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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 147 – 154 Summaries

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Chapter 147 – Crystal sphere

Once they landed Xiao Su Su pushed Mo Wen Chen away and kept a distance, she had an alert expression on her face. Xiao Su Su’s action didn’t faze Mo Wen Chen at all, he had an indifferent expression while he got up to explore their surroundings.

Mo Wen Chen didn’t turn around but he warned Xiao Su Su when he heard her move: “Don’t wander off.”

Xiao Su Su halt her steps and wanted to refute him with a sentence, but she knew it was dangerous and quietly followed him. Mo Wen Chen knew Xiao Su Su’s stubborn personality, his mood improved greatly after knowing she obediently listened to him. The corners of his lips inadvertently pulled into a smile. The two continued moving forward without saying anything, there was only silent between them. Xiao Su Su stared at Mo Wen Chen’s silhouette and sighed, everything has changed.

Not knowing how long they travelled, Xiao Su Su began to feel tired carrying dry food and wood, sweat started to form on her forehead. Unexpectedly, Mo Wen Chen also knew how to care about someone, noticing Xiao Su Su sweating he suggested they rest. She didn’t reply, only placing the bag on her shoulder down. The floor wasn’t made of soil, instead it was a very beautiful artificial marble floor.

Xiao Su Su didn’t ask Mo Wen Chen whether he wanted food or water, she pretend he didn’t exist and ate her share. This only made Mo Wen Chen shake his head and ate his own share of the food while observing their surrounding from time to time. He felt that this place was indeed very strange. He knew the journey to becoming the high priest wasn’t going to be a smooth one.

Xiao Su Su always appear so calm, without the slightest bit of panic and fear in her eyes. This was the Su Qi Qi he knew, in the imminent of disaster, she never blinks. With such a personality not many men can stand a woman superior to themselves.

“Something is wrong.” Mo Wen Chen hurriedly packed away his food and knitted his eyebrows together, he didn’t make eye contact with Xiao Su Su, but he knew she also saw what he saw. A faint ray of blue light suddenly flashed in the middle. They both got up and moved towards it.

“A crystal sphere?” Xiao Su Su said with some doubts in her voice while staring the strange blue crystal sphere floating.

“It appears so.” Mo Wen Chen nodded, very carefully moving forward while pushing Xiao Su Su behind him to protect her: “but, I’m afraid there might be danger, it’s too strange.”

Xiao Su Su saw Mo Wen Chen’s action, but she wasn’t afraid either, she had her golden needles within her fingers. She may not have martial art skills but she will not be trampled upon.

The blue crystal sphere got closer and closer. Seeing Xiao Su Su subconsciously tightened her eyebrow, Mo Wen Chen waved his hand: “Don’t come forward, your body can not resist the cold aura over here.”

Xiao Su Su didn’t stubbornly refuse to listen to Mo Wen Chen’s advise, but she didn’t do anything either. Her life is precious to her. Seeing Mo Wen Chen take a step forward, she had a sudden impulse to tell him to be cautious but swallow those words.

The blue crystal had a very bright life, it silently hovered above on the stage, only meters away from them. Step by step, Mo Wen Chen move forward and felt the frosty internal force coming from the blue crystal sphere. On a closer look, the blue crystal sphere was just a pale blue piece of ice full of mist. He turned around and saw Xiao Su Su who stood still. He knew she was a smart woman who knew when to retreat and advance.

About fifty step distance, Mo Wen Chen halt his steps, he carefully looked at the blue crystal sphere, in the centre of the sphere there seem to be an object, a bow with no arrow nor strings. The Xuan Yuan sword on his back also moved suddenly, then quiet down.

Xiao Su Su quietly bit down on her lips as she watched Mo Wen Chen’s every move. She felt so anxious, inadvertently lifted her eyes to meet his. Seeing Xiao Su Su worried about him, Mo Wen Chen gave her a reassuring smile and chuckled handsomely. But this only made Xiao Su Su angry.

“Look at the opposite side.” Xiao Su Su said in a trembling voice as she felt the jade pendant once again heat up.

