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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 140 – 146 Summaries

This update are more detailed summaries, hence the 7 chapters instead of 10.

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Chapter 140 – Dissatisfaction

Originally, the two heavy doors cannot stop those who are not eligible so no one can detect whether one is the descendant of an immortal.

Holding the Xuan Yuan sword and with Lei Yu Feng walking besides her, Xiao Su Su felt a sense of security. After passing through the first heavy door, there’s a mountain track that’s quite rugged and tight. This was the only path up the mountain, leaving one without many choices.

The fog here was more dense. Perhaps it was because of the legendary immortal aura, the jade pendant near her chest started to heat up once more. As if the jade pendant had a spirit of its own, it was very fond of this place.

This made Xiao Su Su quite afraid what may happen next, she felt that the jade pendant had some relations to her soul constantly trying to leave her body.

The sudden change in Xiao Su Su’s behaviour caught Lei Yu Feng’s attention: “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Su Su had her left hand on her chest, her brows knitted together while holding onto the Xuan Yuan sword, seeing Lei Yu Feng worried expression, she hurriedly smile: “It’s okay, just feeling a little stuffy.”

The weather was really hot, however the tall trees filtered out the heat so this excuse of hers wasn’t very valid. Lei Yu Feng shook his head, since Xiao Su Su didn’t want to explain he didn’t press further.

Mo Wen Chen who walked behind Xiao Su Su watched her every move, he can clearly feel her anxiety. But he can only helplessly sigh and regretting he has made her suffer so much…… he understand why she was so against him, so he wasn’t angry at all, he was the one who has wronged her.

Unexpectedly, Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo from the rear of the troupe also successfully passed through the first door. Half an hour into the journey Lei Yu Feng suggested they should take a rest. The reason Lei Yu Feng suggest this was because there’s trap set up on the journey to the second heavy door, they have to think of a strategy on how to approach this.

Xiao Su Su wiped the sweat and her forehead and nodded. Out of the group, Xiao Su Su was the only who didn’t know martial arts. She sat on the side of the road under a tree while fanning herself.

Xu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo’s team also catch up, upon seeing them Xiao Su Su severely frowned.

“You Zhen kingdom doesn’t need to pass through the three round of challenges?” Xiao Su Su asked Lei Yu Feng in a very low voice.

Lei Yu Feng: “Yes.” 

Xiao Su Su frown hearing this: “Then they……” 

“They are seeking a death wish.” Lei Yu Feng very politely ended Xiao Su Su’s sentence for her.

Although Xiao Su Su didn’t know martial arts, but she is extremely vigilant, and always made clear minded judgments. Observing the four people from You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom, Lei Yu Feng knew Xiao Su Su had also suspected them. Regardless of what they are trying conspire, Lei Yu Feng would not let them succeed.

“If you became the high priest, I will become the sheng zi.[1] Lei Yu Feng said ridicule.

[1] 圣子 shènɡ zǐ is basically the male version of 圣女  sheng nu.

His facial feature was particularly handsome, his eye were suave, his smile enticing especially when he is flirting.

Xiao Su Su: “Sheng zi, is there such a thing as sheng zi? If you can, then I don’t mind.”

“If the high priest is male then there will be a sheng nu. If the high priest is female then its only fair there will be a sheng zi.” Lei Yu Feng smiled and replied jokingly.

“We need to pass the second round before we discuss further.” Xiao Su Su knew he was joking, in fact she knew as long as there’s Lei Yu Feng present, the second hurdle can be easily pass as long as Hua Qian Zi doesn’t send anyone to mess things up. If ten of the team members were sent by Hua Qian Zi, one of Lei Yu Feng couldn’t handle such a large amount.

“Rest assured I’m here.” Looking Xiao Su Su laugh, Lei Yu Feng faintly smiled.

Their laughter attracted many attention, especially Mo Wen Chen’s. Dissatisfied was written all over his face.

Chapter 141 – Jade Pedant

The path ahead was wide, with more than a dozen different trails. Neither of them knew which to take. Hua Qian Zi originally told them there was only one route to the top, clearly this wasn’t the truth.

