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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 2

As some of you are aware, I have decided to translate a light and funny novel for the festive season, just to lighten the mood. I originally wanted to take on ‘If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This Life?’, but lucky for you someone else has decided to pick up this novel as their first project so I have opt for this novel instead. For those who need to refresh their memories, please go back and read chapter 1 I have translated a while back. Be warned, Du Lei Si is a very silly and naive heroine, those who dislike this type, refrain from reading further. For BBPSAC readers, please bear with me while I get my motivation back to translate further.

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 Chapter 2 – Casual visitor.

Du Lei Si quickly returned home, after rushing to resolve her personal problems she made a bowl of noodles.

While preparing the instant noodles she dazedly stared at the bowl. The following days to come, she needed to at least find a basic job. If she knew earlier on, she would have stocked up on instant noodles when the supermarket had their 2 for 1 promotions sale.

As she grieved of her regrets, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Du Lei Si open the door to see the landlady smiling and standing at the entrance.

Her heart dropped — the landlady only smiled so kindly when she’s chasing up rent.

“Xiao Du ah, have you’ve eaten?”

“In the process…… “ Du Lei Sei felt slightly guilty.

“Oh, how can you eat instant noodles? Instant noodles have no nutritional value ah. Next time you don’t cook, come to aunty’s house to eat, aunty’s household always needs to cook.” The landlady smiled very warmly.

Immediately Du Lei Si shook her head because she knew the meal money will be added to her rent.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, the landlady finally decided to get to the point: “Xiao Du, the next quarter’s rent…… “

“I can give you the rent in a few days? These days, I’m a little tight……”

The landlady’s facial expression change, which made Du Lei Si suddenly feel slightly breathless.

A moment later, she resumed her elegant and dignified front, “That’s okay, that’s okay, since you’re really tight than you can pay a bit later.”

Du Lei Si breathed a sigh of relief.

“Three days then, three days later I’ll come to get it, how does that sound?”

The landlady quickly brought forward the suggestion with her loose tone. Three days? How is three days enough! However judging by her smiling expression, Du Lei Si could only obediently nod, “Alright, when the time comes I’ll send it to you.”


The landlady laughed ha ha as she walked away, after closing the door, Du Lei Si’s head has increased two size.

Originally, relying on the meager income of the newspaper job she still managed to get by, however now without a job and a credit card debt, if she pays the next quarterly rent, she’s afraid she wouldn’t be able to even eat instant noodles.

Until the evening when it was time to sleep, Du Lei Si pondered about her money issue, on the bed she tossed and turn thinking of a solution to solve her personal financial crisis. Thinking for a long time she started to daydream, how great would it be.. if money suddenly fell out of the sky?

At that moment, an object flashed into her mind.

She remembered the man she met during the day in the street today, the shining object in his hands enticed Du Lei Sei’s hidden inner desire for money.

How great would it be if the diamond ring is real!

She kept thinking and felt innumerable diamond rings flying pass her eyes……

It kept on flying until she fell into a slumber.

When Du Lei Si woke up again, she was confronted by the overwhelm sounds of the alarm clock ringing, popping her disheveled head out from the quilt, she turned off alarm clock A on the bedside table, then alarm clock B on nightstand, followed by rolling out of bed to crush alarm clock C.


By then she has fully waken, she scramble up from the ground and rushed into the toilet to change her sanitary napkins, then proceed to wash her face, brush her teeth, groomed her hair and changed her clothes, then she sleepyishly wanted to grab her bag and head out when she suddenly realised —— there’s no bag.

Then she remembered yesterday her bag was stolen by the speeding biker, and then she remembered she was made redundant by her boss, Zheng Xu Xu also dumped her, her credit card and the rent.

Du Lei Si’s mood once again plummet.

How can one wake up and face so many troubles? She took off her coat, depressedly fell on the bed.

Back to sleep then!

Just when she wanted to sleep, suddenly the door bell continuously rang, Du Lei Si originally intended to ignore it, but the ringing showed no signs of stopping. So she had to get up from bed, along with two large eye bags, she apathetically opened the door.