Chapter 148 – Sherbet

On the opposite side, the blue crystal sphere gradually increased in size. Within it appeared to be thousands of people all slowly stepping forward, some were holding fans, gently swaying them against the breeze. All of them had their back facing Xiao Su Su and Mo Wen Chen, they couldn’t see their expression nor actions.

“There’s something wrong with the crystal sphere.” Xiao Su Su felt the bead within her hands heat up, the ray of green light burned her hands.

Hearing Xiao Su Su yelped in pain, Mo Wen Chen turned around, the ray of green light created an illusion, Xiao Su Su looked like celestial. There was an anxiety expression on her face, what she was worried about?

The bead and jade pendant heat increased, Xiao Su Su knew if she made any movement she would be frozen like this forever. But she continued to follow behind Mo Wen Chen because she knew this was the only way they could make it out of here and pass the second heavy door.

Suddenly Mo Wen Chen pulled out the Xuan Yuan sword behind him, a ray of blue light shone.

“Mo Wen Chen!” Xiao Su Su anxiously called out, even though she hated this person but she never thought of him disappearing before her eyes.

Mo Wen Chen slowly turned around and affectionately looked at Xiao Su Su: “Rest assured, nothing will happen to Ben Wang.”

He wouldn’t let himself dead, he still needed to preserve his life to protect his Qi Qi. He would spend this lifetime to ensure safety and peace for her.

Staring at Mo Wen Chen, she saw frost forming on his eyebrows, one can imagine how cold ahead it must be. Xiao Su Su fiercely grit her teeth and tightly held onto her jade pendant and pray her mother will protect her.

“What are you doing Xiao Su Su? Don’t come near here…..” Mo Wen Chen shouted at her to stop her actions. He didn’t want Xiao Su Su to take the risk. But he didn’t expect Xiao Su Su be reckless and ran towards him at full speed.

Mo Wen Chen was anxious but remained cold: “Why did you come?”

“I don’t want to owe you.” Xiao Su Su said indifferently, while trying to catch her breath.

“You will freeze to death here.” While speaking, a layer of frost escape from Mo Wen Chen’s mouth, his hand that held the Xuan Yuan sword slightly trembled.

“What about you?” Xiao Su Su stared at Mo Wen Chen then at the blue crystal sphere, the bow within the crystal ball fell. A  faint ray of golden light shone from it. The bow appeared to be made for a female to use. As a woman without the slightest internal force, Xiao Su Su felt unusually warm, the cold aura didn’t affect her at all.

“Xiao Su Su…… You need to think things through… death is not difficult, do you want to become the same as them?” Mo Wen Chen warned her.

Not waiting for Mo Wen Chen to finish his sentence, Xiao Su Su has already made a step forward. As soon as Xiao Su Su’s body was in close proximity as him, he felt a sudden rush of warmth flowing through his body.

“How did you do that?” Mo Wen Chen asked softly.

Upon hearing his question, Xiao Su Su open her palm and revealed the bead shinning brightly.

“This is……” Mo Wen Chen had a confused expression on his face and his thick eyebrow creased. He knew the bead protected them from the cold aura, but he couldn’t understand why.

“The blue crystal sphere is melting.” Xiao Su Su’s hands shook as she saw the white mist scattered…………

Chapter 149 – Bead

As the blue crystal sphere melted, a fog mist surrounded it. Mo Wen Chen didn’t advance, using his hands to stop Xiao Su Su from also moving, he quietly observed the changes. The cold aura has disappeared without a trace, however those people were still present. They didn’t disappear because Xiao Su Su was close.

The water droplet echoed as it melted, eventually the bow that was on the jade platform became clearer. It was made of gold, the craftsmanship was the fineness, truly a piece of art. The only thing strange about this bow was that there was no strings. Because there’s no longer the cold aura, Xiao Su Su and Mo Wen Chen has slowly made their way to the platform, those group of people came closer: “They…… seems to be…very familiar..”  Xiao Su Su said pointing at them.

Yet those group of people refuse to face them, as soon as the last bit of ice melted on the bow, they disappeared. Numerous treasure and luminous pearl replaced the location. This could be the second test they had to face, ambition and greed… If one wants these then they cannot suppress this temptation and rule the entire southern Xin Jiang and Yue Lian Gong.