Lei Yu Feng told everyone to be wary while he carefully observe the surrounding terrain and went to seek Mo Wen Chen. Seeing Lei Yu Feng move towards him, Mo Wen Chen had a look of discontent.

“Wen Chen, there are many different trails ahead.” Lei Yu Feng said feeling a bit dejected, he didn’t want to explain himself, because the more he does the more Mo Wen Chen will misunderstand.

The roads were more wide and smooth, but there were more than a dozen different trails. Just one glance you couldn’t see the end of it.

“What did she say?” Mo Wen Chen faintly asked, staring at Xiao Su Su.

Lei Yu Feng shook his head: “She didn’t say anything, it appears she’s determine to be elected as the high priest.” 

Mo Wen Chen lightly sigh: “That’s just her personality. It doesn’t matter, we will fight until the end and her soul isn’t able to withstand the immortal aura here but with the Xuan Yuan sword will prevent her soul from leaving her body.”

Nodding, Lei Yu Feng still had doubts: “Wen Chen, do you remember that day Hua Chi asked Xiao Su Su about the jade during the ji ceremony?”

“I remember.” Mo Wen Chen remember everything regarding that day.

Lei Yu Feng: “It seems that the problem, the jade pendant appears to be pulling her soul.”

“I have seen that jade pendant before, her mother left it for her.”  Mo Wen Chen had some doubt that the jade pendant is the cause of it, with Xiao Su Su’s resolute personality, she would have taken it off. She wouldn’t hold onto it risking her life.

These days, Mo Wen Chen also have examined a large number of books regarding these bizarre phenomenon.

Standing on the side Xiao Su Su watched Lei Yu Feng leave, she unconsciously touched her jade pendant, since young her mother have reminded her to never take it off. It was a common round shape with an ordinary light green shade. She felt the heat, but this time there was no light. She felt there was a problem with the jade pendant, but she didn’t want to disappoint her mother.

“It’s getting late, if we continue forward I’m afraid we won’t see the directions, it is better to have a rest here.” Lei Yu Feng thought a while, at the end suggested this to Mo Wen Chen.

Mo Wen Chen nodded: “Okay, I don’t know whether Qi Qi would agree though.”

Seeing Xiao Su Su quietly sit there, she appeared lonely and felt somewhat distressed: “How about I go consult with her?”

Mo Wen Chen understand Lei Yu Feng’s concern for Xiao Su Su was genuine. He felt his heart in a turmoil, one is the woman he loved dearly, one is his dear brother. He didn’t want the day to come where he had to turn against his friend because of a woman, he only hopes Lei Yu Feng knows his place.

He nodded his head in reply to Lei Yu Feng’s comment: “Can she really not accept Ben Wang’s existence?”

He already knew the answer, yet he couldn’t help but ask. Hearing Mo Wen Chen’s question, Lei Yu Feng felt slightly uncomfortable: “She has never mentioned you.”

“Forget it.” Mo Wen Chen waved his hand and said confidently: “One day, Ben Wang will change her mind.”

When Lei Yu Feng returned to Xiao Su Su’s side, she was looking at the jade pendant in a daze, he lightly cough and interrupted her thoughts, which resulted in her quickly placing the jade pendant back into her robes.

Lei Yu Feng: “It’s late, what do you plan to do?”

Staring at the sky, Xiao Su Su shook her head: “We don’t know what’s ahead, to hastily continue our journey into the night journey is too dangerous, it’s better to rest for one night.”

She knew Lei Yu Feng isn’t her personal bodyguard, she’s merely taking the gamble to rely on him.

“Well, I’ll have a look around and see whether there’s wild animals and birds to be found. You source the wood.” Lei Yu Feng facial expression relaxed and walked away.

Chapter 142 – Xian Yue.[1]

[1] 仙樂 xiān yuè: heavenly music

With the Xuan Yuan sword on her back, Xiao Su Su had tied up her long hair with some dry branches in her arms making her way back from where she came from.

The scorching summer heat has ripen the fruits on the wild fruit trees. Tempted by their appearance, Xiao Su Su place down the dry branches within her hands and climb up the wild fruit tree. With one hand holding the fruits she picked, she used her other hand to climb down the tree. She liked this carefree feeling the most. It has been many years since she done this.  At the Xiao residence constantly being suppressed by the royal family she didn’t have the mood nor the time.

