the Xuan Yuan sword in his hands. This year high priest selection will be lively with two such high talented candidates.

Chapter 134 – The foot of Mt. Hengshan

Yue Lian Gong is located in the middle of southern Xin Jiang, away from the three kingdoms of Bai Hua, You Zhen and Ao Yun. It’s perennial misty with year-round spring. Of course, this is only a legend, how it actually looks like only the high priest would know.

Ten years ago ever since the former priest retired and became one of the Buddha’s disciple, the outside world known very little about Yue Lian Gong. So it has always been a mysterious place, the three kingdom have each sent representatives to witness the high priest selection.

From Bai Hua kingdom, Hua Ru Xue have sent Hua Qian Zi, while You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom sent their own, but no royals were present. Everyone rested at the base of the Mt. Hengshan in the cottages there.


Xiao Su Su wore a black dress which gave off a mysterious aura. Her beautiful face was more dignified, a little delicate and gentle. During the entire trip here, she didn’t go to see Mo Wen Chen. She knew this man was fighting with her for the position, however she’s not afraid, appearing calm and collected. She knew he might have decided she was Su Qi Qi, even though she has directly declined it.

To enter Yue Lian Gong, there are 3 different doors they must pass. First requirement is that must be pure blood. Mo Wen Chen decided if Xiao Su Su doesn’t pass the first door, he will also withdraw. He didn’t have the slightest interest in this position, after Su Qi Qi died, he didn’t know what he wanted…

The second door, they will test a person’s martial art skills. Lei Yu Feng was worried, even if Xiao Su Su can pass the first round… how would such a woman as Xiao Su Su pass second round? Lei Yu Feng glanced at Mo Wen Chen and saw him smirked, of course Mo Wen Chen would not let Xiao Su Su face danger.

Since there’s a long journey to reach each door, Mo Wen Chen felt this was a good opportunity for him to interact with Xiao Su Su and understand her feelings. Since he decided Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi then he is in not hurry.

Lei Yu Feng supported whatever Mo Wen Chen decision was, but he doesn’t want to see him to face danger, which is why he brought the Xuan Yuan sword with him. He didn’t know what special powers the sword have, but he knew Mo Wen Chen know some secret about it he didn’t want to reveal.

The final third door is when they will select Yue Lian Gong’s high priest.

Chapter 135 – Who is that person

After Hua Qian Zi explained the selection process, everyone retired to their own rooms.

Xiao Su Su, who had experience her fair share of hardship didn’t find the accommodation too bad, but we can’t say the same for Lei Yu Feng.

Lei Yu Feng and Mo Wen Chen head out the cottage and stared at Mt. Hengshen base before noticing people dressed in You Zhen kingdom clothing approach, it was Xu Wei Ran.

Lei Yu Feng was shock You Zhen kingdom would send the crown prince to attend the high priest selection when everyone knew of the danger. Xu Wei Ran’s face has been destroyed, however his pair of eyes have not changed at all.

Lei Yu Feng originally thought Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran stayed at the Qiong Hua Feast because of Xiao Su Su, but after being enlightened by Mo Wen Chen, he knew their true intentions were actually Yue Lian Gong instead.

If it wasn’t for Bai Li Mo breaking off the engagement, it wouldn’t have triggered Xiao Su Su to attend the Qiong Hua Feast and making a name for herself. Mo Wen Chen knows base on Su Qi Qi’s personality, she wouldn’t have attend.

Hearing the words of breaking off the engagement, Mo Wen Chen thought of how his brother broke off the engagement with Su Qi Qi and forcing the decree on him, he felt like she can never escape such fate whether it was her past life or her current life. If it wasn’t because he decided Xiao Su Su was Su Qi Qi, he would never taken one glance at Xiao Su Su the perfect jade.


He Yi Tian accompanied Xu Wei Ran on this journey, they tried to keep a very low profile.

“We don’t have to go through the three doors, we can see the high priest directly.” Xu Wei Ran whispered: “Because of this my imperial father agree to let me come.”

Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng quickly returned to the cottage, if Hua Qian Zi teams up with Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran, there’s a chance Xiao Su Su will be in danger.


Chapter 136 – You’re coming with her.

Xiao Su Su was alone in the room sitting on a small chair with her eyes closed. The air on Mt. Hengshan made her feel refreshed. She was particularly fond of this place. She could feel the pendant on her chest move, she could not explain why, but she knew this pedant is spiritual.

The cottage was space in a triangle space, each kingdom occupied each side.

On this trip Hua Qian Zi has been very weary of her own actions, because she knew Hua Ru Xue was observing how she will deal with this task. She didn’t want Mo Wen Chen to be elected as the high priest, if he does she wouldn’t be able to see this man for ten years. Instead she hopes Xiao Su Su can stay forever in Mt. Hengshan.

“Your Princess Highness, hope that you’ve been well.”

Hua Qian Zi quietly sat at the courtyard when a person from You Zhen kingdom greeted her: “Ninth Prince…”

Bai Li Mo lightly laughed: “Long time no see.”

Hua Qian Zi was surprised to see Bai Li Mo here despite the dangers. She finds out he came because he heard news of Xiao Su Su going for the high priest selection.

“What are you going to do? Stop her? Or help her?” Hua Qian Zi asked staring at him.

“I don’t have the necessary skills to stop her, besides what she wants to do, who can stop her?” Bai Li Mo smiled and shook his head. Initially he didn’t have any good feelings about this girl, however his present heart is different, he gradually developed a liking towards her.

“If you don’t try, you won’t know.” Hua Qian Zi said casually. Since Bai Li Mo is here, it’ll be a shame not to take advantage of his presence. If Xiao Su Su doesn’t get selected as the high priest, she wanted Bai Li Mo to take Xiao Su Su back to You Zhen kingdom and never appear in front of her face again.

Chapter 137 – Leaving the soul 

Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng hurriedly return and check on Xiao Su Su, seeing her safe and sound sitting in her room they breathe a sigh of relief, then they went to check on Hua Qian Zi to see if there’s anything strange. With both Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran both showing up here, Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng knew a bigger conspiracy is approaching.

The kingdom of Southern Xin Jiang no longer wanted peace after having it for hundred of years, everyone had their own ambitions and motives.

“Yes, why didn’t you let Leng Yan come along?” Lei Yu Feng asked somewhat puzzled.

Mo Wen Chen: “The queen isn’t someone who will do nothing, I need Leng Yan to monitor her every act and move.”

Lei Yu Feng: “Even the queen, you are not at ease.”

“Of course, even my dear brother wants to kill me, let alone my aunt?” Mo Wen Chen replied as his coldly, making one’s heart feel numb.

Over the years, he just wanted to let himself become outstanding, no longer having to rely on others, however in exchange he attracted his elder brothers hatred and calculations. He almost lost his life, even if he was kind, going through these will make anyone change. This is the sad reality of being born into the Royal family.


Xiao Su Su was staring the scenery in front of the window touching the jade pendant on her chest when a familiar figure appeared, as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared in a flash. The jade pendant on her chest started to heat up, she felt her entire body being drenched in her own sweat, slowly losing consciousness as if her soul was leaving her body.

She was afraid of dying again, she love this lifetime too much but she had no control over her body, wanting to cry out but nothing came out, she couldn’t even move her fingers. As she felt her soul leave her body, the light within the jade pedant shone brightly pulling her soul back into her body. She knew she wasn’t dreaming, what happen was real.

The ray of light alerted those within the courtyard. Suddenly Lei Yu Feng appeared: “Xiao Little Miss, are you okay?”

Xiao Su Su couldn’t hide the nervousness, despite trying to put on her indifferent expression, her voice was feeble: “It’s nothing.” 

