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Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 4

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Chapter 04 – Du Lei Si the married women.

Although two million isn’t any less, but fainting for two million is really justifiable?

But student Du Lei Si isn’t aware of this point, right now she is considering how to make two million. Two million! Two million for an unemployed female youth with no beauty and family background is just a distant concept only. Even if she crack her head opened she still couldn’t figure out how to earn the money.

Obviously, President Lian didn’t intend to give her time to consider this, he lightly lifted his dashing eyebrows and casually said: “Is Miss Du prepared to pay in cash or by check?”

Du Lei Si weakly raised her head: “This…… I actually…… have no money……”

She thought that the President would be exactly like the landlady, his facial expression would change, then coolly spat out the following sentence: “Then I will see you in court!”


However, the President didn’t react that way, he unemotionally said: “Miss Du can also choose not to repay the money, however……” He spoke until this point and didn’t say anything further.

At this time, Du Lei Si thought the President was giving her multiple-choice, she can choose to have a diamond ring. Of course, if she doesn’t have the ring, then she has to sacrifice herself.

Since becoming an adult, this was the first time Du Lei Si found her self value so high.

However, as a principle of an urban women, how can she sell herself out? In any case, she slightly struggled and asked: “Is there no other options available? For example, I can work for free……”

“Excuse me Miss Du what do you know?” The President asked.

“……” Du Lei Si thought for a moment, “Actually I used to be a reporter, I know how to write, if you need me make tea that’s not a problem!”

“Is that a secretary?” The President titled towards Jason’s side and made a gesture, “Help Miss Du calculate how long she must work as a secretary to pay off the sum of money.”

“Yes!” Jason obey the order and asked: “Excuse me Miss Du, do you have an accounting certificate?”


“Do you know a few foreign languages?”

Du Lei Si lowered her head and thought: “Does level four in English count?”

“Do you know computer programming?”

“Do you have typing skills?”

“I also want to ask can you drink socially?”

“I can still drink a few glasses of beer….”


“This is generally what a secretary does. In our Lian Enterprise, a secretary’s monthly salary is two thousand five hundred, a year would be thirty thousand. If Miss Du can neither eat nor drink and work sixty-seven years for Lian’s Enterprise, then you should be able to pay off the debt. Of course, if Miss Du work overtime weekly perhaps it’ll reduce a couple of years.”

After Jason finished speaking, in front of De Lei Si flashed an image of a ninety year old granny sitting at the computer, filing away files for Lian’s Enterprise. This made her shiver.

“Well, has Miss Du consider your options?” At the same time the President also spoke.

Du Lei Si had a distressed expression as she raised her head: “You didn’t tell me that the diamond ring was real…”

“I also didn’t say it was fake.”


As Du Lei Si was fighting her inner struggles, she suddenly had a bright idea: “In fact, we don’t really need to get married for real. You just want to reassure the old madame, right? I accompany you to act well! You may rest assured, I will act as if it’s real.” As she said this, she felt particularly proud, all the plays she watched in the past has not been in vain, it not even written in the books!

However there was no expression on the President’s face as he asked the next question: “Do you think the old madame wouldn’t send others to the Civil Affairs Bureau to check?”


Du Lei Si was almost covered in tears. Mother! Those romance novel are deceptive! Deceptive!

Student Du Lei Si’s emotions was on the verge of collapsing when she made the most unscrupulous concessions: “After marriage is it possible to divorce?”

“Of course, after the old madame passes.”

Du Lei Si calculates President Lian’s grandmother was already eighty-eight, bed ridden. If she’s lucky she wouldn’t even need to go through with the wedding, the elderly have gone to see Buddha. Although this idea really malicious, but not a bad way to delay the time, with the current situation she can only drag it day by day.

So Du Lei Si raised her head and said: “Okay, I promise to marry you.”

Student Du Lei Si thought when rich people want to get married, they place much important on meeting each other parents, then pick auspicious day before preparing for the wedding and banquet…… All together would at least take one month to prepare. However, no matter how much she calculated she forgot to include an important factor, the groom.

What type of person is the President? A businessmen! Businessmen are always the smartest and most efficient.

The President waved his hands, they immediately gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register.

Du Lei Si had serious doubts, the President must have made up his mind before he actually came and knew she would submit. Or else who would have their bank account booklet and identity card on them? And complete the registration when say so? It’s just that the poor Du Lei Si came to her senses so late, when she realised something was wrong, two wrapped redskin marriage certificate were present before them.

mcChina’s marriage certificate

“Congratulations, wishing you two remain happily married to a ripe old age and may you soon have a dear son.”