After picking more fruits from several trees she became tired and realised she has lost her sense of direction. But she didn’t panic, instead she stood under a tree and watched the sun’s profile and carefully stared at the tree’s shadow. After figuring out her direction she made the long way down, initially carrying the Xuan Yuan sword didn’t feel heavy, however now that she drain her energy she felt sweat forming on her eyebrows.

The jade pendant started to heat up again, this time she didn’t hesitate to rip off the jade pendant from her chest: “Ah……”

The moment the jade pendant came off, she suddenly felt more pain, as if thousands of needles were stabbing into her body. The Xuan Yuan sword on her back started to rattle, but Xiao Su Su already lost her sense of touch. She only felt pain and started to go in and out of consciousness from the pain. Almost exhausting all her body strength, Xiao Su Su made her way to the tree beside her.


“Little Xiao Miss……”

After returning from his hunt, Lei Yu Feng waited for a long time and still didn’t see Xiao Su Su. He anxiously went to Mo Wen Chen to inform him of the news and went on the search. His loud voice echoed through the woods. The surrounding terrain was very complex, knowing that Xiao Su Su didn’t have slightest martial arts skills he started to think of the possibilities of her encountering any accidents.

Whilst in pain Xiao Su Su also heard someone calling her name, but she couldn’t reply, only lifting her vision to the direction of the voice. The sound got closer but she couldn’t see any shadows. She felt increasingly more dizzy, the jade pendant heat intensity increased, a faint light started to flash. The Xuan Yuan sword clang and cling constantly and a golden ray bloomed.  The golden ray from the Xuan Yuan sword and the white ray from the jade pendant gradually combine and enclose Xiao Su Su’s entire body. Within this enclosure, the pain within Xiao Su Su’s chest gradually disappeared, it made her feel unprecise calmness.

Slightly squinting her eyes open, Xiao Su Su was faced with a million beams of light, a very beautiful woman stood in front of her with a gloomy smile.


“Who are you?” Xiao Su Su asked softly, as if she could not hear her own voice.

“I am you.” The woman replied with a soft light voice, her silhouette is very faint against the very bright ray of light, as if it would vanish within any moment.

“Me……?” Xiao Su Su pointed to herself, slightly confused: “I am me.”

“No, you are also me, and I am also me.” The woman shook her head, and walked towards Xiao Su Su, but as she moved, Xiao Su Su’s body also automatically retreated, as if she wasn’t able to control herself.

For a moment this made her panic, her palm couldn’t stop sweating. She felt herself holding onto a bead, she couldn’t remember when she picked this up.

Seeing Xiao Su Su retreat the woman halt her steps and shook her head staring at Xiao Su Su very seriously: “I’m not your enemy… forget it. Really, who are you?” 

Xiao Su Su: “Me……? I am Su Qi Qi.”

“Su Qi Qi……” The woman repeated her name: “Are you an immortal…? Or a demon?”

Xiao Su Su smiled at the woman’s question: “Immortal? Demon? None of these, I’m a wandering soul.”

“No, that’s impossible..” The woman’s face was somewhat distorted, her voice increase while vigorously shaking her head: “It is absolutely impossible, with my magic powers I can deal with a ghosts…”

Xiao Su Su coldly asked: “So, who are you?”

The woman in the white robe carefully looked at Xiao Su Su up and down: “I am Xian Yue.”

Xiao Su Su: “Don’t know what are you planning to do?” 

“I want to go back to my body.” Xian Yue spoke truthfully: “When I was at the Xiao residence I couldn’t touch nor get near you at all. I thought now we’re at Mt. Hengshan I would be able to make your soul leave your body, however I’ve failed after several attempts.” 

“This body……” Xiao Su Su wanted to take several steps back but she didn’t move: “this body is mine.”

The woman smiled and did not laugh, “That day, your soul and my soul were attached to this body, presumably, you did not notice my existence.” She shook her head: “It’s also because you were always conscious so didn’t notice my existence. If you didn’t come to Mt. Hengshan I would have slept in this body for a lifetime.”