Lei Yu Feng frowned seeing this, he carefully approached and checked if she was injured: “What happened, you know this place dangerous, if there’s anything you must tell us…”

Upon mentioning the word “us” Lei Yu Feng regretted it as soon as the words left his mouth.

Xiao Su Su didn’t want anything to do with Mo Wen Chen, replied coldly while staring at Lei Yu Feng: “Thank you, I said it’s okay.”

Lei Yu Feng can only helplessly lower his head and exit the room after determining she was really okay and returned to Mo Wen Chen’s room.

Hua Qian Zi didn’t care about Xiao Su Su, but after all she is Bai Hua kingdom’s candidate for the high priest, so she had no choice but to enquiry: “Xiao Little Miss, are you all right?” 

Xiao Su Su was still startled by the event, she has regain her composure and shook her head to Hua Qian Zi’s question: “Thank you for your concern your Princess Highness, I’m okay.”

Hua Qian Zi: “What was that ray white of light before?” 

“That white light reappeared from behind, I do not know.” Xiao Su Su also wanted to know how the white light came. Mt. Hengshan is the land of cultivation.

“Then, you have to be careful.” Hua Qian Zi also didn’t ask further, she knew this place was mysterious, a mere little Xiao Su Su would have no acknowledgment either.

Chapter 138 – Flower Messenger 

Yes, Xiao Su Su needs to be careful, her heart still had some fears, holding onto the jade pedant, she bite her lower lip, she doesn’t know what else may happen whilst she’s here, but she wants to get more powerful and becoming the high priest is the best opportunity.

Lei Yu Feng returned to Mo Wen Chen’s room and explain what he saw, they concluded that Su Qi Qi soul isn’t completely agreeing with Xiao Su Su’s body. They were out of ideas, so the only choice is by one step at a time and deal with the situation as it comes. It hasn’t been easy to find Su Qi Qi again, so Mo Wen Chen wasn’t willing to lose her again. Lei Yu Feng and Mo Wen Chen knew they both needed to be on guard and wary of Hua Qian Zi, Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran. They discuss their tactics deep into the night, they did not sleep, only staring at Xiao Su Su’s room. Their heart felt uneasy, especially since there’s no movement from their enemies.

Although Xiao Su Su laid on the bed, but wasn’t able to sleep. She woke up early and prepared for the journey to the first door. Mo Wen Chen and Lei Yu Feng didn’t sleep a wink, no one could detect anything wrong because they appeared full of energy.

Hua Qian Zi lead the way, the weather was hot, many couldn’t walk fast. Xiao Su Su who had a weak body, heaved as she walked while wiping sweat from her brows. The jade pedant on her chest didn’t heat up, everything was normal but she still felt uneasy.

“The Xuan Yuan sword should be able to suppress her soul, you walk near her.” Mo Wen Chen signaled Lei Yu Feng with a face of concern.

Lei Yu Feng’s relationship with Xiao Su Su was quite good, as long as he doesn’t mention Mo Wen Chen she will not pass him afar.

“Why did you come here? Don’t you need to protect your brother?” Xiao Su Su knew his relationship with Mo Wen Chen has always been tight.

Carrying the Xuan Yuan sword, Lei Yu Feng indifferently shrugged and smiled: “It’s safe here, there’s no need for protection.”

“Then why you are behind me, what is it?” Xiao Su Su asked indifferently. She knew these two came along because she wanted to go for the high priest position, although she didn’t understand their thoughts, but she knew it was to destroy her plans.

“We’re going the same way.” Lei Yu Feng said following behind Xiao Su Su, “Say… how many people will be able to pass through the first door?”

Xiao Su Su: “I don’t know.”

Lei Yu Feng: “You are not afraid that the second door will be a trap?”

Xiao Su Su: “I’m not afraid.”

Lei Yu Feng: “Being the high priest means you’ll have to reside in Yue Lian Gong for ten years, aren’t you worried about the Xiao family?”

Xiao Su Su: “There’s you.”

Lei Yu Feng: “If you become the sheng nu[1] you have to stay there forever.”