“Who ah…… “

She didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence when she was shocked by the scene before her, at the front door stood an uncle dressed in a suit, behind him also stood two emotionless men also wearing black suits and tie, coupled with dark sunglasses.

The first words that flashed into Du Lei Si’s mind was —— Mafia! [1]

[1] 黑社会 hēi shè huì: organized crime syndicate; criminal underworld

“You…… What do you guys want to do?” Du Lei Si grabbed her shirt collar and stared at the three men outside in a panic state.

“Are you Miss Du Lei Lei?” The leader uncle asked and appeared serious.

“Yes…… No……” She desperately shook her head.

“Then I would like to ask, are you Miss Du Lei Si?”

For the first time in her life someone has calmly pronounced her name, this made Du Lei Si feel very mystical.

“Also no, You…… You guys have found the wrong person……”

“Then, may I ask if your surname is Du?”

“No, my surname also isn’t Du!” After saying this, she prepared to close the door at the fastest speed possible.

At this time, the landlady suddenly walked out and very enthusiastically exclaimed: “Xiao Du ah!”

The expression on Du Lei Si’s face became petrified.

“Miss Du, please come with us.” Uncle made a please hand gesture.

“I’m not going! You must have the wrong person!” Du Lei Si quickly shut the door.

At the moment she tried to close the door, four hands obstruct and the two strong men in sunglasses stood before her, in unison said: “Miss Du, please!”


This time, she was completely dead.

Stuck in between the two male guards and the stern uncle in front blocking the entrance Du Lei Si followed them out, upon passing through the exit area, the security guard happen to be present.

“Yo! Xiao Du, are you filming a gangster movie?” From security big brother point of view, with Du Lei Si’s net worth, appearance and stature, even if you beat her to death she wouldn’t join an organized crime syndicate.

Facing security big brother’s warm greetings, Du Lei Si suddenly felt like crying, who has she provoked? How can staying at home come into contact with the mafias, did she toss a noddle bag and choke dead the mafia’s dog? But on second thoughts, dogs owned by a mafia wouldn’t wandered to a dustbin in search for food. She take great care dumping the garage though.

Just as she was busy pondering, ahead the stern uncle suddenly stopped, a luxurious limousine parked in front of them, the degree of luxurious of this car had Du Lei Si clueless of the brand.

The stern uncle made his way to the window, appearing to be greeting the person inside, then he open the door and made a please hand gesture to Du Lei Si who stood there.

“Miss Du, the President is waiting for you inside.”

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33 thoughts on “Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 2

  1. Thank you Sutekii for translating this novel. I was so happy that you decided to choose this one. The first time I read this novel’s synopsis I found it so funny n wishing one of many translators out will pick this novel.

    Thank you for my early Christmas present for choosing this instead of the other one. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Suteki. It was a surprise to read that you are translating this. I agree with you. You need a distraction from heavy and long BBPSAC. This is light, funny and in modern times. Looking forward to more laughs.


  3. thank you—!
    -shakes head- her luck continues to get worse…rofl! i think she’s interesting, a young woman who knows the hardship of life…i’m rooting for her!


      1. yes! slightly’s fine, and it’s not like she’s naive about the world, which would bug me the most.(you know, like people who are spoiled and only live in their small worlds type) at least she’s working ahrd ot make a living, and all that…


  4. Thank you suteki for taking up this novel, I can enjoy more funny bits that was lost in translation when I read it with machine translator. This novel is very funny and will enjoy more laugh to come to release some stress for the end of year work and enjoying the holiday.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So, I just found this novel today. (Odd, as I read BBPSAC) You guys had it for the winter holidays, and I am reading it along with my Christmas in July mini-celebration.
    This is really fun. Her attitude toward the world, which just dumped all over her yesterday, is so normal, her experience so normal until one lousy day with a bizarre encounter on the way home, that she’s more relatable and enjoyable to read. Thank you.


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