Xiao Su Su mumbled to herself: “Infused together…”

Xian Yue: “Yes, I have been asleep for too long, I do not want to continue sleeping.”

Chapter 143 – So it’s you.

After Xian Yue spoke, she suddenly jumped straight towards Xiao Su Su at the speed of light and placed her hands on Xiao Su Su’s throat. This caught Xiao Su Su by surprise and had no time to react.

Xiao Su Su: “Ah……”

With Xiao Su Su’s scream, Xian Yue happily retreated and stare at Xiao Su Su while glancing at her scratched hands: “What exactly are you?”

Not many people can hurt her.

Xiao Su Su did not move at all, if she was to die again she wanted to see how she died. Just as Xian Yue attacked her, a ray of green light flashed out of no where and directly pushed Xian Yue away, causing Xian Yu to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing Xian Yue injured, Xiao Su Su was glad she didn’t die in her hands: “I already told you I am Su Qi Qi.”

“What’s within your hands?” Xian Yue’s beautiful face flashed an intention to kill, staring at her clasped left hand.

Xiao Su Su shrugged consciousnessly, it was the jade pendant that her mother left her. As Xiao Su Su spread her palms open the ray of green light shone even more brightly.

“Ah……” Xian Yue stumbled back and screamed, her voice was trembling, her entire body squat down appearing extremely petrified: “Quickly close your hands…”

Xiao Su Su’s eyebrow tighten, she was somewhat confused staring at her palm then at the trembling Xian Yue. As soon as Xiao Su Su close her hands, Xian Yue raised her head and said in a despair voice: “So its you… unexpectedly it’s you.”

This only made Xiao Su Su more ignorant staring at her. Xian Yu was mumbling to herself before turning into a small white fox. Xiao Su Su covered her mouth in shock, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the small white fox appeared pleased and stared at her: “So you’re the person I have assign to protect in this lifetime. Now that you have come to Mt. Hengshan, I hope your Princess Highness succeeds in practising your immortal powers to return and save the King and Queen…” 

Xuan Yue’s voice gradually got lighter and lighter until it disappeared. The ray of light also vanished into thin air.

Xiao Su Su didn’t know what she just experience, staring blankly at the jade pendant, she knew it wouldn’t harm her, instead it will protect her. No wonder her mother always reminded her to never leave her side.

In front of Xiao Su Su were the wild fruit trees again, next to her feet were the bundle of firewood she collected earlier. Lei Yu Feng stood besides her holding the Xuan Yuan sword with a face of anxiety continuously repeat the following sentence: “Little Xiao Miss wake up!”

“I……what just happened?” She did not know whether Lei Yu Feng saw Xuan Yue.

Hearing Xiao Su Su respond, Lei Yu Feng’s gradually regain his composure: “You…… Just scared me to death. Who were you talking to just now? Is there anyone here?” 

He looked around and suddenly came to a conclusion: “Could it be…… Xiao Su Su’s soul?”

Within the shadows, Mo Wen Chen stood quietly listening to their conversation. He could hear them, but fortunately from his angle he couldn’t see them.

Xiao Su Su’s lips curved into a smile and nodded: “Yes……”

She didn’t want Lei Yu Feng to discover more, because he is on Mo Wen Chen’s side. Her mind was still filled with the words Xian Yue said before she disappeared.

There was a worried expression on Lei Yu Feng’s face, the grip on the Xuan Yuan sword tightened as he anxiously asked: “Then, did she hurt you?”

Regarding Lei Yu Feng’s concern, Xiao Su Su somewhat felt uncomfortable: “No, she already disappeared.”

“Really…… Very good.” Lei Yu Feng said excitedly, almost dancing with joy.

Xiao Su Su couldn’t accept his affection, nor could Mo Wen Chen who was within the shadows.  He didn’t let his presence be known, only silently listening to their dialogue. His heart was filled with tension, fear and anxiety hearing the chain of events. But seeing her unharmed, he felt calm. It was Lei Yu Feng who unexpectedly panic.

“Then the sword……” Lei Yu Feng passed the Xuan Yuan sword in front of Xiao Su Su once again.