Then Mo Wen Chen took out the Xuan Yuan sword and slice it through treasure and opening up a portal, the Xuan Yuan sword was truly amazing, it can see through an illusion, however the Xuan Yuan sword was embedded in as a result.

“We need to leave here, or else we can forget about ever leaving here.” Mo Wen Chen gently said this sentence. This place is filled with many immortal cultivation elements, mortals cannot survive here.

After trying for more than half an hour to pull the Xuan Yuan sword out, Xiao Su Su gave up, the ice around the golden bow have also completely melted.


“This bead must be the key.” Mo Wen Chen said staring at the bead then focusing his attention to the golden bow. He didn’t fancy gold, but the golden bow suited him very much. If he could matched with good string, it’ll definitely become a powerful weapon.

Looking at the bead, Xiao Su Su also nodded while pulling the jade pendant from her chest and placing it in her palms. She felt that the jade pendant was the bipolar of the bead. One was hot while the other one was cold.

She didn’t know what was so special about it, but she knew it was important. Both Xiao Su Su and Mo Wen Chen were nervous as they waited for the jade pendant and bead to react. Soon thick fog were form, the golden bow suddenly emitted light, direct attacking the unsuspecting Xiao Su Su…..

Chapter 150 – Take forcible possession of

The light went directly for the blue bead within Xiao Su Su’s hand, Mo Wen Chen’s face turn green seeing this as he fiercely pulled Xiao Su Su’s arm in attempt to save her from danger.

Watching the scene unfold before her, Xiao Su Su forgot to dodge the danger: “Ah……”

As her arm was being pulled, she felt pain shot through her body but she held onto the blue bead. The jade pendant on her chest suddenly change… the blue bead and jade pendant joined together, forming a marble of green and blue. It felt quite strange, it was hot and cold, the pain on Xiao Su Su’s body also instantly disappeared.

The moment Mo Wen Chen pulled Xiao Su Su away, the golden bow fell on him, he didn’t panic instead he pulled out the Xuan Yuan sword. Both object’s ray of light shone brightly, causing one to struggle to open their eyes. Xiao Su Su closed her eyes tightly as she was still in Mo Wen Chen’s embrace and protection. Even though she didn’t know what was happening, but she wasn’t worried since Mo Wen Chen was present, instead her worries was more focus on him.

However, after a while she only felt the warm light, only a faint glow. She had long forgotten that she was leaning against his chest, Mo Wen Chen also enjoyed the moment, he embraced her body’s warmth.

Soon the light and rattle on the Xuan Yuan sword disappeared, leaving behind the former black appearance. Xiao Su Su stared at the golden bow and gently bite her lower lip, she was scared so did not dare to act rashly, only watching on the sidelines.

Releasing Xiao Su Su from his arms, Mo Wen Chen motioned her to retreat: “Don’t come forward.”

She knew of the dangers and listened to his words, Mo Wen Chen had the Xuan Yuan sword and his martial art skills yet she couldn’t help but worry, and anxiously shouted as she almost step forward to pull him back: “Be careful……”

At this moment, they needed each other’s help, she understands without him she’s unable to get out of here alive. Hearing her worries, Mo Wen Chen halt his actions and smiled tenderly at her before finally picking up the golden bow.

Watching Mo Wen Chen’s actions, she found it hard to breath, fearing of the dangers. She was relieved once she realise nothing abnormal happened.

“This bow is very small, it should be made for a woman to use. It’s just that there are no strings, I wonder why.” Mo Wen Chen didn’t turn back and handed the golden bow to Xiao Su Su: “Come, you try it.”

Easily picking up the golden bow, Xiao Susu carefully examine the length of it, carefully touching the thin lines on it: “It seems, the craving of the moon crescent and full moon. However, there’s no strings……”

Mo Wen Chen: “This is Mt. Hengshan’s possession, Yue Lian Gong always regarded the moon as their symbol. At the moment the golden bow isn’t invasive, why don’t you keep it to find out more about it.“

“It’s also good.” After Xiao Su Su said this, she directly placed the golden bow into her sleeves. Looking around she’s feared that if they stayed too long it’ll only get more dangerous: “We should leave here too.”