At this moment Du Lei Si regain her conscious, she has jumped from the “unmarried” column and hurdled to the “married” column, henceforth she is a married woman!

As for all the steps before marriage such as dating, watching movies, shopping, kiss and marriage proposal…… she didn’t get to enjoy nor experience them. Even the so-called “marriage proposal” where she thought him was part of a reality TV show should be ignored. As for the groom is needless to say, from the first meeting to finally wed, they have not known for more than twenty-four hours!

Du Lei Si suddenly wanted to cry, so life can be full of so many ups and downs.

She turned to look at her so-called “husband” who revealed little emotions in his eyes, she couldn’t help but be filled with a thousand regrets. Of course her regrets weren’t: “flew up into the branches become phoenix”, nor was it “married into a rich and powerful family”, or “clamber over the dragon and follow the phoenix”[1], she lament with a tinge of emotion the President could remain so calm!

[1] 攀龙附凤 pān lónɡ fù fènɡ: climb the political ladder on the strength of one’s influence with those in power; curry favor with those in power; fawn upon the influential people; play up to people of power and influence; put oneself under the patronage of a big wig; seek connections with the highers – up and rise to power oneself on the wave of their success.

Feeling strange looks from the side, Lian Jun turned and saw a certain person staring at him continuously, this made President Lian feel uncomfortable. He slightly frowns and ask: “What are you looking at?”

“No…… Nothing…… ” Du Lei Si hurriedly looked away, she pretended to look at the scenery outside the window.

For a moment it was silence, she couldn’t help secretly glance again.

That glance surprised her because President Lian was still staring at her. Who would believe what was written in romance novel? A handsome rich Prince falling in love with the gentle and beautiful Cinderella at first sight, and live a happy ever after?


Unfortunately, Du Lei Si considered too little, she was neither gentle or beautiful, so it wasn’t possible for the President to be blind to that extent.

Seeing Du Lei Si’s idiocy glaze, Lian Jun understood her head must be thinking of some very silly things. Therefore, he sighed and reluctantly turned away.

The President’s sigh pulled Du Lei Si back from her fantasy. Again she upsetly lowered her head, indeed romance deceptive! Deceptive!

The two remained silent until the car slowed down and stopped in front of a luxury villa.

A surprised Du Lei Si stared at the window outside and asked: “Where is this?”

Behind the President billows out of a fashion voice: “Our home.”

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41 thoughts on “Can I Not Marry 《可不可以不嫁人》: Chapter 4

  1. Hahahah. I wonder what she was wearing when they had their picture taken on this EXPRESS marriage. Can it be worse than Mosheng (Silent Separation)? LOL. Is it really convenient and fast to get married in China? Or as Du Lei Si would say, is this just another romance novel being “deceptive, deceptive”? LOL.

    Thankies for the update! I’m excited for their “married” life at home. Heehee~

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    1. I wonder as well, probably very casual compare to Lian Jun who’s always dressed in a suit. I’m not too sure about convenience since they only need their bank account booklet and identity card. In Australia, we need 100 points of identification.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What do you mean by “100 points of identification”? Like 100 documents/proof?

        Here in the Philippines, you can NEVER have that “express” marriage. Lots of requirements and you even have to attend seminars (prep for married life). It could take months to complete all prep, docs alone. It’s like they will really test your endurance from having cold feet. LOL.


      2. Dang. Documentary requirements for marriage down under is like one has to earn points by the docs they submit. I wonder which docs has a great weight. Interesting. One learn something new everyday.


  2. Thank you for the chapter~! Can’t wait to find out what happens next =D I like her so far, she seems kinda airheaded but really cute. All those “romance novels are deceptive!” lol


  3. thanks!
    And thus, she is married! -sniffs- well, she’s still really cute! haha, i’m waiting on how she’ll interact with his family though….i hope they’re nice to her….her husband, uh….cunning wolf-like guy!lolol! well now— let’s see, let’s see, this is when the story really starts…!


  4. Thank you for the update. ^^
    He even help to calculate her chances on repaying him, XD she conveniently jump to his trap. Now she is his. She don’t stand a chances against him.


  5. Interesting, I wonder who took the ring? 🤔 …Btw. Hello! Sut3kii, out of all the novels you translated and completed, which ones would you or anybody recommend? Thanks!

    P.s. Thanks for the translation!


  6. Hey , meet a man on the street and get married.Move into a fancy villa with servants and all. Every girl’s dream …right?
    Let’s see what happens to our new couple. I just locked my seat belt cause I don’t want to fall off this ride. Thank you for raising the safety bar so I could get on the roller coaster


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