“There’s no need, thanks.” Xiao Su Su declined the offer, although she doesn’t know whether Xian Yue will appear again, but she knew as long as she has the jade pendant with her, there’s no need to carry such a heavy sword.

“Are you sure?” Lei Yu Feng asked somewhat unease.

“I’m certain, because this body is completely mine now.” Xiao Su Su didn’t want to waste her breath with him anymore, look ahead and bent over to pick up the firewood as she asked: “I am a little hungry, did you manage to bring back anything?”

“Of course.” Lei Yu Feng resentfully nod after receiving Xiao Su Su lukewarm response. He felt a bit remorseful for the way he acted, especially towards Mo Wen Chen. Su Qi Qi is his rightful Wang Fei.

After Xiao Su Su and Lei Yu Feng figure disappear in the line of sight, Mo Wen Chen came out of the shadow, his hand was holding a long sword, as his black rove danced in the wind. He wanted to be certain no one was going to ambush Xiao Su Su. Feeling determined, he decided he must find an opportunity to confirm that Xiao Su Su is Su Qi Qi…….

Chapter 144 – Dangerous road

Regarding Xian Yue’s vanishing Xiao Su Su didn’t dwell on it too much, she tried to regain her composure and thought of what Xian Yue said, she decided she needed pass the second heavy door. Since she can pass the first heavy door, it only means she can cultivate to become an immortal. This is the only way she can improve her own strength.

The entire night, Xiao Su Su didn’t say anything nor did Lei Yu Feng didn’t ask further, he can only pretend he didn’t care and didn’t know. Looking at the different mountain trails, Lei Yu Feng softly said: “Today we may be in danger, don’t wander off, remember to follow me.”

Xiao Su Su nodded, of course she understand there may be traps set up. You Zhen and Ao Yun kingdom have yet to take action, its most likely they are waiting for them to strike first. Xiao Su Su and Lei Yu Feng discuss their tactics to deal with Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran, since Hua Qian Zi aiding them in their escape from Bai Hua kingdom, obviously she would have laid down some conditions for them to abide by. Since they had so many enemies surrounding them, they thought it would be best if they didn’t have to use physical strength, instead verbally.

They continue to discuss for an hour when Lei Yu Feng stop and noticed the trail was getting narrower and steeper, only one person can fit through at a time. This will give them great advantage, it means their enemies can’t easily attack them.

“Do you want to continue?” Xiao Su Su glanced at Lei Yu Feng and asked softly, there’s wasn’t the slightest fear in her eyes.

Lei Yu Feng did not nod nor shake his head, instead he looked back: “Are you going to wait for those behind?”

Xiao Su Su knew Lei Yu Feng’s hidden meaning, with Mo Wen Chen’s help they didn’t have to exhaust the efforts on their own.

Seeing Xiao Su Su’s pain expression, he knew she was thinking of the pass: “He has always been there… He always care about you.”

“Care about me? There’s no need.” Xiao Su Su sneered, she jilted her sleeves and continued to walk forward, one can hear the anger in her voice, she remained silent.

Lei Yu Feng felt like he was in a dilemma, they needed Mo Wen Chen’s to counter the dangers ahead. Suddenly Mo Wen Chen appeared and said indifferently: “Keep up with her.” 

Lei Yu Feng: “Then you……”

“I’ll follow.” Mo Wen Chen said and kept ten step distance between Xiao Su Su and himself. Both of them were particularly cautious as the roads became more narrow.

Xiao Su Su didn’t once look back, she kept moving forward. The dangerous atmosphere was very obvious, making one struggle to breath. Suddenly trip and fell…………

Chapter 145 – Do a job with skill and ease

A woman in yellow robes stood there silently staring at Xiao Su Su as she fell, it wasn’t until she disappeared without a trace did the one in yellow sneer and pulled herself up with the ropes.

“Little Xiao Miss have gotten into trouble.” Lei Yu Feng shouted as his voice trembled.

At the same time, Mo Wen Chen jump straight down and bump into the woman in yellow. Just as he was going to attack her, she steadily disappeared without a trace. Bai Li Mo and Xu Wei Ran briskly took a few step forward without exposing their own identity.