Mo Wen Chen: “Alright.”

They have to rush and find an exit, Mo Wen Chen didn’t know how much longer Lei Yu Feng can defend their enemies.

“This way.” Xiao Su Su walk towards a direction.

“Is there an exit here?” Mo Wen Chen didn’t understand Xiao Su Su’s resolute attitude.

Xiao Su Su: “I do not know.”

Mo Wen Chen: “Then you……”

“Just my intuition.” Xiao Su Su simply answered and continue ahead indifferently.

Mo Wen Chen didn’t question her decision, he only shook his head and followed her. He couldn’t help but like this temper of hers.

On the top of the mountain, Lei Yu Feng sat quietly with his legs crossed, Xu We Ran also did the same opposite with his wound bandaged, eyes tightly closed appearing to be resting. His face was pale as he used his internal force to recover. Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo could only anxiously stare at the bottom of the cliff, but couldn’t see anything.

Chapter 151 – Cornered to the wall

“Lord Lei Bao, can you be rest assured waiting here?” Nan Gong Mo who appeared still anxious suddenly asked. He wanted to help Xiao Su Su pass the second heavy door. It has nothing to do with Hua Qian Zi.

Upon hearing Nan Gong Mo’s question, Lei Yu Feng opened his eyes: “There’s Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye, what is there to worry about?”

In fact, he was just as worried as they were, he only pretended everything was fine to delay the others.

Bai Li Mo also glanced Nan Gong Mo, his heart also felt uneasy, he was the anxiety on Nan Gong Mo’s face. He understood with Xiao Su Su talent and qualities it would attract many men’s attention. Even though he likes Xiao Su Su, but she’s one of the obstruct that’s stopping him from obtaining the throne and unifying southern Xin Jiang, so he must find the opportunity to get rid of her.

“Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye is not a god.” Xu Wei Ran also opened his eyes, disdained said. His voice was full of ridicule.

“But he’s more powerful than the gods.” Lei Yu Feng has to carefully guard here until Mo Wen Chen and Xiao Su Su. It has been more than two hours, there hasn’t been any news, but he believes in Mo Wen Chen. He’ll definitely bring Xiao Su Su safely back.

Lei Yu Feng, Xu Wei Ran, Bai Li Mo, He Yi Tian and Nan Gong Mo all started to exchange attacks. Each person respectively pulled their swords out. One against four, Lei Yu Feng only hopes he can buy enough time for them to return. Within a few moves, Lei Yu Feng been injured in the chest by Xu Wei Ran’s sword, while trying to block Nan Gong Mo’s attacking his left shoulder-blade.

Bai Li Mo No retreated several steps and raise his sword again: “Lord Lei Bao, I won’t hurt Xiao Su Su. I just want to save her.”

“A man’s mind is unpredictable.” Lei Yu Feng said as he subsequently attacked Xu Wei Ran head on.

Seeing Bai Li Mo also advancing Xu Wei Ran had the intentions to kill, his murderous aura was evident. Lei Yu Feng moved faster and very accurate with his every attack, exhausting the four people’s energy. Using his body, he stood in the middle of the mountain.

“You really want to use your life to prevent us from advancing?” Bai Li Mo asked while moving quickly.

“There’s no use talking nonsense with such people, Ninth Prince are you going to retreat or not? You have already offended Lei Jia Bao.” Lei Yu Feng said as he tried to take this opportunity to kill him in one fell swoop.

“Ninth Prince, we can’t retreat any further.” Nan Gong Mo’s said frustrated, he is a bad subordinate, for a woman he can push the kingdom’s duty aside.

Gritting his teeth, Bai Li Mo thrust his sword forward.

Chapter 152 – Immortal aura


Suddenly Xu Wei Ran and He Yi Tian jump off the cliff, Lei Yu Feng followed. Xu Wei Ran and He Yi Tian thrust their sword in midair trying to fend Lei Yu Feng off, they knew it was too difficult to kill him. To counter their attacked Lei Yu Feng threw a few pieces of darts towards their direction.

Even though Bai Li Mo and Nan Gong Mo also followed, they no longer attacked Lei Yu Feng, because they knew his death will bring disaster to southern Xin Jiang.