[1] 圣女  sheng nu, is basically the high priest, the leader of the sect who’s usually a female virgin

“I will not become the sheng nu.” Xiao Su Su didn’t know why Lei Yu Feng kept lingering around, but she knew it was because of “him”.

Mo Wen Chen eavesdrop on the entire conversation, while suddenly Hua Qian interrupted it.

Xiao Su Su remained the same and continue to move forward. The first door was within sight, Xiao Su Su suddenly felt her jade pedant react again. She lost her balance and unconsciously pulled Lei Yu Feng’s arm staring at him with a pale face and lips.

This sudden change also startled Lei Yu Feng, he quickly pulled Xiao Su Su and gave her the Xuan Yuan sword before she fall into unconsciousness…….

Chapter 139 – Xuanyuan sword

The ray of white light reappeared, Hua Qian Zi was shocked. Once the Xuan Yuan sword touched Xiao Su Su, the ray of white light disappeared. Xiao Su Su appeared to be in a slight pain. Mo Wen Chen on the side was covered in cold sweats. If it wasn’t for the Xuan Yuan sword, do not know what would have happened.

Hua Qian Zi: “What’s the matter? Xiao Little Miss, are you okay?” 

Xiao Su Su, who regained her consciousness tried to compose herself, she didn’t want Hua Qian Zi to find out this secret. She can’t let anyone know her soul was leaving her body. Her fingers shook on Lei Yu Feng’s shoulders: “I’m all right.” 

“Are you sure?” Hua Qian Zi carefully looked at Xiao Su Su, then at Lei Yu Feng.

After Lei Yu Feng reassurance Hua Qian Zi Xiao Su Su was okay they continue the journey.

Xiao Su Su finally understood why Lei Yu Feng has been intentionally been by her side, she gratefully glanced at him. She was afraid because she knew how precious this life of hers is.

Lei Yu Feng took the Xuan Yuan sword and placed in Xiao Su Su’s hands: “Here take it, it can reduce some of the pain.”

Without hesitating, Xiao Su Su gladly accepted the sword: “Thank you.”

“No need to mention it, I have said I will protect people of the Xiao family.” Lei Yu Feng said while Mo Wen Chen watched on from behind.

Xiao Su Su facial expression was somewhat pale, carrying the heavy Xuan Yuan sword within her hands she continued to walk forward. She no longer rejected Lei Yu Feng’s protection because she knew she needed his help.

At the back two men on horses stop after seeing the ray of white light. Bai Li Mo sent Nan Gong Mo to enquire: “Apparently Little Xiao Miss was attacked.”

“What? How is Xiao Little Miss?” Bai Li Mo raised his voice.

“There’s Lei Jia Lord present.”

Hearing this, Bai Li Mo severely frown but didn’t say much: “That’s good.”

Nan Gong Mo also let out a breath of relief, he really wanted to go to Xiao Su Su’s side and protect her.

Xu Wei Ran also heard of the new and found it very amusing, the trip has gotten a lot more interesting.

After traveling for so long, they finally arrived at the first door. Xiao Su Su felt relieved. The jade pendant on her chest still felt hot, but her body no longer did. Everyone stop and quietly stared at the two doors. The door didn’t have much decoration, it delicate and elegant with a simple orchid carving. There were no guards present.

Hua Qian Zi step forward and gently frown. She stared at the door, not knowing which direction to go. According to the rules, only a descendant with immortal bloodline is allowed to enter.

“I will only take you to here, everyone must be careful with the road ahead.” Hua Qian Zi said hesitatly before taking a step back.

Mo Wen Chen watched Hua Qian Zi retreat, the corners of his lips curved upwards and sneered. Xiao Su Su and Lei Yu Feng appeared unaffected by the dangers and entered the door. Everything went smoothly without any encountering any difficulties. It appears the immortal bloodline is only a myth.

Unexpectedly, when she turned around less than half a dozen of people were left with Mo Wen Chen calmly standing there…


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