“Give me the Xuan Yuan sword, you go delay those behind us.”

Lei Yu Feng couldn’t see Mo Wen Chen, but he knew that was Mo Wen Chen’s voice, without the slightest hesitation, he directly threw the Xuan Yuan swords from the direction his voice came from: “Be careful.”

Lei Yu Feng was worried about Xiao Su Su, but there’s Mo Wen Chen so there’s no need for him here. As he came back up, Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo was there, with Xu Wei Ran following close behind.

“Where is Little Xiao Miss?” Bai Li Mo asked staring at Lei Yu Feng. With so many enemies, even if they were to kill Lei Yu Feng right this moment, nobody would know.

Lei Yu Feng sneered: “It has nothing to do with you.” 

“Get out-of-the-way.” He Yi Tian shouted give a shout, he knew of Lei Yu Feng’s martial art ability, however he has more people.

“And if I don’t?” Lei Yu Feng coldly swept his glaze at those before him, one hand on his sword he didn’t show any fear.

“Then don’t blame us.” Xu Wei Ran crafty step forward and flicked his fan directly at Lei Yu Feng, poisonous darts flew out but Lei Yu Feng didn’t flick instead he thrust his sword into Xu Wei Ran’s shoulder. His main goal is to delay these people while Mo Wen Chen rescue Xiao Su Su.

No one moved only stared at each other.

Nan Gong Mo who appeared more anxious than Bai Li Mo spoke first: “Xiao Little Miss fell into the hole, the three of us can go and help.”

Bai Li Mo shook his head, he had confidence in Mo Wen Chen: “There’s Mo Wen Chen, Miss Xiao will be fine.”

No matter what is ahead, as long as there’s Mo Wen Chen no one needed to be afraid because he is the great god of Great Yan. His skill and ability is top-notch. He originally wanted to get Xiao Su Su, but he fears this will only be a distant dream now.

Nan Gong Mo was in no mood see the third battle, he was only worried about Xiao Su Su’s safety. No one knows what’s the situation down there.

Chapter 146 – No need 

Xiao Su Su’s body continued to fall, she was slightly afraid, she screamed for a moment before the ray of light calmed her down. She felt like a leaf floating in the breeze. Her heart felt despair she didn’t want to die, but was about to face death. The bottomless pit was in sight when she saw a yellow figure inclined down, the woman figure was full of blood, appearing to have already died. She already guess that this woman was the one who pushed her and also guessed that she dead in the hands of Lei Yu Feng.

“Xiao Su Su.”

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice call out her name, looking back she suddenly felt his strong arms wrap around hers.

“Let go of me.” Xiao Su Su looked at Mo Wen Chen indifferently. She did not expect Mo Wen Chen to jump down to save her, after all it was him that killed her and left her body in the wilderness.

Mo Wen Chen didn’t move hearing Xiao Su Su speak, instead his grip around her waist tighten and ignored her.

She struggled a few times before finally giving up: “Wang Ye ain’t you afraid of saving a venomous snake?”

Hearing her words he only smiled: “Even if you’re a venomous snakes, Ben Wang also like it.”

“You……” Xiao Su Su gritted her teeth and refused to look at him. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t calm down her beating heart.


Mo Wen Chen stared at her face, she was slighty red. At that moment, he promised himself that he’ll let her go again.

“We need to work together to overcome the difficulties, you say, isn’t that right?” Mo Wen Chen used his internal force to prevent them feeling any pain when they do reach the bottom.

Hearing Mo Wen Chen’s words, Xiao Su Su can only hum.

“Miss Xiao surely have a bad temper. Ben Wang is saving your life.” Mo Wen Chen teased.

“Don’t have to.” Xiao Su Su coldly relying, but she knew she didn’t want to die just yet, so she no longer resist.

The jade pendant started to heat up again, which made Xiao Su Su frown.

Mo Wen Chen softly asked: “What’s wrong?”

Hearing his tender voice, her heart ached thinking back to the past. She politely replied: “It’s all right.”

She didn’t want to exposed her identity, although she knew Mo Wen Chen have already figured this out. She was just deceiving herself.


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