Merely escaping the darts, Xu Wei Ran used his internal force and flew his poison darts at Lei Yu Feng but as a result his sword also fell out of his hands. The four have underestimated Lei Yu Feng’s strength, as their energy decline, Lei Yu Feng on the other hand improved greatly.

Mo Wen Chen followed Xiao Su Su and walked quickly. Xiao Su Su still didn’t know where she was going, only following her intuition. Walking for half a day drained their energy, sitting down to rest, Xiao Su Su took out the jade pendant and carefully examine it. Now that the blue bead blended with the jade pendant, she didn’t know what the power was like.

Mo Wen Chen quietly watching her every move, he was never a talkative person so just sitting besides he felt content: “If my guess is right, the beads should be an immortal bead, one is yin and one is yang.”

Xiao Su Su didn’t say anything.

“Since the yin and yang can be combined, it indicates that the beads have been raised in the immortal realms.” Mo Wen Chen explains as if he knew everything.

“Immortal aura……” Xiao Su Su lightly repeated Mo Wen Chen’s words: “That’s impossible.”

The jade pendant have been with her since childhood, unless her mother was an immortal then there can’t be immortal aura present. And if her mother was an immortal how did she perish in the fire?

“The two beads must have immortal aura present, otherwise, they wouldn’t have combined together.” Mo Wen Chen said as he strangely stared at Xiao Su Su: “This is you…… Always worn it.”

He knew Su Qi Qi have always worn his jade pendant. During the ji ceremony, he saw her reaction when Hua Chi gifted her the jade pendant, he knew it was extremely important to her. He regret not searching for her body when she died, and he also regret not finding the jade pendant for her.

Even if Mo Wen Chen knew she was Su Qi Qi, she didn’t want to return to that vulnerable person again. Xiao Su Su didn’t want to acknowledge her identity as Su Qi Qi so shook her head instead: “This is…… Hua Shang leader’s possession.”

Mo Wen Chen wanted to explain himself, but swallowed his words instead, he will give her more time: “Keep the beads it will aid with you gaining the high priest position.”

Chapter 153 – Dead End

There was no longer any danger in their path, just that the road was endless. Luckily they had sufficient dry food and water. When they decided to rest again, Xiao Su Su calmly asked Mo Wen Chen: “The high priest has to remain on Mt. Hengshan?”

“Yes. You want to protect the Xiao family, but aren’t you afraid what may happen during your days there?” Mo Wen Chen replied and look the other way.

Ten years are not a short period of time, especially for a woman.

“There’s Lei Jia Bao.” Xiao Su Su said with some deception in her voice.

“Lei Yu Feng, if anything happens to southern Xin Jiang, you really think he can defend?” Even if Xiao Su Su doesn’t become the high priest, he is willing to protect the Xiao family.

“He can’t?” Xiao Su Su asked Mo Wen Chen with ruthless written all over her face.

“He can.” Mo Wen Chen wasn’t sure himself. What would happen to all the kingdom if a war broke out? Nobody knows. He felt Yue Lian Gong is no exemption.

“You don’t want all your possession within the city?” Xiao Su Su asked once again. She can rely on Mo Wen Chen to pass the second heavy doors, but what about the third?

Mo Wen Chen replied Xiao Su Su’s question with self-confidence, a face of arrogance: “Of course.”

Xiao Su Su had many questions she wanted to ask but resisted.

“Well, let’s go.” Mo Wen Chen didn’t explain further either, nothing was going to stop him. He will keep his position as Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye and also attain the high priest position. Nothing was important to him besides Su Qi Qi.

Hearing Mo Wen Chen’s words, Xiao Su Su gently frown, what more could she say? Mo Wen Chen was hard to persuade after he decided on a thing.

“There an exit.” Mo Wen Chen said very calmly and indifferently.

Xiao Su Su also saw the exit, it was only wide enough to allow two people through at a time. It was also dark causing one to lose sense of direction. Her heart finally felt at ease, because being here felt very gloom, one could not differentiate between day and night, making one feel helplessness.

“Be careful.” Mo Wen Chen said softly as he took one step at a time.

Since it was so dark, every step they took felt dangerous. Xiao Su Su held her breath, while her palm oozed sweat.

“It appears there’s no road ahead……” In the dark, Mo Wen Chen suddenly stopped, and said softly, his voice had a hint of doubt.

“Don’t you have a fire ignition?” Xiao Su Su didn’t move, only listening to Mo Wen Chen’s breathing to identify his position.


I’m pretty sure the fire ignition/flare Xiao Su Su is referring to is the picture above. It usually contains rolled thin paper, saltpeter, sulfur, rosin and camphor flammable substances. When blowing on it, the paper will slowly burn.

“Yes.” Mo Wen Chen completely forgot about the fire ignition, but he was afraid an accident might happen if they lit it. He didn’t want any misfortune to happen to the women his love. Witnessing her jumping off the cliff once was enough, he never wanted to experience that ever again.

Moving away from Xiao Su Su he had some hesitation before blowing the fire ignition, they have half an hour of light before it burns out. Stepping forward Xiao Su Su had a look at the walls, she knew straight away there were traps hidden within the walls.

Mo Wen Chen used his hand to gently knock the wall, he deeply frown: “It’s full.”

Xiao Su Su also knocked the wall, she felt deflated and lost hope. She felt tired and didn’t want to turn around to find a different route out. While biting her lower lips, she continued to knock the walls, trying to find a way out, when suddenly the fire burned out. At the same time, a very low, shuddering and chilling sound was heard…

Chapter 154 – Treasure of gold and silver

Xiao Su Su tremble from the sound, but she became stiff when the jade pendant on her chest starting to heat up again, even the golden bow within her sleeves started to rattle. The Xuan Yuan sword Mo Wen Chen carried also constantly shook. It seems their encountering danger.

“Little Xiao Miss, come here.” Mo Wen Chen accurately grabbed Xiao Su Su’s arm and pulled her behind him, he could hear the voice ahead: “There’s an exit ahead.”

Xiao Su Su also silently listen nervously, what is it? Was it human or beast?

With Mo Wen Chen present, she didn’t feel so afraid. Whispering softly, Xiao Su Su mumbled to herself: “But…… How do we tear down these walls……”

Ahead was pitch dark, she can only feel the warmth of Mo Wen Chen’s hands. The only thing she was thankful for was that no one could see her expression, she can truly show her colors.

“Come out, or I will tear down the wall.” Mo Wen Chen said indifferently, as always, without the slightest fluctuation nor emotion.

Listening to Mo Wen Chen’s words, she knew she didn’t think highly of whatever was behind the walls, sometimes she wonder if he even own a heart. If Mo Wen Chen used his internal energy to tear down the wall, they don’t know what may attack them. It’s best if they wait for that thing to come out instead.

Thinking of this, Xiao Su Su suggested they rest as she clench the golden bow and tried to calm herself down.

Mo Wen Chen agreed, quietly sitting next to each other, they could only hear their own heartbeat.

Lei Yu Feng felt like a leaf that flutter in the wind. Unless an immortal can save him and bring him out of here, it was impossible to escape. The other four have drifted somewhere, he couldn’t see nor hear them anymore. Suddenly he heard a voice: “Who’s there?”

The voice that reply was anomaly cold, it appear to be a woman’s voice: “Who am I, you don’t need to know.”

After hearing this Lei Yu Feng no longer said anything, he wasn’t afraid of this mysterious voice, he has experience many strange things while traveling with Mo Wen Chen. He just felt it was a little strange.

“Gentlemen, there’s no need to be afraid.” The voice spoke again sweetly.

This made Lei Yu Feng slightly tremble, he felt very uncomfortable. He shouted at the empty air as he lost his patience: “What the hell are you?”

Suddenly a mountain of gold jewelry and pearls appeared before him. Lei Yu Feng has really never seen that many treasure. The golden glow shone brightly. He didn’t move, only quietly stare at the treasure, he felt it was strange for it to suddenly appear after the female voice spoke, it must be a trap. Bai Li Mo, Nan Gong Mo, Xu Wei Ran and He Yi Tian who disappeared also drifted towards his direction. It appears she also spoke with them.

“Gentlemen Lei.” The four people greeted him, they weren’t lured by the treasure either.

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